NCIS Ch. 02


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"Hi! I'm Catharine Willows and this is Nick Stokes," said the woman and the guy gave a nod. "We're part of the Las Vegas CSI and we like to ask you to come with us please." McGee and Ziva looked at each other.

"Umm, ma'am, on what terms do we have to?" asked McGee.

"Well, you are NCIS right?" Both nodded. "Agent Gibbs' called and asked us to find a Mrs. Jefferson. We found her." The two nodded and followed Catherine and Nick to their vehicle.

"So yeah, we found her in alleyway today with ID, but the rest was gone. We found evidence of rape, so I suspect whoever did this wasn't at all happy. Doc here will explain to you what other things we found." Catherine opened the door and ushered in Ziva and McGee. "Al, this Agent David and Agent McGee, they're from NCIS and here about Mrs. Jefferson. They all exchanged a hand shake.

"Ah, yes, Mrs. Jefferson. Tox reports came back with a sedative in her blood; there was no trace of seamen, but bruises to the vaginal area indicates rape. I found some strange marks across her neck, jaggedly. Cause of death is suspected to be hemorrhaging in the head. From the depth of the hit in the head, I would suggest a bat."

"A bat? Interesting, her husband had the same exact hit and jaggedly marks on his neck as well. Was there any kind of paper found near the body?" McGee turned towards Catherine.

"Well, she was found in an alley. So there was a whole amount of paper ranging from newspapers to napkins," Catherine looked at him oddly.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure, but if you want to visit the crime scene, I can have one of my guy's take you back to the crime scene."

"I'll go, McGee, just look the other evidence over and I'll try to find it," said Ziva.

"I'll take you Miss," Nick followed her out of the room.

"Just don't forget it, she's already gone." McGee shook his head.

Ziva and Nick hopped in his SUV and she soon realized she had gotten into the driver's side and was about to get out when the car started up, causing her to jump.

"It's alright, just started it up for you; I guess you do the driving back in D.C.?" He buckled up and looked over at the stunned Ziva.

"You can say that, though I warn you I drive fast." She adjusted her seat and buckled up. "Let's see if your GPS can keep up."

Throwing it in reverse, she gunned it out of the parking lot and a smile crept across his face. The GPS guided them along ways and surprisingly kept up with her. There was no flinching by him and he just kept on smiling. In out of lanes, she maneuvered like a pro and as if she'd lived in Las Vegas her whole life. Finally, it would seem they arrived to cautioned taped crime scene. Stopping abruptly, she looked over and Nick was calm.

"I'm shocked, my other partner wasn't too kindly to my driving, but are different,"

"Yeah, I can handle a woman," he smiled and Ziva blushed.

"So where was the body found?"

"Right there next to the dumpster. We thought she was a prostitute, but when we got the info on Mrs. Jefferson, we knew it was her. So what's so special about this small piece of paper?" He followed her through the crime scene as she scanned the floor.

"Well, it's no ordinary paper, its rice paper infused with pheromones." She crouched down and looked at the area by the dumpster.

"Pheromone, hmm, that's strange if I must say so,"

"I can't seem to find it." She tried looking under the dumpster, but no paper was visible. "Could I use you?"

"Umm, I guess, what do you need?" he walked over and she stood up to face him.

"First this," she pushed a piece of paper against his neck and he looked at her confusingly. "Now rape me!"

"What?" he took a step back.

"Just do it, take me like you think this attacker took Mrs. Jefferson" Zivas heart beat quickened.

"Oh, pretend, I see," he nodded.

"No, in order to truly see where this paper possibly went you must force yourself on me. I will act like Mrs. Jefferson would have acted."

"Are you sure? Once it begins, there's no stopping" he took a step to her, preparing his assault.

"Trust me, if I want to stop it, I'll cut you dick off" she smiled as he grabbed her.

Pushing her up against the wall, face first, he forced himself against her. He began to dry hump her ass and she huffed and puffed. He slammed into her ass, desperate to get his cock ready. Her body slid up and down against the brick wall causing some pain. She tried to fight him, but his force would have been too much for Mrs. Jefferson and she struggled.

Keeping hold of her with one hand, he reached around and pulled her jeans open. Sticking his hand in her pants, she gasped as he manipulated her. He continued his assault on her ass. She moaned as her body reacted to the assault.

"Your fucking ass feels so good, how 'bout I destroy it." He shoved down her pants revealing her lacy black panties.

"NO!" she felt him bunch her panties to one side.

She never experienced anal sex before and was actually scared as she felt his cock bare skin rub against her ass . Her nipples ached from rubbing up against the sand paper like texture of the bricks, but it was soon replaced by the pain of her raw ass being impaled. Both gasped at the incredible pain. Raw as it was, he slowly began to work his member in and out of her. She didn't like the raw anal sex at first, but after a few long deep and slow thrusts into her ass, his pre cum made it easier for her. He let loose and pounded away at her ass. Her moans were escaping and there was no way to keep them from coming.

She hadn't had sex in long time and found herself grabbing at his neck. He took his hand off her shoulder and slapped her ass a couple times causing her to moan. Their bodies were drenched in sweat and she pulled her hand off his neck and braced herself against the wall as he increased the pace and roughness.

His cock fought hard and long as it plunged into her ass. Her cheeks absorbed the shock of his force and he watched her juicy ass giggle rapidly in all directions. He found himself wanting to do something else before his ultimate release. Pulling his cock out of her hungry ass, a moan of disapproval echoed at its departure. Pushing her panties down, he bent her over and her face dragged across the wall. Grabbing his dick, he bent his knees and pushed into her tight pussy.

Her eyes popped out and the walls of her pussy grabbed onto his cock pulling more of him into her. Right off the bat, he began to fuck her with incredible force and speed. She looked over her shoulder and watched him slam into her already wet pussy. Her eyes flickered over his neck and noticed the piece of paper was missing. She was about to say something but his cock pulsed and she knew what was coming.

He pulled out of her pussy and spun her around forcing her onto her knees. Using one hand to finger herself, she opened her mouth and jacked him off with her other. She released his cock and he resumed jacking off and aimed at her mouth. The hungry Ziva watched in anticipation as his face scrunched up. He shook as his cock erupted all over her face. Glob after glob shot out of his cock covering her face.

She was shocked at his massive load and a few drops landed in her mouth fulfilling the sweet taste that she missed since her and Tony ordeal earlier. Finally, after a grunt, his last glob trickled down her chin and into her shirt. Ziva's smile soon disappeared as she brought herself to orgasm. Electricity shot through her body, as she experienced a ride of her life even her vibrator couldn't touch. As her final wave dispelled from her, she brought her hand up and licked it clean.

Nick watched her as she cleaned her face off and scooped the remaining cum into her mouth. With a mouth full of cum, she swallowed it in whole and showed off her handy work by showing the vacancy in her mouth. Grabbing his cock once more, she did a once over and cleaned it of remaining cum. Getting back up on her feet, she pulled her jeans and panties back up and adjusted herself.

"So is this what you NCIS agents do over in D.C.?" asked Nick as he put his limp cock back into his trousers.

"Minus a few things here and there, now where did it go?" Ziva scanned the ground.

"Where did what go?" He aided her in looking for whatever she was looking for.

"The piece of paper I put on your neck." She examined the area where he had pinned her against the wall.

"Didn't you grab my neck at one point during our supposed rape?" He rubbed his neck and she glanced at him and then her hand.

"That's it!" she shrieked and ran to the SUV.

"What, my neck?" He followed her back to the SUV.

"McGee, it's me Ziva....yeah, have Doc. Run trace on Mrs. Jefferson's hand.....yeah, the sedative may be the pheromone.....ok, and we're on our way back." She hung up her cell phone and turned around only to be met by Nick.

"So, do you think you could go another round, this time more of a leisure time instead of out here and in a quick matter?" he pushed a strand of hair out of her eye and she smiled.

Embracing in a kiss, their tongues battle one another and they slowly moved their way to the back door. He pinned her against the side panel and she opened the door with her hand. Breaking their kiss, they both entered the car and closed the door behind them.

Meanwhile, McGee walked down to the coroner's lab and was met by Catherine.

"Hi McGee, what you doing?" she smiled and McGee smirked as well.

"You can call me Tim if you want."

"Okay, so what are you up to?"

"Well, I was about to ask Doc if he could run some tests on Mrs. Jefferson's hand."

"Well ask him and then come with me, we found the room she was staying in. I'll meet you in the lobby." She walked away towards the elevator.

"Hey doc, are you in here?" McGee searched around the room.

"I'm over here, how may I help you?" Doc placed his cutting tools in the sterilizer jar.

"Is it possible for you to get me a sample of her palms for possible residue trace?" He walked over to the Doc.

"Yeah sure, caught me before I cleaned her," he grabbed a cue-tip and ran it across both of her palms.

"Thank you Doc." he grabbed the plastic bag containing the cutup.

"No problem." Doc returned to the body and began to wash her body.

Dropping the cue-tip off with Hodges, one of the lab technicians, McGee was about to head to the lobby when he was stopped by man.

"Hi, I'm Greg." He extended his hand.

"Tim" he shook his hand.

"So, you're NCIS." He leaned on the counter.

"Yes I am"

"Well nice to meet you, have a nice day," Greg gave him a two finger salute and headed off.

Shaking his head, McGee walked over to the lobby and was met by Catherine who just smiled. Walking out of the building they entered her SUV. Pulling out of the parking lot, she sped off in the direction of the hotel.

"So Tim, it's been awhile," said Catherine as they stopped at a red light.

"What do you mean awhile?"

"Wow you really don't remember me do you?" McGee looked over and looked at Catherine and right away he noticed who she was.

"Whole shit Cat, I didn't even take notice that it was you." He gazed at her noting how much she had grown since their college years.

"Well I have grown a lot since college, so that would make recognizing me hard. So what made you join NCIS?"

"Well they sort of contacted me as I exited college. With my background of excellent programming they hired me as a tech and soon I got promoted to an agent for NCIS."

"Wow, who would have guessed that Big McGee would become an agent."

"It's more like who'd believe that Cat the stripper would become a CSI." He looked over at her smiling at her shocked look on her face.

"Oh no you didn't, just go there." McGee laughed a little as she turned down the main drag.

"So how long did it take you to realize it was me?"

"Well let's just say you're no longer big McGee."

"No, I'm still big McGee if you catch my drift." She pulled into the parking lot of the hotel.

Catherine stared at him for a minute and McGee faced her with a smile. His head slightly nodded down and as soon as her eyes fell onto his crotch she giggled.

"You were always a stud McGee. You ready to go check out this room or what?" She looked at him funny.

"Yeah, let's get going before they ask me to do it again"

Walking over to the elevator and entered it. She reached across him and hit ten for the floor. The sudden touch sent a shook through him and he did a quick glance and saw directly down her shirt. Snapping his head back forward, he was both glad for what he saw and disappointed in his crime.

She saw his glance, but figured it was on accident and leaned against the railing. He would cast several glances along the ride up to the tenth floor at her and was curious how she would look naked. He shook his head to be rid of the thoughts, but couldn't. Her ample breast pushed her top out quite a bit along with her ass that was slightly delicious looking. His cock swelled as he looked her up and down in the reflection of the elevator and he began imagining her sucking his cock and fucking him with her breasts.

She could feel his eyes burning into her and it made her slightly excited. Her nipples were somewhat stiff as they pocked against her bra and her pussy became damp as she eyed the reflection of his boner. Licking her lips, she took a deep breath as they reached the tenth floor. Walking out of the elevator, he walked behind her.

The swaying of her ass and hips back and forth was hypnotizing. He was finding it hard to resist doing something. She knew he was staring and was getting hornier by the minute. As they approached the room, the door was cracked and both stood against the wall as noise echoed from it.

"Do you think it's the maid" McGee pointed towards the cart with cleaning supplies on it.

"It has a Do Not Disturb sign on it, I doubt it" slowly they crept along the wall towards the door.

Placing her gun against the door, she pushed it open and aimed into the room. Her gun dropped as she soon realized it was the maid and holstered her weapon as did McGee.

"Excuse me ma'am, can you please come out of the room" she waved for the maid to come to her.

"Why?" the maid dragged the vacuum cleaner with her.

"This is the room of a lady who was...killed," the girls face showed her shock. "Did you vacuum?" the girl nodded. "Just leave it there and walked out in big steps." She did so and Catherin reassured her she didn't do nothing wrong and the women proceeded onto other rooms. "Ok, here's some smocking's to cover your feet," she tossed him a pair and he put them. "Let's go."

Entering the room, they looked around and it would seem the maid had gotten there before they could truly see the state that it was in. Catherine sat down on the bed and ran her hand through her hair.

"Damn it! This is as useless as a hair without tag." McGee closed the door and joined her.

"It's ok, there has to be something, but my question what was the TOD?" Catherine looked towards the ceiling and thought for a minute.

"I believe it was...I think either eight or nine A.M. Day shift was supposed to get it, but we got stuck here for awhile." she laughed.

"So then, if this is the same killer then, he must of heard Mrs. Jefferson calling while killing her husband and his mistress...." he stared off and Catherine looked puzzled.

"What's up Tim, you look like you were struck by a bus or something?"

"Hang on I have to make a call." He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Gibbs.

"Hey boss, I got some bad news... yeah how you knew... Okay. So do you want me and Ziva to get on the next... ah, yes she's right here with me. He wants to speak to you Cat."

"This Catherine Willows speaking... Hi Special Agent Mr. Gibbs'. I'm doing fine how may I help you?" She walked over to the window to get better service. "Um, yeah we can cooperate... No problem, glad to aid in getting another killer off the streets." She hung the phone up and passed it to McGee. "Looks like we're working together on this investigation," She walked out of the room taking her phone out of her pocket and McGee followed confused.

"Hey Catherine what are you doing here?" Catherine turned to face the voice as she called in a CSI unit to the hotel room.

"I'm here investigating a room of a murder victim. What are you doing here Tony?" asked Catherine as she realized it was Tony.

"Well, I'm here on some police work. I've investigating a possible scandal with the hotel.

"Wow, really a scandal at the Luxor?" Said McGee as he joined them

"Who's this, Cat?" asked Tony, as he studied McGee.

"Tim, this Officer Tony Vartann and Tony, this is Special Agent Timothy McGee."

"Hello Agent McGee, welcome to Las Vegas," Tony shuck McGee's hand.

"Glad to be here, so what's this about the Luxor?"

Tony held his finger up to his mouth and ushered them onward down the hallway. Leading them into a room at the end, both Catherine and McGee were shocked to see the elaborate set up of monitors that were hooked into security system. Several showed what looked like a master suite atop of the Luxor. Others were on some tables. Tony led them over to the set of chairs in front of the monitors. They sat down as he explained.

"For a couple of weeks now I have been working with several undercover agents to weasel out a possible prostitution scandal, here. The head of Luxor is in works with me, hence the ability to get this surveillance. We know who's doing it, but in order for us to get him, we need to get evidence on tape.

"Well, since they know me, how 'bout we have Agent McGee go undercover?" She stood up and walked over to the door.

"I see no harm in that. Will you be okay doing this?"

"I guess it won't hurt to try out my luck in black jack."

"All right, now like I said all you need to do is get him on camera."

"Have you gotten any of your people into where ever they are doing the prostitution?" McGee stood there as tech hooked him up with remote camera and microphone glasses.

"Unfortunately, no we haven't. He seemed to pick them out pretty good, so I'm expecting you to put on your best tourist act."

"Trust me; I am a tourist, so it shouldn't be too hard."

"Okay, he's good to go," said the man who gave McGee his glasses.

"Alright so Tony is going to do surveillance from here and I'll survey from the bar." Catherine took one of the clips off the table and placed it on the rim of her dress shirt.

"Okay, let's go then."

"So are you and Ziva together or something?" They entered the elevator and she hit the first floor button.

"Oh no, we were not." He leaned against the railing.

"Then, what's up with the ring, wife and kids?" She pointed at the ring he wore.

"No, before we met you, we were going to go under cover and trail Mrs. Jefferson, but since she's dead, we're not undercover and I can take this ring off" He pulled the ring off his finger and put it in his pocket.

"Best bet is to leave that on. It'll help convince that you're a husband with a gambling problem." McGee nodded and put the ring back on. "I'm surprised I haven't heard from Nick yet?" She looked at her phone.

"Same here for Ziva, I guess they must be onto something." They looked at one another and laughed.

"Yeah right, I bet they're off cruising around Vegas." The elevator door slid open and they step out onto the floor.

The room was buzzing with intensity and was jammed packed with gamblers. Waitresses were weaving like needles in and out of rows, carrying trays high over their heads. A few bells rung from winners and couple of cheers by craps table filled the room. Walking over to the black jack table, he sat down as Catherine made her way over to the bar discreetly. Handing the dealer a hundred dollar bill, she gave him ten white chips, one red, one blue and one green.

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