tagLoving WivesNaughty Wife Ch. 02

Naughty Wife Ch. 02


Just let me start out by saying thank you so much for your votes and for all of the positive feedback we received from everyone who took the time to tell us how much they enjoyed the story.

My wife is always finding pleasant ways to surprise me. In the last episode, she really surprised me by having a threesome while I was at work.

I sometimes have to go into the office on a Saturday but am usually home by noon. On one such Saturday, I came home to an empty house. The boys were spending the weekend at a friends and I was surprised to not find my wife at home. I did find a note saying that she went out but would be home by the time I got off work.

I was not home but a few minutes and the phone rang. It was my wife. She told me she was at the home of another man. She asked me not to be upset but that she was being naughty this morning and found herself enjoying a chat online with a very sexy stranger. His name was Jim and she found him to be very exciting. They had exchanged facial pics to see what each other looked like. I had taken some nude pics of Deb but they were never meant to be sent to other people so I assumed she just sent him her facial picture. She told me on the phone that he had managed to get her very excited and totally turned on. She said he then asked her if she would like to meet him in person for a cup of coffee. Much to my surprise she told him she would but only if he would make it. She doesn't even drink coffee!!! She then told me that she was dying to meet this man and agreed to visit him at his home.

At that point, I could hear Jim tell her to tell me how beautiful she was and that she was very sexy. She asked me if I could hear him and I said that I could. She then told me to listen closely to see if I could figure out what was happening in the background.

The next thing I could hear was her telling him how good that felt and not to stop. I strained to listen more closely. I could hear the sound of him sucking on her tits. I heard him tell her how nice her big tits were and loved how sensitive her nipples were. The next thing I heard was her telling Jim that his tongue feels so damn good down there. She said Oh Jim eat my pussy. Then she told me, "honey, he is eating me and it feels soooo good." I could hear her moan and it was getting me very excited. Just hearing her tell him how good it felt and her moaning and moaning. Then she talked directly to me and tell me that she was going to hand Jim the phone, that she was going to suck his cock and for me to listen. Oh my God, I was going nuts just listening to her suck that cock of his, telling him how nice and thick it was and how it filled her mouth.

He was telling her what a terrific cocksucker she was and what a lucky man I must be. I could hear his breathing get heavier and heavier. He then stopped her and said he wanted to fuck her right then and there. I was still numb and excited, hearing them, but not being able to see them. She said yes Jim, please fuck me now, she then took the phone from Jim and told me, to just listen.

Then I could hear her moaning as he entered her. The slow deep thrusts into my beautiful wife. I could hear the juices in her pussy. Him telling her how incredible she felt. Then... the hard slamming of their wet bodies. Her cries of ectasy. Fuck me Jim, fuck me harder. Oh God Jim you have a nice cock. My cock felt like it was going to explode hearing my wife tell this man how good he felt. Then I could hear her cum. Wow did she moan loudly. I don't know if that was just for my benefit or she just came that hard. Then, I heard him cum and scream out. . Oh Debbie, you did that so well. How you could milk me dry with your muscles squeezing around my cock like that. I hear him lay next to her as she picked up the phone. She said, I am sorry, but I will be home in about 30 minutes. She asked if I would be home when she got there. I said hell yes and I was very excited.

I quickly jumped into the shower, my cock standing at attention and throbbing thinking about what an erotic phone call that was. She never ceases to suprise me or amaze me. I showered quickly and just put on my robe. I had to have her the minute she walked in the door. My mind racing the entire time. I took a minute to check our email and the mail sent...then I found it, a nude picture of her with her legs spread wide open showing off her neatly trimmed bush. Here my wife had sent this stranger a totally nude picture of her in all her glory.

She then walked in the back door and I just looked at her in awe. Her hair was a mess and she had a smile a mile wide. She asked me if I was upset with her and I said that was even hotter than the threesome she did. I watched her take off her coat and once again I was shocked. All she had on was a very sexy white push up bra and a thin pair of white lacy panties with black thigh highs and heels. She kicked off her heels and told me to follow her to the bedroom. I did not hesitate. I asked her where the rest of her clothes were and she said that was all she wore, and that she wanted to surprise both Jim and me.

She laid down in the middle of the bed not removing anything but her heels. She then told me to look at her panties. They were soaked right through the thin material. She had dried cum on her thighs. I felt between her legs and she told me she did not take the time to clean up. That she was so excited to show me how naughty she was, she just kept herself that way. I pulled off my robe and sat beside her. Then she told me to eat her. She said she wanted me to taste just how naughty she had been. I felt myself drawn to her. My tongue dipping into her. I could taste him and her and it drove me insane. No mistaking it now, my wife had just fucked a complete stranger and left his cum inside for me to see and taste and feel. She immediately came in my mouth while telling me how good Jim was and what a nice cock he had and how damn exciting it was to be fucking this total stranger.

I had to have her now. I climbed on and rammed my now throbbing cock in her. I went in very easily. She was so wet and sloppy and it felt so good. Unless you have done this before, you cannot imagine what I am telling you. We have all heard of sloppy seconds but this just felt so good. I came in just a few minutes. The passion was overpowering for me. I told her that she was a very naughty wife indeed. My only regret was that I did not somehow manage to record that phone call.

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