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Neighbor Kid


It should be fairly obvious that this is a fantasy only, and not a recommendation for proper behavior. Condoms and safer-sex practices should always be used.


There are times when my wife can be a complete slut. Not that I'm complaining. Claire and I are hardly a "conventional couple", and we enjoy exploring pleasure with each other in a variety of ways. We do, however, keep our bedroom activities private, and share our interests with only a small group of special friends. Otherwise, we could seem like June and Ward Cleaver. That's why it was especially disappointing when a couple we shared a lot of fun with moved away for better jobs. While our sex life as a couple was plenty satisfying, it was sad to lose those rare special evenings.

Claire walked out to the back yard one day with a wicked look in her eyes and a more upbeat attitude than I had seen in weeks.

"Honey, did you notice that Ricky is back home for the summer?" she asked, handing me a beer.

"No...I've been a little busy getting the pool filter back together. I should probably have him fix the damn thing."

"He's probably moved past being our convenient pool-boy. Then again, you never know what a college kid will do if you offer to pay him instead of just letting him use the pool."

"Good point. I'll mention it when I see him."

"Mmmmm...with any luck at all, I hope to see him real soon." My wife cooed, nuzzling against my back.

"Give the guy a break, Claire. I'm sure he's got plenty of girls to keep him distracted." I said with a chuckle.

I should explain that my wife is a bit of an exhibitionist, and admitted several years ago to providing the boy next door with more "visual stimulation" than most kids his age would get. We have a second-floor bedroom that became our exercise room, and it has a large window where Claire stretched and did yoga. Our neighbor's son, Ricky, had a bedroom window in plain site across the lawns. Claire is a very fit and beautiful woman, and being only 33, she still looks smoking-hot. One morning, about five years ago, she noticed the neighbor kid sitting back from his bedroom window, watching her stretch. Claire always wore tight, form-fitting workout clothes, and some showed a bit more cleavage than others. Apparently Ricky liked what he saw, and was beating his boy-cock with enthusiasm. Claire never let-on that she had noticed him cowering in the back of his room, and sometimes kicked it up a notch...exposing her breasts and seductively wiping the sweat from her body. I feared this might turn into some kind of burlesque show for the neighborhood boys, but Ricky never had anyone else over for the show, and always behaved as though nothing had happened whenever he saw us.

"Well, he already gave me something of a preview. I had a brief show of him toweling-off after a shower and getting dressed. I don't know if I was intended to see it, or not...but he sure is pretty." Claire cooed in my ear.

"I think the young man might prefer to be thought of as handsome."

"Either way...the boy next door sure has grown-up. He's no baby...would you mind if I teased him a little more than normal?"

"He may not be a baby, sweetheart, but he's no more than twenty. Be careful about pissing in your own backyard. Ricky's folks would probably have a shit-fit if they knew you'd been providing him with whack-off material for the last several years."

"I know you're right about that, honey...but he's always been an honorable young man. He has to know I've seen him, and yet he's always played it cool. I can admire a man who knows not to spoil a good thing when he has it." Claire said, rubbing my back.

"I know you're going to do what you like. Just keep your head about it." I said, before turning around to kiss her.

Later in the day, and after several hours of cursing the filter system, I saw Ricky getting his parent's mail. I just needed another set of hands to get everything sealed and working correctly, so I jogged over to beg for help.

"Hey man, I'm sorry to ask a favor on short notice, but could you help me get this damned filter back together?"

"Sure Mr. G, no problem." (he always addressed my wife and I by the first letter or our last name) "I'll drop this stuff in the kitchen, and be right over."

Ten minutes later, he came walking around the fence, wearing a t-shirt and board shorts. Claire was right, he had certainly matured since leaving home. Ricky had always been athletic, playing basketball and baseball in high school, but his body was definitely more toned without being overly muscular. At six feet tall, and maybe 165 pounds with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, I could see why my wife was attracted to him. She always liked men with dark, wavy hair...though she seemed fine with my dirty-blond and tanned features. Physically, we were very similar...though at 35, I had a bit more bulk and more muscle.

"I appreciate you coming over. I didn't mean to intrude on time with your family...since you just got back."

"No sweat...Mom and Dad are gone for two days. One of Mom's relatives died...someone I barely know...so I was able to ditch all of the "Oh, that can't be your little boy" crap."

I smiled, knowing the kind of torment that all of us has experienced at one time or another. With his help, and the fact he know more about the system than I did, we were able to get everything back in order quickly.

"You're a life saver, Ricky...um, I mean Rick. Guess you're a bit old to be called that anymore."

"Yeah...I appreciate it, Mr. G. Hated it for a few years now...but things are coming around." He said, with a wide smile.

"You know, you could call us Claire and Trent."

"Somehow, that just doesn't seem to work. Not sure why, but Mr. and Mrs. G just seems the way to go."

"Ok...fair enough. I'm sure you have plans with a girlfriend, but you're welcome to stay for dinner and enjoy the pool, since nobody's around at your place."

"Yeah, well...lots of drama on the girlfriend thing." Rick said, pausing as though considering his options. "Sure...that'd be cool. I'd rather just chill near home tonight anyway."

Rick and I moved over to the hot-tub section of the pool, both of us sitting on the edge with our legs in the water, and just shooting the shit. After a few minutes, I heard Claire return from a quick trip to the grocery.

"Hi guys." Claire smiled and waved from the patio door. "Looks nice, glad to see everything's running. Mind if I join you boys?"

"That would be great, honey. Rick is going to stay for dinner. His parents are gone for a few days, and we're the best he could do for tonight."

"That's wonderful!" Claire said, a bit too enthusiastically. "Well...except for the part about being your only option. I'll change, and be down in jiffy."

We continued our conversation about school and other nonsense topics, until Claire appeared wearing a very skimpy yellow bikini. The minute I saw her, I knew she was up to no good. The outfit, or what there was of it, highlighted her soft but physically fit form. Her reddish-brown, almost auburn, hair fell just to her shoulders...and her firm, but ample breasts bounced gently as she stepped into the hot tub. Rick's eyes were open wide, and his jaw slackened as the bubbles danced around Claire's cleavage.

"Mmmmm...this feels so good. I think the jets have a bit more force than before." My wife moaned, moving her arms together and lifting her breasts higher.

"Wow...you're looking hot tonight." I said, winking to our young guest as Claire sat between my legs with her head resting in my lap. "Maybe not the best outfit for company?" I asked, sarcastically.

Claire stroked my calves as she bent her head back to look up at me. "I'm sorry, baby...I just wanted to give Ricky a small "thank you" for this morning. You know how special he is to me."

Rick's face was red with embarrassment and mild fear. "Uh...hey...I, well...oh shit," was all he could manage to say.

"Hey...relax...no worries. I know my naughty wife has been teasing you for years. I'm afraid I let it happen...so it's my fault she's feeling so bold tonight. When you're married to such an incredible woman, it's hard to deny her much of anything she wants."

Rick just stared at us both, still stunned and speechless.

"I'm sorry, Ricky. I didn't mean to embarrass you" Claire said in a seductive tone. "I just couldn't believe how much my little voyeur next door had grown up. You looked so much better without that ugly green towel."

Rick swallowed hard, and looked at me with guilty eyes. "Oh man...I'm sorry...that was fucked up. Really, Mr. G...I wasn't trying to make any moves on your wife. Oh shit..."

"Hey...Rick...it's ok, really. You were only reacting to a beautiful woman who was willing to play the game. Hell, I would have done the same thing."

"Try not to stroke-out on me, pumpkin" Claire said, leaning forward and massaging one of Rick's feet. "I just wanted you to know how wonderful it's been watching you grow into a fine man. My hubby is so special, that he doesn't mind letting me indulge in a few special treats. That's why I tell him everything...and why we enjoy doing everything together."

"Look...Rick...this goes against my better judgment, but Claire has pushed the issue. As a couple, we can be a little "adventurous". I think you're a bit young to learn this kind of thing about your kinky neighbors...and you can run away screaming anytime you like...but it's pretty plain that Claire has a lot of interest in you. At the risk of leaving you emotionally scarred and ruining your current relationships...Claire would like you bring you into our very limited circle of friends. I'll admit, the idea appeals to me as well...I'm just not sure you're ready for this kind of thing...very few people ever are."

"Uh...so...by "this kind of thing", you mean you're ok with me beating-off to your wife since I was fourteen?"

I had to laugh at Rick's unexpected blatant honesty. "Yeah...that's what I mean. She's gorgeous...why the hell wouldn't you when treated to that kind of show? It's just that if you might like to share more with her than that...you'll have to share with both of us. Staring from a distance is one thing...live and in-person is something else...and we only play that way together."

"Oh Trent...sometimes you can sound like a boring lawyer" Claire said with a fake pout before standing up in the middle of the hot tub and dropping her top. "Here's the deal, cute-stuff...if you'd like to touch them instead of look at them...my husband has to be at the party."

"Oh fuck." Rick mumbled, placing his arms across his lap to hide his growing bulge.

"Go ahead, if you'd like to. You never told all your buddies and had them over for the show...that's the kind of respectful behavior I can find trustworthy. Do you think you can handle something so personal and so deeply private?" I asked, trying not to sound pushy.

"Oh god...I've dreamed about this a million fucking times" Rick said, with a trembling hand reaching for Claire's left breast. "I can do this...I can keep your trust...I swear it."

Claire grabbed his hand and pressed it to her chest. "Just remember, this is about having very adult fun, sweety...not about falling in love. The man of my life is right behind me, and no one can replace him. We only share special times with very special people. We want you to find your own special person some day. Can you tell us you understand?"

"Yeah...I do...I really do get it...this is so fucking cool. I'm not dreaming this shit, right?"

"No, Ricky...this is really happening...and I'm very, very happy that it is." Claire said, leaning-in to kiss him.

Rick closed his eyes and clumsily returned my wife's gentle kiss. I watched Claire rock her ass in the churning water as she bit on Rick's lower lip and pulled-open the drawstring of our neighbor's shorts.

"Mmmm...that was nice, Ricky. I'm glad you know how to kiss." Claire teased as she sat down between my legs once again with her head lying against my swelling prick. "Why don't you lose that t-shirt for me, sweety? Let us see that tight bod of yours."

Rick mindlessly complied as I reached down to fondle my wife's breasts and hardened nipples. I glanced over to see that Rick was truly in good shape, with a nicely toned chest and a small area of neatly trimmed hair between his pecs. He had the kind of physique that could really be cut if he put his mind to it. It was also apparent that he could no longer hide his arousal, as his cock tented the fabric away from his right thigh.

"As you could probably tell by looking at Trent, I like men who take care of themselves." Claire said, stroking my arms as I teased her nipples. "You are one gorgeous piece of eye-candy."

Rick's face flushed red with embarrassment. "Uh...thanks, Mrs. G...I've been working on it." He said, sinking into the water to hide his erection.

"Oh that's much too far away for everyone to get cozy and comfortable. I'd like you boys to come sit on each side of me." Claire said, moving away from my legs and allowing me to sit next to her in the hot tub. "Slide on over, Ricky...I promise not to bite."

Rick paused for a moment, as though gravity had him pinned to his seat, but eventually complied as Claire beckoned him over with a curled finger. Our young guest stared wide-eyed as I bent down to lick and suck on my wife's right breast.

"Ooohhh yyeeesss...oh, baby that feels so good!" Claire hissed as I gently tugged on her nipple. "Would you mind if Ricky helped you out a little, sweet-heart?" she asked, placing her hand at the back of Rick's head and guiding him toward her other breast.

"Not at all, dear. I'm going to need all the help I can get with as wired as you are tonight." I answered, winking at Rick as he hesitantly licked around her left areola.

Claire ran her hand up my thigh, her fingers brushing the bottom of my balls. Given the gasp for air from Rick, I could only assume she was doing the same to him. Our new initiate finally seemed to be getting into the spirit of things, as he now eagerly kneaded and sucked on Claire's heaving breast.

"I love it when you're like this, baby." I growled at my wife while I pulled at the strings of her bikini bottom, my actions hidden by the swirling water. "You like being the center of attention, don't you? You love having two men tend to your every need and desire...willing to do anything to make you feel so good."

"Oh yes, Trent...god yes!" My wife cried while kissing me deeply. "Will you give me to him, baby? It's been so long. Will you make me happy by letting me pleasing both of you?"

"How about it sport?" I said to Rick, gripping his hand under the water and pressing it to Claire's uncovered pussy. "Can you help me out in giving the lady what she wants?"

Rick's breathing became ragged as he glanced back-and-forth between our faces...seeing my complete sincerity and Claire's building desire. "Uh...what...um, what...do you want me to do?"

"Anything she wants you to do...anything at all." I answered bluntly.

"Just as important...anything you want to do." My wife said, panting. "What we share is only between the three of us. Do what feels good to you...try things you've never tried before...without worrying about being judged or what other's might think."

"Yeah...well...three-ways are definitely on the list of things I've never tried" Rick said with a nervous laugh.

"Why don't you give our new friend a proper welcome, honey?" I suggested, hoping to move things along before Rick's nerves got the better of him.

Claire understood, and took Rick's hand...guiding him out of the hot tub and toward the cabana next to the pool. It was nothing more than a large outdoor cushion with an awning over it....and one of Claire's favorite places to lounge and read on warm days. As I watched Claire's naked body rise from the water, I was thankful that Rick's parents were the only neighbors close enough to see or hear anything...and they were out of town.

Rick stood practically frozen against one of the corner posts of the cabana as my wife slowly trailed her tongue down his neck, over his chest, and down his abdomen. The board shorts barely clung to his hips as she stroked his swollen member through the damp fabric...causing him to close his eyes and moan deeply. I sat on the edge of the hot tub, rubbing my own aching cock and leaning for a better look as I heard Claire peel-back the Velcro of his shorts. She pulled them down slowly, allowing Rick's engorged tool to smack loudly against his stomach upon release. I'll admit to some bi tendencies, and can appreciate an attractive male form...and I couldn't help but admire the young man's proportions. The length of his cock was fairly average, perhaps six inches or a bit more...a nice contrast to my own eight inches, but it fit his frame well. Rick and I were equally as thick, but it was his intact foreskin that particularly delighted Claire. I knew she would be eager to explore the silky fold with her tongue.

"Oh Ricky, I can't tell you how many times I wanted to taste this hot cock of yours. It was so sweet having you watch me from your darkened room." Claire said, lapping at his lightly hairy balls and the underside of his shaft.

"Shit, Mrs. G...this is too fucking wild...you're so damn hot!"

"See honey...I told he was pretty." Claire said, smiling toward me as she stroked Rick's twitching tool. "Can I have him now, sweety? Is he someone you'd like to share me with?"

"I think the young man understands how deep it is to share someone so special with a trusted friend." I answered, still stroking my cock through the fabric of my swim trunks before turning my attention to Rick. "Now it's your turn, bud. We won't force you to do anything that you don't want. The lady and I just need to hear you take the initiative. Would you like my wife to suck your cock?"

"Oh shit, man...sorry...but I've wanted that for years." Rick stammered, suddenly realizing I was still nearby.

"You know this is a group effort...that we're both here for her pleasure and our own?" I asked, intentionally leaving things vague to avoid freaking him out.

"Yeah...I...I understand...it's cool...it really is." Rick replied nervously as Claire let a string of his precum fall to her tongue.

"Great...then I'll tell you what I want. I want to see that young cock of yours sliding down my wife's throat. You can see she wants it....she's just waiting for you to tell her it's ok to take it. Tell her, man...tell her what to do."

"Oh fuck." Rick croaked, swallowing hard and looking down into my wife's sultry eyes. "Suck it, Mrs. G...please, suck my cock."

"Well...since you said "please". Claire replied, before plunging her tongue under the foreskin and swallowing the tip of his cock.

I love watching my wife with other, respectful men. I'm not sure why I find it so arousing seeing her please, and being pleased, by others. It had been a very long time since we last shared with anyone else, and the evening's unexpected events had us both worked into a sexual frenzy. I knew the young man wasn't a virgin, but I suspected he wasn't overly experienced either. It seemed wise to take things slow, and let him explore his boundaries.

Rick gently stroked Claire's hair and slowly rocked his hips as my wife devoured his meat down to the root. The scene before me had me hard as a rock, and I soon discarded my trunks and stood stroking my prick behind my lovely wife.

"Lick his nuts, baby. I want to see you wash his balls." I grunted, standing only a few feet behind her.

Rick gritted his teeth and hissed as air rushed into his lungs. Claire ran her tongue across the wrinkled sack that held two walnut-sized orbs. I watched in fascination, as for the first time in many years I felt some desire to be sexual with another man. I traded a blow job with my roommate in college, and wasn't afraid to touch another guy...but it just wasn't a key piece of my sexuality. I offered to do more for the guy in the couple we were involved with...but it wasn't his thing, and I was cool with that. I knew that I wanted to get a sample of what Claire was enjoying...but was willing to suppress my emerging desires to see my wife happy, and avoid scaring the shit out of Rick.

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