The hustle and bustle of everyday travels and business were hard. Two souls lost in a never ending battle between finding the "one" and corporate hypocrisy. Long, lonely business trips had him worn down. And her it was the added stress of all her long-time friends already having that person in their lives along with her own small business. That was all until they finally decided to have a long deserved night to themselves. They had never met before tonight.

He had entered this quiet blues bar, looking to be stress-free for once in his adult life. She appeared and he was immediately drawn to her as she walked in the door. She came here, hoping for the chance to meet someone like never seen before. Little did she know, he was already there. He approached her and spoke not a word, just simply taking her by the hand. He led her to the dance floor, and slowly began to show her a good time. As they went through the songs, they shared small talk, mainly speaking with the other of times long gone and stress of everyday banter. As they reached a slower pace, they retreated to the table he originally had. A shared drink and small appetizer begin to bring them closer together. A new song now plays and she leads him out to the floor.

He began to press his hips against her while she ground to the beat. Her eyes began to rage with lust. His glazed over in blind ecstasy. She could tell by the growing sensation between them this dance wasn't going to last long. She took him by his belt and headed for the door. Outside they softly kiss. Desire swelling in her like an uncontrollable wildfire. Slowly easing her hand into his pants, she waves in a taxi with the other. They give the address, and are pleasantly surprised as the same building is called home.

They arrive and enter the elevator, and she presses him against the back wall forgetting to hit her floor. He slowly reaches around and presses for his. The front door to his abode appears simple and quaint. Once inside she realizes this man of mystery is much more than meets the eye. All around her are photos of travels worldwide. Not one with another woman. Pasted on the walls are talismans of his searches, and medallions of struggle and victory. Each, she knows, had a great adventure and story behind them. He tells her to make herself at home and steps out of sight. She wonders to what she will do for his next adventure. He silently re-enters the room and finds her admiring his priceless items.

She turns around and is startled to see him standing with a sly grin. She begins to undress and ask how he wants his adventure. He steps toward her and presses his finger to her lips. Grasping hers hand, he stops her from fully disrobing. She appears puzzled, but allows him to do as he desires for her. He slowly begins to kiss her neck, softly rubbing her back with his fingertips. Slowly moving his hand to her shoulder, he gently slides her dress strap off the side. He kisses. Slowly working back to her other side, he does the same. Her dress is caught on her ample breasts. He reaches around to find a small zipper, and her outer wear falls to the floor revealing soft black satin lingerie.

She slips her hand under his tightly fitting shirt and rubs against his core. She pauses as she begins to remove it from his body, and gazes into his eyes. He finishes removing his shirt and begins to unbuckle his belt. She grabs his hand as if to say, "This is my job". Slowly removing his belt and unbuttoning his pants, he begins to rub her back and shoulders again. His pants hit the floor.

She pushes him onto the couch, and sits straddling him. The passionately kiss, like two lovers meeting after ages apart. He works his hands up and down her back, softly removing the hooks on her satin attire. She leans back, and he fully removes her top. Her breasts are perfect, all natural. He pulls her back to him and takes her nipple in to his mouth. She slowly begins to grind her hips against him, feeling him grow between her legs. He stands up with her still wrapped around him and kneels on the floor. Working his way back and forth from one breast to the other, he pays careful attention not to give one more pleasure than the other.

Slowly he begins to work down the rest of her body. Reaching her thighs, he kisses and places his hands behind her small round ass. Grasping the back of her panties, he slowly begins to shimmy them off but not to go to fast. He removes her last layer of man-made barricade and leans back in. Softly beginning to kiss the inside of each leg, he slowly works his way to her sweet love box. Wrapping his arm around her leg he begins to lick her soft clit. His tongue sending chills of ecstasy up her spine. She had never had pleasure like this before. With one hand she reaches up and begins to caress her own breast, while slowly grinding her hips in his face. She places her other hand on top of his head and he knows he is driving her wild.

Her grinding has become faster paced. Her legs begin to lock. She quivers hard, reaching a climax while he reaches his tongue in further. She squeals and he is still going. She wonders, "What kind of man have I just met?" His eyes are gazing up at her, never moving from her nether region. She softly caresses his head just as she is forced into another climax. This time his tongue comes out allowing more of her sweet juice to pour out in front of him. She goes limp, not ever having reached such a pleasure without the use of her toys and imagination.

She forces him onto his back, and removes the dark blue boxers miraculously remained on this entire time. He stands up and she turns him around placing him back onto the couch. Again she straddles him, this time softly guiding in his stiff rod. She groans from width of his pride fitting her like a glove. Grinding her hips, she leans back and places her hands on his legs. This time it's her turn to return the favor. He is slowly pumping his hips trying to keep time with her grind. They are in sync, and he begins to feel his explosion arise. He doesn't want this to end so soon. He quickly rises to his feet, and placed her on her back. Back on top, she guides him in. His hips are at a steady pace. She wraps her legs around him and her grinding is once again coming to a faster pace. She quickly tenses her whole body, as another orgasm surges through her.

Back onto the couch she falls and rapidly moving she gets on her knees. He mounts her from behind driving his cock deeper into her throbbing pussy with every trust. He reaches around with one arm and grasps her breast as it is forced back and forth under his momentum. She arches her back and begins to rub her clit for a higher sensation. Again he feels his explosion oncoming. But she knows and is prepared. She grabs him not going to let him spoil it for himself. She begins to grind harder and faster against him, trying to allow him ultimate ecstasy. He grabs her hips once again and drives in one last, deep, hard time. They both explode. He fills every nook and cranny inside her and she leaves his cock hurting from her climax.

Still inside her, they both collapse to the floor. She can still feel him hard inside, releasing his load. She tells him to sit up. She rises to her knees in the floor facing him. Taking is cock into her mouth, she doesn't want anything wasted. She quickly works him dry and back to a full erection. While she continuously works him, he places his hand on the back of her head. He feels his load preparing for another burst. He tenses and explodes into her mouth. She rises and wipes the cream on her breast with the head of his prick. She goes back down to ensure that all is gone, not wanting to leave him loaded for no reason.

She moves up to his side and wraps her arms around him. He places his arm around her and softly caresses her skin. Both are exhausted. She asks if she should leave. And his reply has her full of joy. A simple, "Never."

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