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Neighbour Wants To See More


My wife knows I wear lingerie along with other women's clothes and she has known since before we were married, but we choose not to talk about it. To say she hates the idea of me in lace and stockings would be a gross understatement. So when she is home dress-ups are strictly verboten.

It was the best day of my working life when my job became one that could be carried out from home. Five days a week I now have almost 10 hours alone to dress, pleasure myself and generally let the stress of the male world slip away. Some days I wear a nice frock or a business suit or on other days I spend the day just in lingerie.

On the day that is the subject of this tale, I lay in bed and watched her dress for work becoming aroused as I watched her clasp the black bra that I had worn last week. She silently pulled her stockings up her left leg, but paused before clipping the top into the suspender belt she wore. "It's too hot for stockings today, and there is nothing worse on a hot day that to feel these damn suspenders stretching like an over stretched elastic band" she said quietly and removed the offending wisp of nylon. The stockings and the suspender belt went back into the drawer and I knew that the first item of my clothing for the day was selected.

She was dressed, and as she attached her badge that pronounced her as Senior Receptionist at the Doctors surgery, she walked to the side of the bed, kissed my forehead and left for the day. I waited until the noise of the car faded, stretched and got out of bed. I stood and looked at myself in the mirror; saw the telltale signs of middle age catching up with me. The love handles starting to form above my hips, a little podgy tummy and the other areas that start to let you down were becoming more evident. Oh well not to worry, a shower was my first priority now and then the rest of the day to enjoy myself.

I came back into the bedroom after my shower and stood in front of the dressing table and readied myself to open my wife's lingerie drawers. I slid the first one open; it holds the panties, French knickers and other assorted satin and lace items. I selected my favourite black full bottomed knickers and placed them on the bed. The second drawer had the bras in it, and I knew the black bra I was looking for. There was one that made the set with the knickers, which I finally found at the back of the drawer. Now for the drawer with the stockings and suspender belt, and on top were the ones she had almost put on earlier.

With my wardrobe complete I commenced dressing with butterflies in my stomach. It doesn't matter how often I dress like this the act of putting the items on always produces the same effect of tingles up the spine and flutters in the tummy. As I pull the stockings up my legs it seems that the skin on my legs is hyper sensitive. I can almost feel every hole in the nylon sliding over the pores in my skin. The suspender belt is next, and I have found that it is better to fasten the clasps to the stockings before I hook it around my waist. I step into the panties and they slip easily over the stockings, the elastic in the legs catching on my skin as it passes over the top of the stocking. I pull them into place and tuck the offending member out of the way and admire the smooth lines now presented. The bra is last, and I will never clasp it in front of me and twist it around my chest as I know that damages the fabric. I reach behind my back, connect the three hooks then slip my arms into the bra straps.

Dressing complete, I view myself for a few moments, happy with what I see I head towards the lounge room. I glanced towards the study, I knew I had some work to do today but was undecided when to do it. I walked to the curtains, pulled them open and let the sun light stream in. The sun on my stockinged legs felt lovely, naked but covered by a gossamer thread. I stood for what seemed like ages, my eyes closed imagining my feminine form basking in the sunlight. I opened my eyes and saw my reflection in the glass, most notable the contrast between the black lingerie and my very white skin. A slight adjustment in the focus of my eyes and I was aware of my neighbours house and the window that faced mine. Probably not the best place to stand with curtains open, so I moved off to start my day.

Sitting at my study desk, aware of the suspender straining against my thigh, I opened the plans that represented my clients' home and surrounding landscape. Thinking how to tier the land so the run off from rain fills the small frog pond we were going to create, my concentration is broken by the phone ringing.

"Hello, Simon Withers speaking" I say still thinking of contours.

"Hello Simon, its Cathy from next door. Is Clair there please?" it is my neighbour, 50 something and never married. In fact Cathy owns the house that has the window that looks into our lounge room. I was sure Cathy knew that Clair would be at work but thought little off it so I told he no she wasn't and asked her what was up. "Nothing is up Simon I just could have sworn I saw her standing in your lounge room so I thought I would call and say hello."

My first thought was that I was the only person in the lounge room a moment ago could she have seen me? So I cautiously replied "No Cathy, Clair hasn't been home for nearly an hour, maybe you saw her a bit earlier. There is just me here this morning. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"So it is true then Simon, I didn't know how to take it when Clair told me but now I have seen it with my own eyes" she said with a sound of surprise in her voice.

My heart stopped, or so it felt and my mouth dried. I could hardly swallow as I knew what I was about to say had only one inevitable outcome. "What is true Cathy? I don't know what you are talking about."

"Oh come on Simon, I saw you in your black lingerie or is it Clair's? You know she has told all of us that you wear hers." Cathy waited for my reply and when none came she continued, "Simon it's OK, we all know but I am one of the few who doesn't laugh at the idea. In fact I think it's kind of cute so why don't you come back to the window and show me again."

Unable to speak and unable to think of anything else to do, I complied and walked slowly to the window with the phone still at my ear. I looked at the floor and saw the bright sunlight on the floor. This represented to outside world to me and once caught in it I knew all hiding would be over.

"I can see your feet" the voice on the phone said. "Keep walking Simon, come closer to the window, I want to see all of you." The sunlight crept up my legs and touched the bare skin above the stockings. "Oh my, you are wearing a suspender belt. You know it has been years since I have worn one of those but I remember them as not being very comfortable." Still unable to speak my progress continues, and as I edge closer I feel a stirring in my groin. Just what I need, my public humiliation to be topped of by an erection.

The warmth of the sun touches the black knickers and the feeling in my legs spreads throughout my stiffening cock. "They are lovely panties Simon, who ever bought those has wonderful taste, well keep coming forward. I know you have a bra on as I saw it earlier and want to have a better look now." It sounded like Cathy was enjoying this, but to what end I wondered,

As the sunlight continued up my stomach it suddenly occurred to me that she might be filming this whole event and I would end up on funniest home videos or something. I stopped walking and thought to run and hide, and almost as if she had read my mind I heard Cathy say "It's Ok Simon, you are safe, no one else is here it's just you and me in a safe environment. Keep walking towards the light." She gave a little giggle and I must admit I saw the humour in her last comment, but there was no way my rigid body would let me smile or laugh.

Finally, fully in the light, she said "they do match, oh well done you Simon. You look lovely and such a brave little soul too. Is that your cock I see making a bulge in your panties? Why don't you get it out for me?" Well I had nothing more to lose, but still somehow this seemed like the final step in my undoing. On the phone the Cathy said "Look I will take my top off for you to make it a bit more even." I strained my eyes to see her but the sunlight stopped me from seeing any details inside her window. "You can't see me" Cathy said, "Oh well you will have to imagine how I look, and we can maybe save that for another day."

Suddenly my mind started to work again and I recalled something Cathy had said earlier. "What do you mean we all know? How can everyone know?" I blurted out.

Cathy relied with "well you can speak after all, well Simon, your wife has told all the women in the street about your dressing up. She really isn't happy very happy with you and seems she doesn't care who knows. In fact I am surprised she is still with you. Now what about that cock of yours?"

Damn her I thought, well my reputation is ruined here anyway, and maybe she will leave me so I don't care what the street thinks. I started to stroke my cock, enjoying the feeling of the sun and my hand on it. There was an additional pleasure from knowing that I was being watched and I could hear the breath of the person doing the watching.

"I think I am going to cum Cathy" I breathed noisily into the phone.

"You come sweetheart" she said, "That's what I am here for, and tomorrow we can do this again and then the next day and the next. What do you think of that?"

Well what could I think of that? All I was thinking at the moment was that my cock was about to exploded. "Cumming" I groaned and I did, semen shooting in a large arc onto the window. I stumbled and had to step forward, putting my forehead on the window to stop myself from falling. My legs went weak and a shiver passed through my entire body.

"Well" said Cathy, "Now you clean yourself up and get the kettle on, I will be there in about 5 minutes and I think you owe me morning tea."

I look forward to the future, I think a whole new life is opening up to me and I think things will be very good.

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