NCIS Ch. 03


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In one of the evidence rooms, Ziva and Sarah began to empty the boxes of evidence collected from the meth lab onto the light-up table. As the evidence bags cluttered the table up, they worked the items into organized areas of which they were collected from. Ziva had been a little on edge since her and Nick's ordeal and had become slightly mesmerized by the swift movements of Sarah's hand as she dusted for prints. Goosebumps ran up Ziva's arms and she tried to rub it away but her touch wasn't enough to relieve the uneasiness. She moved ever so slightly and felt the radiating heat of Sarah and sighed as she watched several finger prints form on the utensils.

Ziva held a bag of broken glass that once held the chemicals and examined it carefully. She looked at Sarah and ushered her step closer.

"Tell me Sarah, what seems odd about the glass?" Sarah picked up a magnifier and scanned it.

"It's perfectly clean," said Sarah. Ziva, nodded.

"So, I'm guessing these guys must have just set up shop. I'm going to need to have brass canvass the area for any science supply stores in the area of meth lab."

"Why canvass, when we have the stores name," Ziva smiled at Sarah's confused look.

Ziva put on fresh gloves and emptied the shards of glass onto the table and spread out the pieces. Sarah hung over Ziva's shoulder and got a slight whiff of perfume. Sarah studied Ziva's neck and felt the itch to kiss it. The perfume drew Sarah in closer which opened her senses to the body heat of Ziva's. With a fear of alerting Ziva, Sarah gave her head a slight shake before continuing to watch Ziva arrange the glass. After several swap outs, the name, Leading Science Depot, was spelled out.

"Leading Science Depot, I think there was one around the corner?" She looked at Sarah who had placed her hand on Zivas while she leaned to look at the name.

"Yes, I remember driving by it on the way to the scene. Hopefully they have security footage of the perps who bought the vials," said Sarah.

Both of them smiled at one another and their eyes wandered down to their hands that lay upon one another. Sarah began to delicately rub her hand up Zivas arm and looked at her.

"Ziva, I don't remember if I told you, but I really appreciated you shielding me from the explosion," Ziva smiled as the small contact of Sarah's hand began to soothe her a little.

"It was the least I could do," Sarah lightly pressed against Zivas back.

Ziva sighed as Sarah pushed firmly up against her ass. Ziva watched as Sarah's hand came to rest on her breast. She began to maul Zivas breast through her shirt and was quite pleased at her perky breast. Sarah leaned in and lightly kissed Zivas neck which extracted a small gasp from her. Her heart raced as her body became more aroused from this sensual touch. She never had this interaction with a woman.

Sarah dragged her hands back to Zivas shoulder and resumed a light massage of Zivas shoulders. Sarah was still doing light bumps up against Zivas ass. She closed her eyes as her shoulder relaxed. Catherine walked into the evidence room and came to an abrupt stop to when she saw the massage.

"Sarah, what are you doing?" asked Catherine.

"I was only giving Ziva a massage, her shoulder were slightly hurting," Catherine didn't believe it, but carried on with she had come there for.

"Whatever, so what did you two find?"

"Well Ziva discovered some of the broken test beakers were quite fresh, so who ever set this up must have just done so."

"Hmm, any suggestions as to where they bought the supplies from?"

"Well we were able to reassemble some of the beakers to form a name:

Science Depot".

"Okay then, Sarah you'll come with me to this place and Ziva if you just head down hallway, you'll find Tim in the room on your left. It appears you guys found a break in your case," Ziva nodded and exited room as Catherine stared at Sarah.

"You have to be careful Sarah, if Conrad were to have walked in at that moment, it would have been a whole different story, but we'll just forget his happened." Sarah just nodded and followed Catherine out of the evidence room.

Ziva entered the room McGee was in and noticed some video, Archie and he were looking at. She stood next to McGee and analyzed what they were looking at. McGee had been caught off guard by the sudden aroma of Ziva's perfume. He gave her a confused look.

"Are you wearing perfume?" She ignored his question.

"So, what exactly are we looking at?" asked Ziva looking at McGee who didn't want to bother anymore.

"Well, when Catherine and I went to Mrs. Jefferson's hotel room, a maid had been cleaning the room, which in return probably cost us valuable time to get proper evidence. We let her go and didn't bother to question her. Rookie mistake. Turns out we should of held her." Archie played the video of their entrance into the room and the maid leaving.

She had seem to walking at fast pace. Archie switched to another feed. It showed her entering the elevator. As the doors closed, she quickly discarded her clothing and revealed some other clothing. She had hit the lobby button and when she turned her face towards the camera, Archie froze the video and cropped her face. Opening up the captured face into the facial recognition software, he began to scan the database. They stood there waiting until the software came up with no match.

"Looks like she's not in the database," said Archie as he went to exit out of the software.

"Wait, I think I've seen her before," McGee punched something into his phone and held up against the screen. "There, her name is Violet Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson's daughter. Is there way to trace her movement?" asked McGee.

"Yeah I can, let see where she goes."

Continuing the footage, they followed Violet through the casino. In a brisk movement, she was soon outside and into a waiting taxi. McGee took down the Taxi cabs number and called the number to the service.

"Hi, my name is Agent McGee, I'm with CSI, I need to find where cab number 1947-3 took its passenger it picked up at three pm?" asked McGee. As he waited Archie printed out some photos of her. "Alright, thanks sir. Well, she was taken to the Air Port, apparently the driver had a conversation with the Violet, said she was going to L.A," McGee hung up his phone.

"Well then I guess we're headed to L.A then," said Ziva, heading out of the room.

As they walked down the hallway they ran into Catherine and Sarah.

"So, what did you guys find out?" asked Catherine.

"Well, it appears the maid we ran into at the hotel, was Mrs. Jefferson's daughter," Said McGee.

"Ah, I guess my presumption about the Do Not Disturb sign was correct, well did you find out where she went?"

"Yeah, she went to L.A."

"That's nice, are you headed to the Air Port?"

"Yup, we have a field office in L.A, so we're going to meet up with them there and get things straighten out. If it's no trouble, could you send the evidence to our DC lab for further analysis?"

"Well I think we arrange that, do you think you can help me prep the evidence?" asked Catherine. She figured Sarah would want to give a proper goodbye to Ziva.

"Sure, I'd love to." Catherine followed McGee, giving Sarah a peculiar look as she entered the evidence room.

"So would you like that massage still," said Sarah causing Ziva to raise her eyebrow.

In the back corner of the locker room, Ziva was straddling a bench with Sarah behind her. Ziva's shirt was off and her shoulders were being majestically massaged by Sarah. She seductively ran a fingernail down Ziva's back and caught the claps of her bra. With a simple tug, the clasp came undone. Ziva protectively kept her bra over her breast.

Sarah ran her finger in swift circle movements like she would with a brush on Zivas back. Ziva's body shivered, as Sarah widened the width of her circle. Her dragging finger turned into a hand which came around and slid beneath Ziva's hands. She moaned as Sarah's cold hands came in touch with her breasts. Ziva dropped her hands as well as her bra and allowed Sarah to further her massage.

"That's it Ziva, let me thank you," whispered Sarah as she twisted Ziva's nipples.

Gently, she kissed Ziva's neck extracting extracting a moan from her and her eyes shot down to watch Sarah's lingering hand. She hooked her finger under the waist of band of Zivas pants and pulled it out a bit. Sarah snaked her hand into Ziva's pants and could feel a damp spot on the front of her panties. Sarah smiled as she rubbed Ziva through her panties and she moaned in approval. Sarah slid her hand into Ziva's panties and inserted her finger into her pussy.

Ziva moaned more as Sarah slowly began move her finger in and out of her. Ziva breathed lightly as Sarah increased her motion inside Ziva. Her pussy was becoming quite wet as Sarah's finger, now joined by a second, fucked her swiftly.

Back at the evidence room, McGee gripped the table quite hard. His heart beating fast and sweating persistently as Catherine worked his cock expertly under the table. Her hand pumped his shaft as she eagerly stared at it with hunger. Latching on again she bobbed her head up and down on his cock.

His size still caught her off guard as she tried to deep throat it.

This was above anything she'd done before in the lab. The thought that anyone could walk in on them excited her more and she sucked harder onto his cock. Working her hands in unison with her mouth, she began to feel the need for him inside of her.

Standing up while keeping a hold of his monster, she kissed him on and lips pressed against him. She smiled as his hands crept up and grasped her large breasts. She dislodged from their kiss and allowed him more access to them.

Grabbing onto the neckline of her v neck sweater he stretched it down over her breast along with her maroon bra and latched onto her hard nipples. McGee knew the sensitivity of her breasts and felt her moan as he teethed her nipples, one at a time.

Ziva and Sarah both panted as both of them lay on the bench, legs intertwined, mashing their pussies together. Both were completely in bliss as the force of their pussies against one another sent shock waves through their nerves causing them to moan together. They tried to keep their actions quite, not wanting to alert any unwanted stragglers to interrupt them. The aroma in the air indicated obvious sex, but to their luck a ventilation system, located right above them kept it in their area.

Without fear of being heard, Sarah turned the mashing into a hard smacking as it increased the pleasure. Ziva gritted her teeth fighting back a moan. Her body quivered as her orgasm arose. Arching her back she closed the gap between their pussies prolonging the end result. The two rubbed their pussies in counter action of one another causing Ziva to arch her back further.

Catherine's bare back was slightly lit from the dimmed evidence table. McGee stepped between her legs with his cock in hand. Her eyes shimmered as his member began to slowly pierce into her. He grunted as her walls clamped down on his cock and furthered his insertion.

Once his cock was in her far enough, he began to slowly fuck her. She gasped as his massive rod maneuvered in and out of her. Feeling she had adjusted to his size he began to increase his pace. Each impact caused her to gasp.

"That's it Timmy, fuck my pussy like you did back in college," her dirty talk caused him to do a few long deep slams into her. Her eyes widened as his length really filled her up.

Sarah held Zivas outstretched leg against her body as Sarah fucked Ziva with hard long slams of her pussy. Both were drenched in sweat as their fucking became quite vigorous. Zivas muscles were flexed quite a bit as she was stretched at a ninety degree angle.

"You ready cum?" asked Sarah flipping her hair back.

Ziva nodded unable to get a word out between her pants. Her body was at the breaking point as her orgasm was ready to blow.

Catherine slammed her hands down on the table as McGee bent her over. Wasting no time he slammed his cock back into her and she moaned. He grabbed onto her hips as he went to town on her sending ripples across her ass check. Her pussy clenched hard on his cock. Milking it to cum. Her breasts swayed violently as each thrust was quicker than the other.

Catherine looked up and a peeping tom was peering in the lab through the tinted windows. She could tell it was Hodges, but he showed no signs to alert anyone, but watched. The dim light of the table gave off an exotic image of her wet body; giving a nice silhouette of her body and each movement of it.

"Oh god, Catherine I think I'm about to cum," panted McGee as his pulsing member threaten to blow right there at that second.

"Come in me McGee, paint my inner walls." She began to drive her self back into his thrust adding more to the fucking.

McGee gave a few more long deep thrust and just burst inside of her. His cum lathered her walls and set off her own orgasm. She lifted her head back to shout.

"FU..." Sarah shoved her hand into Zivas mouth as she almost let out a loud sound from her agonizing orgasm.

She hungrily feasted on Sarah's finger not wanting to break the silence. Sarah had joined Ziva in a body shattering orgasm, but was luckily able to keep her mouth shut. She leaned down and replaced her hand with her mouth and kissed Ziva passionately. Fighting Zivas tongue a bit with her own, she broker their wet kiss breathless and gasping for air she stared at her.

"Thanks for saving me."

McGee and Catherine stopped at the door and gave one another a quick kiss. Smiling they exited the room and met Sarah and Ziva. Catherine cast a few a glances at Sarah who winked at Catherine and Sarah rubbed her finger against her check. Catherine raised an eyebrow and ran her finger again against her check and felt something on her cheek. Sneaking it into her mouth her taste buds recognized her favorite taste, cum. Blushing she smiled and returned her attention to the group as whole

"Well it was great working with NCIS on this case." said Catherine.

"Yeah, it was great working with you guys, quite an experience for both of us," McGee smiled and Ziva gave a slight wink at Sarah who kind of blushed.

"Indeed, maybe when you ever you come back to Las Vegas, give us call and we can go out and have some dinner together.

"Well, if we ever get a vacation, we will," McGee extended his hand and Catherine received it with mixed emotions, hoping to embrace her former lover, but knew it was the proper thing as she notice Sarah and Ziva exchanging handshakes. They all headed their opposite ways.

Ziva and McGee had arrived at the airport in a quick fashion already alerting Gibbs of their actions and alerting the L.A NCIS of their arrival. Getting in line to buy tickets, McGee flashed his badge and the lady handed him an already purchased set of tickets for Ziva and him. Their plane didn't leave for another two hours, but they needed to get past TSA, which wouldn't be easy.

As they entered the line through security check, they found it was going a bit faster as people weren't objecting to the full body scan. It came time for Ziva and she flashed her NCIS badge which the guy eyed.

"NCIS? Never heard of you." Said Frank the TSA.

"We're a Naval Criminal Investigation Service," said Ziva, rolling her eyes.

"Okay, so then you still need to go through the security," he pointed at the scanner.

"I know. I'm just letting you know I'm armed."

"Oh, well then step on through."

Ziva stepped into the x-ray machine and the observing guard watched her figure appear on his screen. He rotated it and hungrily stared at her ass.

Grabbing his scanner he motioned her over to him. She looked concerned and walked over to him as McGee went though without a hitch.

After a few minutes of talking with the man Ziva met up with McGee who sat in the terminal waiting anxiously for her.

"Hey over here Ziva," McGee waved her over to him. "Why did they take you to the side?" Ziva sat down in the chair next to him.

"Well my reputation precedes me, they were concerned and did a check up on whether I was legit or not," McGee nodded.

After some minutes of waiting the plane had began to allow boarding. Getting in line with the rest of the people, McGee and Ziva slowly progressed to the terminal desk. Handing the receptionist their boarding passes, she scanned them with her infrared scanner.

"Welcome, please step into the boarding passage," smiled the receptionist indicating the walkway next to her.

"Good evening and welcome to the flight 106. I'd like to congratulate you on your opportunity to be one of the first fliers on 106," said the flight attendant that met them in the walkway.

"Thanks, why is it a rewarding opportunity?" asked McGee following her into the plane.

"Flight 106 is a test plane of a new series of planes. It is similar to a train with a regular seating section and set of cabins for high exclusive passengers. Luckily, you were selected to stay in one the cabins." The flight attendant guided them through the halls of the plane until they came to a row of private rooms.

"Now if you please just step into the first room on your right, the plane will be taking off in fifteen minutes, so when it comes time, there's two chairs in your room for which you are required to sit in when we take off and land. Have a nice day." With that, the flight attendant left them as they entered the cabin.

"Wow, this is not too bad. Quite cozy if I must say so," said McGee as he marveled at the room.

"Indeed, though we have a slight problem." McGee looked at Ziva. "If we plan to rest, we only have one bed."

"Well, you can have the bed and I can just use the chair to rest."

As the two settled in, McGee reclined in the chair and rested a bit. Ziva was finishing up with the packing their suit cases in the storage compartments. Closing the compartment beneath the bed, she sat on it and looked at McGee.

"So, Las Vegas is an interesting place, wouldn't you say so McGee?"

"Yeah, I was able to meet up with an old friend and aided in a case."

"Which friend was this?"

"Catherine. She and I dated a while back in college. We went our separate ways and never kept contact."

"Ah I see. For me it was fun as well. The sex was different than the usual, but it was fulfilling." McGee's eyes open wide at her remark.

"Really, you had sex for such a little time we were here?"

"Yes, Nick and I had reenacted the scene where Mrs. Jefferson was killed, hence we found out the evidence of the pheromone paper."

"Oh, you reenacted. I thought you were saying you actually had sex," McGee laughed a little.

"Well at first we were reenacting it, but it developed into actual sex to simulate what happened and then we fucked in Nick's truck. Something I would have never done back in my country." McGee stared straight at the ceiling in shock. "What, you and Catherine didn't try anything?"

"Well, we really couldn't since we were stuck in three investigations. I had come close to having sex with a card dealer, but we ended up flipping her to catch the casinos VP prostitution ring," lied McGee.

"Ah, I see. I 'm sorry you were unable to enjoy yourself today." Ziva leaned back a bit on the bed.

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