tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNephew Chris becomes Niece Chrissie

Nephew Chris becomes Niece Chrissie



"Okay Sara just slow down and tell me again what happened," Jake instructed his older sister over the telephone.

"It's our son Chris. Henry and I came home early and found him having sex in the family room," Sara blurted out.

"Okay I understand that. Chris is 18 years old so other than doing in your house it was consensual. Why are you so upset?" Jake asked.

"Oh my God Jake, he was having sex with two other men. They were older than Chris but they were still young," Sara sobbed into the phone.

"Are you telling me that Chris is gay?" Tell me what the three boys were doing when you found them," Jake asked now more curious than alarmed.

"Oh Jake it was humiliating. One of the boys had his penis in Chris' bottom and the other boy had his penis in Chris' mouth," Sara admitted and then added, "Henry went absolutely wild with anger."

Jake felt his cock stir in his pants when he envisioned Chris sucking a cock and getting fucked at the same time. Jake had seen Chris last year and he thought that Chris seemed a bit effeminate. Now those suspicions were confirmed and he was anxious to learn more.

"How can I help you Sara?" Jake asked.

"Henry threw Chris out of the house and he has no where to stay. I'm worried about him," Sara revealed.

"Are you sure there is no chance that Henry will change his mind?"

"Not a chance, he is still furious and he told Chris that he never wanted to see him again."

"Where is Chris now?"

"I gave him some money for a motel but it is not enough for him to stay there more than a few nights. What can I do Jake?"

"Tell Chris to come and stay with me until everything is sorted out. Do you have enough money for train fare?"

"Yes I can give him money for the train. Thank you so much Jake!" Sara exclaimed.

Jake thought to himself, "Don't thank me yet sis. You have no idea what I have planned for my nephew." Then Jake instructed his sister to have Chris call him when he knew what train he would be on.

Sara thanked Jake over and over again and then they hung up. Jake thought about his nephew coming to stay with him. He was already picturing Chris in bed on all fours while he drilled his nephew's curvy ass. Jake remembered from last year that Chris had a good looking ass. Chris already resembled a girl as he had fair flawless and hairless skin and Jake would have fun completing that transformation. Jake had always wanted a ladyboy of his own and now he would have one. Chris his nephew would become Chrissie his niece.


Jake Hastings was a 30 year old divorcee. His marriage had been a disaster and he had no interest in getting remarried. He dated sparingly and he was quick to drop a woman who either didn't sleep with him or started talking about a commitment. Jake often thought about his best Army buddy Carl who had decided to keep a ladyboy around for sex. Carl and Jake had been stationed in Paris together where they had encountered female impersonators and lady boys. Jake liked the fact that the ladyboys looked like girls and that they always took it in the ass.

Jake preferred anal sex as his first choice, oral sex second and vaginal sex last. Jake was not big into eating pussy and he certainly wasn't into sucking cock or getting fucked. Jake didn't mind giving a ladyboy a reach around while he fucked him but that was as far as he went. Jake hadn't seen Carl in a few years but he still had his phone number. Jake decided that he would give Carl a call later after he worked out and showered.

Jake had his own exercise equipment at home and he worked out regularly. He was also an avid skier and scuba diver. At 6'2" and 190 pounds, Jake was a picture of fitness. He was a handsome dude and many people wondered why he had not remarried. Jake had light brown hair, hazel eyes and he was also well endowed. At least he was content with his 8" long cock that was just over 5" around when fully erect.

Jake was a successful businessman as a manufactures representative. He liked the freedom of being self-employed and he loved to travel. Jake would travel for weeks sometimes months at a time both for business and for pleasure. He currently lived in the foothills of Colorado where he was close to the airport and the mountains. His home sat up high on a bluff and it was secluded and private. Jake worked out for almost two hours then he showered and sat down to call Carl.

Chris Jennings had just received word from his mother about moving in with his uncle Jake. Chris liked Jake as he was a god looking rugged guy. Chris had often fantasized about having sex with his uncle but he didn't dare let on about his feelings. Now he was seated on the train as it rumbled toward Denver and he thought about what the future might hold for him.

As he dozed on and off during the train ride, Chris thought about what had happened to get him to this point in his life.

Chris and his two friends Kyle and Bruce had been hanging out and hooking up together all summer since Chris graduated from high school. Chris had met Kyle and Bruce on a canoe trip and they shared the same tent together. It didn't take Kyle and Bruce long to figure out Chris and the three of them were soon having sex every night in the tent. Then that one Saturday Chris' parents were supposed to be gone all day so he invited Kyle and Bruce over to the house.

Chris could still hear his father screaming obscenities when he walked in the house and got the three of them having sex in the family room. Chris was sucking on Bruce's cock while Kyle was fucking Chris in the ass. There was no mistake about what was going on and Chris' parents were mortified. Bruce and Kyle scrambled to get their clothes on and get out of the house while Chris' father was ranting. Then Chris was ordered out and his mother snuck him some money to stay at a motel. Now as Chris traveled to his Uncle Jake's place, he wondered how much detail his mother went into with his uncle.

Chris woke from his slumber when he heard the conductor call out. "Denver, next stop Denver, this is the last stop."


"Carl, how are you?" Jake snorted when Carl answered the phone.

"Jake is that you? Well I'll be damned. What are you up to?" Carl replied.

"I thought that I'd give you a call and see how you were doing and who you were doing?" Jake laughed

"Hey, I'm glad you called. I got me a new ladyboy. Cute little fucker, he's Asian," Carl revealed and then asked, "What about you, what are you doing for action these days?"

"That's why I called. My nephew is coming to live with me and I am thinking about making him my niece," Jake admitted.

Jake then went on to tell the whole story as his sister had told it. Jake then described Chris to Carl. Chris was about 5'6" and weighed about 130 pounds. He was very effeminate with a nice curvy ass and shapely legs. Chris had long wavy brown hair but his skin was hairless and flawless. Carl listened intently to Jake's description and then he spoke.

"Jake he sounds perfect. A great candidate to become a ladyboy," Carl confirmed.

"I wanted to ask you how I should go about it," Jake asked.

"Hey the best way is to go over to France for about a month if you can afford the time. If not you can come out here to San Francisco and I can set you up with the right people. France would be better though and I can set you up with my contacts in St. Tropez," Carl offered.

"I can go to France and it would be fun to be on the Riviera again. What's all involved?" Jake questioned.

"Well you will get him started on female hormones. In time he will develop breasts and his body hair will diminish but you are already ahead of the game since he doesn't have much. Let his hair grown and set him up with a stylist. I'll call Maurice for you. He runs a finishing school for transsexuals. After three or four weeks there he will come home as a girl, of course you can be fucking him all that time too," Carla spelled out.

"Sounds like a great plan, when can you set it up for me?" Jake asked.

"I'll call as soon as we hang up and get back to you," Carl replied.

"Thanks buddy!" Jake concluded.

"Hey no problem and when you get back call me. Let's plan to get together and have some fun with the ladyboys," Carl said signing off.

The wheels were in motion and Jake then headed to the Denver train station to greet his nephew Chris. Jake arrived at the station minutes before the train pulled in. He waited by the departure gate and then he spotted Chris who had nothing with him but the clothes on his back. Chris smiled when he saw his handsome uncle. Jake looked at the pretty teenager and felt his cock stir in his pants at the thought of fucking his nephew later. Chris hugged his uncle and he was surprised when he was sure that he felt Jake's stiff cock against his thigh.

"Welcome to Colorado," Jake said warmly.

"Thanks, I'm glad to be here and I'm looking forward to staying with you," Chris said nervously.

Jake then led Chris to the parking lot and minutes later they were off to the secluded home of Jake. Once they arrived at the house, Jake showed Chris to his room and then let him settle in.

"Take a shower if you want. Dinner won't be ready for another hour. Tomorrow we'll go shopping and get you some clothes," Jake said.

Chris nodded and then he decided to take a shower. Jake waited until Chris was undressed and he looked in on him in the bathroom just before Chris got in the shower. "Nice ass," Jake thought to himself and he was already looking forward to fucking Chris later.

They had dinner that night and Chris thought it was cool that his uncle let him have wine with his dinner. Over dinner Jake broke the news that they would be leaving for France in a few weeks but he did not tell Chris why. Chris was thrilled with the opportunity to travel and Jake said they would apply for Chris' passport tomorrow as well.

Later they adjourned to the family room and Jake poured his nephew a night cap. Chris had never had an after dinner drink and he loved it. In fact he had two more before it was time to go to bed. Chris was a little light headed from the wine and the Frangelica liquor but he was in a very relaxed state. He was more than surprised when his uncle came to his room that night to talk with him. Jake ended up giving Chris a massage to relax him and Chris succumbed to his uncle's seduction.

"You seem a little tense and your skin is dry. I'll put some oil on you and give you a massage," Jake told him.

Jake rubbed massage oil into his nephew's back and shoulders. Then he worked over Chris' legs and Chris was embarrassed as he got an erection from the touch of his uncle's hands. Chris was surprised but he didn't object when Uncle Jake pulled his shorts down and off his legs. Chris pressed his erection into the mattress so that his uncle wouldn't see how turned on he was. Chris groaned when his uncle massaged the oil onto his buttocks and then he gasped aloud when his uncle inserted a finger into his asshole. Jake kept massaging his nephew's ass and fingering his asshole until he couldn't wait any longer to fuck his nephew.

"I have been thinking about this all day ever since I saw your hot ass get off the train. Your mother told me about your friends so I know that you like to get fucked," Jake whispered.

Jake knelt on the bed and pushed his own bottoms down to his knees. He lifted Chris' shapely ass into the air and eased his oily cock into his nephew's ass. Jake slid in easily which was testimony that Chris was very experienced in anal sex. Chris grunted a little as he was surprised with the size of his uncle's cock. It was clearly the largest cock that had been in his ass. Chris, not sure what to say, remained speechless and he let his uncle have his way.

Jake fucked his nephew slowly in an attempt to prolong his ejaculation and savor every second that his cock was buried in the shapely ass. Chris groaned as his uncle fucked him slowly and then he ejaculated without even having touched his cock Chris clenched his sphincter muscles when he came which increased the tightness around his uncle's cock. Jake then lost it and shot a barrage of cum deep into his nephew's rectum. Jake left his cock in his nephew's ass and remarkably he stayed hard, Jake continued fucking his nephew until he came again. This time Jake reached around and stroked his nephew's cock. Chris came twice again in his uncle's hand before Jake filled his ass a second time. Jake liked giving Chris a reach around and he referred to Chris' smaller cock as his clit.

Jake would take his time with Chris as he didn't want to scare him with his plan to convert him to a ladyboy. He would explain in due time that Chris was destined to become Chrissie at least while he was in Jake's house. Jake left Chris alone in bed and Chris lay there thinking that he was probably going to enjoy his stay with his Uncle Jake. Chris now knew that his mother had told Jake everything which is probably why Jake knew that he could fuck his nephew. Chris was thrilled that Jake liked him and as he thought about his uncle, Chris fell into a deep sleep.

Uncle Jake was back in the morning and he fucked Chris again in bed. "We're going to have a lot of fun together," Jake whispered in Chris' ear as he fucked him.

Then he took Chris into the shower and soaped his body. Jake then fucked Chris' ass in the shower as he gave him another reach around. Uncle Jake liked watching Chris shoot and seeing his cum bounce off the shower wall. Then Jake filled Chris' ass with his seed one more time. Later when they were cleaned up and dressed, they sat around the breakfast table and Uncle Jake told Chris about his experiences with the ladyboys in Paris and San Francisco. He told Chris that he would like his nephew to become his ladyboy while they were in the house. Chris was intrigued by the idea and somewhat curious about wearing women's clothing. Uncle Jake was convinced that his nephew would become a perfect ladyboy.


As promised Jake took Chris to apply for a passport which Jake asked to be expedited and paid the additional fee. Then Jake took Chris shopping and they purchased both men's and women's clothes for Chris to wear. Jake also picked up the female hormones that Carl had suggested. Chris' training to become a ladyboy would begin that very day. When they returned home later that day Chris began taking the female hormones. Jake also had Chris model some the ladies clothing they had bought that day. Uncle Jake had picked out all sorts of outfits for his nephew. Chris wore girl's panties and he actually liked the feel of them.

Over the next several weeks Chris would only wear girl's clothes in the house. When they went out he was allowed to wear boy's clothes. Chris' hair got longer and Jake also made Chris put on lipstick and makeup at home. One of Jake's favorite things to do was fuck Chris in the ass when he was dressed in a girls' outfit. First Chris would drop to his knees and suck his uncle's cock before his uncle fucked him. Jake would then have Chris get on all fours and then he would flip the skirt up over Chris' back. Jake would caress his nephew's panty covered ass and then lower the panties to Chris' knees. Jake then would grease his cock and Chris' ass and then slide his big dick into his nephew's ass. Jake would fuck Chris in the ass until he flooded it with his seed. Jake loved to cum in his nephew's ass.

Jake would have Chris wear different outfits although his favorite was a private school girl's uniform. Other girl's clothes that Chris wore included a tennis outfit, a cheerleader outfit and a black mini cocktail dress. When Chris wore the cocktail dress he also wore thigh high hose with elastic tops. Chris would often check himself out in the mirror as he wore one of the outfits and he was surprised how much he looked like a girl. It was actually a little scary because there was really no way to know until his panties were removed and his cock was visible.

Chris enjoyed his role with his uncle but he dearly missed having his cock sucked and fucking another ass. Chris hoped that he would be able to meet some gay guys soon. Then Jake came home with the news. Chris' passport had arrived and Jake booked the trip to Provence France. Chris was thrilled as he was now sure that he would meet some gay French boys on the trip. It was 10 days before they left and Jake fucked Chris every day. Some days Chris sucked Jake's cock and swallowed his uncle's cum. Chris liked playing with his uncle's big dick and he would stroke it and suck it for hours on end.

The day arrived for the trip to France and they left for the airport. They flew from Denver to Philadelphia to Paris. From Paris they took the bullet train to Marseilles. They flew business class and on the flight from Philadelphia Chris learned about the mile high club when he sucked his uncle's cock in the lavatory. When they arrived in Marseilles they took a taxi to a hotel in Cote D'Azur. Chris was looking forward to the clothing optional beach and meeting young French boys. That night they had a lovely dinner and then Jake fucked Chris back in the room before they retired for the night.

"That's enough for one day," Jake said tiredly, "You have a busy day tomorrow."


It was Monday morning when Jake woke Chris up with a "Good Morning," fuck. Then they had a light breakfast and waited for Maurice in the lobby of the hotel. Jake spotted Maurice as soon as he entered the hotel. Carl description had been accurate and Maurice made no pretense about his sexual orientation. Jake stood up and waved to Maurice who then sauntered over to where he and Chris were seated.

"Oh you must be Jake and this must be Chrissie," Maurice said holding out his hand in a greeting and then said to Chris, "Stand up and let me have a look at you."

Chris stood up and Maurice looked him over. Chris was nervous as Maurice spun him around and checked him out. Maurice ran his hand over Chris' ass and remarked, "Very nice." Then Maurice fluffed Chris' hair and said, "Oh we must do something with this. I will schedule and appointment with Renee for later in the week."

"I think that we have everything ready Jake. Have a good day, Chrissie will be in good hands with me this week," Maurice said.

"Am I coming back here today?" Chris asked nervously.

"No you will be with Maurice all week and you will stay at his place. Next week you will be making daily trips with Maurice and you will be with me each night," Jake confirmed.

"But I don't have anything with me. All my clothes are in the hotel room," Chris said sounding scared.

"Relax, Maurice has everything you need for this week," Jake assured his nephew.

"Come along, time is wasting," Maurice said and then he led Chris out of the hotel.

Chris was bewildered and confused but he knew that his uncle had set this up and that he had to go along with it. He wondered what was in store for him. Would he have sex with Maurice? Would he have sex with other French boys? Would he finally have someone suck his cock or would he get to fuck someone? A million thoughts and questions ran through Chris' mind as he was driven to Maurice's finishing school.

About an hour later the car pulled into a courtyard and Maurice escorted Chris into a building where he would spend the next week. Maurice would begin the preparation for Chris' new life as Chrissie. Maurice showed Chris around the building and pointed out where Chris would sleep, eat and train. Then Maurice began the training. Chris would first have to learn how to walk, stand, sit and behave like a girl. He already had some effeminate mannerisms so that was a benefit. By the time Maurice was done with Chris, he would indeed look and feel like a girl.

Jake would not be idle during the week as he took advantage of the clothing optional beaches and managed to bed a few women during the week. Jake was very impressed with the quality of French women who frequented the beaches. Although they were for the most part unapproachable on the beach they were receptive to dinner invitations. Jake was a physical specimen and the French ladies liked his fitness. He managed to have a different date for five evenings. Jake then took it easy on Sunday as he knew that Chris would be returning as Chrissie after a week of training.

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