tagRomanceNeil Ch. 03

Neil Ch. 03


Again, thank you to my special friend for helping me edit Chapter 3...enjoy!


As Neil was heading out the door that afternoon for his meeting, he looked at Liz with a devilish grin and said, "Not sure how long I will be darlin' but when I get back, I want you wearing absolutely nothing.."

Liz nodded as Neil shut the door. She looked out the window and smiled as Neil drove off down the drive and disappeared into the trees, the taste of his goodbye kiss still lingering on her lips.

She decided to get dressed and head down to the beach. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. The temperature read 78 degrees. Liz decided to wear a light pink t-shirt and a pair of thin baby blue loose-fit pants and her favorite pair of walking shoes. She was just about to head out the door when she thought she better grab a sweatshirt to wear around her waist and a took a bottle of water from the refrigerator. She locked the door and put the key under the mat and headed off to do some exploring.

Rounding the corner of the cottage, Liz noticed what seemed to be a trail heading into the woods that she hoped would eventually lead down to the water. She took the path and walked slowly and took in the sun and as much of the beautiful scenery as she could. She saw quite a bit of wildlife and occasionally stood still to just watch and listen.

Having this time alone was something Liz needed. Not that she wouldn't rather spend this time with Neil, but it had been so long since she was alone and had time to think like this.

The path indeed led her toward the sandy beach. Liz took off her shoes and walked into the shallow water. She looked around and could not believe that there was only one other couple enjoying this beautiful place. It must be out of the way or private property she thought.

The couple she saw was to her left and they were becoming quite intimate. She smiled and thought perhaps she and Neil could spend some time lying together on the beach.naked. She decided to head in the opposite direction and started walking along the shore.

In the mean time, Neil had made the short drive to the convention center where he would meet his boss, associates and their potential client. At first it was hard to keep his mind on the proposal knowing that Liz was just a short drive away waiting for him, but he seemed to concentrate better as time went on. He had worked very hard on this project and soon he would be able to present it and reap the rewards of a new account.

Neil was an honorable man. The firm was lucky to have him on their team. He was a positive influence with everyone he worked with. He always brightened the room as he walked in. People were always glad to see Neil. And his knowledge of the business and persuasive qualities made even the senior management want to learn from him.

After walking down the beach and enjoying the weather and scenery for a couple hours, Liz noticed the sun nearing the horizon. She had no idea what time it was but that she must've been walking for a long time. She thought she would just sit for a few minutes and rest and then head back before it was dark.

She thought about how lucky she was to have this time with Neil. She thought how much sexier he was in person than in his pictures, how much sweeter and romantic than she imagined him to be. He blew her mind.

For a moment, the flash of her life back home entered her mind and she knew that she could never let those people down; however, she knew that she was falling more in love with Neil. She had prepared herself for this. It was not going to be easy to say goodbye in a couple days when he would drive her back to the airport. She quickly turned her thoughts to the cabin and stood up and started walking back.

Liz had a very naughty thought about what she would plan for tonight as she was walking fast back to the cabin. She wasn't sure how Neil would feel about her idea, but thought she would give it a try. It was something the two had talked about quite a bit in the past..something she and he both wanted to experience.

Neil had just finished his presentation and thanked his small audience for taking the time to listen. He knew the presentation went well because the partners of the company kept looking at each other and nodding. This was always a good sign. Neil's boss came up to him and shook his hands and gave him the 'adda-boy' nod and smile.

After Neil started to pack up his things, his mind turned to Liz. He wondered what she was doing now and was eager to get back to the cabin to be with her.

He realized all of a sudden, how much he missed her. He experienced a similar though that Liz had back sitting on the beach. He realized how much he cared for the lady waiting for him in the cabin. He, took a moment to think about home and how good he has it there. His wife is his best friend; however the missing ingredient was sexual intimacy. She had not wanted sex at all after menopause. But he loved her and would never think of hurting her and would return to her after this weekend and keep the memory of this time with Liz always in his heart.

Neil decided to stop at a flower shop on the way back and pick up six yellow roses to take to Liz..one for each month he has known her. He picked out the most gorgeous vase to put them in.

Neil finally arrived back at the cottage, got out of the car and walked towards the front door. He opened the door and immediately smelled the wonderful fragrance that the fireplace was giving out and there before him was Liz was kneeling and unclothed..just as Neil taught her to in their online role-playing.

Neil was a bit surprised to see Liz in this position. He wasn't sure if they would explore this side of their relationship as they had online.

He looked at her and saw her eyes sparkling as she looked at him and said, "Hello Master. What can I do for you?"

Neil had to think about this for a minute. He slowly had to get himself in the right frame of mind in order to start this evening out right.

"Liz, my sweet girl, please stand up and let Master take a good look at you."

Liz stood up slowly and waited for his next command. Neil felt a surge of power as Liz did what he asked her. He walked behind Liz to hide his huge grin. He didn't want her to see this giddy feeling that was coming over him.

"Liz, are you sure you want to do this?" Neil asked hoping so badly she would say 'yes'.

"Master, I have been thinking about this for a long time. I am very sure I want to do this...if it pleases you."

Again, after hearing her words Neil was immediately excited and couldn't help but smile. He let a moment or so go by before he did or said anything. He would stay behind Liz until he felt like he was in control of his emotions and facial expressions.

Neil noticed four pieces of rope, each about 12-15 inches long strategically placed on the floor in front of the wooden coffee table. Liz had put one piece of rope by each table leg.

"Liz, please go over to the coffee table and sit facing away from me on the end of the table and spread your legs"

Liz turned around and walked over to the table and did exactly as Master instructed.

Liz was so turned on and wanting to please her Master so badly. This was not web cam instructions or picture assignments for her Master...This was what she was craving for so long and now she can finally get the chance to please her master..really please him.

Master went over and picked up one of the pieces of white rope and kneeled in front of Liz at eye level. He held up the rope, each hand holding an end and looked her in the eyes and smiled.

"Liz, did you bring these in for Master to use?"

"Yes, I prepared in case Master wanted them."

"Good girl, Liz. Master is very pleased. You have done well...and you look very beautiful tonight my girl."

Liz just smiled as they looked in each other's eyes. Master took the rope and tied her left foot to the leg of the table. He reached for the second rope and did the same to her right foot. He couldn't help but notice the soft lips of her pussy and her dark nipples. Mmmmm, this body was all his to control as he pleases.

"Lay back my girl and see if you can get comfortable with your wrists near the other two legs of the table."

Neil felt a bit guilty giving her instructions. He was trying to get used to all of this. He knew that this is something Liz craved and he, too, thought it was exciting. Liz smiled back at him and he knew she was ok with all of this.

Liz laid back and put her arms down so that Master could tie them up. She was so happy and waited anxiously wondering what he had planned to do.

Master took the other rope and tied her wrist to the leg. He was very careful to make sure he was not tying the ropes too tight. He knew his sweet girl would not try to get away. And if she did, he would have to think of a way to punish her!! Of course Neil's punishments were never harsh. Actually, he never punished Liz when she would take too long to complete her assignments. He was just happy to get the assignments turned in now and again.

He constantly looked at Liz's facial expressions so that he could monitor how she was feeling. He didn't want to hurt her, but rather fill a fantasy they both had. Whenever they tried something new, he always started out slow. That was his nature. That was something Liz had grown to love about him. There was never any rushing into anything and their relationship grew slowly and as a result, their bond was that much stronger.

"Nod if you are comfortable Liz."

Liz always kept eye contact with Master as long as he was in view. She looked at him and smiled and nodded.

Master got down on his knees and took her breasts in his hand and started rubbing them. He saw Liz close her eyes and enjoy the feeling of his touch.

Master looked at Liz' nipples and leaned down to her ear and said in almost a whisper, "Your nipples are very hard my slut. Does my touch feel good to my girl?"

"Master, those are your nipples now...and your pussy and your body. And yes, your touch makes your nipples feel amazing."

Neil could feel his cock start to get hard after Liz just gave her body to him. He looked into her eyes and and kneeled down to kiss her lips. She turned her head toward him and kissed him back.

Neil continued kissing Liz and reached down to touch her pussy. He was very pleased to feel her extreme wetness cover his fingers as he slid them up and down her slit.

His tongue slipped into her mouth and he shoved his fingers up inside her and she felt extremely pleasured and let out a moan "ohhhhhh Master"

"Oh baby girl, did that feel good?"

Master continued to fuck her with his fingers and kiss her and she could not move very much with her hands and feet tied but she was extremely pleasured both from Master's touch and from his demeanor.

Neil stopped kissing Liz and asked her to watch him very carefully. He took his fingers out of her pussy and put one of the fingers in his mouth and slowly savored the taste as he sucked the finger slowly and thoroughly. Then he asked Liz to open her mouth and gave her another juicy finger to taste. She sucked his finger and tasted her juices until he took his hand away and moved his body down to her feet and dove his face into her pussy.

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