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Neighbor Surprise


Having written about out neighbors next door, Perry and Heather, we now have another. I'm sorry to say that since the last letter, we have not had the pleasure of any significant voyeur stories about them.

This story is as unexpected as the first. It takes place down the street two houses, where our neighbor Kathy lives. Kathy is about six years younger than me and three younger than my wife Gayle. Kathy is single, 5'6", 130, short strawberry blond hair, and blue eyes. Kathy has virtually no bust line. If it wasn't for her large prominent nipples, which are always evident under her tee shirts, she wouldn't have a bust at all. Kathy does make up for her tit deficiency by having very nice legs that go up to a J LO type ass that is also always evident in the short shorts she wears all summer. Kathy told us that when she was younger, she was a party girl and tried a lot of things, {booze, sex and drugs}. Although she is a professional with a college degree, she still likes to party on the weekends. Kathy has a very friendly and outgoing personality.

A couple of times a summer, we get together and barbeque and drink. She and my wife, Gayle get along very well. Many times I've gone to her house to fix something. Nothing has ever happened. I related in our first story that Gayle and I have never been unfaithful and we are not swingers. I have on many occasions seen Kathy's nipples. They are large, long and dark brown. I have also been treated to looks up her shorts. I seen an assortment of thong panties , to the moist lips and clit of her trimmed pussy when she isn't wearing any panties at all. My wife asked me once, if we weren't married , would I fuck her.

I told her, "In a heartbeat!"

It was early June and Kathy invited us to the first barbeque of the summer. It was already unseasonably warm and at two p.m. is was really hot. I wore a pair of loose khaki shorts and a white pull over shirt. Gayle had a similar white top and a short white tennis style skirt.. I watched her pull on a pair of transparent yellow bikini panties on. I wore no underwear which is pretty common in the summer. Gayle's large breasts strained unbound against the thin top. Her large pink areolas were partially visible and the nipples themselves pushed the fabric out over half an inch. We both went barefoot.

We arrived and Kathy was just lighting the charcoal. She was barefoot and had an ankle length cotton floral print shift on. It hugged her body and had no back with the front held up by a halter type tie behind her neck.. She and Gayle hugged and pecked each other on the cheek. My cock got instantly hard watching Gayle's big tits mash into Kathy's flat chest. I got a nice hug and a peck on the lips. I got a wink from her. I know she felt my hard cock against her thigh. Gayle and I sat down at the umbrella table and Kathy brought three margaritas to the table. We announced "cheers" and literally sucked down the tequila. Before I could set my glass down Kathy produced a pitcher of the frozen drink and refilled our glasses. Kathy checked the grill and turned on her boom box to some very lively Latin music. I savored the second drink but I noticed that Gayle and Kathy were pouring their third.

Kathy was dancing around the patio and we were all laughing and watching her. Having three margaritas in her plus the heat and music, Kathy was swaying seductively. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. Her large nipples were standing straight out against the thin fabric of her dress. I looked at Gayle and she watched Kathy with fascination . She was moving to the beat on her seat. I could see a peek of her yellow panties as she moved her legs to the music. The song stopped and Kathy took a moment to collect her bearings. It was quite evident that the three drinks were having their affect on her. I glanced at Gayle and her short skirt was up to her thighs and with her legs uncrossed and parted her yellow panties were quite visible, not to mention the black tuft of pubic hair showing through them.

Kathy brought me back to reality when she threw her arms above her head and spinning around declared that she felt so free because she had nothing on under her dress. I must confess that I had not seen any panty line as she had bent over earlier. Looking at my wife's pussy through her panties and now this bit of information brought me right back to severe hardness. Gayle , who was sitting three feet away from where Kathy was standing, shocked the hell out of me , when she swung around on her chair .

She said," I don't believe you."

I noticed that Kathy had now focused on Gayle's pussy. Kathy, grabbing the material on both sides of her thighs, started to inch the dress up her legs. She looked at Gayle and asked,

"Do you want me to prove it?"

I knew they had both drank three big margaritas down very quickly and they were both acting more than tipsy, but I have never seen Gayle behave this way before. Kathy took a step closer and inched her dress up farther. Gayle sat up on her chair and slid forward to it's edge. The hem of her short skirt was now up even with her crotch. Not only could you see the tuft of bush she kept above her otherwise shaved pussy but the top of her cunt lips were visible. Her nipples were pushing out her shirt an inch.

"You don't have the guts." she challenged Kathy.

The heavy beat of the Latin music started once again. Kathy was now only arms length away from Gayle. Her hem was up to mid thigh as she swayed and twirled to the music.

"I'll show you more than guts." she breathed.

She was standing now even with Gayle's knees and never taking her eyes from Gayle's pulled the dress above her waist!

My cock felt like it was coming out the end of my shorts pant leg. I was staring at Kathy's naked ass! It was smooth and round and she did not have any panties on! I shifted to my left because I could not see Gayle's face. Her eyes were riveted on Kathy's cunt which was about a foot from her face. Kathy continued to sway her ass around to the music. Then in all the years we were married, I never saw what occurred. Gayle placed her hand on Kathie's waist thereby holding up her dress. Kathy placed both of her hands on Gayle's head and moved closer. My wife, who has never even hinted at an attraction to women pushed her face into Kathy's crotch. Kathy moaned and I shifted even more because I couldn't believe what was happening. Gayle's nose was buried in Kathy's bush as her tongue was washing over her clit.

Kathy looked at me through half closed eyes and whispered .

"Help me, my knees a giving out."

I stood and getting behind her put my arms under hers to hold her up. My hands were filled with her small tits and my cock was trying to tear it's way out of my shorts. I moved to my left taking Kathy with me, up and over the table. Kathy was now laying on the table with her legs now resting on Gayle's shoulders as she was eating Kathy's cunt in a frenzy. As I let Kathy fall onto the table her head hung down off the other side. She immediately grabbed my shorts and opened them. Seeing that I had no underwear on she grabbed my cock and pulled it to her mouth. The heat of her mouth just about made me cum. I pulled back and saw Gayle looking up at me with her mouth full of pussy. I leaned forward and slowly started to fuck Kathy's mouth. Gayle had her bouncing on the table and she mouthed around my cock that she was coming again. My cock swelled and released its juice. I watched Kathy's throat as she swallowed again and again. Having been sucked dry my knees buckled and I fell into my chair. Gayle sunk back into hers. Kathy lay across the table, her lips wet with my cum and her spread pussy wet with my wife's saliva. Kathy slid off the table and down between Gayle's legs.

"It's my turn." she said.

Kathy pulled the yellow panty aside and started to lick Gayle's cunt. Gayle 's legs came up and around Kathy's head. I came out of my shock long enough to realize that my cock was hardening and I slid off my chair and knelt behind Kathy. Gayle was coming for the second time as I slid the head of my cock into Kathy. By the time Gayle was coming again I was pounding her cunt as hard as I could. Kathy had both of her hands full of Gayle's tits and her tongue brought Gayle to yet another cum, I shoved my dick into Kathy as far as it would go and let loose. My cum splashed off her womb and I felt her pussy contracting on my cock , sucking all my cum out.

Over a fourth margarita, we sat and stared at each other. It was the first time since Gayle and I were married that another person joined our love making. After eating some delicious steaks and salad, we helped Kathy clean up. We all kissed good night. Gayle and I walked home knowing we both had crossed into new and uncharted territory.

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