"NO! Let me go! Please! You don't understand. I must! LET ME GO!"

He was fighting to hold on, because this girl was dead serious about jumping. No ordinary suicide attempt, this one. This wasn't his first experience with a suicide jumper by far, but normally you could talk people down and make them think twice about their decision. Not this time though. She was clearly beyond debating her decision and just wanted to get on with it. If he hadn't happened to be passing by just as she was climbing the railing, she would now be floating dead in the icy water deep below.

"Please miss! Whatever the problem is, this is NOT the solution," he panted desperately through a volley of kicks, punches and scratching nails.

The girl seemed totally lost in hysteria and impervious to reason. She wasn't powerfully built by any means – more on the skinny side really – but insanity may often grant us strength and agility beyond what would seem humanly possible. Despite being close to twice her weight he was losing ground in this fight.

During his time in the military Owen had extensive training in numerous ways of incapacitating an enemy, lethal as well as non-lethal, but he had never imagined using any of them against a civilian, let alone a young woman. But there was a human life on the line if he lost his grip, so it was no-brainer. His training took over and with a hold around her throat he applied a calculated amount of pressure to a specific point. Within seconds the struggling girl grew limp in his embrace and slipped into unconsciousness.

As he carried her to his car he was surprised of how light she felt. Extraordinarily beautiful too with long black hair, perfect milky white skin and the kind of body men would die or kill for. Could this really be the one they were hunting? And why the stubborn attempt at ending her own life? She looked like somebody who had everything going for her.

"Of course she could be sick," he thought to himself. "Sometimes you can't tell just by looking. Guess I'll have to ask her when she comes around."


Selene woke to the wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee and for a moment her eyes were blinded by the bright overhead lights. As her sight gradually adapted she became aware that she was slouching in a reasonably comfortable couch of made of well-worn red imitation leather, like the ones that can be found in numerous diners all over the country.

She sat up and took in her surroundings. Yes, this was indeed a diner. Odd. How on earth did she end up here?

A tall man was making his way to her table carrying a tray. A quick assessment told her that he was in his early thirties, of powerful build, military-style buzz cut and she noticed that he moved with the relaxed ease of a well-trained person. Obviously a police officer or a soldier or some other kind of action man. He had a kind face though and beamed a nice smile at her with just a hint of crow's feet in the corners of his eyes. She liked him right away.

"About time you came around," he said. "Coffee is ready."

"Where are we?"

"In Joe's Diner two streets from the bridge where you attempted to go for a midnight swim. I'm Owen by the way."

"Nice to meet you Owen. I am Selene."

"GIVE US SOME PUSSY... SQUAWK!" a loud and hoarse voice sounded.

She jerked her head around, still a bit confused; then spotted a large bright green parrot in a birdcage at the end of the bar.

"Oh, that's Beauregard," Owen said apologetically. "As you can tell some of the guests have a pretty relaxed tone with him. I guess the lights woke him. I'll go shut him up."

"HAND ME THE GRUB JOE. NO SPITTING IN THE SOUP... SQUAWK!" Beauregard said happily and moved back and forth on his perch.

Owen grabbed large piece of black cloth from behind the counter and draped it over the cage. Before disappearing from view Beauregard had a few final words of wisdom for them:


... and then he fell quiet as his cage was covered in darkness.

Despite her situation Selene couldn't stop a giggle, "A charming feathered fellow I must say."

"Yeah Beau is quite a character," Owen agreed.

Then her mood grew somber again.

"We are all alone here Owen. Where are the other guests? Where is the staff?"

"The diner is closed Selene. You might not have noticed but its two hours past midnight. You've been sleeping for three hours straight since I brought you here. You want sugar in your coffee?"

"No thanks, just black please. If this place is closed, how can we be in here?"

"I work as a security guard for several local businesses, so I have a key. Don't worry - Joe wont mind. I usually take my breaks here."

She took her cup and drank almost half the content in one swig.

"You should not have stopped me you know," she murmured behind her napkin.

"Wanna tell me why you feel that way?"

"Trust me. You do not want to know."

"Listen," he said. "I ain't gonna push you into anything Selene. If you don't wanna tell, it's your business. But sometimes talking about stuff can help a person make sense of the chaos in the mind. And frankly I'm curious about you."

Selene regarded him quizzically.

"You do know a thing or two about emotional trauma, do you not? Soldier? Been in action?"

"Yes, yes and yes," he confirmed with a look of suppressed pain she couldn't quite decipher.

She decided not to go there. At least not yet. And to be fair Owen seemed nice and genuinely interested in helping her. He deserved the truth, if nothing else. Besides he was a stranger. She might never see him again, so there was no reason for pretense. No reputation to worry about. Maybe it was time to come clean to somebody.

Selene drew a deep breath.

"I have killed everybody I have ever loved or cared for," she said her eyes filling with tears. "I could not help it and it will happen again. The world is better off without me and I cannot bear the pain any longer. Oblivion is preferable to what I have now."

Whatever Owen had expected to hear, that wasn't it.

"Holy crap! Are you serious? How did that come about?"

"My... well... my orgasms... my orgasms are lethal."

He almost choked on his coffee.

"Say WHAT?"

"My orgasm kills people, ok? Now go right ahead and laugh!"

No he did not feel inclined to laugh. This woman was clearly deeply disturbed and ridiculing her beliefs, preposterous as they were, probably wasn't a good idea. He decided to play along with her psychosis for now.

"I ain't laughing Selene. You don't owe me an explanation and I ain't got no right to pry in your business. Sorry I asked, ok?"

"I am not making this up Owen. I am dead serious, pardon the pun. My orgasms are lethal for real!"

"But... how?"

"I do not know. Maybe my mother insulted an old gipsy and got cursed, maybe I am the devils daughter, maybe I fart poisonous gas too... who knows? I am not a scientist. It just happens, ok? I orgasm and everybody in the room die."

"So you are saying that you can't fuck a dude without killing the poor guy?"

"Oh I most certainly can..." she blushed "... f... make love to a man without endangering his life. Nothing ever happens to the person I have physical intercourse with. Apparently men are immune to the effect if they have their penis inside my vagina. Unless they wear a condom of course. Skin to skin contact is crucial."

Owen leaned back and took a sip of his coffee.

"That's quite a story Selene. You must realize how wacky it sounds to other people."

"To me it is perfectly normal. Something that I have lived with all my life. Or rather, ever since I became sexual around other people. When I lived alone and had my own room there was no problem and when I left for college and got a roommate things were fine in the beginning. I was a late bloomer, had never been with a boy and was very focused on my studies."

"Which was?" he enquired.


"Your studies. What did you wanna be?"

Selene smiled. This man was special indeed. He was actually interested in her as a person. She liked him better and better.

"A vet. I always wanted to work with animals."

"But I guess that didn't happen?"

"No it did not. My first killing sort of got in the way of that. Although at that time I did not know about my curse. One day a cute boy in my biochemistry class flirted with me, and later in bed I began touching myself while thinking of him. It had been a while so I reached orgasm in a few minutes. It was a powerful one too. I had to bite down on my comforter in order to refrain from screaming and alert my room mate."

She took a sip of coffee.

"As it turned out I need not have bothered. She was found dead in her bed the next morning. Heart failure. The time of death was estimated to have been about the time when I masturbated the evening before."

"And you figured it was your fault?"

"I knew for sure it was my fault. It is hard to explain Owen, but I felt her life-force flicker out when I orgasmed. Or at least I think I did. Keeping a cool head is not exactly part of having an orgasm..."

Selene blushed and looked down.

"... but in retrospect I am almost certain that I felt her die. And, god help me, it excited me. It increased the power of the sensation and the strength of my climax."

"Not quite sure I'm buying it," Owen said thoughtfully. "Experiencing the death of a friend at such a young age must be very traumatic for a young girl. Maybe your mind was attempting to rationalize something that didn't make any sense by creating a link between you doing something surreptitious and her dying. How did the school officials react to your theory?"

"I did not tell them of course. They offered me several free therapy sessions to help me deal with the loss, but I declined and took the rest of the semester off instead. The following year I transferred to a different college and did my best to forget."

She leaned back and stretched her neck.

"It went well for a time. Nobody knew about my past and I was very careful to only masturbate when I was alone. But then I met Ben. Sweet and gorgeous Ben."

Owen smiled at the dreamy tone in Selene's voice.

"God! Ben was such a great dancer. Rather unusual for a football player actually. They are mostly big and strong guys; more power than finesse. But let me tell you Owen; Ben had some serious moves. Of course we soon ended up in his room with our clothes off."

"Sound's like you were finally getting over your previous bad experience," Owen suggested.

"Yes, I suppose I had forgotten at that point. Or maybe simply talked myself into believing that it was all a tragic coincidence."

Selene's thoughts drifted back to her tale.

"Anyway, the night with Ben was my first time ever with a man and it was pure magic. Just like everything you read in romantic novels. We had candles and Barry White and everything. It did hurt a little in the beginning but Ben was a tender and patient lover and I had not had any sexual release for weeks. After a little while I felt the intense joy of orgasming from vaginal intercourse on my very first time. And my orgasm pulled him along so we almost came together. It was... just so perfect."

"And Ben was ok afterwards?"

"For a moment I was scared because he collapsed on top of me like a rag after his release. But then he began kissing me again. He was all right! I cannot tell you how relieved I was."

"There you go Selene. You broke the streak," Owen said smiling.

She continued as if she hadn't heard what he said.

"It turned out that Ben liked to go down on girls after he had ejaculated inside them..."

"A cream pie lover," Owen injected.

"To me it sounded like a very strange request, but at that moment I would have done anything for Ben. He could have asked me for a kidney and it would have been his."

Selene sighed.

"He kissed his way down my stomach, over my bush and down between my legs. I was completely spent after the sex but it was enjoyable never the less. He spread my labia..."

"Pussy lips. Sorry Selene, but you talk like a fucking gynecologist..."

"... pussy lips, and proceeded lick me. When he hit my clitoris it turned out to be much more than merely enjoyable. I was hyper sensitive after my orgasm and the sudden touch of his tongue on my naked nerves felt like flashes of electricity. I hardly had time to realize what was happening before my second orgasm crashed into me like a freight train. It was so powerful I lost myself for a while."

She closed her eyes for a second.

"It took several minutes before I was capable of coherent thought again. Ben was still between my legs and I reached down and ruffled his hair. His head just rolled limply to the side. I sat up in a state of panic."

Owen was silent.

"He didn't move. I kept shaking him and screaming for him to wake up, to not leave me. I guess I kinda lost it because the next thing I recall was a paramedic tending to me while a police officer was waiting in the background. I asked for Ben. The paramedic just shook his head."

"Ben had bought the farm?"

"Yes he was dead. Heart failure. My poor Ben. A wonderful guy who left a life that he loved long before his time because of me. A little piece of me died that day."

Selene hid her head in her hands a took a moment to compose herself.

"I was forced to realize that my worst fears were all true. For some reason my orgasm was lethal to everybody else in the room, except for the person having his pe... cock inside me. And the orgasms I had when causing somebody's death were immensely powerful, which of course made me feel even worse. I felt like I had robbed innocent people of their lives for my own pleasure. Something wonderful had turned into an ugly nightmare in my mind."

"That's fucked up Selene. I'm so sorry."

"I just wanted to go completely celibate, and for a while I did. But I am a very sexual person and it was an impossible situation. After waking up orgasming from an erotic dream I realized that I needed to come up with a different solution. I could not risk going off spontaneously like that. Somebody could have been near and gotten him or herself killed. I had to remain in total control at all times; even when sleeping."

"In control of your dreams? That was seriously your plan?"

"Not as impossible as it sounds Owen," Selene smiled despite her somber mood.

"I just had to keep myself sexually satisfied so I would not have naughty dreams anymore. And of course always ensure that I was alone when doing it. That worked fine for almost a year, until I met Dex."

"Another lover?"

"Very much so, yes. THE lover in fact. We were not sexual for months though, which lead to me getting more and more scared. Every kiss got me excited and I wanted him so bad. A few times I was afraid that I might orgasm just from making out with him and I realized that I needed to have him in a safe way before my body took control and caused another tragedy."

Owen nodded.

"So we made love. It was wonderful and nothing went wrong. I explained to Dex that the thought of a man putting his finger or tongue anywhere near my vag... pussy was disgusting to me. No foreplay; I only wanted vaginal sex. I knew that was the only way of keeping him safe."

"Sounds like you found a compromise then."

"Yes it worked for us. To be honest I missed foreplay a lot, but I simply could not risk it. Dex had no problem of course. He loved to be able to just climb on, plunge in and get started. What man would not?"

"Hey! Just for the record: Some of us men actually DO love to eat pussy."

"I know," Selene said. "But in general you guys get ready much faster than us girls. In any case it worked well for Dex and me. We made love every day, sometimes more than once, and I always felt satisfied. Over time our love grew and eventually we married. We were happy and I finally felt as if I had a future."

"I'm afraid I can almost guess what's coming."

"Trust me, you cannot Owen. Whatever terrible thing you imagine, the truth is much worse."

Owen said nothing. What could he possibly say to something like that?

"This Christmas we were invited to my parents house. Dex grew up in an orphanage and was alone apart from a sister he had not seen for years, so he was very excited by the prospect of having Christmas with a large family. Our six month old daughter Lori was still too small to appreciate most of the things happening around her, but my parents were crazy about her of course, so she got a lot of attention."

Owen could tell that she was setting up the scene for something bad.

"We were seated at the large table doing Christmas dinner when a loud crash sounded from the living room. My dad got up but before he could do anything four masked men armed with guns came running into the dining room. One of them – obviously the leader – told us to remain calm. They were going to rob us and leave. They weren't here to hurt anybody, but they would not hesitate to use extreme violence if we forced them to."

"Did you resist?"

"Nobody did. They claimed that they just waned our valuables, and stuff can be replaced. Nothing in the house was worth the risk of anybody's life, so we did what we were told and remained seated while two of them looted my parents home. The other two kept us under guard. I noticed that one of the men – the one that spoke – kept eyeing me."

"Which proves that he had good taste," Owen tried in a lame attempt at levity.

"Well I wished his tastes had gone in a different direction. But I could practically feel his desire and for reasons I still do not understand my body responded. I think he felt it too. This was evidently a predator - a man who was used to take what he wanted - and he had me at gunpoint. So I was not surprised when he told his partner cover for him while he had his way with me. I believe the expression he used was 'gonna bang that bitch'."

She grimaced.

"He pulled me out of my chair and brutally threw me on the floor. I was wearing a dress so he had easy access; only a set of panties to remove. I screamed and fought but he was strong and determined. I never stood a chance. In less that a minute he had his hands where only my husband was allowed and laughed when he felt my soaking wetness. My body wanted him badly and he knew it. I could only see his eyes, but they were wide with desire and raw need. At that point I still clinged to the hope that it would be over quickly, before something I beyond my control was set in motion."

"But then he unzipped and freed his... cock and I knew we were in serious trouble. It was the kind of cock that will send most women into orbit really fast."

"A huge cock?" Owen asked with fascination.

"Jesus Owen! You men are so focused on inches," Selene sighed. "No, it was actually about the same length as my husbands. But it was much wider and that is what truly counts. Having something go in deep is not exciting; it only hurts. But a cock that can really spread you out and make you feel totally filled will get you off quite efficiently."

"I assume you still fought back?"

"Did I ever! But it was an unfair fight. He taped my hands together behind my back and forced himself between my legs. The man must have been over two hundred pounds and I'm barely half that. There was little I could do. I watched that huge thing slowly but inexorably moving closer to my vag... pussy, and my fighting only seemed to excite him. The head of his cock was dark purple and clear liquid dripped from the tip. My body was screaming for it to impale me, but I was screaming for him to stop and let me go."

"What about your husband?"

"Poor Dex was taped to his chair and had a gun against the back of his head. Yet he was still yelling curses at them, as was my dad. They were both so brave, but the two other robbers had joined us so we now had a total of three armed men in the room. What could my family do beyond cursing?"

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