tagRomanceNever Again Ch. 03 Pt. 01

Never Again Ch. 03 Pt. 01


Layna laid there on the couch, her eyes sparkling as she looked up at me. It was about 6:30pm. She had a date in a half-hour: Her best friend Jason. Needless to say, I was jealous and worried. Yes it was my daughter that I had touched, loved, seen but she had become more of a woman since the first time and I couldn't get enough.

I was worried, but then I thought, they are best friends. If one of them wanted to date each other it would have been years ago. And I would have known about it...right?

Layna sat up on the couch and grabbed her clothes.

"I gotta go get ready," she said. She gave me a soft kiss on the check and hurried upstairs.

There come on the couch so I put a towel over it and headed to the laundry room to put on some clean clothes.

Just as I was pulling up my pants I heard a knock on the door.

I heard the knock from upstairs just as I was slipping on my shirt. Calmly, I opened my door and headed downstairs.

I noticed Jason looking at my well, everything. I couldn't have felt more sexy.

"So where do you guys plan to go?" My dad asked coolly.

" The movies, sir."

"Can you have her back before one?"

I thought, "It won't take me five hours to blow his fucking mind."

"Yes sir, I can."


Dad hugged me and slightly pinched my ass. God, it was never enough.

"Bye honey and have fun."

"I will Dad," I said sweetly.

I walked passed Jason and said quietly, "I will."

As I walked toward the door I began to feel badly. Jason is my best friend and all I could think about was taking his cock inside of me.

I began to get nervous as I walked to his car. Jason was everything I ever wanted in a man. I could always tell him how I felt or what was going on in my life. How could I tell him that I was my father who had deflowered me?

For about ten minutes it was quiet in the car. I wasn't sure what to say. I was embarrassed, horny, but most of all I was excited because the boy I had loved for so long had finally shown that he at least liked me.

"Jason, I was wondering if we could just go to the park." "Sure, anything you want Layna-lee." I couldn't believe it. He knew my full first name.

Jason and I have been friends since Kindergarten. He and I would always hang out. He'd come over to my house and we'd play video games or I would go over to his house and we'd watch Disney movies.

Our favorite movie was The Lion King. He was Simba and I was Nala. I remember one time that we had watched the movie, we were both 13 and his father and mother had went on the back porch to smoke. It was the scene with the "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" song. Jason put his arm around me and he looked into my eyes and told me that he loved me. I looked at him and I said it back. He slowly reached up and touched my cheek and pulled me in to kiss me, but then his mother came in. "JASON! No, not in my house. Separate you two!" We did but, we did not pay attention to the rest of the movie. We just starred at each other. I realize now that I really do love him.

As I looked at him, I studied his body. I wonder why, after so long had he finally asked me out. I didn't even think that he liked me that way. After five years, I figured his love for me had faded.

We arrived at the park and I climbed out of the car to meet him standing there with his hand outstretched to me. I stood up and tripped over my left foot (I am so clumsy) and fell into his arms. I could feel his heart pounding. His body was so warm and welcoming. We stayed like that for a few minutes before he coughed and stood back.

He grabbed and held my hand as we walked over to the swings.

"Layna, I have noticed a sudden,"he paused as if to find the right words, "change in you."

I lowered my head and felt his eyes studying my body language.

He stopped and lifted my head.

"Layna, I am your best friend. You can tell me anything."

"This is really hard for me. Let's go sit in the grass."

We walked a few more feet and plopped down on the ground. I let out a deep sigh.

"Jason, I am not a virgin anymore and-"

"Layna, if you think that I won't love you because of that, you're wrong."

My heart began to pound. I was sure that he could almost hear it screaming.

"It's not that. I-. Four days ago, my dad picked me up from school."

"Really? That's great! He's normally not able to see you much. I bet you guys had a lot of fun that day."

"Well, you remember that morning I got splashed with muddy water from a Corvette that was doing well over the speed limit,"he nodded, "I came home and my dad asked me to take my clothes off so that he could wash them."

It almost seemed as if he knew what I was about to say, but I continued.

"I told him that I would go upstairs and change into something and bring the clothes back down, and he demanded that I take them all off in front of him."

"You're father fucking raped you?!"


"I'll fucking kill him!"

"Jason, listen. He touched me and he made me...come and I liked it. One thing led to another and we fucked."

Jason was silent and looked at the ground.

"The next day, when I was at school, I didn't talk to you or anyone because I was embarrassed and-and horny."

Jason still looked at the ground.

"He teased me when I got home and I-I-I raped him."

Jason looked at me with tears in his eyes.

"Did you two fuck before I got there? Is that why I couldn't sit on the couch?!"

"Yes. We don't even have a dog, Jason."

"What about Ke-"

"He ran away about two years ago."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't think you cared. We haven't hung out at each other's house since your-"

"I meant about your dad. Everyone has been talking about you. Saying you're a slut now. Just by the way you dress."

"Jason, I'm sorry I-"

"Look don't cry,"he wiped a tear from my face, "I have a confession to make."

He stood up and grabbed my hand.

"Let's go to the car and talk. It's quiet."

We walked to the car hand in hand and he opened the door for me. My heart was pounding and I started to cry. I felt like a slut. Even then, after confessing that my father and I had been fucking I was still wet. I was still hot and bothered. I still needed completeness.

Jason sat down and closed his door.

"Layna, I'm not a virgin anymore either."

I looked at him.

"Yeah, I thought you had sex with Jenna?"

"No, I broke up with her because I realized that I couldn't possibly be in love with her. I was saving my first time for you and only you."

More tears streamed down my face.

"Then who did you have sex with?"

He took a deep breath and he started to shake and cry.

"When I got home today my mom was drinking and she grabbed my dick. She began to apologize and cry. I put her to bed. She started kissing my neck and-and-the shower and-oh my God-"

He was fully crying now. I saw that he was hurting. He gripped my hand as if to say, "Save me. I am such a sick bastard. Complete me."

I believed( though it was well passed the time) it was time to let him know how I felt. To let him know that what my father and I had done meant nothing and that-

"Jason, I love you. I am sorry that it took me so long to say it. I am sorry that I let my father do that to me. But, we have to move on from this. As long as we have each other...I mean, we can get through this."

"Layna, I could have controlled myself. You were scared. You didn't know what he would to you."

I gave him my "come on, really" look.

"Jason, I raped my fucking father. I could have stopped just as easily as you could have."

We stared into each other's eyes. We both felt sorry for ourselves.

I breathed in and let out a sigh.

"Hey, how much money do you have?"

"About a hundred," he said wiping tears from his beautiful brown eyes, " Why?"

"Jason, you've seen the change. I --can't go back. I wanted to be with you tonight. I-"

I wanted him to save me from what I had become. It seemed as if he knew that already.

"We'll get a room and spend the night."

I smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

"Can I use your cell please?"

He handed me his phone and I called my father to tell him that I was going to stay at my friend's house for the night. He bought it.

We talked as friends as we drove. It really felt good to tell him the truth. I felt a little like myself again.

We pulled up at a Holliday Inn, bought our room and went inside.

"I am going to go take a shower. I will be back in ten."

I walked into the bathroom and began to run the shower water. As I stepped in, I welcomed the scalding hot water on my skin. It was like a punishment.

Layna walked into the bathroom and I sat on the bed. It cradled me as if to say, "Everything will be okay," but I felt sick. How could I enjoy fucking my mom? I enjoyed her sighs, her moans, her body, and the way she screamed my name. As I thought of this, I felt dizzy. I laid my head down on the pillows. They were so soft and comforting. As I became more comfortable, I thought of Layna. Within the last few hours the old Layna, my best friend, had returned to me. She was so beautiful. Her honesty, her voice, her tears, her body...I started to get hard.

"Oh no," I whispered.

I found my right hand unzipping my pants and lifting my shirt. I couldn't help it. Layna made me feel so comfortable, so right and right then, so fucking horny. But I didn't intend for us to just make love that night.

I stroked my dick slowly and thought of Layna's smile and how sexy she would look naked and ready. Then, I closed my eyes and visualized her kissing me and touching me just the way I like it.

I started to go faster and I know that I would come soon. I had to. She couldn't see me like that.

"Layna," I whispered, "Suck my dick. Yeah just like that. Fuck me Layna. Please. Oh my God. Ride me. Oh Layna. Layna. I- I love you. Layna. I'M GONNA-"


My dick erupted so violently at the sight of her. I came on my stomach still violently stroking and looking dead into Layna's eyes. She made me so bad.

She was standing there wet, naked, watching me come all over myself, calling her name. I couldn't stop.


"I'm sorry-"

"Jason," she walked over to me: Her breasts bouncing with every graceful step she took," I love you. I have always loved you. I promise you this."

She leaned in to kiss me and I hesitated a moment before I pulled her luscious lips to mine. Every taste, every touch...it was like Heaven crashed into me. I hoped the Pearly Gates were open. I prayed for her to let me in.

Her tongue swam around my mouth like a fish and I felt tears streaming down her face. She pulled off my shirt, pants and boxers and starred at me. I was starting to think that she was scared.

"Jason, please. Make love to me. Show me that what I did was nothing like the real thing. Please show me."

I wiped her tears, stood up and lifted her by her ass. It was so plump and soft: So...perfect.

I laid her down and kissed every inch of her soft, silky body. My body trembled and my hands were shaking. Her fingers were entwined with mine. I noticed she was shaking too.

My lips brushed her neck and my tongue made a trail straight to her right nipple. I softly licked and caressed each breast. She let out sweet sighs and I was hard once more.

"Jason, taste me. Finger me. Play with me please."

I did what she said. I kissed her pelvic bone and followed it down to her swollen clit. I kissed it lightly making her jump and sigh in agony.

I spread her legs a little wider and sat up to see her beautiful pussy. It was dripping with clear beautiful liquid and I wanted it: On me, in me, everywhere.

"Jason, don't look at it. It probably looks-"

"Layna, it looks like...your first time."

It was perfect. It looked as if she'd never had sex. As if it was all mine. And I felt that it was.

I lowered my face to her pussy and tasted the sweetest nectar I have ever tasted. Her cries made me feel as if I was the only one who had ever touched her this way.

I slid one finger inside her warm place.

She grasped my finger with each thrust I made.

"Jason, harder, please."

Her begging made my dick strain, but I kept pleasing her. Her hips rocked as I swept my tongue over her clit. I wanted her to come hard enough to make her beg for me to be inside her.

I stopped for a moment and she looked confused. I smiled and kissed her thighs again.

I wasn't sure what he had planned. My father never touched me so delicately.

All of a sudden, Jason slid two fingers inside of me. With the other hand he pushed down on my pelvis pushing my g-spot onto the tips of his fingers. I cried out his name as his lips sucked my swollen clit and his finger quickly vibrated inside of me. I fell into complete ecstasy.

Layna's cries for me made me feel as if I would come again. Just the thought of me being the only one that could make her complete satisfied me so.

She started bucking and rocking. She was close.

"Jason, yes, Jason!"

Layna had tears in her eyes. I could tell they were from pleasure. Suddenly she let out a cry that sounded like a million angels singing. Her stomach tightened, and I could tell she was confused.

"Jason, I have to-"

"That's not it. Hold on to me."

I think she thought that she had to pee. That wasn't it at all. I was about to make her have the greatest orgasm of all time.

She dug her nails into my shoulders and I could tell that she trusted me. She closed her eyes, called my name and the next thing I knew, I was covered in her sweet, sweet juices.

"Jason, I-oh,"

She was shaking so I held her. It looked as if she was free falling from Earth to Heaven, but still looked embarrassed.


"Jason, I am sorry, I told you I had to-"

"It seems I know more about your body than you do. Would you like that same orgasm or better?"

She looked at me as if to ask, "There's better?!"

I grabbed her hand and motioned her to get off the bed.

I turned her around and instantly she bent over.

"No stand up."

She did.

"Are you ready, Layna?"

"Yes. Please. Give me all of you."

Slowly, I pushed my dick inside her. It was wet, soft, warm and tight. Tighter than I expected her to be. It was like I was the first.

I eased my way in making sure that I was hitting her G-spot. I could care less if I came. I wanted her to feel like a queen.

"Right there Jason."

I went faster and I had her moaning, "More, I'm so close baby. Make me come. PLEASE."

And she was close. It was time to put the spin on her. I reached around her soft hip and found her clitoris. I began to play.

"You like that?"

"Oh, Jason I love that. More ah-"

"You like it when I fuck you don't you?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

"Come for me Layna. Please."

"Jason, OH MY GOD, I'm gonna ah-"

"Say it!"

"I'm gonna come, I'm coming, AH!"

I felt her pussy tighten around me. God it felt so good.

She fell forward and I turned her around.

I put one hand under her head and the other lifted her leg. I slipped inside her and she let out a sigh. She wrapped her legs around me pulling me as close as she could. I could feel her everything and it made me feel alive.

I pulled out. She looked confused.

I climbed on the bed and sat down with my knees bent.

"I want to be closer to you. Come here Layna."

I motioned for her sit on my lap.

As I slid down, I could feel every inch of him penetrating my soul. My legs were out behind him and I was so close to him that I could feel his heartbeat. God, whoever created the Lotus was a true romantic.

I rocked my hips in time with his. It had never felt as good as that moment right then.

"Jason, I-"

"I love you too. Layna I'm gonna come."

"Inside please. I need you."

It was about two in the morning and still I kept drinking. I had thoughts swirling through my head. What if he and Layna were together: Right then?! I hoped not.

More thoughts came up. What have I done? Nothing really wrong right? He wasn't my biological son. I had never had kids. I became worried.

I started to pace around the room. I needed to talk to someone. I thought to call Neil over.

I picked up the phone.

It rang: once twice-

"Hello?"he said.

I had forgotten how absolutely sexy his voice was.

"Neil, it's Marrissa."

"Hi. What's wrong you sound troubled."

"Can you come over please? I need someone to talk to."

"I'll be right over."

I hung up the phone. I was sort of nervous. I hadn't seen or talked to him in about 19 years, but it comforted me to know that he still cared.

Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door, I picked myself up off the couch to answer it.

"Hi, Neil."

He looked at me and didn't say a word. Then, he took me in his arms and kissed me like he had kissed me all those years ago.

"Now, what's wrong."

"Well, is Layna at home?"

"No, she is with one of her girlfriends."



I starred at the floor.

"Stupid question. I am sorry,"he said.

"I just don't think that they should date, you know?"

"I don't think they would do anything. They are just friends. I mean if they remotely liked each other, they would have dated years ago. Instead they act like-"

He starred at the ground.

"I can't believe..."

"It was easier for us wasn't it?"

When I said that, I burst into tears. How selfish could I, WE have been? Because of the way we parted, we didn't even consider-

"We should talk to them tomorrow when they get home."

The sun shown through the windows and reflected a blue light off of Layna's beautiful hair. I touched her cheek, ever so softly, waking her.

"We have to get ready, Layna."

She stretched.


She sat up and grabbed my hand to take me into the shower with her. We washed each other and threw soap bubbles. All the while we snuck in tiny kisses.

I took her home that morning and kissed her goodbye.

I noticed Dad was not home. Thinking he may have taken his cell phone I called it.

It rang once.


Three times.

Four...voice mail.

"What's up? This is Neil and obviously I don't want to talk to you or my phone is on silent. I'll get at you later. Leave a message."

My dad was such a kid.

I hung up the phone and immediately it rang.

I got to my house and was shocked at what I saw. Layna's dad and my mother were fucking on the floor in front of the couch!

"It's never enough for you is it?!"

Mom and Neil looked up.

"Jason, wait!"

There was no reason to shut my eyes. I've seen and felt her before.

"Jason look,"Neil said, "We need to talk."

Neil and my mother put on their clothes and sat down.

"Call Layna and let her know that you're coming to get her."

I grabbed my cell phone and called her.

"Layna, apparently our parents have to talk to us. I am coming to get you in a few minutes. I love you."

Mom and Neil looked at each other.

"I am going to get a shower. I will be back."

I walked upstairs to my room. I assumed that they were going to try to have the birds and the bees talk but both of them knew it was too late for that.

I went into my shower and turned the hot water on. It was so nice. I had a perfect night with Layna and now she was coming over. I felt I should look and feel my best.

I thought about her and holding her in my arms. Her scent was still on me...lilac. I covered my- self in body wash. Her scent and my scent mixed as the steam rose in the shower and made me hard. I couldn't stop. I wanted for the rest of my life to take her and hold her and tell her that I loved her more than anything.

I placed my left hand on the shower wall and the other on my dick. I stroked slow. I couldn't get her warm place out of my mind.

"Oh fuck yes. Layna make me come. Please. You're driving me insane."

My balls tightened and I was about to come, but I stopped.

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