They say you can pick your friends, not your relatives.

The same sort of thing applies to neighbours. They move in next door and you're stuck with them. I've had some very good neighbours over the years, some so-so, and some not so good.

My current neighbour is one of the not so good. There're two women there. There's Sandra, about forty, who dresses and acts as though she were still twenty. She can get away with it most times because she still has a very good figure. Then there's her daughter, Denise, about twenty. Dresses her age but tends to act as though she's fifteen. She, I might add, has a sensational figure.

I've been having a few problems with them, little things really, but sometimes it's those little things that can irritate the most.

Poor maintenance on their yard means I have leaves and rotten fruit dropping into mine. The occasional loud party which doesn't disturb me per se, as I have double glazing and quite good sound proofing, but finding discarded bottles all over my yard after a party is tiresome.

What really got to me came after a period of heavy rain, three or four days of it, soaking the ground and making it really soft. Then the ladies had one of their little parties. Sometime during the evening both mother and daughter wanted to go down the street, but one of their guests had parked between them and the road.

Instead of asking the guest to move his car so they could get out, both women detoured across my front lawn and garden. On the soft ground I mentioned. I had two sets of tyre tracks ripping across my front lawn and garden, tearing up great chunks of the lawn and destroying a number of plants. It was going to take me considerable time and money to fix the damage.

I was, annoyed, I think might be the correct word. I thought I would wander over when I knew they were both home and have a chat.

Waiting until I knew they were both home, I finally went around and knocked. Now, after all that rain, we were finally having some hot weather. The women were feeling lazy in the heat, and didn't bother to answer the door. They just yelled at me to come in, so I did.

The two women were sitting around in the front room, TV on, cold drinks available, and wearing bikinis. Very small bikinis.

I expressed my complaint, politely and clearly. Basically, they had caused some damage and it was their responsibility to do something about helping get it cleared up. A simple apology would have sufficed, whereas an offer to help tidy up the mess would have been politely refused but appreciated in the spirit it was offered.

Fat chance. Both of them sneered at the idea that they should apologise or offer to help fix the damage. They just laughed at me.

I tried to be reasonable about it but they were, to put it bluntly, unreasonable and derisive. They hadn't made it rain. No. They'd just driven their cars all over my lawn, turning it into a mud pile.

Sandra stuck out her hip and slapped her bottom, saying "so spank me for a naughty girl."

Her daughter wasn't quite as polite when she told me what to do.

I probably shouldn't have done what I did, but I'll admit they made me lose my temper.

Sandra was standing in easy reach. I just reached out, grabbed her arm and jerked, and she was falling across my lap.

"Spank you, you say?" I asked her. "OK"

I yanked her bikini bottom down and slapped her bottom hard. She promptly squawked and arched her back up, trying to get loose, but she didn't have a chance. I continued to spank her bottom. If a few blows went astray and stung her pussy, then as far as I was concerned, that was her problem. Denise thought the whole thing was hilarious, dancing around and cheering and egging me on.

Sandra was carrying on and screaming as though I was using a stock whip, but the way she wiggled her bottom up to meet the spanks and the way she spread her legs so I could get a good view between them caused me to suspect that she was enjoying it. Whatever, it was certainly a new experience for her.

After I finished the spanking I stood her up. Sandra stood there, glaring down at me, holding her bottom and red in the face. I looked up at her, turned my glance down to where her pussy was inches from my face and gently poked it, telling her maybe she should put it away.

She started swearing at me, but she also pulled up her bikini and then told me to get out. Denise had enjoyed the show and was practically rolling around the floor laughing.

I looked at Sandra and pointed out that she had told me to spank her, so I took her at her word. "Denise on the other hand," I added, "told me to get fucked."

Before Denise caught on to what I had said and implied, I had taken her arm and was drawing her over to the couch. I think the pair of them thought I was going to spank her at first, as Sandra just laughed and said "See if you think it's so funny now."

I hoicked Denise over my knee, where she wriggled and swore at me, and then I yanked down her bathers. Not just down as I had with Sandra, but down and off.

Then I reached up and undid her top, and pulled that off. Now she was nude and my hands started wandering, rubbing her breasts and pussy.

She quickly realised that spanking wasn't on my mind and started struggling in earnest. Not much use. I was far too big and strong.

The same thing finally dawned on Sandra, and she started laughing and giving daughter advice on what to do while getting screwed.

Deciding it was time to get started, I twisted around and dumped Denise flat on her back on the couch, easing one leg off the couch to the side so that I had access. Denise was twisting and heaving and yelling at me, not that it was doing her any good.

I managed to slip of my trousers and let her see that I was fully erect and ready for her. Her mother also noticed and gave an appreciative whistle. Strange behaviour for a mother about to see her daughter raped, but I suppose that's their business.

I twisted so that Denise could feel my cock pressing lightly against her pussy, and she starts struggling harder. She was twisting and turning and trying to buck, but I was holding her easily, timing her struggles. Then I placed myself where I thought it would do the most good, and on her next upward buck and she skewered herself as nicely as you please.

Denise let out a scream of fury. I think she was especially angry because she knew that she'd thrust herself onto me, not vice versa.

Now it was Sandra's turn to ROFL.

Denise kept struggling, but by holding still and being patient I didn't have to press home one damn inch. Denise's efforts were driving her onto my cock, and all I had to do was wait.

When she realised that she had manage to fully impale herself, Denise stopped bucking and started twisting from side to side. It was marvellous. I asked her where she learnt it. She started bucking again in answer, and it wasn't long before we were going hot and heavy.

I finally remembered some caution and managed to ask her if she was on the pill and she said yes. Actually, she screamed "YES, YES, YES" while riding me as hard as I was riding her, but I took that to be the answer to my question.

As you know, all good things must come to an end, and eventually our little escapade finished. I'm afraid I just wasn't in a state to pull out at the last moment, but Denise didn't seem to mind. It was patently obvious that she'd enjoyed the sex, even if it was unexpected, and had climaxed herself.

I politely asked that they keep their cars off my lawn and garden in future, and they both politely agreed.

I didn't trust their promises one inch.

- - -

I fixed my lawn and garden, including putting a row of small bushes between our two properties, staking them in place to ensure they grew straight.

Then I waited to see what would happen.

After a series of wet days, I heard a car next door revving up and do a fast start. It then did an even faster stop.

I settled in the front room with a drink and waited, my front door unlocked and open.

Denise and a friend of hers came in. Denise was furious. She had to stop and swallow before she could come out and explain the problem.

Her car was stuck in my garden, and she considered it to be my fault.

"I'm sorry," I said, "but I don't quite understand. Why is your car stuck and how is it my fault?"

Denise hastened to explain. She had accidentally driven into those bushes along the fence-line, and her car was impaled on the spikes that I had hidden in them.

"Do you mean the stakes I use to support the plants," I asked innocently. "They're just there to hold them upright until they settle. It's not as though I was expecting anyone to drive there."

Denise was furious, not helped by her friend having a fit of giggles.

Denise pointed out that whatever the reason, both her front tyres had been punctured and she afraid that if she tried to drive off them, the spikes would rip her tyres to shreds.

I thought that they probably already had, but it didn't seem politic to say so. Instead I went on the attack.

"It seems to me, Denise, that you deliberately tried to drive across my garden and lawn. If you had just accidently bumped the bushes, you would have felt the impact and stopped. To actually manage to skewer both tyres you must have been revving it a bit."

I shook my head sadly.

"I believe that you were going to race across my lawn, after promising not to do so again. I think you need a lesson in manners and the importance of keeping promises."

I received a stunned "What?" from Denise.

"Don't you remember our last little lesson?" I asked, my voice as soft and gentle as I could make it. "By a happy coincidence, the same circumstances have arisen. Two young ladies are here for some discipline,

one for a spanking and one for ravishing. Who's your friend."

"Carlene. She's my cousin. And you're not ravishing me again." She added.

"Again?" asked Carlene, curiosity running wild.

"That's OK, Denise," I told her. "This time I'll spank you and ravish Carlene."

"Me? Why me?" asked Carlene, somewhat shocked and not knowing what was going on.

"Because you're here and supporting Denise," I said reasonably. "Why don't you girls drop your shorts and panties and bend over that chair while I finish my drink. I won't be long."

Denise was looking daggers at me. "You're insane," she enunciated very precisely. "We're leaving."

"No, you're not," I contradicted her. "It's why you came over after you realised that you'd screwed up. Now bend over or you may find you're getting a spanking and a ravishment."

I had Denise figured right. She was a submissive, and the spanking was precisely what she came over for. I'd probably have to have sex with her this evening, when she was properly contrite.

Denise flushed but she turned and bent over the chair, pushing her shorts and panties down as she did so. (And wriggling her bottom the whole time.)

Carlene was shocked. "Denise, what are you doing?" she hissed.

"She's preparing for her spanking," I told her. "She knows that she was bad and deserves to be punished.

Seeing I'll be ravishing you, you should get fully undressed. I really like to play with boobies when I ravish someone."

Carlene started at me as though I was some sort of strange animal. "But you don't even know me," she said. "Why would you demand to have sex with me?"

"Because I find you attractive and I want you," I said simply.

Carlene looking at me, then at Denise bent over the chair, and then at the door, trying to decide if she should bolt. I laid a bet with myself that she was another submissive, like Denise. If she was, she'd yield to the arrogance I was displaying.

Carlene swallowed, then moved slowly over to the chair next to Denise. Bending over it she lifted her skirt and pushed her panties down. It was a start. I was prepared to lay another bet with myself that she was starting to feel hot and excited. She was going to be taken by someone she'd only just met, with no preliminaries.

I finished my drink and strolled across to the girls and delivered a firm spank to Denise's pretty bottom.

Denise yelped and Carlene jumped.

Carlene was looking at me in shock. She hadn't really thought I was serious, and was hoping that all that might be involved was a bit of flashing and possibly a bit of groping. Suddenly she realised that there was going to be more. I could see a flush rising in her face and her breathing was getting heavier. I couldn't know for sure, yet, but she was probably getting nice and hot and wet in anticipation.

I smiled at her. "While I spank Denise, you had better be busy taking off the rest of your clothes. Or you may get a spank as well."

I ignored Carlene's feeble protests and started spanking Denise, slowly. Her bottom was twitching and bouncing, but she didn't try to cover it. She slowly let her legs drift apart so I'd have a better view of her pussy. The spanking was getting her thoroughly turned on.

Carlene slowly undressed, watching the spanking with appalled interest.

She could practically feel those spanks landing on her own bottom, and she could feel it twitching in sympathy.

I thoroughly warmed Denise's rump, and after getting a nice glow on it I changed positions to be standing alongside her, where I could more easily smack her pussy. I then proceeded to give Denise's pussy a series of short sharp smacks, pounding an extra message home. Denise started squealing in surprise, changed to yelping, gasping, screaming and then coming, having a cockless climax.

Leaving her bent over the chair gasping, I turned to Carlene, who had been watching everything in quiet horror and a fascinated anticipation.

I take out my erection and she looks at it and then snaps head away, looking elsewhere.

I feel her pussy and surprise, surprise, she is already hot and wet.

She doesn't resist as I part her lips and enter, just shudders and gasps, and presses her pussy to meet me.

Denise has recovered enough to watch, and she is gazing avidly, enjoying seeing Carlene being reluctantly taken. I'm not sure just how reluctant, as her pussy seems eager to make my acquaintance.

I saw no need to hurry with Carlene. As this was our introductory handshake so to speak, I thought to just let her relax and stroll along with me.

She seemed to agree, as we settled into a long slow rhythm, rocking gently back and forth. Ignoring Denise's rude comments about other people having things to do so could we please hurry up, we just maintained our pace, with me enjoying Carlene's pussy and a pair of very fine breasts.

Despite Denise's comments about having things to do, I noticed she stuck there, watching every stroke, probably planning for a similar session of her own, the little minx.

Eventually we reached that point where those long gentle strokes became short urgent ones, and then Carlene was screaming and I was releasing myself into her.

When we had all recovered our energy, and clothes, I asked Denise if she needed help getting her car off my garden. She admitted that she did, so I wheeled out my large jack and got her off the spikes and back onto her driveway.

I advised Denise to call her garage to come and collect her front wheels for repairs and she skulked off into her house to call them.

Carlene was following her in when I stopped her and suggest she return to my house for a while, as I was still horny. Carlene looked shocked for a moment, then shrugged and trotted along next to me, smirking and expectant.

One thing about neighbours, if you work at it, you can train them.

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