tagRomanceNeighborly Affection Ch. 01

Neighborly Affection Ch. 01


The warmth of the July sun baked into her skin as 31 year old Daniela Montreux lay on her teak lounger. She was relaxing next to her in-ground pool. Dani was exhausted after a long week at work. She had her cane with her due to the muscle fatigue. She hated looking at it so she lay on the ground next to her. She decided to soak up some rays wearing nothing. She was tired of being safe and subdued. Even sun bathing nude here was safe due to her new privacy fence.

Sighing, she felt the warmth heat up her skin. Her nipples grew hard in the cool breeze. As Dani began to drift off to sleep she began to fantasize about the calloused hands of her neighbor and friend, Rafael Sabo. She wanted him to touch her. She missed the touching part of being in an intimate relationship the most. The hand at the small of your back as they guided you through a restaurant was one of her favorite touches.

Rafe began doing some landscaping in his yard. She heard him digging and mumbling under his breath but was too sleepy to get up to put on her well worn suit. She loved the padded comfort of the extra wide lounger her father built. It was almost the same size as a full bed. She had sewn the plush cushions for it as part of her occupational rehab.

Her thighs were particularly sore. Her boss had her running all over the office to gather papers he needed for an upcoming lawsuit that day. She had scars up both alabaster thighs due to the surgery to put steel rods in place of her shattered bones. Her red, angry scars had faded but never took a tan well. She secretly longed for Rafe to massage her body and take all her aches away.

She had been in a horrible car accident that killed her child and left her disabled. She had several scars on her stomach and chest from the metal and glass cutting her. There was a 3 inch scar from a gash on her head giving her an unnatural part from her forehead back. Her short auburn hair was set in short waves around her unnatural part. She was almost 5 foot 10 inches tall. Most of her height was in those legs. He legs and stomach were well muscled from all of her therapy during recovery.

Behind her closed eyes she pictured Rafe's muscular arms. Remembering how they flexed as he set the posts for her fence turned her insides warm and pulsing with need. Rafe, her dad, and co-workers spent last weekend removing the damaged wire fence and putting up her new fence.

She remembered Rafe's powerful legs. His lean hips and firm backside would fit between her hips so nicely. But, it wasn't to be. He was her best friend. She could not risk her friendship with him. She finally drifted off to the blackness of sleep.

Rafe thought he and Dani had a close friendship. When she first moved to Florida almost three years ago, Rafe made her dinner almost every other day. He had respected that she was newly divorced and still hurting from the wounds of her car accident. He admired her strength. However being her friend had become increasingly more difficult.

When he helped build her fence, he was surprised at the jealousy he felt toward the male co-workers giving her attention. He knew he loved her but thought it was strictly platonic. During their entire relationship, she had never dated. She was shy and had lots of baggage for a new man to accept. He thought it was a shame. She was too sexy and courageous to be alone. He already knew all her issues and still thought she was beautiful inside and out. He was going down avenues of thought that were better off not being explored.

He had dated casually in the time after she moved next door. He'd not brought any women home since the first few months they knew each other. He'd always go to their places for sex. The last 8 months though he was on a self imposed drought. He didn't know why he chose not to date, but he suspected it came from his raging hormones toward his edible neighbor.

He'd been fantasizing about Dani since he spied her swimming naked at night last year. The lights had been off and it was the middle of the night. He had come home after a long shift, and the air conditioner was broken. He'd decided to sleep on his patio until morning when he could give it the proper attention.

He awoke to the sound of her splashing into the pool. She'd use it whenever her legs really hurt. Due to the moonlight, he could make out her still firm breasts as she floated on her back. She had amazingly dark nipples. He could see her fantastic bottom when she flipped over and started swimming laps.

Suddenly, his prick shot to attention. His balls grew heavy. He felt his blood boil. He wanted to go to her and thrust his cock deep. He itched to stroke her and suck on those dark nipples. He felt his hands go down to his cock. He stroked as he watch her body flashing in the moon's rays. Surprise and guilt at his lust for the woman who he considered one of his best friends, deflated his penis. He watched her climb out of the pool and go inside.

His growing hunger for her left him with many sleepless nights. He had decided to plant these azaleas to work off some of his sexual frustration. The heat had him shirtless and wearing only his running shorts and tennis shoes. He hoped he be able to sleep tonight.

As he finished working an hour later, Dani began to whimper and moan in distress or pain. Rafe heard her and immediately went through her fence gate. Rafe froze. Dani's nudity immediately made him rock hard. Her breasts were heaving as she thrashed in her nightmare. Her legs were slightly spread, showing her moist, hairless cleft. The pinkness of it separated by the whiteness of the scarring from the car accident she only spoke of rarely.

Rafe shook his head trying to clear his passion clouded vision. He walked toward her lounger. Blood throbbed in his ears. Leaning over Dani he called her name, but she was still trapped in her dream. He reached out and grabbed her arm.

Dani jerked awake flailing her arms. Rafe caught a right hook to the jaw and stumbled over Dani's cane into the pool. Dani awoke quickly shaking off the nightmare of pain and crushed metal.

"Oh! No! Are you okay, Rafe?" Dani asked sitting up on the lounger.

Splashing toward to edge of the pool, Rafe replied, "Yeah. I'm just a bit water logged."

As Rafe hoisted himself from the pool, he looked at Dani.

She was sitting with her legs slightly spread. Rafe was memorized by the sight of her bare pussy. Dani groped for her cane and began to stand to get them some towels. Swallowing audibly Rafe went dry mouthed wanting to suckle her pale nipples.

Suddenly realizing he had frozen half in and half out of the pool, Rafe quickly came to his feet in front of her. Dani had stood gripping her cane and trying to cover her nudity with her free hand. She was only a few inches shorter than Rafe's just over six foot frame.

She was a rosy pink from the sun and embarrassment. She found herself staring at his damp mocha skinned chest, coffee colored nipples, and rippling six-pack. Her wide blue eyes darkened with passion. Dani caught herself as she wondered if he tasted as good as he looked.

Blush deepening, Dani moved as quickly as possible to her back outdoor storage trunk. Rafe grinned as he watched her fantastic rear swivel. His erection was dampened by his dumping into the pool, but he could feel himself becoming more aroused.

"Wait, Dani. You don't have to be embarrassed," He called after her retreating back.

"Rafe, I can't help but be embarrassed. I'm so sorry. I know I look a fright."

Rafe moved toward her as they spoke catching up at her trunk. He clasped her right hand as she reached for the lid. He placed it over his heart so she could feel it race.

"You are beautiful and sexy. Sometimes I want to kiss you senseless so you never forget how gorgeous you are."

Dani stood there forgetting her nudity and just stared into Rafe's passionate brown eyes. He was standing over her at 6 foot 4 inches. His dripping hair was dark brown wet or dry. He kept it short to prevent it from being in his way. He was a fire fighter and never wanted to spend time on his hair.

Suddenly, she remembered her undressed state and tried to jerk her hand back. Rafe kept her hand swallowed in his larger hand. She heard her cane fall to the ground.

Before, the accident Dani had been so confident in her life and choices. Her marriage was not fulfilling but her son Teddy was fantastic. They had adopted him from foster care at six years old. Her biggest sorrow was losing Teddy.

Startled that she would dwell on Teddy, she reached for the trunk with her free hand and pulled out some towels.

Rafe saw the sorrow in her normally sparkling blue eyes. He wanted to kiss it away. Releasing her hand, he took the towels and set one down and used the other to dry his damp hair. All while staring at her. Once he stopped the pool's water from dripping into his eyes, he removed his shoes and wrapped the towel around his waist.

She quickly wrapped a large towel around her body. She could feel the heat of embarrassment warming her face, neck and chest. She couldn't bear to look up into his mesmerizing eyes.

He stepped up to her and tilted her chin upward. She just stared watching his sexy mouth descend and claim hers. She moaned into his mouth and opened her lips for him to explore with his wicked tongue. He tasted all man. His scent was mixed with the chlorine from her pool, but was still strong enough to make her knees weak.

Dani heard a moan and realized it was her. Rafe wrapped his arms around her. She felt his erection through his damp towel.

She broke the kiss and jerked back. Rafe stood there watching her confused expression. She was breathing hard and her mouth was wet and sweet. She was a sexy and rosy woman. A swell of pure testosterone from the age of the cavemen made him want to thump his chest.

Dani felt the wetness between her legs, and her clitoris throbbed aching for attention. She had been secretly lusting after him for months. Now that he was here almost naked and wanting her, she didn't know how she felt about having sex with him. It would change their comfortable relationship. After being rejected by her ex-husband Michael, she wasn't sure her heart could take anymore rejections.

"Rafe, I'm not sure we should go this way."

"Dani, honey, we are already going this way. Don't let your fear take this away from us. You deserve someone to love you. I was your friend first, but now all I've been able to think about is you under me screaming my name."

"How could you want me? I'm damaged goods."

"That's a lie your ex-husband put on you, but it's not true. You are beautiful."

"I can't. Well, I'm not sure I can. You've seen how bad my legs are," Dani pleaded. She was so scared. She had not made love since well before the accident. Her ex-husband had lost interest in sex about two years before the car accident with her.

Rafe saw her fear and worry. But now knew that Dani was his. Standing in his dripping shorts, he knew she needed him to take her doubt away.

"I know we can together. There's nothing you and I can't do. I love you. I just didn't want to push until you were ready. I'd say by your reaction you're more than ready. Don't you want me?" Rafe threw the gauntlet down. He prayed she picked up the challenge.

"I love you, too. Of course I want you. I've been dreaming of you in my bed for months. It's just with all my rehab; I never talked with my therapists about having sex. I'm not sure my body will allow it without pain."

Shame and fear had her looking at her floor and blushing everywhere. She heard a rustling. Without looking at him, she knew Rafe was now more naked than she was.

Rafe saw her looking down and was drawn once again to Dani's breasts. He removed her towel. Flushed pink, her areolas turned a sweet cherry red. He could feel his mouth water aching to taste her again. He fantasized about laying her down and licking her from head to toe.

He stepped toward her again. Dani saw his feet. How was it possible for this man to be so sexy?

His warmth was so comforting. She raised her eyes slowly she knew his legs we well muscled and firm. His erection was impressive. His bare chest and stomach gave way to a lightly haired line leading to his pubic hair. She wanted to move toward him, but was afraid of unbalancing herself and either falling or whacking Rafe improperly on a fall.

Rafe seemed to get her fears telepathically. He picked her up and carried her back to the lounger. He settled her down in the middle of it slowly and followed her onto it. He kneeled facing her prone form.

Dani shivered from the intensity of his gaze. She felt exposed and vulnerable. Rafe's hands stroked her face. He followed that with a sultry kiss. His tongue stoked her desire. Her warmth pooled into the soft folds at the apex of her thighs. She felt the gentle throbbing of her clitoris aching to be touched.

Tasting her mouth was not enough. Rafe felt so overwhelmed by having her naked and panting in bed. He knew her self-consciousness about her scars. Using his hands he stroked her and kissed her.

Her collar bone and neck flamed as he licked and nibbled his way across her body. She shivered as he nuzzled her breasts. He caressed her right breast with his right hand.

The back of his hand first rubbed the underside of her breast. Her hips seemed to squirm with the dance of the ages. He closed his hand over her breast and felt the heat of her skin. He couldn't wait any more. His mouth closed over her taut nipple. He heard her groan and felt her hands grasp his head.

Sucking and nibbling one her right nipple wasn't enough. He licked and sucked her breast on his way over to the other breast. She had as few white lined scars on her left breast. As he kissed those scars he cupped her right breast and thumbed her nipple.

Moaning because of the delicious sensations, she felt the ancient tug of pleasure between nipples and clitoris. Squirming made it worse. Soon she was panting and grabbing the bars of her teak lounger.

Rafe could not remember a time when he was so hard. He could smell her desire. He wanted to taste her everywhere. He kissed and rubbed his face against her stomach. His placed his hands on her sides caressing downward to her hips.

"So beautiful," Rafe moaned as he kissed her scars going ever southward.

He heard Dani moan and felt her hips rock, seeking the release that he could give. Rafe found himself growling deep in his throat. He wanted to poses her body and soul.

He crawled and lay between her legs after she spread them. He moved his hands under well formed bottom and lifted. She trembled as he kissed her pink core. Licking and nibbling had her keening loudly with need. Spreading her outer lips and delving deeper into her core, Rafe licked her from her delectable vagina up to her clitoris.

He was covered in her juices and loving every minute of it. It appeased his caveman need to possess her.

Dani wanted him but she could not think straight with him kissing her like that. She had wanted to feel his muscled arms and stomach under her caresses, but Rafe took over. Part of her wondered if that's what he did out on the job before she went mindless as he sucked her clitoris into his hot mouth.

Over and over he circled and strummed her bud. He could feel her body responding. Hear her moan and whimper. Tasting her spurned him on. He wanted to make her feel only pleasure.

She shuddered and twitched in his hands as the orgasm over took her. He alabaster legs had clutched to his head. As they relaxed, Rafe lowered her bottom to the lounger. He was covered in her juices and loving every minute of it. It appeased his caveman need to possess her.

"Dani, do you have any protection here?" He finally managed to croak as she lay spread and panting in front of him.

"Huh?" Dani couldn't think.

"A condom honey?"

"Oh! Yeah. A box is in the medicine cabinet in the guest bath. I found them there after my last party."

He kissed her belly button and her throat on his way up her body. Being careful not to let her recover too far he kissed her sexy little mouth.

She tasted herself on his mouth. The smell was very arousing. She sucked his tongue into her mouth. She could not believe how he made her loose control. She could not remember a time when she was this aroused.

Rafe leaned up and took her right hand. He suckled every finger and then placed it on her sex. As he moved off to the side. He had no intension of letting her think herself out of sex with him while he retrieved the condoms.

"Touch yourself for me," Rafe commanded.

To his pleasure she did. He leaned over and sucked her nipple. He could tell she was getting into it, and decided to hurry to the guest bath.

"Oh, don't go," Dani half moaned and half whimpered as he stood.

"I'll be right back, honey. I just need to get the condoms. Looking at you all flushed because of me... Trust me. I won't be gone long," he promised.

Dani considered stopping as he backed away, but his eyes were so dark with desire for her. She just couldn't stop pleasuring herself.

He paused in the doorway and watched. She saw his hand on his erection and her eyes widened.

"Hurry," she whispered and he disappeared.

She closed her eyes so she wouldn't let her inhibitions stop her from touching her pussy. She wanted this night of passion. If the relationship thing didn't work, she had her privacy fence. Although her heart had wanted him for a long time, she just wanted to jump in with out planning everything out for once.

No. She wasn't going to go there. She wanted whatever Rafe would give. She did not think she could wait. The pressure inside was burning her up. She could feel herself careening toward another orgasm.

Rafe stood at the doorway with the condoms watching her. It was so hot he stroked his penis. Once down then up was enough to convince him that he wanted to be in Dani rather than in the doorway.

He strode across the patio to sit on the lounger. Dani's eyes flew open. She smiled so sweetly. He almost fumbled as he tore open the foil packet.

"Rafe. I'm so close," Dani moaned.

"Good baby. Can I help?"

She nodded and he took this chance to place his hand over hers and stroke. He half smiled when that hand went to his hair. He sucked her nipples back and forth as she began to explode. He took that moment to place himself between those sweet thighs.

Just as Dani was coming down from another amazing orgasm, she could feel Rafe begin to enter her.

He had just placed his head into her vagina when he realized just how tight she was. He began to penetrate her more deeply as he felt her legs clamp down around him. She sucked in an audible breath.

"Oh! Rafe, it hurts! I'm too tight. Just do it fast!"

Bracing his hands on the lounger next to head, he withdrew an infinitesimal amount then plunged in as deeply as he could.

Her shout echoed in the backyard. The setting sun was turning the sky pink and purple. The animal calls that came every evening became silent for just a few minutes.

Rafe waited while she adjusted to his cock. Panting and waiting for her to let him know it was okay to move was making him sweat more that the yard work he'd just finished. He stared at her face and waited for those sexy almond eyes to look at him.

Dani's shock on being filled eased. She looked up at Rafe and felt her heart dare to hope. Her hips arched and rotated.

Rafe began to move with her. He bent down and kissed her. Then did what he knew he did well. He drove into her. He had no patience for finesse this time. That would have to come later. She matched his ascending pace. She was milking his prick. He could feel his balls tighten as they slapped into her bottom.

She was careening around this awesome orgasmic roller-coaster. She could feel herself getting close to that awesome explosion at the end. She could hear herself moan with the slapping sound of their bodies colliding. The heat had moisture trying to pool under her body. Her roaming hands felt Rafe's perspiration on his arms and back.

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