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Naughty Theatre People


"C'mon, Herb, honey, it will broaden our horizons."

Thus spoke Laurie, my wife. I gave in, of course. After 30 years married I don't kick much if I don't care much.

Alternative theater was horizon broadening, Laurie explained. And this was somehow a good thing. Well, anything for domestic peace, says me.

Weird play.

Two women, four men.

Julia, a tall fit blonde, and Gigi La Tour, a Chinese dancer, smacked off against four men, Marco, Erich, Tito, and Raoul. ( I still have the Program.)

Julia and Gigi both wore particolored knee-high hoop-skirts. During the play each flashed her fuzzy naked twat. The high point of the show, by my way of thinking.

I didn't understand a word, not that I much listened. Mostly I looked for twat flashes.

After the show Laurie insisted that we go backstage. I went along, which was a mistake. Dang, those naughty theater people fucked us bad!

Gotta admit we went looking for trouble. The early 20s crowd flowed away quickly, and there was no one backstage to stop us, so we wandered back freely.

At first there were narrow zigzags full of ropes and boxes. Then came a big room with lots of sets and props. The center of the room was clear, except for two mattresses, Julia, Gigi, and the boys.

Julia and Gigi were each kneeling on a mattress, their backs to us, with two men in front of each. I realized at once that they were sucking two dicks each. My dick did stir.

"Excuse me? Ha-ha, excuse us?" said my genius wife. "We loved your performances. Congratulations! Thank you."

"You're so welcome!" The men's dicks were out, wet, and hard. They moved fast, pulled us over and onto the mattresses. I saw Gigi plant her cunt on my wife's face. Laurie sucking twat?!! Wow! I don't think she had ever done that! Surely not chinky twat! Haw!

Before I could see more a midi hoop skirt and thick blonde bush fell on my face. Not too bad! I hadn't sucked a blonde bush in a while. Laurie has a graying brunette bush, and I haven't sucked her bush in a long while. Heh.

Suddenly my shoes, socks, pants, and shorts were pulled off. I was naked from the waist down while still wearing a jacket and tie! I seldom dress that way.

I was busy chewing and tonguing a cunt, so I was distracted, but the feel of air on my lower half was erotic. Then I felt tongues and wet lips on my cock and balls.

It took a moment before I realized that it was men that were slathering my groin. Men! Sucking me off!

Now, technically, I had done something similar before. Similar, not the same!

In college I was honored to be admitted to a secret club. Very old, very rich. Initiation was rough. Had to suck off a Senior. Mine came gallons into my Freshman mouth. When I was a Senior I came gallons, too.

It was a tough ritual, not faggery.

Then one of the guys started to lick my asshole, while his friend sucked my cock. We also had to tongue the assholes of the Sophomores and Juniors, so I was getting nostalgic. Ritual, not faggery.

I came gallons.

"Change!" cried Julia.

She rose from my face.

And then I saw Laurie again.

She was naked from the waist down too, but also her blouse was open and her tits and nipples had clearly been ravaged.

Laurie's nipples were swolen and distended.

They looked very hot, very sexy.

Her mouth was greased with Gigi's girl goo. Two men were sucking on her cunt and ass.

Julia and Gigi high-fived as they switched mouths. Gigi planted hers facing my dick. She took hold of my dick as a tongue rimmed my anus. I was having sexual stimulus, but was not happy.

A tongue forced goo (jism? mine?) up my asshole.

Yuk! Why is he doing this?

Oh, so he could fuck me up my asshole.

This never happened in College.

It wasn't a huge dick, but it tore my ass.

Gigi leaned down to suck my cock, and I got a glimpse of Laurie. She straddled a man humping up into her cunt, while taking another man humping his dick up into her ass. Julia was pushing Laurie's mouth into her cunt. A tasty cunt.

My glimpse was brief, blocked by thighs, balls, and a dick plowing into Gigi. The balls dragged back and forth on my face.

I might have tongued those balls mushing my face, but I didn't. I didn't want to pleasure these fag boys any more than they forced me to. Still, they did drip and spatter on my face.

Then the guy, I think it was Marco, came in Gigi's cunt, and they really dripped, sprayed, and spattered on my face. I had to swallow some. Yuk.

Finally the German guy came in my ass, and pulled his damned cock out. That was a relief. I did not want it in there.

I also didn't want Gigi to squeeze Marco's cum into my mouth, but that's what she did. Swallow or drown.

But then she pulled off my face, swung around, and sank her cunt around my hard dick. No one else was touching me at that moment, and it felt wonderful.

Gigi was a bit tight but very lubricated. She could squeeze and knead my dick with her muscular vulva. That was my favorite part of the whole gang rape. It had been a while since I fucked a China girl.

Julia came over and sat on my face. Not a big downgrade, except I think I tasted more cum. I guess the four men were somehow fucking my wife Laurie.

I came hard in Gigi's cunt.

Then, poof! They all five disappeared!

My dick was still dribbling, as older dicks do. But I got up and went over to Laurie. She was in shock, but when she recognized me she hugged me and wept.

We got dressed again, mostly. They'd taken her panties and my right shoe. As we hobbled out of the maze, towards freedom and law and order, I took a prop lamp. To make up for the shoe.

It was the worst thing that ever happened to me, but it was kinda hot. Laurie was much more freaked.

She'll be ok, I think.

I think she had a virgin ass hole until that night. A man can't have another man, or three or four, have taken a hole in his wife without taking it back.

She's not going to want to. Heck, I don't want to. But it has to be done.

I gotta fuck my wife up her red rosy ass.

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