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Never Been Kissed


"Well, I've Never Been Kissed, Never Been Kissed, like this."

"CUT. Good job, everyone. That's a rap."

"THANK GOD. I'm REAL tired." The Australian walked off the set of her video and met with her director. "So, I was really good?"

"Yeah. You were wonderful. I know your nervous, because this is your first video. Just relax. Your doing fine."

"That's a relief. I just hope this video with be a HUGE success. I want my fans to eat up this vid."

"I don't see how they won't. This video is AWESOME. I'm not just saying that because I'm directing it, either."

"Anyhow. Have a great night." The curly-haired singer waved good-bye to him.

"You to."

Sherrie got in her car and drove the 10 minutes to her home. As she was about ready to unlocked the door, it opened by itself.

"Shit." she whispered. "What a way to end the week. A break-in." The singer grabbed mace from her purse and quietly entered. Before taking 2 steps inside, her assailant grabbed her wrists and flung her around.

"What the f...." She was silenced by the intruders lips. They were soft and wet.

The stranger put a hand around the woman and pulled her to ...HER? The perpetrator was a woman. If it was a man, the guy certainly had large breasts.

The singer noticed the attacker also had curly hair. The beauty couldn't quite make out her face, but she could tell she was white. Not that she cared about skin color.

Finally, the burglar, (or she assumed that's why the women came here,) put her tongue inside the star's mouth. The criminal put a hand on the scared singer's breasts and without mercy, squeezed it.

"UMPH." she said through the invader's lips. Why am I attracted to this vigilante? She didn't exactly know the answer, but was drawn to her lips.

Finally, the kiss broke. Speaking for the first time, the delinquent said, "Strip."

"Please. I'll do anything. But not that."

The other woman grabbed onto her hair and yanked it. "STRIP, BITCH."

Fearing for her life, the country newcomer grabbed her shoulder straps on her black silky dress and whisked it to the floor. The Aussie was GORGEOUS. Her body was slender with large jugs, a slim waist, and a GREAT ass.

The stranger seemed to like this part the best. She obviously thought Sherrie had curves in all the right places, because she smiled in approval. "Now, get on the floor."

The beauty from down under obliged, getting flat on her back.

"Now, slut. I'm gonna suck your pussy."

"Please. Eat me." she insisted, playing the game.

The intruder got on her stomach and popped her tongue into Sherrie's cunt.

"OH. YESSS. I LOVVE IT. she hissed, even grabbing the person's head and grinding her hips into the stranger. "I'M GONNA CUM ON YOUR DIRTY MOUTH."

The invader violently sucked the black-haired beauty with every thrust from her.

"OH, FUCK. NASTY WHORE. I'M CUMMING." The singer screamed as a huge mass of sticky filth erupted into the delinquent's mouth. "WOW! That was the best. Your great."

The other woman got up and sat on Sherrie's couch.

Puzzled, the Australian asked, "How on earth did you get in?"

"DUH. You ALWAYS put a spare key under the "Welcome" mat."

"How long were you here before I arrived?"

"Only a minute or 2."

Getting up, the singer gasped, "Well, thanks. I was SO stressed. I needed that."

"No problem. Sorry if I broke your wrist."

"You didn't grab me that hard. You just scared me a bit, even though I was expecting it." She kissed her "Burglar" a final time, watched as Chely Wright walked down the street, got inside her car and drove off.

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