NBA Wives


Note from Slickman: This story has some interracial sex, threesomes and lesbian parts. It starts off slow so don't give up on it. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed.

NBA Wife

Mary Jackson pushed the full shopping cart through the narrow aisles in the Super Wal-Mart Food department. As normal she was wearing dark sunglasses so other shoppers would not recognize her and stop to talk. She never thought being a wife of an all-star NBA basketball player would really mean that much to the fans but evidently it did. Her husband Allan or "Action" like the fans called him was the star player of the Baltimore Stars.

"Is that her?" Mary over heard a woman ask her friend who were standing ahead of her in the checkout line. Mary turned to look at the woman and noticed she was reading one of the tabloid newspapers.

"Yes, it is," a short woman next to the first one said. "That poor woman."

"Poor woman," Mary repeated. "What the hell was she talking about?" She noticed the women whispering as they continued to read the tabloid. Finally they checked out and Mary reached down to pick up the magazine they were looking at. On the front page was a picture of her husband coming out of a motel room with a cute blonde girl under his arm. The heading said, "Action Jackson gets some action". Mary read the first paragraph in disbelief. It said her husband was seen going into a motel room and coming out an hour later with an eighteen year-old college girl.

"Ma'am, please move up," the young bubble-blowing cashier snapped back to her. Mary turned and growled at her. She put the tabloid on top of her groceries and quickly paid for them. Ten minutes later she sat in the car and read the rest of the story. When she opened to page two she gasped because her and their son Jacob's picture was on the page. The caption was "WHY WOULD ACTION JACKSON CHEAT ON HIS WIFE?"

Mary started the car and was putting in gear when her cell phone rang. She looked at her husband's name on the caller ID. She picked it up and without saying hello said, "That article had better be a lie!"

"Mary I can explain," Allan said softly. "Calm down."

"I'm listening," Mary gritted through her teeth.

"It…….I mean……….the story was….not all……….truthful."

"Not All? You mean some of it was truthful? Like the part that you and some blonde white girl was in a motel room for over an hour?"

"She……….she was….a reporter and I gave her an interview."

"How big of an interview did you give her honey? You better come home as fast as you can or the locks will be changed."

"I can't come home today. We have a game tonight against Dallas."

Mary hung up the phone.

"Fuck man," Allan said when he heard the click. He turned and looked at Gene Stormin' Norman. "My wife saw that article. I'm fucked."

"Let her cool down for a while and send her some flowers. It works with my wife," Gene grinned.

"Carol knows you screw around on the road?"

"She hasn't come out and said it but I know she knows."

"And she doesn't care?"

"I'm sure she does but she signed that pre-nup and is probably afraid she won't get anything if we divorce. It says for any reason. I've also bought her a new convertible and have allowed her to join an exclusive health spa."

Later that night the Stars lost to Dallas by thirty points. Action had his worse game as a pro and was tossed out of the game for punching another player. As soon as the game was over he took a late plane to Washington, D.C and pulled into his driveway at 2:00AM. He tried to unlock the front door but his key wouldn't work. "How did she get a locksmith so fast?" He wondered. He moved to the unlocked window at the side of the garage and pushed it up.

Mary had almost fallen asleep when she heard someone downstairs. She moved out of bed and grabbed the baseball bat she kept near the bed. She saw the kitchen light on and knew her husband had somehow gotten into the house.

Allan pulled out a cold dish of potato salad and was eating it when he noticed someone standing behind him. He jerked back holding his hand up when he saw his wife holding a baseball bat. "Put that down."

"Why should I?" Mary said with a look that could bend a nail. "Talk."

"I'm not talking to you holding a baseball bat," he said. He had never seen her so angry.

"Tell me the truth. NO LIES! If you lie to me we are finished." She put down the bat and sat across from him.

Allan could see that she had been crying. "God Mary, I've been so good staying away from women on the road. They throw themselves at the NBA players and a lot; I mean most, of the players sleep with them. This one girl has been following me from town to town. She's a reporter for the National Sports Gazette. We had just won a big overtime game in Houston and we were sitting in the bar celebrating when she showed up." He stopped and took a drink of Coke.

"Things got out of hand. The guys knew that I had not messed around and one of them got the bartender to double up the shots in my drinks. I knew I needed to get out of there and when I went to the restroom I didn't go back. When I entered the elevator she jumped in with me." He had rehearsed this story all the way back from Dallas.

"Amy Tolliver," Mary said remembering the name in the tabloid.


"That's when she came on to me. I was barely able to stand so she hugged me into her to keep me up. We……….we….kissed." He stopped to look at her. "I'm so sorry."

"Go on," Mary said trying not to blow up.

"She walked me to my room and when I opened the door she followed me in. At first we just sat on the bed and talked about the game that night. Then out of the blue she looked at me and asked me if I wanted a blow job."

"Of course you said yes," Mary injected with fire in her eyes.

"I didn't say anything but I didn't stop her either when she pushed me onto my back and unzipped me. Then she did it. That's all that happened."

"You didn't fuck her?"

"I swear to God no. I think I was set up because the photographer was waiting outside my door when I walked her out. He ran away before I could get to his camera. I was hoping it wouldn't show up but the Trash tabloid must have purchased it from him. She's not eighteen. She's twenty-two."

"At least it wasn't a teenager," Mary said as she stood calmly and took her bat back up the stairs. "You can sleep in the spare bedroom."

Allan sat without finishing his food. At least she had not kicked him out of the house. He had to get to Amy before his wife had a talk with her. If Mary found out he had been fucking this young white girl for the past month he was dead.


Amy Tolliver sat in the chief editor's office waiting for word if she still had a job or not. He had been pleased with her recent articles about the NBA player's life on the road but now that she had been named and pictured as one of the groupies she knew she was in trouble.

Finally the adjoining door to the executive conference room opened and her 50 year-old boss walked into his private office and closed the door. Jack Wilson moved to the black leather sofa and sat down. "Amy come here and let's talk."

Amy pushed down her short skirt and nervously walked over to him. "Do I still have a job?" She sat down next to him.

"Maybe. But first you have to tell me everything that took place with Action Jackson that night." Jack said firmly. He could see the young woman was very nervous.

"Everything?" She repeated.


"You assigned me to follow the NBA Stars and I did. I quickly discovered how many of the players slept around on the road and how free and easy the women were. A few of the players came onto me but I pushed them away. The one player who did not sleep around was Allan Jackson."

"So you decided to take care of that," Jack grinned. His eyes roamed down to the young woman's tan thighs.

"No that's not the way it happened. One night I saw him sitting alone at the hotel bar and asked if I could sit next to him. The other players had already taken their night entertainment to their rooms and I thought I could get to know him better." Amy noticed him glancing down at her legs and it gave her an uneasy feeling. She again pulled down her skirt.

"And that was it for the next few weeks. We would meet at the bar and just talk. At the time I was engaged and he knew it and never made an advance towards me. He talked constantly about his wife and son. About a month ago my fiancée and I broke up. He said I was traveling too much and had to quit my job. Do you have anything to drink?"

Jack smiled and moved to the small refrigerator behind his desk. He pulled out a diet coke and offered it. She smiled and nodded her head yes.

She took a sip and continued. "So I told him it was my job and I was not going to give it up. So we broke up. I was pretty shook up by it and when I talked to Allan I started crying. He hugged me to him to help me. My hand accidentally touched his……….penis and I knew I should have taken my hand away but I didn't."

Jack sat closer. The story was getting to the good stuff. "Go on. Tell me everything."

Amy tried to move away but she was at the end of the sofa. "Then he asked me to go to his room and I went. That's when we….we did it."

"Go back and tell me everything," Jack whispered as his hand dropped from the sofa behind her to gently pull on her long blonde hair. "How long did you touch his cock in the bar?"

Amy felt him touching her hair and when he used the word "cock" she knew he wanted more than just find out what happened. "I think I should leave." She peeked down at his large bulge forming in the crotch of his trousers. As she tried to move off the sofa his large hand pulled her back against the soft cushion.

"If I don't hear the whole story I'll have to let you go," he whispered while keeping his hand on her shoulder. "How long did you touch his cock?"

Amy knew she was trapped. If she lost this job she would be blackballed in the sports news business and if she left and reported him it would be her word against his. "For only a minute or so," she said nervously.

"Does he have a big cock?" He whispered as his lips moved closer to her ear.

"Mr. Wilson, please don't…."

"I've got a big cock. Why don't you touch mine like you did his?" Jack quickly took her trembling hand and pulled it onto his lap.

Amy tried to pull her hand away but he was too strong. She felt his hot penis under her hand and realized it was the biggest one she had ever touched. "We can't do this."

"Sure you can. Let me take it out for you," he whispered.

Jack pulled back on her shoulder while he unzipped his slacks and reached into his boxers to find his huge pink rod. He pulled it out and looked to see her eyes closed. He grinned and again brought her sweaty hand to his hard-on. But this time it was flesh against flesh. "Touch it."

Amy thought that maybe if she jerked him off it would be enough for her to escape and collect her thoughts. Her fingers started moving slowly up and back down to the base. He was a lot longer and thicker than both her ex-fiancée and Allan. Her eyes opened wide when his hand moved down off her shoulder until it cupped her breast. Things were going too fast.

"Just let me finish you," she whispered. His fingers had found the hard nipple pressing out her clothing and were toying with it.

"Finish the story," Jack whispered as his lips pressed lightly against her tender earlobe.

"That's it. We went to his room and did it," she moaned. His fingers on her nipple were causing some serious heat problems down below.

"Take off your clothes and show me," Jack said as he grabbed the bottom of her loose blouse and pulled upward. It moved over her skimpy semi-cup bra before she could stop him. The blouse now covered her head which blocked her vision and captured her arms above her head.

"OH GOD, PLEASE DON'T REMOVE MY BLOUSE," she said loudly. She knew he could now see most of her pink breasts and possibly her darker pink nips.

Jack's eyes got bigger when he saw how big she really was. She had been hiding her chest size under loose tops. "Lovely," he said as he lowered his lips to a cherry tip that had popped out from under the white lace cup.

"Mr. Wilson stop," she said softly. Suddenly she felt his fingers release the front bra clasp and gasped when the bra fell from her naked orbs.

"Did Action suck your nipples?" Jack asked. His tongue made small circles around the hard bud.

"Yes," she moaned. Her body had forsaken her. God it felt so good.

Jack took his time tasting the small round nips. He moved back from her and pulled her body until she was lying on her back with the blouse still over her head. Her pink boobs were his to do as he pleased. His fingers released the button on her skirt and pulled down the small zipper. She lifted her hips without him asking her to until the skirt left her body. Jack sat back and admired the body he had peeked at for the past year.

"What….what are you going….to do…do….to me?" She stuttered. Her legs were still clamped tightly together which prevented him from seeing the huge damp spot on the crotch of her matching white lace bikini panties.

"The same thing Action Jackson did to you dear. I'm going to fuck you," he chuckled. His fingers pulled down on the elastic waistband until the top of her golden bush popped out at him. She did not lift her hips.

"Mr. Wilson we…….can't do this," she said as she tried to remove her hands and arms from the blouse. Suddenly his fingers jerked down on the panties until she heard the ripping sound. "OH GOD!" She cried when his strength tore the panties in half. Her damp pussy lips were now open to his eyes. He pushed apart her thighs and moved his body up onto her until the tip of his hard-on pressed against her dampness.

"Please don't rape me," she begged. Somehow she finally got the blouse off and looked into his eyes.

"Oh, I'm not going to rape you," he grinned. "I want you to rub my prick all over your pussy."

Amy knew it would be enough for her to give in. "Let me give you a blow job."

"Maybe later," he grinned. Jack grabbed her hand and pressed it between their stomachs until she touched his hard shaft. "Rub it."

Amy thought that maybe if she rubbed and squeezed it he would come before entering her. Her fingers curled around him and slowly pulled his penis up and down her moist lips.

"Is Action as big as I am?" Jack whispered. He could hear her breathing deeper and more rapidly.

"No, God no," she moaned. As the tip passed over her opened hole Jack pushed downward slightly. The tip wedged into the opening.

"You monster!" Her legs opened wider to let him in.

He grinned because he knew she wanted it so badly now. "Tell me to fuck you."

"Ohhh," she moaned. She had to have it. "Yes please do it."

"Tell me to fuck you," he repeated. Another inch pushed inside.

Amy's mouth reached up and bit down hard on his earlobe. With clinched teeth she said, "FUCK ME DAMMIT!"

Luckily most of the employees were at lunch because anyone walking by Jack Wilson's office would have heard the flesh slapping together and Amy's cries of joy as his massive rod pounded in and out of her. She thought of Allan and how excited she was having a well-built athlete fucking her but this was different. It was unplanned uncontrolled fucking. Her teeth bit down on his ear again until she tasted blood.

"OUCH!" Jack cried out. He stopped his fucking motion and looked down into her smiling face. "What have I done?"

"You wanted to fuck me so DO IT!" She giggled as her hands grabbed around to his ass cheeks. Her long fingernails dug deeply into his rear flesh as she pulled him back down inside of her.

Jack did as she commanded. Her lips found his mouth and her tongue dashed inside. They were now connected in two places. Her tongue fucked his mouth with the same motion of his prick into her pussy. Both were drenched with sweat when Jack climaxed. "OH SHIT!"

Amy didn't scream when she came. All she did was laugh. "Ha, ha, ha…..ha, ha, ha, ha…………………NOW!"

An hour after Amy left his office he held up the torn panties to Ted Higgins the man who had took the photo of Amy and Action coming out of the hotel room. "Here's the $4,000 bonus I promised. I told you that you would get a good picture if you waited long enough."


Mary Jackson left the house the next morning to take her son to his Day Care. In the parking lot she called another wife of a player on the team, Carol Norman. Mary had heard rumors that her husband Gene had quite a few different women on the road. "Hello Carol this is Mary Jackson."

"Hi, I was just thinking about you," Carol said. "I'm sorry about the story that just came out. I just saw it on ESPN."

"ESPN!" Mary said loudly. "Now the whole world knows about it. Even Bill Clinton's oral sex story was not as big as this one."

"Oral sex! Is that what Allan told you?" Carol laughed.

"Yes, he said she came onto him and that he had too many drinks. It was her who pushed him back and gave him oral sex."

Carol started laughing and couldn't stop. "These men are so full of shit. Do you think he would go into a motel room with that cute little white ass and only receive a blowjob?" She started laughing again.

Mary waited until she stopped laughing. "Do you have a few minutes to talk?"

"Not really," Carol replied. "I'm on my way to the gym……unless you want to meet me there?"

"Sure, I don't want to go home right now because I'll probably kill Allan. Where is your gym?" Mary wrote down the address and headed a few streets over. She got there before Carol and was amazed at the place. It wasn't a gym. It was a palace. As she exited her car Carol pulled next to her.

"You like?" Carol grinned.

"Gym………you call that a gym?" Mary said still gawking at the place.

Mary followed her to the front desk. "This is Mary Jackson and she will be my guest today." Carol turned and looked at Mary. "You are probably a size eight right?"

"Seven," Mary answered.

"Good you can fit into my outfits. Follow me to the locker room."

"I don't really need to work out," Mary said. "I was just hoping to talk a little."

"Actually you DO need to work out because you are overly stressed and need to burn some energy." They walked through some doors and into a huge open area. Large lockers surrounded the room that had soft chairs, music playing and a large screen TV in the corner.

"This is some locker room," Mary grinned.

"This is one of my quirks for having a husband who cheats on me," Carol said without any emotion.

"You know he does it for sure?"

"Sure, I've even had the women call him at our house. I don't know how they get our number."

"It……… doesn't bother you?"

"Hell yes it bothers me but unless I want to go back to the middle class suburbs I have to live with it."

"Sorry but a gym membership wouldn't cover my payback," Mary said as she watched Carol removed her blouse and Capri pants. The black woman looked great with no visible signs of fat anywhere except maybe in her hips.

"Do you know how hard it is for a black woman to reduce the size of her ass?" Carol asked as she turned and poised before Mary.

Mary blushed. "How did you first find out that Gene was cheating?"

"You know I don't even call it cheating anymore," Carol said as she reached down into her large locker and pulled out a black body suit. She tossed it to Mary. "Put that on."

"I can't fit into this," Mary laughed. She held it up and thought it was for a child.

"It stretches," Carol laughed.

"Do you know how long it's been since I've worked out?" Mary laughed. She was on the track team in college but had not done much physical activity since her son was born.

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