tagLoving WivesNever Before

Never Before

byMr James©

Carole opened the door with her heart fluttering in her chest like a caged bird. She had started out the morning just as she did every other weekday. Her husband had left for work, paying her as little interest as usual. She had helped her son dress and driven him and his older sister to school. So far, her normal morning had ticked by, agonisingly slowly; totally ignorant of the mounting excitement she was feeling.

She heard the gentle tap on the door and, before Adrian could raise his hand to tap again, she had opened it and stepped back for him to come inside. He took hold of her hands and, as she tilted her head upwards, kissed her, gently and slowly. She opened her mouth and his tongue slipped inside, caressing her lips and touching the tip of her tongue.

"Tea? Coffee?" Carole asked, as she took his hand and led him into her kitchen.

Carole filled the kettle and switched it on, then turned back to face him, sliding into Adrian's arms. He kissed her again, holding her close and feeling the tremble that flooded her limbs as he flicked his tongue into her mouth and she sucked it deeper.

They broke their kiss, both breathless and Carole leaned against him. Adrian smiled into her eyes and gently stroked her back, pressing just hard enough for his caress to stimulate her, but not to tickle. Carole closed her eyes and luxuriated in the feel of his hands, touching her and exploring gently.

"I shouldn't be doing this." Carole murmured, as she tilted her head. Adrian just smiled and gently, but firmly, kissed her again. Carole opened her mouth under his and Adrian tasted the sweetness of her lips again.

"You know," said Adrian, I don't really want tea. Or coffee."

"Would you like something else, instead?" Carole asked, looking up at him from beneath her lashes.

"You." He replied.

Carole took his hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom. Closing the door, she turned and stepped into his arms, pressing herself against him and sliding her arms around his waist. Adrian kissed her mouth hungrily, his kisses moving slowly down her throat and behind her ear. Carole's grip tightened as she clung to him, feeling her knees weaken a little.

Adrian slid his hands under the sleeveless tee shirt Carole was wearing and spread his fingers over her smooth skin. Still kissing her deeply, he edged the material higher and higher until his fingertips were brushing the edge of her bra. Carole's fingers were plucking at his necktie, undoing the knot and then unfastening his collar button. Slowly she teased each shirt button undone and spread the crisp cotton, so that she could rest her hands against his warm chest. Adrian had pushed the cotton of her tee shirt higher and higher, so that now his hands were cupping her breasts through the smooth cups of her bra. Carole ducked her head and Adrian slipped the tee-shirt right off, then dropped his arms so that his shirt fell to the floor. Carole pressed herself closer to him and gently kissed his nipple, feeling it harden between her lips and hearing him groan very quietly.

Adrian reached behind her and unfastened the clasp of her bra, sliding it along her arms and gently freeing her breasts. She felt the warmth of his hands as Adrian cupped the bare skin and ran his thumbs over the tips of her nipples, like sweet swollen berries. She felt sparks of pleasure rip through her and her gasp stretched into a soft groan. Adrian pushed gently and Carole sat on the edge of the mattress. She plucked at Adrian's belt and quickly unfastened it, pulling the pants down to expose his bulging briefs. She ran her elegant fingers slowly over the bulge, tracing the outline of his swollen cock and feeling it jerk slightly as she caressed him.

Adrian reached down and slowly drew the zip of her jeans down, then helped her to her feet, so that the denim fell down to her ankles. The flimsy material of her panties barely concealed the smudge of dark hair that covered the tender lips of her pussy. Adrian pressed her down onto the bed and lay beside her. Carole relaxed as he gently kissed her lips as he ran his fingertips over the silky skin of her breasts. She murmured encouragement deep in her throat as he caressed her swollen nipple between his finger and thumb. His tongue seemed to dance against her lips and slip into her mouth like a breath of sweet air. She kissed him hungrily, as he drifted his hand lower, over the curve of her belly, touching the jewelled bar decorating her navel and then dipping lower, until the tips of his fingers pressed against the silky gauze of her panties.

Carole could feel herself getting wetter, as Adrian's fingers moved over the film of her panties. He pressed gently against the material and felt the neatly trimmed hair pressing against the material. He kissed her deeply and slid his hand under the material, his fingertips dipping easily into the wet opening of her pussy.

Carole reached down and slipped her fingers inside Adrian's briefs and circled them gently around his stiffening cock. She could feel the heat of his blood beneath the velvet skin and slowly began to stroke the hard shaft. His fingers slipped along the lips of her pussy, spreading her wetness and finding the juicy nub of her clit. She stiffened as he touched the pearl of her clit, twirling his fingertip around the base. They broke apart for a moment and both pushed their underclothes to the floor.

Lying naked side by side, Adrian and Carole reached for each other. Adrian slid his fingers along the tops of her thighs and slipped two fingers gently into Carole's pussy. He took her nipple between his lips and suckled slowly and gently. Carole arched her back, pushing her breast towards his mouth as she reached between them to stroke Adrian's cock. Her fingers curled around the base of his shaft and she stroked his length, feeling him swell and harden as a result of her caress.

"Carole, I want you to take me in your mouth and suck me." Adrian told her, firmly.

Carole just nodded and slid down his body until he could feel the warmth of her breath upon his hard cock. She tentatively opened her mouth and pressed her lips against the swollen head of his cock in a tender, loving kiss. Her tongue flickered out and lapped at the velvety glans, licking and moistening the purplish, swollen, knob.

Parting her lips, Carole slowly slid his cock into her mouth, her busy tongue caressing and teasing as she sucked on the hard shaft while it slipped deeper. Adrian gently worked his two fingers in and out of her pussy, probing her moist passage and spreading the spicy nectar over the tender, puffed up lips.

The tip of his little finger, moist from the wetness seeping out of her pussy, brushed the tight ring of Carole's asshole. Her mouth full of his cock, she moaned, the cries muffled by his hard shaft. Adrian pulled on her thigh, turning her until she straddled him, his cock in her mouth and her pussy almost touching his lips.

Adrian ran the tip of his tongue along the lips of her pussy, parting them so that the tip of his tongue could brush against her clit. Carole opened her mouth wider and swallowed, as the tip of his cock slipped into the back of her throat. She could barely breathe, but she carried on swallowing the head of his cock. Adrian desperately struggled to hold himself back as each swallow rippled a caress along his cock.

Carole pulled her head away and released his cock from between her lips. She could feel the caress from the tip of his tongue as he arrowed it into her dripping pussy. His hands stroked and caressed the taut skin of her bottom, gently, easing her cheeks apart and exposing her delicate, tight anus. The tips of his fingers, slick and slippery where he had worked them into her hot, wet, pussy brushed against the clenched ring of muscle. She gasped at his touch and slowly lowered her mouth onto his cock, surrendering completely to his caress.

Adrian lapped at Carole's pussy and slowly increased the pressure on his finger. He could feel tremors of excitement, making her muscles tremble beneath his caress, building in her belly. Suddenly, she lunged forward with her mouth, swallowing him right to the back of her throat and he seized the opportunity to press a little more firmly. She groaned around the mouthful of hard cock as Adrian's finger slid into her bottom, stretching her gently but relentlessly.

Carole's whole body shuddered and spasmed as he impaled her on his tongue and fingers. She gulped and sucked on his rigid cock until he thought that he had to cum in her mouth but, at the last moment, she released him.

"I want to feel you inside me," she gasped, "Did you bring anything?"

Adrian pointed to his discarded trousers and she reached over and pulled out a package of condoms. Tearing the packet open she placed one on the end of his cock and rolled the thin latex membrane over his erect cock. Adrian pushed gently and turned her onto her back, kneeling between her spread thighs. Reaching down, Adrian parted the lips of Carole's pussy with his fingers and pressed the tip of his cock into her hot, inviting opening.

Adrian could feel her hot pussy stretching and yielding as he pressed deeper into her. Carole pressed against the bed as she felt him filling her with his hard cock. A long, low, whimper escaped from her lips, as she felt Adrian's cock sliding into her tight pussy. She could feel him piercing her and sinking deeper into her yielding wetness.

Adrian felt the tight walls of Carole's wet pussy caressing the length of his cock. He pressed deeper, filling her as he slowly stretched her pussy until the tip of his hard cock was pressed against the mouth of her womb. Resting for a moment, he kissed the base of her throat, smiling gently against her fragrant skin. Carole arched her neck as she felt the sparks of pleasure racing through her body.

Adrian slowly moved inside her, sliding his cock almost all of the way out of her pussy then thrusting gently until she had his whole length buried in her warm wetness. Carole bucked beneath him, driving herself against his body and taking his hardness inside her. Her pussy spasmed in ripples against his cock and she opened her thighs wider, her hands around his waist, pulling him deeper into her.

"Oh god! Fuck me Adrian, fuck me!" Carole sobbed in his ear.

Adrian thrust harder, pressing Carole into the bed and pinning her with his cock. She writhed in pleasure as his cock stretched and filled her. Adrian could feel the heat of her pussy and thrust deeper into her body. Carole bent her knees and bucked under him as he thrust. They were straining against each other now, joined by his cock jammed deeply into her pussy. Carole felt him swell inside her and she felt the heat of his cum splashing into the condom. The jerking of his cock pushed her beyond all reason and she shuddered, her body wracked by the force of her cumming. Arching her body beneath him she clutched him to her as her pussy squeezed tight around his hard cock.

Panting they held each other as his cock softened and slid out of her tender pussy. Carole reached between them and grasped the case of his cock, sliding the full condom from the shaft. His cock was slick and sticky with the remnants of his cum and Carole smiled.

"Lie back, I've a special treat in mind." She whispered.

Adrian leaned back and relaxed as Carole slowly kissed her way down his belly, then nipped the skin on the inside of his thighs, very gently. As Adrian looked down the length of his body, watching Carole, she took the glistening head of his cock between her lips and slowly laved the head with her tongue, lapping the slippery coating into her mouth and swallowing , sipping at him as though his sperm were a fine, delicate wine.

Adrian felt the tightening of his balls and a last spurt, depositing the creamy droplets on her tongue, sprayed into Carole's mouth. Smiling she lifted her head and swallowed deeply, so that he could watch.

At last, glowing with the contented smile of a woman who had been reminded that she was beautiful and desirable, Carole slipped into his embrace.

"Can we do this again, next time Ken is away?" Carole asked, in a little-girl voice.

"Of course." Adrian replied, holding her a little closer, relishing every second before they had to return to their normal lives.

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