tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNero and Star: Revised

Nero and Star: Revised

byHarold Masters©

Nero let his eyes glide across the strippers, his beer slowly sweating in the warmth of the seedy bar. The extra creds in his pocket felt heavy... an illusion but one he was comfortable with. He was out for an afternoon's delight with a stripper. Now came the difficult selection process.

This was his favorite bar. The Casbah. As sleazy strip clubs went, it was a good one. Which meant it was as clean as it could be given the drug habits of the strippers who worked there. Some were outright hooking, but management tended to turn a blind eye... so long as they got their cut if the slitch was stupid enough to bring a John inside for a beer or a dance... or more in the VIP. The strippers were not the best looking bunch as a whole. A few naturally beautiful women floated through from time to time, but they never stayed long. Most were only average looking. The ones whom everyone knew were the skanks.

Coming in the mornings had its advantages. The lack of flesh selection was compensated by the woman's willingness to "do more" for the customer. NOPD presence was monitored more easily in the daytime, and the bartender/pseudo-pimp had an easy time watching for unusual activity. There were also fewer tourists looking to sprawl by fragging a sleazy stripper. A few... but not enough to warrant anything more than rogue-casual attire. It was also the time when management often did its little sweeps. Which meant he, as a local, got his face known. Management knew him well enough to simply ignore his presence, which made his frequent trips to the bathroom to toke up totally non-issues.

Four strippers. Two black... two white. A recent policy change ordered by the owner. One person, Jax, was obviously not in the city; two of the strippers were slender things. Normal policy put the ugly fat chicks on day shift with the good looking, sickly thin addicts working the nights. One of the black strippers, a well-built woman with a silver tongue stud, sauntered from the back area. Her private dance over, the mark quickly made his way to the bathroom. Nero chuckled as he looked at the glass opening onto the dance area. He tilted his nose slightly and sniffed. As the stripper walked by he smelled more stripper funk than normal. A small smile pulled at his lips. She noticed, and Nero rode it.

It wasn't long before the black stripper... he's asked for her stage name and gotten, and promptly forgotten, it... was seated next to him. The idle prater was more for the bartender than for either of them. It was window dressing and everyone knew it. The playful red glow behind his rich brown eyes signaled his willingness to get more than just a beer. The stripper let him give her a back rub, which Nero was more than adept at doing. Skillful hands teased her arousal to near dangerous peaks. But she just couldn't let go; Nero sensed the stripper in her grind down as she tried to hustle him into the back. The bartender, a very normal looking white male, noticed the blue frost in his eyes. Only a momentary flicker of sadness passed through his eyes as he walked over to the bathroom for some reason. When the stripper rose to go to the bathroom Nero left, casually tipping one of the white strippers.

* * * *

Bourbon was not quite packed, but there were just enough people to give credence to watching ones step. The hustlers were just beginning to show their faces... along with a more subtle increase in police presence. Nero strutted down the sidewalk, quietly humming a trance tune as his eyes took in the small details he always found interesting. An older gentleman, wife at his side, let his eyes flirt over the doorway to a fancy strip club. His wife was equally subtle in her attentions to a very well built Latino youth. A cop executed a perfect "I'd rather be dead" look. Chances favored the truth at 50/50... plus or minus your current cred balance. His destination was between Chartres and Royal. Another bar owned by the same people, but a drekload sleazier.

The Gryndir was well known for having some of the easiest lays in the strip club industry. They would also hire anyone willing to strip or hook. It was an open secret; they got raided on a regular basis. Just enough busts happened to keep management honest... or as honest as ANY Big Sleazy strip club can get.

His gaydar pinged the instant he stepped across the threshold. His eyes quickly scanned the assembled strippers, more than he expected on a Friday afternoon. He spotted the two near the front door instantly. They LOOKED like cheap whores. They also had a drekload of script dangling from their garters. Both were anorexic and showed track marks on their arms. Nero shook his head slightly, then walked to the bar. One glance at the bartender confirmed his ping. She was gay. Handy, especially since he thought she was cute.

Nero asked for and received a beer, then sat down. The bartender asked if he wanted company, to which Nero gave an almost comical non-answer. As he intended, the bartender walked over to the three girls sitting at the far end of the bar. Speaking to one... Nero was pleased to see his guess was right, and worried about why his gaydar jingled instead of giving him a solid ping... Nero smiled as the very cute woman walked over to him.

The conversation began with standard stripper talk. Name. Where he was from. Why he was in the Big Sleazy. Yada yada yada. Nero answered the questions truthfully; being a short-term local had benefits he'd learned to exploit his first few weeks in the city. It wasn't long before the talk drifted to drugs. She was very much a naturalist. Weed and shrooms, which she had not experienced. Weed was her favorite... and he had a new glass spoon and a small but ample supply of good cheap weed.

He allowed himself to be talked into buying her a bottle. Creds weren't the hitch; he had a feeling that his "dance" was going to be the stuff of cook lore. Banging a stripper in the strip club. His first experience. And not undeserved; he'd been a good little boy almost since his arrival. Tame by any sprawl's standards, his adventures were mostly confined to watching others make hoops out of themselves.

She went by Star. Dark hair. Athletic features. Full blooded Sicilian if her words were chip truth. Intelligent. Funny. Laid back. Exactly the type Nero wanted to flirt with. And maybe more. She was also big-boned. Firm thighs. Nero agreed, but only if they could smoke themselves silly before, during and after their "dance." She readily agreed, handling the paperwork with the bartender, who confirmed her sexual status with her wife/husband. And still his gaydar jingled.

His eyes slid over one particular stripper. From floor to lips she was stunning. Long... very long legs gave way to a shapely bottom and waist. Her breasts were small, but not overly so. ABOVE the lips, it was easy to see that this was a transsexual. A special woman. His mind twitched; it knew that term.

* * * *

Two bowls later, they were both stoned. Star moved more fluidly. Nero let the Beast take control... and was surprised that is was actually feeling... amused. Not until Nero's head was inches away from Star's cunt that he got his first clue. The smell was certainly not feminine. It was neutral. Too neutral. Unnaturally neutral. He took a hand and stroked the crotch... the slight bulge and lack of a wet entrance told the tale. He'd picked a transsexual.

It was not something he'd planned for. It was also not something he thought about too much. It was a three party system in spades and he was just looking for a blowjob. Most "men" would think it was too close to homosexual sex. Yet Star considered herself a woman. Was apparently going through the full treatment. And she was cute enough to get past his acute natural instincts.

He didn't stop.... exactly.

* * * *

Star's eyes widened. She'd hoped he wouldn't freak. He didn't react when she dropped her hints about her true nature. He was hell bent on getting a stripper into the back. She needed the creds. He was local and a repeat customer. Keeping him happy was her job. Yet there was this... coolness... she found enticing. He was just looking for a good time. No commitment. No drama. Just a good time with a beautiful, witty woman. In a strip club, but at least he still dreamed. Most of her clients came in with the wide-eyed glare all tourists have and try desperately to mask with false bravado.

When he proceeded to finger her asshole through her g-string and harness, Star let herself be taken over by the surprisingly pleasurable sensations. Nero was bent on making her cum. He'd said something to that effect during their conversations; she was glad his words matched his actions. He snarled just as she did, only his sounds were more... real. She DID enjoy what he was doing, but HE seemed to savor the entire moment... and every moment before and after. Primal. Untamed by human emotions. She had to admonish him not to leave hickeys... even as she wanted them.

He was good. Very good. He also adhered to his word. "I don't leave a woman unsatisfied." Her own orgasm threatened to shatter her drugged mind. Her own Beast growled, the sound rumbling through the darkened back room. His reaction, caught through narrowed eyelids, was almost comical. He knew... he just didn't care. Her hands gripped his neck as his tongue danced wickedly over her breasts. She let herself go... as much as possible given the thin walls... and hissed as her orgasm ripped through her body. And still he kept on, sliding a second finger into her asshole. She stopped him, the fury of the first orgasm still present in her shaking body.

"Hold on... I can't take another one..."

* * * *

Nero grinned proudly. Even stoned he knew that this was more than just idle stripper talk after a faked orgasm. Granted... he did not have a wet pussy to confirm her statement. Both being stoned and more than a bit tipsy did not help clarify things. But his gut said she was telling the truth. Her hand sliding seductively over his crotch was also proof. IT lacked the standard stripper come-on. Her face, still more feminine than masculine, rippled with pleasure.

"Are you allowed to touch me?" he asked innocently. Thankful for his natural affinity for the shadows, he cast a long look at the blocked door. She smiled and reached for his crotch.

He expected her to stop him when he went for his belt. She did. He nodded; he'd always wondered just how a guy was supposed to get dressed in a hurry when a raid came through. Star fished out his cock, her eyes gliding over the shadowed member. Just enough light illuminated him, giving it an almost phantasmal form. Yet he knew she saw only what she wanted to see... a hard male member that she'd brought to life.

Nero sat down, willing his body to relax even more. His senses opened, taking in the entire club. The bartender and her husband. The other strippers. Every move was carefully monitored. Star knelt between his legs, her dark hair clearly visible in the darkness of the room. Then... he waited.

* * * *

The Beast snarled as Star swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock. Not since the Great Betrayal had it been so totally relaxed and satisfied. It was still uncertain about her motives, but her actions were clearly understood. She wanted Nero to cum. The Beast chuckled; Nero lasted longer than most.

Star's technique was very good. Not perfect; the Beast longed to feel her tongue washing Nero's balls. She did use her hands, but not to bring him off quickly. She wanted to bring him close. Close to Oblivion's Edge. A predator, she devoured his cock, letting the sensations of her swallowing throat massage the turgid member beating within it. One hand ran up his chest as Nero played with her breasts.

It was the slow, patient stalk of a true predator. Nero's nostrils flared slightly as he let himself experience the blowjob. The Beast found it curious to watch the young black man experience something normal society would consider perverse. A cold and calculating mind felt Star's seductive ministrations even as he played with her breasts. Most curious, the Beast could not sense anything but pleasure. None of the expected vile bile from the reality of his actions. Which was good; the young man was beginning to accept things for what they truly were and put the superficial outer trapping in their proper place. He was indeed a worth host, and would one day join the Pack.

"Gonna cum for me?" Star asked. Her eyes danced playfully, with only the smallest hint of the Hustle behind them.

* * * *

Nero was suddenly alive. It was a Moment, something he'd heard about but thought only existed for those few that have magic in their veins. He knew what he wanted right then: he was going to cum in a stripper's mouth. Nothing else mattered. Not this life. Not his career. Not even the physical attributes of Star. He grabbed his cock, slightly wet from her oral attentions, and began to jack off. Not the powerful strokes before orgasm... he only wanted to speed up the inevitable. And give Star another orgasm.

She stopped him. Nero growled softly, upset at being denied the opportunity to give pleasure, but continued. A false pulse roared through him and Nero let Star feel the power of his impending release, surprised that she actually responded immediately. Her mouth was on him instantly, sucking hard and fast. Nero closed his eyes, relaxing until the false surge was little more than a ghost. Still she sucked, jacking his girth as she sucked on the tip, flicking her tongue across his piss slit.

She was good. Already he could feel the coming storm of his own orgasm. The anticipation built slowly, like the warm/frost morning of a great battle. His lips snarled slightly as he prepared to experience the end.

* * * *

The Beast's eyes snapped open, right into focus. Star's black hair bobbing frantically on Nero's cock. The faint red glow of the bar lights sifted through the deep shadows of the private room. Everything else was moot. No danger, no alarm. Nero grabbed Star by the back of her head and fucked her mouth savagely. It was a truly impressive sight. The young man let himself go completely. His orgasm grew to truly mythical status, drawing from an infinite supply of primal energy. His voice came as guttural utterances... that Star seemed to clearly understand. The Beast chuckled softly; her dual nature must have had certain advantages.

Then, with a silent roar of triumph, Nero came.

* * * *

It was amazing. The young man had more than an ample supply of male seed, and it tasted sweeter than the customary salty male flavor she was expecting. And the force of his explosion rippled through her body, energizing her. She could almost be ready for Nero to pleasure her. Almost; her body was still in shock from the magnitude of his previous attentions. And if what she felt was real, he was just getting started.

She did not swallow; it would have been too personal. Also... too unprofessional. Aside from the whole disease thing, she just didn't know him well enough to swallow his sperm. Then there was the sheer volume of sperm. Somehow she knew it wasn't just because of neglect.

Star rose and spat out his sperm in the napkin she'd brought into the room.

* * * *

Nero struggled to gather the strands of his mind as his body shuddered through the aftermath. His eyes caught sight of Star as she spat out his seed. He chuckled inwardly; he was disease free, but her actions would not prevent a serious virus from claiming her. Opening what little pieces of his mind had formed into a cohesive unit on her, he found a rather odd combination of professional stripper, hooker, and that faint glimmer of humanity he found so attractive.

In reality, he expected a woman. He got one... in mind if not in body. She knew full well where the episode would lead and still went through with it. Perhaps it was in her nature. Perhaps she just decided to trust him. Whatever the reason she'd given him a blowjob better than the Disappointer had. Eighteen months in the Big Sleazy and she had been the best oral sex giver in his existence... until his little episode with a transsexual. Star was indeed a woman, regardless of physical attributes. THAT is what he liked about her. He wondered if he would ever do it again, and found the Beast not opposed to another session. He knew the line... and had seen the single band of gold around her finger. She'd mentioned an ex-husband, but the ring was there. Somehow this did not bother his sense of honor. After all... he'd paid for it in an establishment where that was nearly the norm.

"Cuddle?" he asked. The bright glow in Star's eyes signaled her willingness.

He held her tenderly, basking in the combined afterglow. Nothing filled his mind. No problems. No stress. Good sex and weed. Toss in a few beers... It was a moment of calm in his recent storm. As they rose to leave he wondered just how much, if any, he would tell Ogun.

* * * *


I had a feeling that Nero had done something. His movements were cool and easy. He walked with a slight swagger. His words were definitely fueled by weed... and good memories. He'd just gotten over and no one else in the kitchen knew. I placed a call to a chummer I'd had watching his movements.

"What's biz?"

"Your chummer Nero? He's a freak, Ogun. Got blown by a transsexual in the Gryndir."


"She's clean. Anything else? This slag's a bore, chummer."

"I know, but he may be Pack before too long."

"Ah. Think I'll step up things then."

The connection died.


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