tagIncest/TabooNeighbors Ch. 01

Neighbors Ch. 01


Ben saw her that one Saturday afternoon. She had to be the hottest girl he'd ever laid his eyes on. Her long dark black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She wore a short blue jean skirt and a white crop top that showed her gorgeous tanned skin and flat little tummy. Ben could see the shiny belly button ring she wore which reflected in the sun. He felt himself almost drooling. She was his new neighbor and quite a looker. She had to be at least 18 like him.

She carried a few boxes into the house and he saw her parents as well. Her mother was pretty with a dark complexion, which she must have passed on to her daughter. She looked to be a latina and her father was white, tall, and looked like a businessman. They were all pulling out boxes and some furniture from the moving van. Two big men helped out as well as another young guy, who seemed to be the girl's brother. He was tall with a tan complexion like his sister. His hair was dark black and he looked about 18 years old, just like Ben.

"Why don't you go introduce yourself to them?" Ben heard his mother say. He jumped up almost startled.

"Mom! You scared me!"

"Ben you need to stop being so paranoid. They look like nice people."

"I guess I should introduce myself. Their kids look like they would be going to high school with me."

"Well? Go on. I'll be there in a bit. I'm going to bring them a bottle of wine as a house warming gift."

Ben knew his mother would do that. His father was an owner of a liquor store and often got plenty of free wine to bring home. "Maybe I should wait. I mean they look busy."

"Oh go on. I'm sure they'll take five minutes to let you introduce yourself."

Ben knew his mother was right and he was dying to go out there and talk to the cute girl. He put on his shoes and walked out slowly walking towards their house. He noticed the other neighbors also paying close attention to the new folks but they didn't dare introduce themselves. The women in the neighborhood were probably gawking at the young man and his father and them men were most certainly checking out the mother and daughter.

As Ben got closer, the girl had walked inside the house and he stood there not knowing how to say the first word.

"Can we help you?" He heard a male voice.

He turned and saw the young man smiling at him as he carried a big box.

"Uh...no actually I'm just here to introduce myself. I'm Ben Malone from next door."

He put the box down and extended his hand out for a handshake. "Hey nice to meet you. I'm Abel Logan."

They shook hands and stood silent for a moment. "So you like the new neighborhood?" Ben asked nervously.

He looked very at ease. "Yeah sure do. It's quiet, not like where we used to live."

"Where you originally from?" Ben asked now feeling more at ease.

"Chicago. My father is now running his law firm business here in Texas though. I like Texas. The people seem to be more friendly."

Ben nodded. "Well we try to be."

He scoffed and picked up the box. He looked over and the pretty young girl came out of the house. Her face looked so beautiful.

"Is that the last of it?" She asked Abel.

"Yup. Now all we need to do is unpack"

"Ah yes that's the fun part," she whined.

"Hey this is Ben Malone, our new next door neighbor," Abel said as the pretty girl stood in front of Ben. Her dark brown eyes glared at him.

"Hi Ben. I'm Yvette."

Ben shook her hand. Her skin felt so soft. "Hi," he could barely say.

"She's my twin sister," Abel added moving closer to her.

"Oh really? I got a twin sister too. Are you both going to Lincoln High School?"

"Yeah, we're both senior," Abel responded.

Yvette. That was her name. God she was even more gorgeous up close. She eyelashes were long and her skin was flawless with that soft bronze glow. "Are you a senior too?" She asked me.

"Y-yeah," Ben stammered, "me and my sister are seniors. She's at cheerleader practice right now though."

"Hey that's great! I love making new friends," Yvette said sweetly.

"Yeah I like to make new friends too," Abel added with a wicked tone.

"Did you want to come in? The house is a mess, but you're more than welcomed to come in," Yvette said sincerely.

Ben felt himself blushing at her invitation. "Well I don't know-"

"Ben, there you are," Ben heard his mother say.

She walked up to the gate with her bottle of red wine and a red bow tied to it. "I'm sorry for intruding like this, I'm Sylvia Malone. Ben's mom."

Able and Yvette shook her hand and then Mr. and Mrs. Logan came out to introduce themselves. Abel and Yvette's parents seemed like very nice folks. Ben was surprised his father looked like a guy you could easily get along with since he was a lawyer. Their mother was quiet but very polite.

"I brought you a bottle of red wine as a house warming gift," Ben's mother went on.

Ben couldn't take my eyes off Yvette. She kept smiling at him and he knew Abel noticed the attraction he had for his sister. After a brief conversation with the new neighbors, Ben and his mother headed back home.

"They are very nice people, don't you think?" She asked.

"Yeah they are."

"I bet you think Yvette was especially nice." She laughed.


"I noticed you looking at her and she had her eyes on you too."

"So what? Maybe I do feel a bit of attraction to her. She's really pretty."

"I knew it," his mother yelped.

"Just don't go telling everyone," he said sarcastically.

* * *

Later on that night as we sat to eat dinner, Julie came to join them. She had slipped out of her cheerleading uniform and into a comfortable pair of dark blue sweat pants with a white t-shirt. Her long brown hair was pinned up and she sat her little body down fast ready to eat. Her green eyes searched the table to see what was for dinner. Both Ben and Julie had the same light brown hair and the emerald green eyes. Ben was a lot taller though standing at 5'11".

"How was practice today Julie?" Mrs. Malone asked.

Julie took a long sip of her water before answering. "It was tiring. The new cheerleaders can't get their act together."

"You couldn't get your act together either last year remember?" Ben teased.

Julie stuck her tongue out at him. "Whatever!"

They ate dinner comfortably as they always did talking about their day. Mrs. Logan brought up the new neighbors in the dinner conversation.

"Honey? We got new neighbors. The Logan's."

Mr. Malone raised a brow. "Oh really. Do they seem like nice folks?"

"Yes they do. They got two children the same ages as Ben and Julie."

Julie looked interested. "Hmmm is one of them a male?"

Ben laughed. "Yes as a matter of fact one is a male. He's a twin too. Just like me and you."

Julie's eyes widened. "Is he cute?"

Ben made sighed. "How should I know?"

"He is cute honey, but I think Ben thinks the boy's sister is cuter." Mrs. Malone answered and winked at her son.


Julie narrowed her eyes at him. "Oh? You're already flirting with the new neighbor? Shame on you bro."

"I'm not! Mom is just exaggerating."

Mr. Malone sneered. "Sure son, sure."

Ben's face was bright red. He knew it was true. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about Yvette since he saw her.

* * *

Monday morning Ben turned on his truck and waited for Julie to come out as he always did. He'd gotten that truck for his eighteenth birthday and now gave Julie rides to school and sometimes from school, when she wasn't at cheerleader practice.

He stared out the window to his neighbor's house. He saw Abel walking out. Ben honked the horn to get his attention and waved to Abel. Abel nodded and walked the few steps over to Ben's driveway.

"Hey it's good I saw you. I was wondering if Yvette and I could follow you since I'm not really sure how to get to the school yet."

"Yeah no problem. I'm just waiting for my sister and then we'll leave."

Abel laughed. "Yeah I'm waiting for my sister too. Girls, they take so damn long."

Both guys laughed and then Julie stepped out wearing her dark black hip hugging pants with a low cut dark red top that enhanced her small breasts. Julie felt her heart race as soon as she saw Abel. He was so hot! Their eyes met and she knew it there was definite attraction.

"H-hi," Julie stammered.

"Hey there. I'm Abel. You're new neighbor," Abel said coolly.

"I'm Julie. Ben's sister."

Abel smiled wickedly at Ben and then turned to his sister. "So you're Ben's sister? I see. Nice to meet you." He said as he shook her hand.

Julie could feel his nice strong grip on her hand. He was gorgeous! So tall, muscular and he had a very sexy smile.

"Nice to meet you too."

Ben knew his sister liked Abel. He could usually tell when she liked a guy. "Ok let's get going. Julie, Abel and his sister are going to follow us."

Julie blushed. "Oh Ok." She passed Abel up sashaying her little body. She noticed his dark brown eyes focused only on her.

"Thanks Ben. Ah there's Yvette," Abel said turning to look at his sister.

Ben stretched his neck to get a glimpse of the sexy girl. He felt his mouth almost water when he saw what she was wearing. It was a white short skirt and a dark blue low cut top. She seemed to have nice large breasts. At least a c-cup. Yvette smiled and got into her brother's car. Ben waited a bit and then drove off with Abel and Yvette trailing behind him.

"God he's cute!" Julie wailed.

Ben rolled his eyes. "You think every guy is cute."

Julie playfully hit his arm. "That's not true. I don't think you're cute.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Ben laughed sarcastically.

"I knew you'd like his sister. She looks like your type."

"And what is my type?" Ben asked curiously.

"You know the pretty, slutty kind."

"How do you know she's slutty?"

"Look at the way she dresses!"

"You dress similar to her sis, does that mean you're a slut too?"

Julie sighed. "No! Nevermind!"

Ben laughed and continued to drive.

* * *

Once at school, Ben and Julie got off the truck and met up with Abel and Yvette. Abel and Ben seemed to already be friends. Julie found it somewhat uncomfortable to talk to Yvette. She looked like the kind of girl that all girls hate. She was too pretty. Abel and Ben took off together so Ben could show him his classes and Julie was stuck with Yvette.

"So, are there a lot of cute guys at this school?" Yvette asked smiling at Julie as they walked down the hall.

Julie shrugged. "Yeah I guess."

"Well you're brother sure is a looker," Yvette whispered.

Julie giggled. "Well I don't know about that."

"Sure he is. You're so lucky to live with him."

Julie felt the girl was strange. "Well here we are. This is the main office. You need to let them know you need a schedule since you didn't get one."

Yvette nodded. "Thanks Julie. I appreciate you helping me out."

"No problem." Julie responded and walked away from the girl. She seemed nice but something just didn't seem right. Like she was hiding some secret.

* * *

"I'm glad we have a class together," Abel said as he stepped into the literature class that Ben took.

"Yeah me too. You know I don't know why but you seem really easy to talk to."

"I'm just that kind of guy I guess," Abel teased.

They took their seats in the last row. "So is Julie…I mean does she got a boyfriend?"

Ben nodded. "No. Why?"

"Well because she's really sexy. I'd love to take her out one day."

"You think she's sexy?"

"Hell yeah! Don't you?"

Ben felt almost shocked when Abel asked him that. "I don't know. I mean she is pretty but-"

"But what?"

Ben shifted in his seat and then class began before he could even try to find a way to explain that he didn't see his sister as "sexy."

* * *

After school, the four youths headed out by the courtyard. Ben and Abel had made a plan for the four to hang out since each young man found each other's sister to be attractive. Yvette and Julie were already at the courtyard waiting for their brothers. Julie sat on the grass pretending to read a book. She noticed Yvette staring at her.

"You know you got a really nice body," Yvette blurted out.

Julie put her book down and looked confused. "E-excuse me?"

Yvette laughed. "Oh don't worry I'm totally straight, I just needed to tell you that you got an awesome body. I guess it's all that cheerleading huh?'

Julie felt relived that Yvette wasn't gay. "Yeah I guess so. You don't have an ugly body yourself you know."

Yvette sighed. "No, but I really need to start working out again. I guess I've been missing my friends back home and I've gone into eating binges at times. I feel like I've gained at least five pounds."

Julie was now more comfortable with the girl. "It's hard to be on diets you know. If it wasn't for cheerleading, I think I'd be gaining weight."

The girls giggled and their brother's showed up a few minutes later. Abel held his backpack over his shoulders and stared at Julie. Yvette's eyes met with Ben's.

"So is there anything fun to do around here?" Abel asked.

Ben nodded. "Yeah a few things. If you want, we can get something to eat and then go down by the beach and watch the surfers for a while."

Yvette nodded. "Sounds good to me. We haven't had the chance to see the beach yet."

They left in separate cars once again. The new neighbors followed Ben and Julie to the local burger hangout. Ben noticed Julie seemed quiet. He too was quiet because the question of whether he thought Julie was sexy or not kept going through his mind.

"She's interesting…" Julie said out of the blue.


"Yeah. She seems really laid back and kind of nice."

Ben smiled. "Yeah she does."

Julie chuckled. "And Abel? How's he?"

"He's really cool. He's funny and very up front about things."

"I think we've made some pretty cool friends huh bro?"

Ben nodded. "Yeah. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

* * *

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, the youths headed off to the beach to watch the surfers. The water had many talented young surfers that entertained the crowd. The four stood by the pier and watched.

"Ah it's nice out here," Abel said closing his eyes and feeling the breeze hit his face.

"I love coming out here," Julie said softly.

"I don't blame you. It's relaxing out here," Yvette replied.

Ben was silent. He stood very close to the dark haired girl. She was short but so sexy. He suddenly realized he was starting to compare Yvette with his own sister. He realized Yvette and Julie both were very beautiful. They were both petite and had gorgeous bodies. Both had nice plump lips and sexy little smiles. Oh quit thinking that way you pervert! Ben reminded himself.

"Why are you so quiet?" Yvette asked Ben.

Ben looked away trying to avoid eye contact. "I'm just thinking about stuff."


"School and stuff."

"He's thinking of how to ask you out sis," Abel uttered.

Yvette and Julie giggled.

"Dude! Come on now!" Ben said feeling so embarrassed.

"Well it's true right? I notice you looking at her. It's the same way I look at your sister."

This time it was Julie's turn to turn red.

"Are you both that sheltered that you get all embarrassed when someone finds you attractive?" Yvette asked calmly.

"N-no," Ben stuttered.

"Of course not," Julie agreed.

"You both act so shy. We didn't think Texans were that way," Abel said never taking his eyes off Julie.

The subject quickly changed when a surfer did a nice little trick out on the water. The four cheered and Ben and Julie felt relieved to move on to another subject.

"Hey Julie? I have Bio with Atkinson. Do you have her too?" Yvette asked.

"Yeah she's tough."

"You think I could come over tomorrow night and you could help me catch up a bit?"

Julie felt uneasy at first but figured it was nothing to fret over. "Uh yes sure."

"And Ben? I could use some help on the literature assignments," Abel added.

"Feel free to come over too then," Ben replied.

Abel and Yvette both exchanged satisfied looks.

* * *

The next day at school was a busy one for Ben and Julie. Julie had to stay until six that night for practice and Ben had a student council meeting. He was vice-president not because he cared so much about politics but it would look awesome on his college application. He hadn't seen Abel all day until Literature class but they took a test and the teacher talked most of the time that they hardly even got to talk.

After dinner that night, Julie headed up to her room and took her homework out of her backpack. She knew Yvette would come over soon and so would Abel. Oh God Abel! Julie fell back on her bed and stared up at the ceiling. She hadn't been able to stop thinking about Abel since yesterday. The way his smoldering brown eyes looked at her made her so wet! She'd never had sex before but if she would she'd love to have it with Abel.

She licked her lips and began to rub her breasts over her t-shirt. She pulled it up and reached inside of her bra slowly rubbing on her hardened nipples. She instantly felt sweet sensations all over her body. Never had she felt more excited about a young man.


Alarmed, she quickly put her shirt back down and fixed her bra. She got up and opened her door to find Yvette standing there smiling at her. She held her biology book and a notebook.

"Did I come at a bad time?" She asked sweetly.

Yvette's heart was still racing. "N-no not at all. Come in."

Yvette walked in and took a seat by Julie's computer. Julie pulled up a chair and they began to study. Julie hoped Yvette would bring up Abel. She hoped Abel wanted to ask her out.

* * *

"I know we're suppose to have a huge test next week over The Canterbury Tales so you really have to study those," Ben told Abel that evening.

"I hate literature. It bores me. I'm better at math."

"Well in that case you do my math and I'll do your literature," Ben laughed.

"I could help you with math you know. I'm a pro. That's going to be my major in college. Yvette is pretty good with math too. I think she wants to go into teaching too."

"Hey teaching is a great career," Ben said sincerely.

"Yvette's great," Abel said.

"Yeah she seems like she is."

"No. I mean she's really great. If you know what I mean?"

Ben sat for a moment dumbfounded. "No. What do you mean?"

Abel closed his literature book and took a deep breath. "I know my sister very well. She and I are very close."


Abel blushed. "Well, let's just say that we really love each other."

Ben shrugged. "So? I love Julie. That's what brothers and sisters do. Love each other. Right?"

Abel scoffed. "You don't get it do you?"

Ben nodded but he did understand. He just wanted to hear it from Abel. He wanted to make sure he wasn't taking it the wrong way.

"Yvette and I are…were…are lovers," Able revealed.

Ben was speechless. It couldn't be true. Could it? It had to be one of those things you only read about in dirty magazines or online.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything. Can we forget about this?" Abel apologized.

Ben didn't want to forget about it. He wanted to know more. Was it possible that a gorgeous girl like Yvette was having sex with her own brother? The thought turned him on more.

"N-no it's OK. I was just shocked. Very shocked. May I ask why did that happen? Why did you want to get involved with…with your own…sister?"

Abel had a serious look to his face. "We didn't intend for it to happen but it did. We'd always been close to begin with. Once day she and I were play wrestling and I was on top of her pinning her down and she was laughing so hard. I kept tickling her and then suddenly it just happened. We kissed. It was a long wet kiss."

Ben felt his cock harden. "Really? Then what?"

"Well, we kind of ignored each other for a few days because we knew it was wrong. But then we realized we couldn't stay away from each other. We were in love. It's juts hard to keep our relationship going without our parents getting too suspicious you know."

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