Naughty Teen & Fiances Grandfather Ch. 02


I kept stroking and pumping my fiancés grandfathers huge angry cock as I sexily kissed it and talked to it, saying that I loved his great big cock and needed to watch it cum. This was really turning him on and his groans were growing louder by the second. Finally I snarled and said urgently,

"Come on baby, I want to watch your great big sexy cock pop off. Oh yes baby let me make you pop."

I began spitting on his enormous shaft as I jacked it up and down with long deliberate strokes. As I stroked it, I looked at him with sex starved lust and snarled,

"Oh baby you've got the biggest fucking cock I've ever heard about (hand jacking up and down real slow)....I know you fuck 'em all baby, but you know my flat girlish chest and my tiny tits and little nipples are driving you crazy (hand jacking up and down real slow).... Oh yeah... you even love looking at my freckles and braces because it makes me look so naughty and young don't you baby even though I'm 18? (hand jacking up and down real slow)... Ummm you love the way I look in my sexy stockings and naughty high heel pumps (hand jacking up and down real slow)....A sexy naughty high school teenager dressed to fuck and please my fiancés grandfathers great big 13 inch cock (hand jacking up and down real slow)....Oh yeah that huge fucking cock, so fucking big and so fucking ready to explode (hand jacking up and down real slow)

I continued to drive my fiancés grandfather wild as I pumped his huge throbbing cock as I deliberately taunted him saying hotly,

"Oh yeah you like the way I'm jacking your big fucking cock (hand jacking up and down real slow)....Oh fuck your huge cock feels so fucking good in my hands baby(hand jacking up and down real slow)....I can feel your great big cock throbbing because I'm stroking it just the way you like it baby (hand jacking up and down real slow)...Just how you like having it pumped, (hand jacking up and down real slow) Ummm....Oh fuck yeah, look at how sexy that great big cock looks in my hands, while I'm stroking all over it."

Suddenly his huge cock began pulsing uncontrollably. I began to pump up and down his huge shaft faster and faster and said,

"Ohhhh baby, cum real hard for me baby so that I could I can watch that huge fucking built up load explode from your giant cock... Lay back and let my hands jack it out of you baby."

That did it. My fiancés grandfather began to moan, "Oh baby... Ohhhhh Fuck! Here it cums baby."

For the next two minutes long thick ropes of hot cum flew every where, as I continued to vigorously pump my fiancés grandfather huge hard on; fisting it insanely and telling him how sexy it looked. As the cum rocketed out of his giant cock I reached down and began massaging my hard little clit. The sight was so hot I came just from watching it.

As my fiancés grandfather lay back in the plush leather seat his giant cock continued to shoot rapid burst of thick cum. One long white rope followed by another then another. Each blast of cum was long and powerful, over a foot in length! His hot long ropes of cum shot past our faces splattering against the dark tinted windows in the back of the limo. It was so fucking wild watching blast after blast of thick cum leap out of that freakish monster cock and splash against the tinted windows.

You could actually hear the splattering drops as they hit the glass loudly, while I was moaning,

"Oh fuck ....soooo much fucking cum.....sooooo much fucking cum baby....Don't fucking stop baby ....Don't fucking stop shooting that great big load of yours baby... Shoot it all over the fucking place baby."

When he finally stopped his huge cock turned to rubber in my hands as I eagerly licked it and kissed it while I moaned over and over about how huge his cock was and how much I loved blowing it and couldn't wait to fuck it. I was obsessed with it and was worshiping it. This was far from love, this was like someone possessed with sucking a gigantic cock. I was just like every girl or women that worshiped my fiancés grandfathers huge cock after it came. I thoroughly enjoyed sucking his huge rubbery cock as I licked it all over for more then half an hour.

As I continued to suck it passionately I was moaning,

"Ummmm so good...still soooo fucking big.... Oh baby your huge cock tastes so fucking good...Ummmmm I love the taste of your cum baby."

After he came I looked back and saw what looked like stalactites dripping down as his cum clung to the ceiling and tinted windows in the rear of the limo. It was a sight I will never forget as long as I live. There was what looked like fifty long white dripping beads of cum hanging everywhere!

As we sat back and kissed my hands were seductively pumping my fiancés grandfathers still throbbing freakish cock. We kissed and sipped some Champaign as the driver ran the limo phone and announced that we had arrived at the helicopter pad. We continued our naughty kiss for about ten minutes and then collected ourselves and walked to his private helicopter that was waiting to bring us out to his yacht. As we walked to the helicopter we stopped every few feet and kissed each other hotly sending each other a clear message that we were both eager to fuck.

Once we were in the helicopter we resumed our taboo kiss. This was a sinful kiss between a barley legal innocent 18 year old teen and a distinguished man nearly 60 years her senior. To anyone looking at this immoral taboo it was heightened by the fact that the barely legal teen looked so young. This was seen by the fact that she was tall and skinny weighing only 90 pounds and had freckles all over her pale body. Wearing braces while having her hair in pigtails only made her look younger than her age. Her questionable age was even magnified by the fact that she had the flattest chest and the tiniest pair of flat tits and little eraser- like nipples that were hardly visible with a microscope! What further made this a filthy scene to most conservative church goers was the tasteless outfit that the barley legal teen was wearing.

As she walked arm in arm with the wealthy 76 year old man the sounds of her black high heel pumps clicking on the cement heliport drew every ones attention to her long thin pale legs that were clad in sheer tan thigh high stockings. A skimpy thong only accented her wild young ass. What made her attire seem even filthier and despicable to onlookers was the transparent mesh body dress that drew instant attention to the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. In fact the mesh material made her seem even more nude as her thigh high stockings and thong and braless tits could be easily seen.

Once we were in the helicopter I was desperate to get my fiancés grandfathers pants off again and to get back to blowing that monstrous in demand cock. As the helicopter flew out to his yacht I was greedily stroking and spiting all over his huge cock then busily and dutifully teasing it with my flicking tongue. I was groaning wildly and said,

"Oh baby I'm addicted to your huge cock. I could suck it and play with it all night baby."

I knew I was just like every other girl who fucked him. He had a cock so huge that made a woman crazy. Even though I knew I had a barley legal body and look that made him crazy to fuck I knew me. Men like my fiancés grandfather who had giant cocks knew that they demanded to be treated special, meant to be worshiped.

We were flying for about a half an hour and finally landed on the helipad on the top of the yacht I continued to stroke him and then bent up to meet his tongue for a sinful illicit kiss: A wicked kiss between an 18 year old teen and a 76 year old man. This is part of what was turning us on: His amazing virility for being 76 years of age and my just turning 18.

When we exited the helicopter my fiancés grandfathers cloths were completely removed. When I was eagerly pumping his huge cock he picked up the phone and told the pilot to notify his staff that they were dismissed for the evening and that he would call on them when needed. As we walked from the helicopter I was amazed at the size of my fiancés grandfathers yacht. It looked like a giant cruise liner! It had five decks and was longer than a football field!

When we exited the helicopter people would have been startled to see an older man that was in incredible physical shape with a washboard stomach and distinguished features wearing just an expensive Rolex watch. As he walked his giant 13 inch cock was angrily bouncing from knee to knee further adding to the power this 76 year old man possessed. As we walked arm in arm my high heels were clicking on the wooden deck announcing that I was there to fuck my fiancés sexy 76 year old grandfather and that great big legendary cock.

When we stopped we began kissing hungrily which caused us to moan like two wanton animals in heat. I was getting so turned on kissing my fiancés grandfather while I stroked his giant turned on cock. I went don on my high heels and began worshiping his monster cock as I repeatedly spit on it then stood and kissed him while I teasingly stroked his huge cock through my lust crazed hand as it shot way out past thigh as it rubbed against my stocking covered leg. I continued to repeat this sexy act of squatting on my black high heel pumps and spitting on his enormous pulsating cock then pumping it as I smiled looking up at him slyly showing him my naughty girlish braces as I groaned,

"Ummmm...Oh baby your cock is so fucking huge. So fucking huge!"

As he looked at me with those sinister eyes that I saw this morning when he took over the company and terminated every employee he began to moan approvingly. I would then stand and get into the same hot kiss while I pumped his turned on hard-on in my hand that looked tiny in comparison to the massive shaft I was pumping.

I knew by the deep groaning sounds that my fiancés grandfather was about to cum. I was going crazy pumping his enormous cock and needed to make him pop off. I was determined to bring his huge cock off and knelt down on my black high heels and stroked his massive hard-on up and down and over and under the freakish long-wide curved shaft lustfully.

As his grandsons' young fiancé excitedly pumped his huge 13 inch cock up and down and then over and under he looked down at her and watched her work his giant shaft with so much lust. It was a lust that he had seen on the face of every sexy teen he had fucked; and there were easily hundreds. And his grandsons' young 18 year old fiancé was no different from each of the others. His incredible wealth and power made every sexy young teen desperate to please his huge cock. Many of these young teens were daughters and granddaughters of attorneys in his prestigious world wide law firm, all desperate to make partner.

As his grandsons fiancé desperately pumped his giant cock he began to think, "Oh yeeeeesss Allison, you are such a sexy young slut. I knew you would love the size of my huge cock, just like all of the other young teenage girls. But there is something about you baby that makes you quite unique and extraordinary. More so then all the other wives, daughters and granddaughters of my colleagues who I have ever fucked Allison, and there have been hundreds. Even as we are at the beginning stage our fuck Allison, you have already surpassed my most memorable experience to date which was the lovely experience I had on my yacht in the Bahamas last summer with the lovely 43 year old Mrs. Katherine Blake and her two sexy young daughters Stacy(18) and Kara (20).

Much like my pathetic grandson, I had sent her husband who was trying to make partner in my firm to California on business. His two lovely daughters always referred to me as Uncle Frank, which I thought was charming as they were growing up, but now as they entered that wonderful tender legal age of fucking I wanted the girls to get to know their Uncle Frank a lot better. Although my motive was to entertain the two wonderful young daughters on my yacht I did invite their socialite mother to join us for the week but did not expect her to accept. I was a bit surprised when she accepted due to the fact that she is always attending some philanthropic event that results in her being seen in a photo op in the Times. I learned later that she was encouraged by her husband to come along with the girls as a way to boost his chances at making partner in my law firm. If he only knew how well his strategy worked out.

As I stated she herself, although much older then I prefer is quite stunning. Being half Chinese and half Korean, the mother and the two daughter's posses a wonderful exotic look. They also boar an uncanny resemlelance to one another. They are very slender at about 100 pounds and stand at 5ft. 8 in tall. They each have beautiful black hair and typically large Asian nipples which are evident in what ever blouse they wear.

We arrived on my yacht as it was headed out to sea in my private helicopter. During the day I entertained the three lovely ladies and in the afternoon we met in the Jacuzzi before going to dinner. I made a remark about how lucky I was to be with such beautiful women as I admired their wonderful bodies and began to imagine the four of us lustfully fucking. After a few glasses of Champaign the three girls made a small joke saying that I was always in the company of beautiful girls. My "in" so to speak finally came when the youngest daughter Stacy asked slyly,

"What is it about you Uncle Frank? What is it that you have that all the women go wild for?"

Just from the throaty way she asked with a sly grin on her face suggested that she already knew the answer , but was curious herself as were her sister and mother. Taking my cue I suggested that we shed our swim suits and enjoy the fresh open scenery.

They were somewhat hesitant and suggested that I go first as if to test my sincerity. I confidently stood and removed my suit which was followed by a crescendo of gasping "OH MY GOD!" As I stood proudly before the three lovely Asian women with my massive 13 inch cock hanging menacingly within inches of their exotic Asian faces I waited a few seconds until I was sure the sight of my big cock hanging down to my knee would be forever imbedded in their minds. After I sat back into the water I asked if they would like to join me and without hesitation both of my sexy surrogate nieces and there social climbing mother removed their suits as if they were under a spell.

During our time in the Jacuzzi we drank our Champaign and when one asked me to stand to see if their eyes were playing tricks on them I didn't hesitate to stand and show them. As the three ladies began to feel more at ease with themselves they began to touch my growing cock freely as they each made reference to my staggering size saying,

"Oh my god Uncle Frank your cock is huge." Even their reserved socialite mother who was on every major charitable board began to stroke it in a hypnotized state and uttered,

"Oh fuck I've heard stories about you having a monstrous cock, but you know how stories get exaggerated.

As she proceeded to kiss it and flick it wildly with her tongue she looked up at me playfully and added,

"Well even those stories did not do you justice Frank. I cant believe how huge your cock really is."

As my giant serpent rose out of the water and climbed all the way up my chest curving to the left, all three women stared in horror at its mammoth size in a lust filled trance. In a few minutes their demeanor changed and one at time beginning with the youngest daughter Stacy they began playing with my cock lustfully. In a few minutes Kara joined her younger sister and both took turns pumping my giant shaft enthusiastically. As I lay back I sipped my champaign and watched my two young nieces methodically pumping and kissing my huge hard on. I looked over and noted the look of curiosity on their mothers face. She looked on with astonishment. As she pinched her long dark brown nipples licking her lips in a sexy way she was unable to say anything that might interrupt this illicit and forbidden act.

The two girls then switched positions as they continued to get drawn into the experience of playing with such a big cock, the cock of their 76 year old surrogate uncle. As one slid beside me and began stroking me I would kiss the other and play with her long hard dark brown nipples. After a few minutes the girls would alternate and the other would take her turn stroking me while I turned and kissed the other desperate mouth of her sister. After being somewhat resistant the mother finally joined the group and joined the girls and added both of her talented Asian hands to my now hard 13 inch cock. We stayed in the Jacuzzi for three hours just kissing and enjoying each others bodies and at one point I had six wonderful hands pumping me in perfect unison, each becoming more and more aroused with my prize winning 13 inch cock. They began exchanging a discourse as Stacy said,

"Oh yeah lets jerk Uncle Franks great big cock off. Let's drive him fucking crazy Kara,"

This was followed by Kara saying, "Oh yeah Stace, let's pump his great big fucking cock dry. Let's make Uncle Franks huge pussy pleaser cum."

This was followed by their horny mother Katherine demanding, "Oh fuck I can't wait to see how much cum flies out of this great big cock."

The Jacuzzi was a depraved scene complete with low moaning sounds from the four of us.

This exchange of horny talk resulted in a powerful eruption that caused me to shoot an enormous thick load of cum all over each of the three sexy Asian women. The load was so thick and hot that it caused each of them to cum wildly. After cumming we continued to kiss and they continued to pump me, amazed at my ability to still stay huge.

From there the four of us went into my glass shower and continued our depravity for another hour. As we teasingly kissed each other our hands continued to touch each other freely. We then met for dinner in the lounge. I came attired in an expensive suit jacket and was pleased to see all three women sinfully dressed in short cocktail dresses. I knew that each trying to out do the other for my attention. Each was braless and their erect Asian nipples were sticking out obscenely. We knew that this illicit scene between mother, her two young teen daughters and me was going to continue in my bedroom after dinner.

Once in my bedroom we all undressed and I noted the look of each of them. My lovely young nieces were dressed in tan thigh high stockings and glass platform high heels while their mother was somewhat more formal wearing black thigh high stockings and a black lace garter belt with classic black high heel open toe pumps. The four of us played and fucked in my bed all night and well into the next day. At times we were at the height of taboo lust, mixed with immoral and incestuous acts of decadence.

We fucked through the entire weekend. After our wonderful encounter I have fucked the daughters together and separately. There mother and I have never resumed fucking since that weekend on my yacht, because she is aware of my fascination for younger females. Even though some would find that encounter with a mother and her two daughters to be the ultimate sexual thrill and I assure you the two daughters are quite gifted at fucking and are quite alluring but I can honestly say that my grandsons fiancé is by far more fascinating and spellbinding.

As he gazed down at this wonderful young creature he thought again,

'Oh Allison with your skin so pale and white with all of those freckles covering your skinny body you could easily be mistaken for an innocent young school girl but the way you are dressed in that see-through mess outfit with those sexy tan thigh stockings and black high heel pumps only emphasizes how young and naughty you really are. Ohhh and the way you are blowing me Allison. The way you are possessed by having your lovely mouth please every turned on inch of my 13 inch cock while you pump my inch thick shaft suggests you are very badly behaved not- so innocent school girl Allison. Perhaps a not so innocent teen that needs a nice deep fuck from your fiancés 76 year old grandfathers 13 inch cock!'

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