tagGay MaleNeighbour's Sex Toy Ch. 02

Neighbour's Sex Toy Ch. 02


It had been a strange week-end. I had worked most of the day, although it was a Saturday. The budget was due Monday, and there were lots of things to think about and prepare. I had a great team though at work, and together we made it a fun day anyhow. But all the same I couldn't help thinking again and again about last night, and what you -- my wife - had led me into. What if any of my colleagues had seen me on the web cam? On the other hand, if they had that meant that they were looking for something kinky and special as well ... but what would happen this evening? My heart beat faster as I thought of what you had said as I left the house and you sat sipping your tea at the breakfast table;

"Come home hungry and horny dear!"

You looked gorgeous, in your long brown hair, and your favorite white silken morning gown. We were both in very good form and in our early forties, but you somehow didn't seem to have aged at all over the last ten. The belt had become undone, and I caught a glimpse of your lovely full breasts, as I kissed you goodbye.

"Your wish is my command!" I answered.

Last night you had definitely taken control over me and my life. We had visited our neighbors and their party. When we finally returned home, I had become their sexual toy.

You had clearly enjoyed the evening fully as well and tonight you had your closest girl friends and your boss coming over. As I drove home around six in the evening, I somehow knew that this would be another very special night. I parked the car in the garage and let myself in.

There is loud party music playing -- your favorite -- and wine glasses, beer, and snacks are already strategically placed in the kitchen and living room I note as I enter. You seem to have redecorated the living room - moved the furniture around or something. It looks warm and inviting, and through the large French windows I see the sun slowly setting. I call your name.

"Christine, I'm home!"

I look into the kitchen and find some small candles burning there and everything ready for the guests' arrival. I walk upstairs to our bed room, but find it empty as well. But there is a note on the bed;

Hi Honey!

I really look forward to tonight, so don't let me or my friends down please. I had to quickly go out, but will be back soon. Undress, and wait for me ... I want you naked when I get home!

Xxx and Love - C

I instantly have a hard-on. I strip and quickly shower. I look myself in the mirror as I dry off and conclude that the training over the last year and the strict diet you keep me on, has given me a nice flat stomach, accentuated my muscles and increased my muscle mass. I put on the leather harness you have spread out on the bed next to your letter. I slide the cold metal ring over my cock and balls and attach the leather straps over my shoulders, around my waist and between my legs, to two metal o-rings. Just as I am about to pull a cotton morning gown over me, my mobile phone rings. I pick it up- it is you!

"Hi Dear, are you naked already?" you whisper softly into my ear.

"Hi Honey! Of course, for you"

"Good! I'll be home pretty soon, but I want you to go down stairs -- naked. But don't hang up yet. I want you to do something for me."

I step out of the bed room and walk downstairs as I listen to your instructions. I am getting really excited I feel.

"Now, put on the apron I left there for you! And open the champagne I put in the fridge, for six people. Oh, and light the candles please! "

She hangs up and laughs. I walk into the kitchen and on a chair there was a thin black cotton apron. I put it on as instructed and proceed to pour champagne into the glasses you already have lined up on a tray. Then I light the candles in the kitchen, hallway and living room, and turn off all other lights. It looks very inviting and cosy. A beautiful red sky with a setting sun is quickly turning into night outside.

Then the doorbell rings. I swallow hard, and open it. You greet me with a kiss as you enter, followed by five beautiful women -- friends and colleagues I note. I welcome them one by one, and they laugh merrily and two of them caress my cheek. You all swarm into the kitchen, talking and laughing, throwing your hand bags and an occasional jacket on the hallway floor. You have been partying already it seems, and you all quickly proceed into the living room with bowls of snacks and some bottles. I grab the tray with champagne glasses and follow.

You dance jokingly with another woman, whereas the others sit or stand chatting, as I hand out the champagne. I can't conceal that I am naked under the apron and that I am turned on. I return to the kitchen and as I put the tray down, a gorgeous tall red haired lady comes up behind me.

"I need a glass of water to cool off!" she declares.

She squeezes my naked but, as I pour her a glass,

"We look forward to tonight's adventures!" she whispers as she leans in close to me, and I feel her full soft breasts press against me for a second. She smells wonderful of some expensive perfume. As she turns and walks back to the living room I follow her.

I stop at the door, with my mouth open in amazement. You are dancing alone now, but slowly stripping off your clothes. The other women watch you smilingly, as you drop piece after piece of cloth, and soon you are dancing completely naked. I am astounded by how beautiful you are.

Two women put away their glasses and join you in the dance, caressing you as they swirl around the floor. I grab a bottle and fill everyone's glass. You swing past me. You hug me briefly and then in a swift movement you untie the apron. I pull it over my head and let it fall to the floor.

Two women -- an Asian lady with short black hair and a pretty smile, and an athletic blond in a blue dress - carry forward a narrow bench, that they found somewhere, and place it in the middle of the room. As if you knew, you dance across to it and sit down on one end, with your legs spread. You wink, and beckon me to come and sit down in front of you. I follow your instructions. Sitting between you long slender legs, I look up at you as you bend forward and kiss me. Grabbing my head you guide me down to your breasts. I kiss and suck on them for a while and then you lead me further down, as you lay back on the small narrow bench with your hands above your head. I lean in and kiss your Venus mound.

The tall blond pulls her loose fitting blue dress over her head, and she is all naked underneath! Her breasts are not too large, and her curves a bit shy, but her body is very well toned. She smiles down at you as she leans over you, and whilst caressing your breasts she lets you suck on her puff nipples one after the other.

I gently kiss my way down between you legs, as the blond slowly nudges forward and straddles your face. I see you slowly start to kiss and then lick her.

Suddenly there is a knock on the terrace door. I look up and through the glass door I see our neighbors, Peter and Sara outside. They wave as they see me. Someone exclaims;

"Ah! Finally! Here are your lovely neighbors!"

Sara and Peter are about our age, seemingly wealthy and very active. They are a beautiful couple, and tonight they've come wearing only morning gowns. A stunning red haired woman opens for them, laughing and saying welcome as they enter.

"Hi! Sorry we are a bit late, but we took a dip in the pool, and it got a bit hot! But I see its getting hot here too!"

Sara walks around the room saying hello to all the other women, before coming up to us.

Peter puts on a white masquerade mask and throws off his morning gown. He is naked underneath. He slowly walks in towards me. But then to my astonishment he is followed by two other men in morning gowns and white masks. They seem familiar somehow, and all are about the same age as us. They all throw off their gowns as they enter, and some of the women comment and giggle as they come towards us, naked and with their cocks all at full masts. They caress themselves as they approach the bench. I think I recognize two of the other neighbors. I tenderly lick you, as Peter lets the blond woman, riding your face, grab his cock and masturbate for him. The other men gather around and rhythmically pump their erections. Some of the women come up behind, to get a better look. Then the blond woman stands up, and backs off a little. You look up at the men around you and smile broadly. You raise your hands and grab two of the cocks. You lustfully look down at me as I lick you. The men speed up their pace, and I realize that they must all have had a great time in the pool or somewhere else before, because they clearly will not last long now. It dawns on me what is about to happen, and I tremble with excitement.

Peter is the first one to climax. He groans and shoots a big rope of white seed right across you body and stomach. It lands just in front of me. Then the others start cumming as well. Their white seed rains all over your breasts and body. I feel you cumming under my tongue, arching your back and letting go of the two guys. The men continue stroking themselves, until they are completely finished and then silently walk out. Peter stands panting above you, smiling down at you.

Suddenly Sara, is right next to me.

"Look at her, your lovely wife looks wonderfully eatable doesn't she?"

She grabs my hair and gently coaxes me up and forward. I lick your wet tummy, and the male juice. Slowly I work myself up towards you glistening breasts. You sit up, and caress my hair, as I suck on the nipples, and Sara and you kiss.

Just then the front door bell chimes. You break the kiss with Sara and exclaim;

"Ah, here comes the main show master with the main course!"

You pull me up, and together with the naked blond, Peter and Sara and the other women we walk to the front door and open it. It must be your boss I realize, although the man is masked, wears a broad black hat and a black cape. His appearance is dramatic, and although he is only in his early thirties I know, he has a deep baritone voice, and is tall and very muscular.

"Ah, my ladies -- gentlemen - come and let us enjoy ourselves!" he says theatrically.

Sara hands you and Peter a morning gown, but I am still naked -- apart from the leather harness -- as we step out in the front yard of our house. There are a few trees and a hedge of medium height that obscures the small grass and stone garden there. Your boss leads us out to the middle of the little lawn, and opens his cape. He is naked underneath and completely shaven.

The night is warm but dark. The street lights a bit further away give the scene a soft orange color. Now and again a car passes, but they don't seem to take notice although they could if they drove a bit slower.

You usher me forward and towards him and push me down on my knees.

"What a wonderful cock! Someone says.

"Yes - suckable!" the blond woman adds. She has also donned a morning gown, and brought her champagne glass,

"Do you want to suck him off?" Sara asks me.

"Yes." I say in a low voice, looking up at her.

"Do you want to suck and lick his balls!" the Asian queries.

"Yes." I answer, more loudly now.

"Do you want him to come in your mouth?" Sara continues.

"Yes. I want to taste him!" I say.

I can't believe I am saying all this in front of you all. You caress my hair, as your boss steps closer. His half erect cock hangs right over my upturned head. He smells of a good expensive after shave a notice. Some more cars pass by, as I stick out my tongue and start to lick his balls, working my way up around his rising manhood.

"Yes, lick that cock for us!" Sara exclaims.

Peter has brought a bottle of champagne, and fills everyone's glass. Then he leans in and pours some over the boss's cock. I drink it and lick it up, as he continues to pour. My face is all wet and glistening as I lick up around the swollen head. The long thick member is full of veins and throbbing with lust. His shaven sack is heavy and the balls look bursting full.

The boss moans, and all of you watching me laugh and chat as I slowly take him into my mouth.

"The friendly male neighbors were here with the starters dear, now here is the main course for you!" You whisper in my ear, as I let your boss face fuck me.

One by one you walk back into the house, and I hear the music turned up through the open front door. Peter, the blond, the Asian, the red headed bomb shell, and two elegant brunettes with high heels and cocktail gowns, all slowly drift back into the house.

"Enjoy the cock -- our neighborhood sex boy!" Sara whispers as she leaves.

You say something to your boss, caress my hair and then leave too.

Without a word your boss continues to fuck my mouth, holding my head in place as he does so. He is panting heavily now and can't be far off. Every now and again he pulls completely out, and I sit waiting with my mouth open. Then he pushes in again, and with each push he gets a little further in. I relax my throat muscles, and resist the gag reflex. Then he pulls out and pushes in again, and he manages to come all the way in. I pant and gasp a little for air as he pulls out again.

"Now, that was a great suck!" He says loudly.

"Do you know we are on the internet now? Your wife rigged a web cam on the porch."

Nervously I glance over in the direction he is pointing. I see something glistening a few meters away. He holds my head in place as he grabs himself and pumps his big cock, in front of my face.

"Open your mouth and watch me!"

He lets go of my face, sweeps the cape back and steps back somewhat to offer the viewers a great silhouette of me sitting in front of him, with my mouth open and eagerly awaiting his "serving".

Faster and faster he strokes himself. A car passes by. It slows down just in front of the gate, and I wonder if they see us. I look up at the house, and Sara and you have returned to the porch and stand sipping champagne as you watch.

Your boss comes in four quick bursts. He shoots them right into my mouth, and I drink them down as fast as I can manage.

"Yeah! Eat my cum!" he says with his soft deep voice.

The silky soft seed tastes salty as I swallow it down. He milks the last drops onto my outstretch tongue and then pushes himself one last time all the way into my mouth.

As from a theater play, he then ceremoniously pulls out, sweeps the cape around him and slowly walk out of our garden.

On weak legs I stand up and walk up to you and Sara. I am still horny as hell I realize.

I walk up the few steps, and you and Sara cum up to me. You hug me.

"Still hungry dear?" you wonder and laugh merrily.

Sara stands behind you, caressing your breast with one hand, and with the other she strokes my cock.

"I think you and your lovely cock sucking husband are great neighbours!" Sara whispers in our ears.

We kiss as she quickly strokes me to climax.

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