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Never Been Caught


~Author's Note: This will be the start of a series focusing on our hero, provided you like it enough to give it good reviews. I live off of feedback, praise and constructive criticism, so if you enjoy the story please let me know via comments. Even if you didn't, let me know why not. I appreciate any and all comments, but please be kind and use proper grammar. I write in my spare time, and I like to think that I do a good job of it, but this is my first attempt at erotic fiction. If enough positive feedback arises from this submission, there will be more, both in this storyline and others, I promise.

With that, I'll let you get to reading. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!~


"Just stay still, and I won't have to hurt you!" Damnit, this woman wiggled more than that trophy bass I caught last year. If she'd just keep still, I'd-

"Ungh!" I winced, my eyebrows furrowing as my face turned sour. Oh, it was on now. The little bitch had somehow managed to twist around just enough to bring her knee up into my crotch. Luckily for my future children's, well, future, I'd caught her just in time to turn myself away a bit and not catch the full force of her blow. But she was going to regret that one. I adjusted my grip around her waist, my arms still holding hers firmly to her sides, and managed to get one of my arms free without freeing hers.

I reached across with my now mobile right hand and grabbed her left breast firmly, squeezing hard, until she stopped moving and squealed in pain. She hammed it up a bit, I thought. I leaned in a little closer to whisper in her ear, remembering the name on her ID tag, "Now then, Tiphanie, I'm going to say this once, and only once; keep still or you will get hurt."

Now, I hadn't been raised to hurt women, and I wasn't about to seriously harm her, but she sure as hell didn't have to know that. I tried to sound as cold and heartless as I could. It must have worked, because as I relaxed my grip on what I began to notice was a very well-formed and firm breast, she stayed motionless, with only a quiet whimper. If I didn't know better, I'd think she was a little bit aroused. I know I was.

Now that I had her calmed down a bit, I began to wonder just how I was going to get out of this pickle. Who would have thought I, Jack Rastle, who had never blown a job in fifteen years, would be holed up in a gas station with the cashier girl for a hostage, trying to figure out how the hell to get out alive and free. I didn't have much time to think, though, because as soon as the girl noticed that I wasn't paying as much attention to her anymore, she headbutted me in the mouth. Or tried to, as I jerked my head back and tightened my grip on her breast again when I felt her start to move.

With a frustrated whimper, she slumped a bit in my arms, but I didn't relax my grip on her breast this time, and instead started almost absentmindedly kneading the soft yet firm flesh. The girl moaned despondently, but then, as if remembering something, started struggling again. I squeezed harder, but to no avail. Damnit, she was strong, too. Quickly moving my hand from her tempting flesh, I grabbed her right wrist and twisted it around and up behind her back, pinning it between us. I lowered my voice to the most menacing growl I could muster.

"I said stop it. This is your last warning."

"Fuck you! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!" With that she broke down into wordless shouted curses, sobs wracking her light frame. I couldn't decide whether it was real or just her trying to fake me out, though, so I kept her wrist in a firm grip. Against my better judgment, my other hand wandered off her hip and down to her thigh, still pinning her left arm to her side. I started to gently caress her leg through her tight-fitting blue jeans, eliciting a hiccup-like sound from her that was halfway between a curse and a moan.

I kept up my gentle massage of her thigh, applying a bit more pressure now. Then I realized what I was doing, and shook myself mentally. Bad Jack. Supposed to be thinking of a way out of this, not a way into her. I looked around the back room we were ensconced in, or rather holed up in, and satisfied myself that there was nothing she could use to attack me with if I let her go, and no way for her to get to the door without me catching her. I leaned back in to speak in a slightly gentler tone into her hair.

"I'm going to let you go now, but if you try to pull anything, you're only going to get yourself hurt. See that chair there? I want you to go and sit in it, and stay there. Understand?"

She nodded, her sobs quieting. I was wary, but I released her, slowly. She turned to face me first, and stared into my eyes for a moment, or at least at my face, her eyes were hidden by her wild mane of auburn hair. I tried to look mean, but I probably failed miserably. My mother always said I had kind eyes. My girlfriends always said it was the long eyelashes, and hidden under them were hungry, sexual eyes, but then I always had horny girlfriends. That's why I picked them.

Then she punched me. Right in the mouth. I gotta give it to the girl, she had spirit. She punched me right in the mouth with a solid right hook, then turned around, walked to the chair and sat down, glaring at me as she nursed her sore knuckles. It hurt, but I took it like a man, and I couldn't help but grin at her audacity. I hid it quickly, though, and dabbed at my lips with the back of my hand, my hand coming away bloody.

I tried to hide the chuckle that welled up for no reason, but it wasn't agreeable, and almost broke free. I know I smirked a little, if not outright grinned. I mean, I had to admire the girl, she hadn't exactly pulled anything, per se; she'd punched it. And she had done what I told her to with no complaint. Besides, I deserved it. I'd have punched me too. Probably not much harder, either.

"What was that for?" Why did I even ask such a stupid question?

"Nobody grabs my tits without my permission."

Now that she was calmer, I could definitely detect that Texas accent in her voice. Not surprising, considering we were about thirty miles outside Texarcana. I didn't quite know what to make of her reply, though.

"Wait, so if I'd asked first, while your knee was getting friendly with my balls, I wouldn't have gotten punched?"

She hesitated for a moment before responding, gathering herself. "You come diving in here with a duffel bag full of money, bullets flying everywhere, grab me from behind the counter where I'm trying to enjoy my third read of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, pull me into the back before I can even take a breath, hold me like a damned hostage, and expect not to get kicked in the balls? Where the hell were you raised, Mars?!"

I swear, all I could think of for about a minute was: damn it all, she reads Douglas Adams? Call me a geek if you will, (actually don't, my gun is bigger than yours) but I'd read that series by the famous British author more times than I could count. My next words probably made her wonder if I was brain-dead as well as apparently suicidal, homicidal and maniacal.

"Wait- You read Douglas Adams?"

Sure enough, she looked at me like I was crazy. Rather, crazier than she'd already thought. Didn't say a word, just looked at me like I was the very definition of a headcase. Right. Better change the subject.

"Never mind. Do you have a cellphone?" I'd already spotted the land line, but I knew that by now that line would be covered by the FBI, if not several other agencies to boot. Fifteen years, and on a little easy job like this I get caught with my pants down. I was too good to go down like this, for crying out loud! She looked at me blankly for a minute, as if trying to remember whether she had one or not, then smirked.

"Yeah, but it's out front, in my purse."

Well, that was just perfect. I wasn't about to go back out there. They probably had a dozen snipers trained on the inside of this gas station by now, all just chomping at the bit to get a shot at the famous Jack Rastle.

"Shit! Shit shit shit shit shit!"

"Oh, don't be so dramatic about it. I'm sure you'd never feel a thing when the bullets burst your skull like a ripe watermelon, if you went back out there."

How nice of her, to provide me with another visual I really didn't need right now. Speaking of visuals, she sure was a vision sitting there in the low-backed office chair with her hands in her lap and her long reddish-auburn hair falling into her eyes, looking back at me with an expression that told me she was laughing at me on the inside. Hell, she was beautiful. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to kiss those full, cherry-red lips that were upturned in a smirk at my bad luck. I was going to do it, too.

I never was one for dwelling on the stressful stuff. If I was going to be carted away in cuffs and chains within the day, I was damn sure going to enjoy my last free hours. Provided a loose definition of free. I may have been trapped in the back room of a gas station with only a cashier that hated my guts for company, but the plus side of all this was that I was trapped in the back room of a gas station with a very attractive, spunky female cashier that looked really hot when she got angry.

"Did anybody ever tell you that you're really hot when you get angry?"

"I don't get angry often," she shot back. "Only when I'm held against my will, shot at, groped, and treated like a child!"

"Ah, well, that's nice to know. Tell you what, I won't treat you like a kid anymore."

She couldn't help but crack a grin at that. "So you're still going to keep me against my will and grope me, then?" she asked half-jokingly.

"Oh, it won't be against your will for long." I replied, quite seriously, but with a twinkle in my eye. I sensed that I might could get somewhere with this girl. She didn't say anything, but just looked at me, as if to say, so what are you waiting for? Well, I wasn't waiting for anything. If they were going to come busting in through the front doors and take me out, so be it, I was going out with a bang.

Seeing no reason to waste any more time, and seeing that she wasn't going to complain, I closed the short distance between us and grabbed her up into a rough kiss. She fought back briefly, struggling against the pressure of my hands on her shoulders, but quit when my tongue brushed against her lips, and parted them to slip through and find her own. With a throaty moan, she gave in and battled my tongue with hers, pushing back into my mouth.

My left hand slid down her shoulder and around to cup her right breast. I gently kneaded it before finding her hard nipple with my fingers and pulling, hard. She wasn't wearing a bra, as I had realized earlier. She squealed into my mouth, and her knee raised sharply, trying to connect with my crotch, but I just stepped back a bit, not breaking the kiss. Then I relaxed my hold on her nipple, going back to caressing the soft flesh before sliding over to the buttons of her thin shirt.

My fingers clumsily started to undo the buttons one by one while our tongues still battled, neither of us surfacing for breath. Frustrated by my slow progress, her hands joined mine at her front, pushing my fingers away before quickly unbuttoning the blouse herself. Her sure fingers made short work of the job, and soon my hand was inside her shirt. I cupped her firm titflesh in my palm, feeling the smooth warmth of her skin against my rough calluses.

She had to come up for air then, gasping loudly. Then she slapped me across the face.

"You forgot to ask for permission."

I grinned, "No I didn't. I want you mad."

"Well, you've got it," and with that she dragged me back further into the room, spun us around before I could protest, and slammed me up against the wall. Damnit if the girl wasn't taking charge. That wasn't exactly what I had in mind, though, and I promptly grabbed her tight, firm ass cheeks, pulled her hard up against me, spun right back around and slammed her back up against the wall. The breath shot out of her and she groaned aloud, but it quickly turned into a moan of pleasure as I dropped my head and took her nipple into my mouth, sucking hard and biting down lightly with my teeth.

Her hands came up to pull at my hair, but she couldn't make up her mind whether to push me off or hold me on. I brought my right hand up from cupping that deliciously firm ass to pull her shirt aside, providing access to her other breast. Switching between them, I left a wet trail across her chest and took her other swollen nipple between my teeth, tugging gently at the distended bud. Her hands pulled my head into her chest as she arched her back, pushing her nipple into my mouth.

Meanwhile, she threw a leg, her left, over my hip, and her right hand untangled itself from my hair and dropped to the belt of my khakis, hurriedly and expertly unfastening it, followed by the button and zipper. Her long nimble fingers reached in, only to be blocked by my boxer briefs. Growling in frustration, she headed back upwards to find the elastic band, then slid her hand in. Just before she could grasp my raging member, though, I pulled away.


"Ssshh, you'll see."

I dropped to my knees in front of her, her back still pushed up against the wall, and found the top button of her form-fitting jeans, making short work of it and her zipper. As she realized what I was doing, she shrugged out of her cotton shirt, tossing it aside and baring her torso totally. With a little effort, I managed to tug her jeans down to her knees, revealing her red lace thong to my hungry eyes. I paused for a moment to take in the gorgeous view, then pulled her hips closer so that I could place a soft kiss right on the large wet spot over her mound, adding to the sweet, salty moisture.

My tongue extended, and I made a single swipe up her lips through the wet front of the thong, getting a taste of her juices. Oh, they were heavenly. I carefully removed her sandals one at a time, then I looked up, waited until her eyes opened and met mine, then pulled her jeans the rest of the way down and off her feet, left then right. Permitting myself a horny grin, I held eye contact with her as I placed my lips back on her mound, feeling her lips quiver through her panties. Her eyes bored into mine with an intensity I'd not seen in ages, and I'm sure mine showed an equal heat.

Carefully grasping the thin straps that ran over her hips, I began to slowly, tortuously, pull the thong down over her mound. My eyes wandered to the front, to see what my work was unveiling. She was fully shaven, smoother than a baby's bottom, as the saying goes, with a small tattoo of a bleeding rose where most girls keep a landing strip. The wet fabric stuck to her sodden lips, and her scent overpowered my nostrils. It was the best thing I'd smelled in a long, long time. I needed that moistness like a junkie needs his next shot, like a starving man needs bread. This girl was horny as hell, and wetter than I'd ever seen a woman.

Finally the clinging fabric pulled away from her with a faint sucking noise, and the lacy panties quickly followed her jeans down her legs and off. I couldn't help but take a minute to admire her clean-shaven lips, glistening with moisture and just begging to be tasted. So taste them I did. I covered her mound with my mouth, my eyes once more locking with hers as her brilliant blue orbs widened in surprised pleasure. I let my tongue run over the outside of her lips, lapping up her juices, acquainting myself with her flavor.

I took my time, thoroughly exploring everything my tongue could reach on the outside, before I parted her outer folds and ventured inside. It wasn't hard, as her lips were swollen and ready. First I licked my way from the very bottom of her slit up to the top, running my tongue along the inside of her outer lips, up one side then back down the other. Her whole body shook, and her hands again found my head, this time for sure pulling me in tighter to her mound.

After repeating that a few times, I ventured further in, still reveling in her taste. It was sweet, salty, and a bit tangy, but I had never tasted anything more delicious. As I parted her inner lips, the thin, sensitive folds of skin and flesh quivering around my probing tongue, her knees almost gave out, and she moaned loudly. I licked her folds from the very bottom up, then ran the slick underside of my tongue back down, probing at the entrance of her vagina, savoring the heady flavor of her liquids.

I could get about a half-inch of my tongue past her entrance, and I put that half of an inch to good use, flicking and massaging her inner walls. By now she was moaning nonstop, and it was music to my ears. I licked back up inside her folds, found the little hardened nub at the top hiding beneath its hood, and flicked over it ever so lightly. Her hips bucked, thrusting her pelvis against my mouth, and she gave an especially high-pitched moan.

I grinned to myself, and did it again. Another jerk of her hips, another moan. Oh yeah, she liked that. I flicked my tongue over her clit once again, then focused on the area surrounding it, lavishing my attention upon every millimeter of flesh within an inch of that tiny nubbin, but never quite touching it again until I was ready to. I kept this up for several minutes, occasionally detouring down to her entrance when I felt her getting close, then back up to her clit once she backed off a bit.

Her moans grew higher and higher in pitch and volume, but I didn't let her come.. That was for later. At last I gave her one final lick across the hood of her clit, so light as to almost not touch her flesh at all, then stood up, my face dripping with her juices. She started to protest, then saw that I was taking my shirt off, pulling it over my head. I kicked my shoes off, then quickly shucked my pants, shoving my boxer briefs off with them. Then we just stood there, each admiring the other.

I've never been one to brag about my size, but I'd be lying if I said I'd never measured it. I'm an even eight inches long, and thick enough to be proportional and then some. It seemed to meet with her approval, because her eyes widened with hunger and she reached out a hand to wrap her long, soft fingers around my erection. She grinned, and pulled me closer, again raising her leg to wrap around my waist, then, using her firm grip on my steely cock, guided me to her hot, wet, ready opening.

I leaned in and pressed my mouth hungrily to hers, letting her taste herself on my lips and tongue. She shuddered, and I thought she'd climaxed right then and there for a second. Moaning desperately into my mouth, she rubbed the tip of my turgid erection against her pussy lips, her wetness running over my cock. Pushing my cock up against my stomach and gyrating her hips, she teased us both by sliding her lips over the base of my member while she rocked in place.

Only able to take so much of this, I grabbed her ass cheeks firmly, delighting in their taut flesh, and lifted her up just enough to comfortably meet the tip of my cock. She took the hint, and guided me inside. As I slid in just enough to get started, I realized just how tight she actually was. I relaxed my arms to let her slide slowly down, and at the same time pushed up with my hips, but it was still a struggle to get the head in past her constricting entrance.

Her arms were wrapped around my shoulders, holding on for dear life as I rocked my hips, first gently and then more forcefully, her hot, tight cunt pushing back at me. Despite how wet she was, the going wasn't easy. Finally the head popped in, and suddenly the rest followed, sliding in far easier now that the worst was over. Fully half of my cock was now bathed in that incredible wet, tight warmth. She gasped loudly into our kiss, her eyes wide as saucers. Then she grunted, squeaked, stiffened, and screamed as she came.

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