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Naughty Spanking


She had been told that she couldn’t cum again, by her Master, until she found a man to play with. Master had always set up her visits with other men. He’d never required it of her before. Yet the more she thought about it, the more she needed to touch herself. Yet, she wasn’t allowed. It became very frustrating for her.

Julie really needed to touch herself, therefore she needed to follow through on her Masters command. So, she found herself creating an alias email account/profile and starting joining lists and announcing that she’d like to find someone to play with. She found a spanking list that caught her eye and asked if anyone on there would like to spank her. A few people wrote her back, but one person really struck her fancy. He sent her a picture, asked what she liked, offered to pay for a hotel room and seemed very confident in himself and willing to make it happen that evening.

Julie told her Master. He had her set it all up for that evening. She gave the man (Jim) her cell phone number and he called her right away. He seemed as anxious as her to have this happen. She set it up and gave her Master the details. They were to meet at a local hotel, a half hour after the phone call. Jim had asked her to wear a sundress and no panties and to bring a small toy bag.

Julie is beyond nervous, but so looking forward to it. She packs the bag with slightly shaking hands. She chooses the leather paddle, the leather strap, the pingpong paddle and a wooden hairbrush. Since she asked for an erotic spanking, she also grabbed her bag of condoms, lube and her big 8” vibrator. Hoping they would be used that evening.

They leave the house and drive to the hotel. She is nervous but oh so excited. They pull up into the parking lot of the hotel. Jim is already there waiting for them. The men shake hands and Jim tells them he’s going to go in and get a hotel room and he’ll call them on the cell to let them know what room to come up to. They wait for the call. Hugging in the parking lot. Julie is feeling shy all of a sudden. But, she’s determined to go through with this.

The call comes and Jim tells them the room number. Here they go. They knock on the hotel room door and Jim lets them in. Julie tries to hide behind her Master as they come into the room and then takes her bag of goodies and sets them on the dresser. The men sit and chat and her Master has her come kneel before him.

“How does she want to be spanked,' Jim asks.

“She’s been spanked plenty of times before, she wants this to be erotic and hard,' says Master. Julie looks up at him with adoration in her eyes.

“I see that this is a D/s relationship?’ inquires Jim.

“Yes,” Master grabs her hair. “It is. I want to see her spanked. You are pretty much allowed to do what you want with her. I’ll be over here out of the way and don’t plan on participating. If you want to use her mouth or her pussy, make sure to wear a condom, but those are pretty much the only rules I have. Oh, and she’s been trained not to cum. It’s not a big deal for her if she cums or not. She gets off on you getting off by enjoying what she has to offer. So, if you want to cum in her or on her, feel free.”

“Julie, show Jim the toys you brought to play with.”

Julie gets up off of her knees and bounces over to the bag of toys. She shows him all of them and pulls out the blue vibrator, hoping he will get the hint. After showing the toys, Master calls her back to him.

‘Go ask him to spank you,’ he tells her.

She drops her head and shyly goes over to the man that is there to spank her bottom that evening. “Jim, Sir, will you spank me please.”

Jim sits on the edge of the bed and has her stand in front of him. He then lifts her sundress and touches her between the thighs, feeling how wet she already is. Then he tells her to spin around and show him her ass. He squeezes her and then gives her two strikes to the cheeks. She grabs the dresser in front of her and moans, hoping for more. He tells her to stand up and then sits on the corner of the bed, having her lay across his lap. She is throbbing and dripping wet at this point. He lifts her dress and starts laying into her ass. Instantly, she is groaning. He spanks her and then fingers her. Stroking her clit, pulling and pinching. She is feeling slutty and totally enjoying herself. Squirming on his lap and moaning into the bedspread. Grabbing the bedspread tightly with each hard wack. And with each stroke of her cunt. Trying to keep focused enough to remember that they are in a hotel and she can’t be too loud. But that ends up being the only rational thought in her head as he continues to spank and stroke her.

She begs him to allow her to take off her dress so that he can reach her nipples. He allows her to and she stands up to take the dress off. She takes it off as he pulls off her bra. Then he puts her face down on the bed with her feet on the floor and her legs spread wide. She hears him going through her bag of toys and then feels the hairbrush on her ass cheeks. She tries to spread her legs wider and climb onto the bed at the same time. He gets her vibrator and shoves it into her snatch. She grinds into it as he smacks her ass with the brush some more. She can’t stop wiggling and moaning. The pain and pleasure is so intense. Then he picks up the leather paddle. Beating her upper thighs and fucking her with the thick heavy vibrator. The room is filled with the sound of her wet, slick pussy and the slaps of the leather on her skin. She feels like she is going to explode. Then he uses the strap on her, pulls out the vibrator, listening to her moan and beg for it back. He strikes her hard with the strap and then presses his clothed hard, throbbing cock into her ass crack. Humping her as he spanks her. She so wishes he’d just fuck her. But, he keeps humping her, pressing a thumb into her ass as he cracks the strap on her fleshy cheeks.

Then he pulls back and demands that she pull off his belt and take off his shorts. She pulls off his belt, barely able to stand. Then takes off his shorts and folds them for him. He pushes her back to the bed and asks her if she’d like the belt. She says yes. He gives her a couple heavy wacks with the belt and then grabs the hairbrush and slide the handle into her pussy. As he fucks her with the smooth wooden handle he whispers into her ear, sometimes the things that bring us pain also bring us pleasure. He then pulls out the brush and lays it at her lips. She gobbles it up like a pacifier, tasting her juices. Not able to focus on anything but the taste of herself on the handle, sliding her tongue over the wet wood…and the feel of his hand on her ass. Then he has a bare cock against her ass cheek and proceeds to thump the side of her ass with his heavy cock. Fingering her holes. Her head is screaming for her to beg him to grab a condom. She needs his cock. Badly.

Instead he climbs on the bed and has her lay on her back. He straddles her chest and proceeds to stroke himself over her tits while reaching back and playing with her sopping wet cunt. She’s bucking so bad, trying to gobble up his hand, watching him stroke himself over her. He whispers to her that he’s going to cum on her breast. She moans and leans her head back and grabs her tits, offering them up to his cum. He keeps stroking himself and stroking her. Then moans and shoots his cum all over her chest. Julie arches her back and starts rubbing his juices into her skin. This is the first time she’s ever done this and her mind is just ready to explode from all the sensations. She needs to cum so bad.

He tells her to get up and get dressed. She looks at her Master, who’s watched all of this without a sound, hoping that he’s so turned on that he hops on the bed with her. He doesn’t. She gets up and gets dressed. Her thighs slide together from her own juices as she stands and puts on her bra and dress. Just the sound and the fell of her slutty juices has her even hotter. She'd do anything at this point.


The men shake hands, do a little chatting and then Master takes home his naughty, horny, slut.

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