tagRomanceNeil Ch. 02

Neil Ch. 02


The sun had been kind to Neil and Liz that afternoon warming their skin as the cool breeze from the ocean lightly floated over their bodies cooling them just enough that they were comfortable and content. They both enjoyed the comforting sound of the wind rustling through the trees and the occasional gusts of wind. The wind that was responsible for flipping and blowing their clothes further away. There was also this beautiful low-pitched song that a bird nearby high in a tree seemed to sing just for the two lovers below.

Neither of them noticed the fact that their clothes were slowly traveling out of site as the breeze flipped and tossed a shirt towards the cottage and a pair of shorts stopped under the car around a tire. And another shirt flipped and rolled with the wind and soon it was nearly out of site.

Neil slipped his cock from Liz after their initial love-making session and lay next to her on his side. She started to lay on her side to face him but he told her to please remain on her back. She instantly obeyed and Neil noticed Liz squinting from the bright sunlight. He remembered she tossed her sunglasses into her purse in the car before she dozed off earlier. He ran to the car still naked and laughing to himself as he noticed their clothing spread out in all directions. He opened the door and leaned in and grabbed her sunglasses easily as she left her purse wide open.

This made him smile. He didn't know why it made him so happy. All she did was leave her purse unzipped and open. Every other woman he knew had all but a padlock on their purse with a 'do not enter' sign on it. He felt good knowing that Liz had always trusted him. The open purse was just a small sign of it.

He turned his head around and looked at Liz. She had flipped onto her stomach; no doubt because the glaring sun hurt her eyes. He wanted to pause for a moment before he went back to her so that he could take a snapshot in his mind of what they had just experienced and how he felt at this very moment. And happy knowing they have more time ahead of them to enjoy and explore each other.

And then, Neil felt this sudden need to be next to Liz. He ran back to her and decided he would not leave her side the rest of the afternoon and evening and into the morning hours before he had to leave for his business meeting.

"Flip back over my girl," he said.

"Hi Baby..I missed you," she said smiling; squinting as soon as the sun hit her eyes turning over onto her back again.

Neil couldn't help but stare at Liz's breasts as they bounced and jiggled when she flipped over onto her back. Neil had the sunglasses all ready to put on Liz's face. She smiled at him very appreciatively. She felt very happy. Already his kind gestures thus far made her feel extremely special and cared for.

Before Neil put the sunglasses on her, he put his head up over her until he knew her eyes were protected from the sun and her face shaded by his body. They couldn't help but look into each others eyes and smile. They were both still in shock and amazed that they were finally together and that this was really happening! His lips gently touching hers barely kissing and moved his lips to her cheek. He showered her neck and chest with kisses as she moaned with pleasure. He gave her one more kiss on her nose before he carefully slipped the sunglasses on for her.

Neil lay on his side facing Liz, resting his head on his hand and placing the fingertips of his free hand between her breasts. Then tracing around each large sphere and realizing he was slowly making a crazy eight pattern and noticed her large nipples hard and erect. Their eyes were still locked. He placed his hand flat and rubbed over her erect nipples and she shivered with pleasure and giggles. Neil could still see Liz's eyes even with her sunglasses on. They just stared at each other kissed tenderly. Time stood still for them once again..

Neil felt a bit playful and broke the mood with an unexpected and fairly hard pinch at Liz's nipple. She screamed with delight and sat up suddenly. Neil knew he was in big trouble and got up and ran up the knoll where Liz stood earlier, and stopped suddenly as he knew he had nowhere left to run. He wanted to be caught of course. She gave him a very naughty look and pinched his behind and they both laughed and laughed; so hard that Liz had tears and they both were running out of breath trying to tickle the other person.

The two lovers could no longer ignore the beautiful ocean they see before them; especially with the sun just starting to set on the horizon. They found themselves standing and embracing. Liz and Neil were the same height and stood cheek to cheek with their arms around each other watching and listening to the beautiful ocean and watching their first sunset together. It was the most beautiful thing Liz had ever felt in her whole life.

Neil turned to Liz just as the last bit of sun disappeared from the horizon. He scooped her hair out of her face that was flipping around from the wind and held it on the sides of her head. He looked into her eyes and whispered in between his gentle kisses on her lips, "I love you."

"Oh Neil..." Liz started to say and could not possibly get any more words out of her mouth as she knew she couldn't. Several tears fell down her face and Neil just smiled knowing how much those words meant to her and kissed her every tear and held her tightly as she sobbed with happiness.

After feeling chilled, Neil held Liz's hand and led her to the cabin. He reached under the doormat to grab the key where the caretaker promised it would be. Neil carefully planned this weekend so that they would not be interrupted. Normally the caretaker would meet them and show them around and stop in a couple times a day to check up. But Neil insisted that this was their honeymoon and wanted to be left alone. Just a little white lie to make sure he got his way.

They entered the cottage. "Liz, you must be freezing", he said.

"Yes, it's chilly in here", she said shivering.

Neil grabbed a quilt that lay on the sofa and wrapped it around her shoulders. He told her to make herself comfortable while he go out and make just one more phone call from the car and then bring their luggage in so they could put some clothes on to get warm. Of course Neil laughed to himself as he knew the clothing would not remain on their bodies very long..

Neil finished his phone call and brought in the luggage and set it just inside the front door. He was very impressed when he saw a fire going in the fireplace and a pot of coffee on the counter gurgling which told him it was just about done brewing. He took a deep breath and smiled. The fireplace ad the freshly brewed coffee gave him an invigorating feeling.

He felt a bit guilty. His phone call must've taken much longer than he expected, he thought to himself. He scanned the room, but she was nowhere to be found..

He looked in the bedroom and didn't see her and then he heard the water coming from the shower. His cock instantly turned hard and he headed to the bathroom and before taking a step inside he said, "Liz, can I come in?"

"I thought you'd never ask!" she said.

He entered the shower and saw that she had shampoo in her hair and soap lathered over her shoulders and breasts and the beautiful scene of the water trickling down her body. She welcomed him with a kiss and smiled at him after she looked down to see how excited he was. They played and washed each other in the shower. They both paused for a bit as they enjoyed the hot water warming their skin.

And then suddenly Liz squealed at the unexpected cold blast of water and immediately turned off the shower. Her face turned completely red, embarrassed at her outburst.

"Ooops..." Neil said. "I guess we used up all the hot water!"

They both laughed and kissed one more time before they got out of the shower and wrapped the towels around their bodies.

"Would you like a cup of coffee, Neil?" Liz asked. "It should be done brewing now."

"Yes, thank you." Neil said.

He watched her walk out of the bathroom and was happy knowing Liz had made herself comfortable and seemed to be very happy there with him. He wanted to make sure she was happy these next days ahead. Knowing she never really got a chance to get away like this; his ultimate goal was to put a permanent smile on her face. Little did he know Liz was completely content and happy just being there with him.

"Neil, are you almost finished in there?" Liz called to him.

Neil instantly smiled and realized she had caught him in a daydream. "Yes. Coming Liz..."

There was a cup of coffee steaming on the coffee table waiting for Neil. And then there was Liz, hugging her cup of coffee with both hands. Her legs were up against her body scrunched up on the end of the couch staring at the fire. She was wearing the light blue angel fleece half-zip robe Neil had sent to her recently as a gift. He was very pleased to see her wearing it and looked even better on her in person than it did on web cam.

She took a sip of coffee and then looked up and noticed Neil finally entering the room with the towel around his waist.

"Come feel the fabric", Liz said, knowing he noticed what she was wearing. "It's so soft."

He walked over and sank into the couch next to her and felt the fabric and the outline of her knee. "Yes, very soft..." he said smiling. "Thank you for making coffee."

Liz nodded and smiled back at him. Neil sat back on the couch next to her and took her legs and placed them over his lap. The fabric from the robe covered all but her shins, ankles and feet. He reached forward to grab his coffee cup and leaned back to take a sip of coffee. They both enjoyed watching the fire and being together.

The fire was now finally warming the room to a comfortable temperature. The crackling fire gave the room a cozy feeling. The chill they felt from the sun setting earlier soon disappeared.

They started talking about their lives and their childhood and pretty soon both were laughing and giggling and teasing each other for hours. They refilled their coffee several times and couldn't seem to run out of things to say. They cherished this intimate time together as it would soon be a memory they will both tuck away.

All of a sudden they heard the birds singing outside and the bit of light that peeked through the window.

"Oh my goodness, Neil...Is it morning already?" Liz said and laughed knowing that it definitely was.

Neil wanted to tease Liz now. "Well, I was wondering if you were ever going to shut up so we could get some sleep!"

Liz gave him a playful hit on the shoulder and they both started laughing and wrestling trying to tickle the other person. Liz managed to grab the towel from Neil that he still had wrapped around his waist and threw it across the room. She smiled devilishly at him and raised and lowered her eyebrows.

They were on the couch still; Neil on his back and Liz on top of him and she kissed his chest and her hands roamed freely around his body now more serious than playful. Neil allowed her to explore his body and felt his cock becoming erect as the weight of her breasts rubbed against him. She was still wearing the robe at this point and had no intentions of removing it.

"Wait!" Liz said startled. "Don't you have a meeting this morning?"

"I wanted to surprise you, Liz." Neil smiled and brushed his finger on her cheek. "Last night when I talked with my boss, he informed me that the meeting has been postponed until 3:00 this afternoon"

Liz smiled as a child would and gave him a hug. And then her head lifted and her childish grin soon turned into a devilish one. She slid down the couch until her mouth was face to face with his manhood. She gently kissed all over and soon kisses turned into playful flicks of the tongue. Neil continued to grow bigger and harder. This was a favorite of hers; to feel her man grow as she works on him.

Neil was moaning and wanted her so badly to finally put her lips around his cock. He even scooped her hair at one point and gently squeezed her head in his hands and almost begged her to. Liz had other ideas. She was taking her time and wanted to tease. Oh, she would eventually take him into her mouth and become addicted to his taste. But for right now, as long as he let her, she would ravish his whole body and her goal was to make him beg for her.

She got up and went to her luggage. Neil quickly came out of his trance-like state and turned and watched her every move. She grabbed a small bottle of something and came back to the couch.

"Neil, I want you to relax, OK?" She asked.

"Anything you say darlin'", he said with a devilish smile knowing she wanted to devour him and treat him like a king. "Wait....edible massage oil?" he laughed as he read the bottle. "I've never heard of such a thing!"

Liz playfully grabbed the bottle from his hands and opened the top and poured the cold oil on his feet. She giggled as he jumped a bit from the coldness. She started with one foot and massaged his toes and feet. Very slowly and with no rushing as she wanted to make sure he was comfortable and relaxed. Then the other foot. At this point Neil was very relaxed and after being up all night, dozed off a couple times as Liz worked her magic into his muscles.

Once she reached his upper thighs, though, Neil perked up and watched her every move. This was, again, what Liz was waiting for. She saw his gorgeous cock laying against his body--soft and relaxed; knowing that soon it will be saluting her at full attention. She started by lightly caressing with her fingertips around his cock head. The oil and Liz's warm fingers felt so good to Neil. He had not been treated to something like this for years and was fully enjoying himself as Liz continued to run her hands all around until his cock until it the entire surface area was fully lubricated.

Then just as she saw his cock begin to twitch and become larger, she slipped her hands lower and repeated the process with his sac; lightly caressing all over until he was fully lubricated.

Liz said in a low tone, almost whispering, "I wonder what this stuff tastes like".

Neil looked into her eyes and they were both smiling at each other. She slowly lowered herself down to him and finally put his cock head into her mouth. Her tongue playfully flicking him and finding his slit and swirling all around getting to know him was appealing to both of them. She was pleased when her tongue returned to his slit and she found a little surprise.

"Mmmmmmm", she said and lifted herself from him and licked her lips. "The oil tastes OK, but I found something else that tastes absolutely wonderful."

Neil moaned as Liz put her lips around his cock again. This time she had the base of his cock in her hand and pushed back on the loose skin and sucked away from him and then back down again. Her tongue danced all around and swirled his shaft every time she plunged down on him. She started sucking in a rhythm nice and slow and feeling his cock get very hard.

Liz was probably enjoying this every much as Neil was. Every time he would moan, Liz answered him with one. Now she could wait no longer and wanted to taste him in her mouth. This is the only power she enjoyed during love-making—being in charge of her mouth and his cock. She decided that now she wanted to make him feel ultimate pleasure and to taste him in her mouth.

She put a seal on his cock with her mouth and nursed him harder and faster with every stroke. Her free hand now cupping his balls feeling them tighten. Neil was becoming louder and more intense vocally and Liz knew he would cum very soon. Her finger, still lubricated with oil, reached down and found the last intimate spot that she had not yet touched and rubbed around until she found his opening and slowly slipped her finger inside and continued to bob up and down with speed.

"Oh Liz! Oh Yes!!" Neil cried with pleasure. "Liz. Oh Liz. Yes!!" he kept repeating. Liz nursed him and sucked and swallowed until he was finally relaxed and exhausted from the experience.

Liz took his hand and led him to the shower. They let the hot water run over their bodies and after they were dried off, Liz set the alarm for 1:30 pm so that Neil would not be late for his appointment that afternoon. They fell into bed, put their arms around each other and after only a few kisses, both exhausted, they almost immediately drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

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