Needed Changes


He smiled down at her and didn't say a word, went back into the living room with his iced tea, climbed up the ladder and started to paint. She went about her business, took her new treasures from the mall into her bedroom and changed her clothes. She dressed simply and when she slipped on her short skirt, she could feel her wet pussy teasing the inside of her legs. She moved back down the hallway and watched Charles. His back was to her and she watched his muscles as he stroked her walls. She could see his tattoos, one on the side of his leg, she couldn't quite make it out and the other on his upper arm, and it looked like a flower of some sort.

The rest of the afternoon went by and around dinner time he was starting to pack up his things. Since tomorrow was Sunday, he told her that he won't be by till 9:00 a.m., that way she could sleep in! She said alright, looking at him, they both smiled, didn't say anything about what happen earlier and he left for the night.

Just before she settled into bed, the phone rang and it was Charles. When she answered he gently and softly said her name "Abby, I'm sorry for ringing the phone so late," "but I just wanted to say good night to you" he said.

"Charles," she breathed softly "Oh, that is so sweet, good night to you and I'll see you in the morning." She gently placed the phone down in its holder after they said good bye. She dreamt about him all night.

Sunday morning and the afternoon went by quickly and during the late afternoon, Abby wandered into the living room. Charles was up on the ladder and it looked like he was just about finished. Neither one of them said anything to each other about yesterday, but her heart told her that she can't let him get away. She thought about splashing paint on the living room wall with another color just so he could stay longer to fix it. She knew he had the kitchen to do, but there weren't that many walls in that room! The den still needed to be done, but that was only one wall and the ceiling, the rest of the room had floor to ceiling bookshelves on them! She wished she had a mansion. She moved to the ladder closer and watched him from behind. He felt her eyes on him and smiled down at her as he turned.

"What?" he asked her with a grin.

"Nothing, nothing at all" she exclaimed "I just like the way you move when you stroke my walls" she said devilishly.

"Oh really" he said "And if I move like this?" he wiggled his hips at her, "What does that do for you?" he laughed.

"Oh yes" she whispered "I like that very much."

She moved closer to the ladder and he leaned down to kiss her mouth. She stood tip toe on the bottom rung and met his lips. She loved the way he tasted, although air was on in the townhouse, he still tasted salty from the little sweat he was building up. He let her go and spun around so that he was facing her. Her eyes immediately went to his crotch and she noticed she must have some kind of effect on him to see him starting to swell. Without thinking, she moved her hand to outline his cock and run her fingertips up and down his zipper. He moaned so softly and looking down at her, he asked her if she wanted a taste.

Moving up to the next rung, she molded her hand around his cock and squeezed so gently. She could feel his cock getting harder and his moans got a little louder. She gently pulled down the zipper of his shorts and his cock fell out into her hands. He didn't have on any boxers and his cock felt so wonderful in her hand. As she touched him, his cock got larger and harder and without thinking she put the tip of his cock into her mouth. She sucked him so gently and could taste the salty hint of his sweat and his pre-cum as it started to come to the tip. She ran her tongue in circles around the tip and then gently sucked down on it. She didn't take the whole cock into her mouth yet, she wanted to savor the flavors of just his tip first.

As she sucked on him, his hand moved to her breast. She could feel how gentle he was when he touched her and he was taking control of her. Her nipples got so hard they ached under her shirt and bra. She wanted to release them, but before she could, he had already done that for her. Her mouth was sucking more and more of his cock down her throat and she wanted to concentrate on making him explode. She moved forward slightly so he couldn't really reach her comfortably and he sighed as he realized how much of his cock she was devouring.

His shorts had fallen down; resting on top of his sneakers and his balls could feel the cool air around them as her hot mouth was taking all his cock inside. He couldn't believe this was happening, he wanted so much to touch her, to lay her down and play with her, discover her, but she was in charge so he relaxed and let her take over.

He could feel his cock hitting the back of her throat as she was sucking him, her fingers were kneading his balls and then all of a sudden she sucked backwards and released his cock from her grip. She smiled up at him and then pushing his cock upwards towards his chest, she found his balls, and licked and sucked on them so gently. God, he thought, I'm in heaven, I must be, no one has ever made love to my balls, my cock like this ever. No one! Her tongue made circles on his balls and then her tongue found his soft spot of skin right underneath his balls and she licked him till he groaned out loud.

Before he could take his next breath, her mouth was clamped down around his cock again as she swallowed him. He couldn't stand it anymore and was afraid he was going to fall off the ladder and they would both get hurt. He tried to speak to her and then it happen, his juices raced to the tip of his cock and as he told her to get ready, he had the hardest and fastest orgasm right down her throat then he had ever experienced. He was dripping with sweat and the wonderful sensation that ran through his body left him weak in the knees. She didn't miss a beat, she sucked him down and even after he finished cumming, she still continued to suck and suck so gently to get every last drop.

He started to relax and was running his hands through her hair as she cleaned him up with her tongue. She made sure he was a clean as he was before she started to suck his cock. Then she released him and stepped down the ladder. He followed her and when he reached the bottom, slipped his sneakers off, the shorts fell off and he pulled his t shirt up and over his head. He stood in front of her completely naked and smiled at her. He then pulled her into his chest and kissed her. He could taste his cum on her lips and gently pulled her down to the drop cloth on the floor.

He lifted her shirt up over her head and off, he released her curls and threw her bra to the side. He then opened her legs and moved his hand up under her jean skirt and touched her pussy so gently. She gasped and moaned at the same time. He was gentle as he pulled her skirt down over her hips, tossing it to the side; he never took his eyes off of her face. He smiled down at her and opened her legs gently. He glided his fingers up her legs and found her pussy, clean and glistening with moisture, he wanted to taste her but first he wanted her to trust him so he touched her so gently. He moved his fingers across her clean pussy lips and gently opened them up; he leaned down and blew on them. She just moved a little and moaned.

He took his time touching and discovering her pussy; he felt each nerve as he ran his fingers up and down, discovering her clit and rubbing it so gently. He moved one finger deep inside of her and then another finger as she relaxed more and more under his touches. Then he put in three fingers and she just moaned with pleasure. Keeping his fingers deep inside her, he moved his thumb on her clit and massaged it as it got harder under his touch, then like a hidden pearl he could see her clit pop out wanting his tongue to taste it.

He couldn't resist and didn't think that she would protest, he leaned down and gently licked her. She gasped and grabbed his hair, she opened her legs wider and again he licked her. He moved to lay in front of her and she lifted her legs up on his shoulders, then he just devoured her, tasted her lips, tasted her clit, tasted her hole so wet with her juices, he'd never tasted anything so delicious. She moved closer up against his mouth and his tongue plunged inside her deeper. She moved as his tongue moved in and out of her pussy and with each time that he went back inside for more, it felt so deep. She couldn't help it she had an orgasm, then another one and one more. She was having multiples upon multiples and she couldn't stop!

He looked up at her and saw her breasts just lying there as she breathed up and down quickly. He moved up and began to make love to her breasts. She watched his face and as he got closer his lips found hers and she could taste her cum on them. He kissed her deeply and as their tongues made circles around each other, she didn't think she could get any closer to him.

He then touched her breasts and played with her nipples, he made circles around them as they grew harder and longer, he gently pulled on them and brought one to his mouth, he watched her face closely as he sucked them and made circles back and forth on them. She had another orgasm! She found the man that could do that to her, oh my god she thought, I need this so, so much!

She rolled over on top of him giggling and found his nipples, they were already hard and she licked and sucked on them. Then looking up at him, she followed his trail down to his waist with small kisses then moving down further she found what she wanted...his hard cock and took his tip back into her mouth. Oh my god he thought, I don't think I'll ever get enough of this woman!

She sucked and sucked him and then moved up and straddled him, she lowered herself down on top of his cock and as he slid inside, she was thrilled by the way he fit; by the way he filled her up. She moved slowly at first and as she stirred him up, he moaned underneath her. Her hands rested on his tummy and she could feel how deep inside of her he was. She pressed her clit downwards on his skin and the friction caused her once again to explode. She felt a little embarrassed; she wondered what he must think of her, cumming so many times! She looked away from him, but his hand caught her chin and moved her face back to his. He whispered "Hey, don't look away Abby" he whispered "Just look at me, look into my eyes and focus on how well we fit and how great this feels!" "Just see me!"

They kept moving and moving, faster and faster and before they both knew it they both exploded together. She could feel his hot juices splattering all over inside of her pussy, so hot and thick and he could see in her eyes how much she was enjoying him. Not once during the whole time did her eyes ever stray away from him, just as he asked of her and he never broke away from hers. His eye color still was a mystery to her as she looked deep into them, they keep changing colors.

After they laid on top of one another for a while, his cock relaxing inside of her, he slipped out and she rolled off lying on her side close to him. She looked around the living room with all the paint paraphernalia all over and started to laugh softly. He leaned up and looked down at her and said "What is so funny?"

"Oh," she said "Look where we are!" "Surrounded by all this stuff, butt naked both of us on the floor like two hungry animals!"

He agreed, "But," he said; "I have never felt better, I have never felt so relaxed and I have never felt so very much in love."

She looked into his eyes, and said "Charles, I have never ever felt like this before in my life, you have touched me in ways that I would only dream about, no one has ever made love to me like this, I too feel love for you and I want us to grow closer each and every day for the rest of our lives."

"Are we the old cliché of love at first sight?" he asked her gently, "Can it be that only after just a few days of being together that we have this electricity of wanting each other, wanting to be together, wanting to share our lives with each other?"

All she could was look at him and nod yes. Tears fell down her cheeks and she softly cried, not only with happiness, but with a new feeling of love, of being loved deep inside of her. He wiped her tears with his fingers and put them into his mouth, he needed to taste more of her. He wrapped his arms around her and they both fell asleep on the drop cloth, surrounded by the paint cans, the brushes and their new found love.

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