tagRomanceNeighborly Affection Ch. 02

Neighborly Affection Ch. 02


Dani woke feeling aches she had not felt in years. She went to stretch her body only to find Rafe's arm around her midriff.

She smiled to herself. She was more content than she had been in years.

"Rafe, honey, I have to get up." She said softly.

"No. Mine," he said as he snuggled closer to her.

Dani could feel his erection rubbing on her bottom. She reached around and stroked him a few times. She hurried out of bed. Her bladder was screaming for release.

Rafe grabbed her again, but let her go take care of her needs.

After they had made love next to her pool, they moved inside. She made a salad while he whipped up a couple of steaks. He loved watching her move. They had eaten enough together as friends that the companionship made it a wonderful meal.

He told her new stories from the firehouse. She complained that working so hard was interfering with her maintenance work outs. The held hands and just looked at each other. They both started yawning at the same time.

Dani invited him to sleep over blushing so beautifully. Rafe had wanted her again, but her limp was even more pronounced as they walked to her bedroom. He rubbed her legs down with her massage cream.

Rafe was semi hard from touching her, but his bladder warned him to take care of that need first. She was almost asleep before he came back from the bathroom. Dani looked so peaceful, he decided to spoon with her.

Now here they were, awake in the middle of the night. Rafe rolled over and turned on her bedside lamp. Dani took care of her needs and came out of the bathroom in her fuchsia robe. She was naked underneath. She felt awkward and wasn't sure what to do. She hadn't had any man in her bed in so long. The fear of being hurt again was closing her throat. She wanted to believe Rafe's words, but her ex-husband had said them at first too.

Rafe was sad to see her lovely body covered. He wanted her again. He was shocked. His sex drive had dropped as he got older, but he was feeling randy as a goat. Perhaps all those months lusting after her were finally exploding his sex drive.

Rafe saw Dani standing there looking unsure.

"Take off your robe," Rafe demanded.

Excited by his tone, Dani immediately went to obey. As the robe pooled around her feet, she flushed under his speculative eye. She could see he was aroused already. She felt wetness begin to seep onto her folds.

"Turn around," Rafe said with his voice thick with his desire.

Dani was slower to turn around. She kicked her robe away and faced away from Rafe. She could feel his eyes burning into her skin.

"Come back to bed, honey" Rafe said as he raised the blankets.

She didn't need another invitation as her arousal was rising. She found herself turning into his welcoming arms.

Rafe took his hand and stroked her face. He looked into her eyes and asked, "Are you okay?"

"My leg muscles are sore, but otherwise I'm very well," Dani replied.

Rafe reached across her sweet body and grabbed her massage cream.

"Lay back, honey," Rafe said.

Slightly disappointed that this was going to be just another rub down, Dani complied.

Rafe scooped some cream onto his hand and allowed it to warm. Starting at Dani's right knee, Rafe worked the lotion into her sore thighs. As he worked up she spread her thighs farther apart.

Rafe could smell her arousal. He wanted to ignore her pain and pound his cock into her tight pussy. He shook away that teenage impulse. If anything his sordid sex life had taught him was to please the woman first.

Dani moaned as he worked her sore muscles. The pain turned to pleasure and added to her desire for this man. She had fantasized about him doing this very thing. It was remarkable to be touched and loved again.

Rafe worked her thigh to the juncture of her sex. He could see her labia flushed. He loved that she did not have hair. Quickly scooping some more cream, he went to work on her left thigh.

He worked the cream into her skin as she began to moan and squirm. Swallowing deeply, Rafe debated having her roll over or taking her now.

"Role over," he choked out.

Dani saw his erection. She wondered how his thickness had fit inside her body. She rolled over and spread her legs enough for the massage.

Rafe desperately wanted to be inside her. Taking more cream he began to massage her left leg starting at her knee. Her hamstring was very tight. He pressed firmly knowing it was hurting, but would make her feel so much better. He reveled in touching her. Feeling her strength under his fingers was arousing.

Dani groaned into her pillow. She found her pussy getting more wet by the stroke. She was hoping she would not be too boneless to jump Rafe when he was finished. His hands were magical as they worked her thigh muscles loose and aroused her so sensuously.

Rafe massaged her leg up to her rear. Taking his chance to grope her, Rafe massaged her sweetheart shaped bottom. As he rubbed, Dani spread her legs farther apart. He could see her puckered hole. He could also see how wet her pussy was.

Rafe again fought the temptation to plunder her sweet slit. Quickly grabbing his last dollop of cream, he began to stroke her right leg. That hamstring was tight as well. He worked it loose listening to Dani's little whimpers and moans. Finally done, Rafe could not decide if he could wait long enough to taste her delectable juices.

Taking the decision out of his hands, Dani used one of her stretches to raise her bottom up.

"Please?" was all she could say.

Rafe stroked her folds as he struggled to remember where the condoms were.

"Now, please?" Dani began to beg.

"Where are the condoms?" Rafe asked frustrated.

"Just do me. Can't have kids. Please," Dani begged.

With no more encouragement than that, Rafe drew up behind her raised bottom.

Sliding his cock in her folds and coating it with her fluids, Rafe slowly penetrated her pussy.

"You're so tight, Dani," Rafe gasped.

"It's been over 5 years until today. Please, Rafe! Oh God!" Dani was beyond making sense.

Rafe pulled out and then delved deeper into her. He could feel her walls clinch around his prick. Withdrawing once more, Rafe rammed himself home.

He knew he wasn't going to last very long in this position. He slid his arm around her hip and reached for her clit.

"Oh! Yes!" Dani groaned.

Rafe half smiled as he worked her clit and pumped into her grasping walls.

Dani was so overwhelmed by the sensations washing over her. His cock was pulsing into her body grazing that bundle of nerves that was her g-spot. His lightly haired thighs were rubbing on her sensitized thighs. His expert fingers were strumming her clit to perfection. As she had her head down on her pillow, her nipples were just grazing the bed sheet at each powerful thrust of his cock.

She was making sounds that would confuse native wildlife. Rafe was grunting as well.

She felt her orgasm galloping towards the finish line. Keening so sweetly, Rafe could feel her walls tighten and clinch around him as she reached fulfillment. Rafe plundered once, twice more. His completion was all consuming. Every nerve was focused on his throbbing cock inside Dani.

He wanted to collapse, but Dani's comfort came first. He twisted to his side so they would be able to spoon with his shrinking cock still inside her passage.

Finally catching her breath, Dani could only say, "Wow."

Smiling to himself, Rafe kissed her shoulder and neck.

"Sleep now. I'm off this weekend. We'll talk more in the morning." Rafe said.

"'Kay," Dani agreed half way asleep already.

Rafe reached up and turned out the light once his cock slipped from her folds. He too was soon asleep.


Dani woke to a cold empty bed, but the smell of bacon cooking assured her that Rafe was still there.

Quickly taking care of her morning needs, she hopped into the shower. She took her shower head and her bar soap and cleaned her slit. She had smelt like Rafe's semen. She quickly washed her hair and was in the middle of rinsing her auburn tresses, when Rafe joined her.

Grinning like the cat that ate the canary, Rafe took her shower sponge and put her favorite shower gel on it.

Starting at her shoulders, Rafe stroked her with the sponge like she was spun glass. He cleaned her arms and collar bones.

Not to be outdone, Dani grabbed her bar soap and began to wash Rafe's delicious pectorals. His nipples hardened under her soapy ministrations. His erection grew as well.

"If you keep that up the cinnamon rolls I put in will burn for sure," Rafe half groaned.

Dani debated whether she wanted sweet delicious rolls or hot steamy sex. Considering her pussy was tender, she decided to fill her stomach.

Grinning, Dani placed the soap in Rafe's free hand and took her soapy sponge back.

They quickly finished their shower. Dani went into her walk in closet to put on a new sundress. Rafe had gone over to his place to get the cinnamon rolls and brought over clean clothes. He changed in the kitchen and pulled out the rolls.

Dani never ate breakfast at home during the week. When they both were home on the weekends, Dani often went over to his house to eat with him.

The coffee had finished percolating. Rafe poured them both cups as Dani walked into her breakfast nook.

Rafe stood awestruck. She was a vision in a green frilly dress. She took his breath away. Now free to give her praise, Rafe gave her a dog whistle. He enjoyed her blush.

He handed her a plate of rolls and her coffee.

"Thanks," she said and moved to kiss him on the cheek.

"How did you sleep?" Rafe asked hoping he had not hurt her.

"That was the best night's sleep I've had in years. Who knew I didn't need sleeping pills? Apparently, a great orgasm was all it took," Dani blushed.

"Careful. You don't want me to get a swelled head."

Dani blushed again at the double entendre and sipped her coffee.

"You said last night you can't have kids. Was that from the accident?" Rafe asked gently.

Dani was stunned he remembered that bit of info she let slip.

Rafe just ate his breakfast and waited for her response.

"Um. After 3 miscarriages, 5 years of infertility treatments, and the accident I figure I can't have kids. My doctor never said that to me though. Shit. That was stupid last night huh?" Dani confessed.

"Do you still have periods?" Rafe asked. Having 3 sisters gave him unique insight to the workings of the female body.

"Yes," Dani gasped getting Rafe's gist.

"Then we need to talk about this."

"I didn't do anything to trap you. Let me get my day planner and check dates," Dani said calmly.

After pulling her purse over and opening her day planner, Dani knew that this was a bad time to be having unprotected sex. She looked up to tell Rafe, but he was smiling looking off into the distance.

Rafe felt Dani staring at him. He smiled and took her hand.

"You know it's soon in our relationship to worry about this, but I like the idea of having a baby with you," he explained.

"Rafe, it's possible this was a bad time for me, but I have a hard time thinking I can get pregnant," Dani said trying to curb the excitement that she was feeling too.

"We should probably call a doctor to see. I don't want to pressure you since you lost Teddy, but I'd like to know. Somewhere down the road adoption may be something we need to plan on," Rafe said reasonably.

"Wow! Talk about zero to 60 in way to fast! You know I'm a planner. Are we dating or neighbors with benefits? I don't know how to do this anymore. I haven't dated since college," Dani said flushing with embarrassment.

"Well, I thought we'd call ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend until you were ready for more. I've wanted you for so long, I'm sorry for being impatient to start our lives together."

"Okay. Let's leave it as you're my boyfriend for now. I'll call my doctor and see about my fertility. In the mean time, do we go to the pharmacy and get one of those plan b things?"

"Are you ready for the consequences either way? I've wanted kids for a long time, but this is not exactly first date conversation. I'd love to see you round with my child."

"Wow! You keep shocking me today. So, no trip to the pharmacy needed. Do we throw out those condoms or start using them?" Dani replied trying to tamp down the image of Rafe's child inside her.

"Let's start being good for now. We should probably go out on some real dates too. I'm off until Monday. How about we go to dinner and a movie tonight?" Rafe asked.

"Sure. Want to go swimming with me today?" Dani asked coyly.

Rafe was instantly hard.

"Skinny dipping or should I go get my trunks?" Rafe asked.

Dani got up to take her plate and mug to the sink. Grinning wildly she said, "Race you to the pool."

Dani went to her rear door stripping off her sun dress as she went.

Rafe took his dishes to the sink as well. He followed her stripping as he followed her out. He loved watching her bottom sway.

She looked over her shoulder and saw his ever present erection.

She decided to play with him in the pool. She dove in and swam to the opposite side of the pool. She turned just in time to see him dive in towards her.

Rafe opened his eyes under water and came up for air in front of Dani.

Dani wrapped her arms around Rafe's neck and kissed him. He tasted of her hazelnut coffee and sexy man. She wrapped her legs around his waist and felt his erection rub against her womanhood.

She let go with her right hand and grasped his erection. Rafe moaned into her mouth. She stroked his head and rubbed the vein down the bottom of his cock.

Rafe swam them toward the shallow end of the pool. He pressed her back against the rim of the pool.

"No fair. Condoms don't do so well in pools," Rafe complained.

"Well, I thought we could get each other off for now. If you're really good, maybe we can put the condoms to use tonight," Dani teased.

"I suppose that would work."

Dani put her legs down and guided Rafe to her steps. She sat him high up so that his cock was out of the water. She kneeled on a lower step and began by stroking his chest. She nibbled and sucked his nipples. She trailed kisses down his six pack abs. Soon she bumped her chin on the bulbous head of his cock.

Rafe clenched his hands. Taking a deep breath he wrapped his right hand around her head. His left hand was left clenching the step he sat on.

Dani felt Rafe's tension. She grasped his shaft and licked the head. She tasted his pre-cum and found it to be tangy and salty. She licked under his shaft following the sensitive vein to his balls. She gave each a quick suckle. She heard Rafe gasp.

Looking up at Rafe she saw him watch her as the placed the head of his cock into her mouth and suck. He threw his head back and groaned. She used her tongue and slid back and forth on the underside of his girth. She took him in as deeply as she could and placed her hands on the remaining bit of shaft. Moving together she pumped his cock as she sucked him deep into her mouth.

Rafe began to pump his hips and splashing as he moved in time to her thrusts. He felt himself loose control and start fucking her juicy mouth. In. Out. In. Out.

Dani felt Rafe loose his tight reign of control. She squeezed his shaft harder and upped her suction. Moving to the pace his hips set, she knew he was going to reach his release any time. Preparing herself to swallow his load she heard him exclaim, "I'm coming!"

Swallowing his salty cream and milking the rest of his semen out of his cock turned her on more than she thought it would.

Releasing his cock and looking up at Rafe, Dani was surprised to see adoration shining in his eyes.

Rafe felt shaken to his core. He hoped he could make Dani feel as loved as he did. He reached down and pulled her up into his lap. He kissed her tenderly and felt tears fill his eyes.

"I love you," Rafe said. He sounded choked up.

"I love you, too," Dani replied.

Rafe stood with Dani in his arms and moved into the pool. He placed her down and saw the water was the exact depth he wanted. He kissed her deeply. Dani was so turned on that she practically climbed his body to get closer to him.

Rafe took her hands and placed them out to her sides on the rim of the pool. He raised her body up and took turns suckling each nipple. He kept going until he felt her hips start to rock.

Rafe place his hands on Dani's bottom and started to lift her. He placed one leg then the other over his shoulders. His face was literally plastered to her sex. He could smell her scent, the pool chemicals, and a slight hint of his seed.

He'd never gone down on a woman after sex. He was curious to know if he'd be able to give her pleasure this way after all. He decided he'd treat it like any new food. He'd try it, and if he didn't like it so be it.

Taking a deep breath, Rafe licked her out labia. He felt the ridges of her scars under his tongue. Kissing them softly, he began to mumble about his warrior woman. Dani was afraid of ruining the moment, but she was so turned on.

Rafe heard her whimpering and moaning. He smiled to himself. He took his tongue and licked her open. Rafe could smell her arousal stronger here. Shoving his fears aside he stroked his tongue from vagina to clitoris.

"Yes," groaned Dani.

Rafe swallowed and found the taste to be more than tolerable. If he admitted the truth to himself, he really liked it. Wanting to increase her pleasure, he moved his left hand over her body to fondle her nipples. At the same time he moved his right hand under her bottom in such a way to have his thumb on the tight bud of her anus.

Licking and sucking her clitoris would have been more than enough for Dani. However, Rafe seemed to figure out one of her long ignored secret pleasures. She used to ask her ex-husband to explore anal sex with her. He used to act like she was a deviant freak. Now she knew that her arousal was a good thing.

Dani felt the pressure of an orgasm building. Her nipples were sending a silent tattoo of pleasure to her clit. Rafe was sucking and licking her with a single minded intent. Her juices were dripping into the pool over Rafe's hand.

Rafe took a chance and started to swirl his thumb around her anal bud. Dani seemed to really like his movements. He risked her displeasure as he forced his thumb into her passage.

"Oh! Yes!" Dani exploded under his tongue. Her body jerked around his thumb.

Dani was shaken to her core. She felt him remove his thumb and lowered her legs back into the pool. She was as liquid as the pool around her. She forced her hands loose from the rim of the pool. Still breathing hard she wrapped those arms around Rafe's neck and just enjoyed being in his arms.

Rafe didn't know if her reaction was good. His cock was semi-hard as if undecided as well. He felt like his throat was closed as he croaked out, "Are you okay?"

Dani heard him ask as she was cuddled to him.

"I've never felt such an amazing orgasm. I think I need your help to get out of the sun for now," she whispered the yawned.

Rafe carried her out of the pool and set her down next to her storage container for towels. He dried her lovingly holding her steady.

Dani yawned again. She let Rafe care for her. He was so gentle and caring.

"I think I need a nap before our date tonight," Dani yawned.

Rafe chuckled as he dried his body quickly. Picking Dani up, he carried her to her bedroom. He settled into her sleigh bed and did a quick rub down on her thighs after washing his hands.

"I have some things I need to do before we go out tonight. Sleep well and I'll see you at seven. Okay?" He asked.

"M'Kay. Ni'Night," Dani mumbled as she fell asleep.

Rafe tucked her blanket over her. Bending down he kissed her scarred forehead. He quickly went to clean up their breakfast dishes. He made her a turkey sandwich and wrapped the plate in plastic wrap. He placed the sandwich in her fridge where she would be sure to find it. He quickly dressed and ran to his home.

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