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Never Have I Ever Ch. 05


Author's note: I am ridiculously overwhelmed with all of the positive feedback that everyone has been giving me. Thank you all for your kind words! It helps to keep me going. You guys are amazing and I hope that you continue to enjoy the series as I write it. Please know that I am always open for suggestions. With a title like Never Have I Ever, it begs to be put to the test. I want Noah and Piper to have an adventurous relationship, so if you have any suggestions for their list of Nevers that they want to fulfill, whether they are sexual or mundane, please feel free to post them!




Noah's tongue was in my mouth. Again. His left hand cradled the back of my neck. My dress rode up my thighs as I straddled him, more or less pinning him to the corner of the L-shaped sofa. Even though I was on top of him, his movements dictated mine. My hair fell over one side of my shoulders and brushed against the side of his face as he carried on kissing me with abandon. His right hand found the back of my leg. He pulled me into him a little more as his fingers slid beneath the hem of my dress to my naked hip and then my ass. It drove the hardness behind the fabric of his pants in between my legs until it was near to grinding against my sex.

Then he pushed away from me, growling, "Stand up."

I kissed him hard one more time, but obeyed his demand. I had to. I agreed to this, after all. In a near whimper out of having to move away from him, I climbed off the couch to stand in the wide space between it and the coffee table.

He stayed in his position, relaxed against the couch, to look up at me. "I told you earlier I liked that dress on you. I have since decided I think I'd like it better on the floor. Take it off. Heels, as well."

I bent at my waist and unbuckled the straps of my high heels. I stepped out of them and placed them behind me. At first I tried to hesitate and play it shy while I took off the dress but, before I could fully do so, I was already pulling the zipper down on the side of the smooth black cloth. I lightly pushed the straps from my shoulders and the whole thing fell from my torso. I had to scoot out of it at my hips until it drifted to the floor.

With any other man I would have been able to hesitate. I would have been able to be coy and reserved and retain a specific amount of control over myself because the men I used to date were never direct. They never knew what they wanted or if it was all right to have it. If, by some miracle, they did know what they wanted then they certainly had no idea how to go about taking it. Noah was not like any other man I had ever met. All of my reservations fell away around him. My introvert retreated and I was left naked, literally as well as figuratively, as a canvas for him to paint to his desire.

He moved his finger in a circular motion, an un-spoken command to spin around. I turned slowly. My heart rate jumped a little. This was the first time he had seen me undressed in full light instead of the shadows of my apartment. I began to feel self-conscious about what he may consider to be flaws in me. Were my hips too wide? My skin too pale? Was the C cup size of my breasts too small or too large for his liking? All of the unspoken questions crept up on me.

"Good," he said. He held up his hand in a stop signal once I was facing him again. "Kneel with your legs apart."

I dropped down with as much grace as I could manage to my knees to minimize the impact of the hardwood floor. My legs were spread at an acute angle. I sat on the backs of my legs and I placed my hands on my thighs.

"Wider," he said. "Display everything to me like the slut you are."

I loved the way he said that word. I rocked a bit on my knees as they spread apart further. I could already tell I was once again dripping.

While I was perfectly aware of the plethora of possibilities when it came to a Dom and sub relationship, a looming knot tightened in my stomach at the newness of the experience. I understood the allure. I enjoyed the concept of being at the creative sexual mercy of an intelligent man. Under normal circumstances, however, I would never have agreed to something like this so soon after meeting anyone, but Noah held the confidence of a man who knew what he was doing. At least, that was the impression I got at the piano bar. Either way, I would never find out whether or not it was my cup of tea unless I gave it a shot. I reminded myself of my long list of Nevers to instill my own strange form of mental resolve.

"What are you going to do with me?" I asked.

"Nothing you can't handle, my dear. Stay there," he directed.

He got up from the couch, walked across the living room and to the sliding door of the bedroom on my right. I heard the gentle clatter of a drawer or a trunk, I was uncertain which. There was silence for several heavy beats before he emerged. A black riding crop was in his hand. I immediately tensed in both hope and fear of what he would use it for.

He walked back and stood in front of me. The tip of the riding crop reached under my chin. He pulled against gravity to move my head up so I was looking at him. I instinctively adjusted my posture accordingly.

"We have a lot to discuss, little one. First and foremost, while you are here you will always address me as Sir. No exceptions. I will address you as whatever I deem fit. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I said.

He smacked the riding crop against my cheek with a subtle flick of his wrist. It did not so much hurt as it served to bring me to full attention.

"Try again, slut."

"Yes, Sir, I understand."

"Better. I am not a violent man by nature. I would much rather give you pleasure than pain. However, if you fail in your duties you will be punished."

I had to admit that I really sort of liked the idea of a little the pain. He began to slowly circle me, tracing the crop along my bare skin as he spoke.

"Tonight you are mine. I own you. All of you. Your mouth, your flesh, your mind," he paused to smack the riding crop against my lower cheeks. "Your ass, your breasts, and of course," the riding crop slid between my legs to run along my clit and outer lips. I sucked in a breath and shifted a little as it rubbed against me. "Your luscious cunt. All of these things exist solely for my pleasure."

"Yes, Sir," I managed to quake out. The rush at the thought of being owned by him flashed through me.

"Ah, you like the crop on your wet cunt?"

I struggled to keep an even breath. "Yes, Sir, it feels wonderful."

He tapped it against my clit several times, each pat steadily increasing in force. He stopped for a moment then gave my clit one good, hard smack with it. I jerked and squeaked, trying to calm myself down.

He pulled the crop back and kept circling me. "You are to remain naked at all times unless I otherwise specify. I want you open and available to service me, and I like to look at beautiful things, especially when those beautiful things belong to me."

I am fair sure I actually blushed at that.

"You are to remain on your knees at all times unless I otherwise specify. You will do nothing without my permission, including reaching orgasm. That belongs to me too, my little fuck toy."

Oh God, I prayed I could hold out. The way he spoke made me so wet with anticipation I would need to fight the urge to come the instant he touched me.

He continued, "This is not to say I don't desire your input. If you have a suggestion you may say it respectfully and I will decide whether or not it's agreeable. I want you to ask questions if you have them. I can't teach you otherwise. And you will never raise your voice to me. Am I clear?"

Lists. I was good at lists. And rules. There were so many rules in math and science that they just felt natural being a part of my life. I could handle these, too.

"Crystal clear, Sir."

Noah knelt in front of me and cupped my face in his hand. His thumb brushed my skin gently as he looked into my eyes. He said, "Above all, remember this: You are safe here. I will never, ever put you in danger or give you more pain than I'm confident you can take, all right?"

"I like a little pain, Sir," I replied. My voice was thin and meek as I admitted it.

He smiled impishly and kissed me. "See? I told you that you were a natural, little slut."

"Thank you, Sir."

"You're welcome," he said.

He stood and re-took his seat in the corner of the couch, reclining his arms across the top. The riding crop dangled from his right hand in a loose grip. For a long moment he just watched me. Not a word fell between us until finally he curled his finger in the silent command to come to him.

It was a simple command. Easy. I could not possibly fuck up movement over such a small distance. Yet, I managed to anyway. I started to get up but, before I could even place one foot on the ground to stand, the riding crop whistled down onto the couch with a sharp THWACK.

"No! Did I say you could walk? Crawl to me!"

Startled, I returned to my previous position at once. Then I crawled on my hands and knees until I was in front of him at the couch between his legs. He reached out and secured my hair in his grip. I let out a small gasp at the force.

"Did we forget the rules already?" The riding crop smacked hard against my ass, three strikes on each cheek. "Since you need a reminder, you are to stay on your knees and you don't do anything unless I tell you to. Repeat!"

I strained against his hold, the sting of the riding crop fresh in my memory. "I stay on my knees at all times and don't do anything unless you allow it, Sir! I'm sorry, Sir."

"Are we going to forget any more rules?"

"No, Sir."

He relaxed against the couch again, but kept his hand at my face. His voice softened as he said, "Good. Last night we were a little wild. Tonight, I want you to willingly accept me." His fingers brushed against my lips. "Who does this mouth belong to?"

"It belongs to you, Sir."

"And would this mouth like to please its owner?"

My vision roamed to the hardness that distorted the fabric of his pants. "More than anything, Sir," I said.

"You may show me how talented that mouth is when it's not being forced, then."

A thrill whipped through me. I reached up to unbuckle his belt and threaded it open. The button and zipper came undone with ease. As I freed his cock from his pants, he brushed my hair out of the way. It looked larger now that we were in the fullness of light. Or maybe he was even more turned on than the previous night now that he had complete control over me. The head was almost purple in color, the shaft thick and rigid. Never have I ever been with a man as well endowed as he.

That was one more thing I could check off my list.

I rubbed my hand slowly up and down the length of his cock, taking my time to tease him a little just as he teased me all night up until now. I kissed the tip and flicked my tongue across the head to moisten it. When my lips wrapped around him he half sighed, half moaned his approval in one long breath. I adored that sound. My tongue circled around the head for a moment before I pulled him from my mouth to plant unhurried, damp kisses down the underside of his shaft. Once I reached the base, I licked up the same path I had gone down and took him back into the warm wetness behind my lips.

I sucked him down as deep as I could without choking, careful to avoid my teeth as best I was able. My tongue bathed his cock in saliva and I began bobbing my head up and down in long, slow movements on him. I felt his hand stroke my hair, so I looked up at him. Upon eye contact, he groaned and tilted his head back against the top of the couch. His eyes closed.

The feel of the smoothness of his cock began to electrify me. To me it was perfect in every way possible. I loved the small twitches, the rise and fall of his blood pressure, the heat and the hardness and, most of all; I loved that I could be the one to bring him such enjoyment.

Was this what it felt like to be his submissive? His slut? If he continued alternating between maintaining such soft and vicious touches with me then I might not only lose my body to him, but the rest of me as well. If the past two nights told me anything, it was that this was what I desired. This is what I needed.

This is what I deserved.

My strokes against him quickened. I tried to banish the air from my mouth enough to create suction around his cock. What I could not fit into my mouth, I attended with my hand, gripping the base of his shaft with the same amount of force as the suction in my mouth did.

His voice strained against his throat, "Stop."

I pulled my mouth from his cock and looked up at him. It had only been a few minutes; why was he stopping me?

"Did I do something wrong, Sir?"

"Not at all, my pet. You're doing very well so far. Anticipation is part of the pay-off. I want to relish in this as much as possible. And what fun would it be if I was the only one receiving attention tonight, hmm?"

I was not sure if it was a rhetorical question or not, but I would be lying if I said I hated the idea. For a moment I did not quite know how to respond. And then the answer just sort of settled into my mind.

"Your pleasure is my pleasure, Sir."

"Excellent response," he said. He ran his hand through my hair and continued, "We are going to test you tonight. You will be receiving some pain. If you are able to take what I give you then you will be rewarded with pleasure. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

He brought the riding crop down to my eye level and held it in both hands across his open palms as if he were presenting me with a trophy.

"Bite," he said.

I reached out and took the riding crop between my teeth. He released it. It rocked in my mouth for an instant until I was able to gain full control over my hold on it. It tasted of a mix of sweet and salty musk.

He pointed to the door he walked through before. "That is the bedroom. Go into it. There is a button on the far wall that will close the shades. Press it. Then climb onto the center of the bed, kneel, and wait for me. Can you do that, slut?"

I nodded and, through the leather in my mouth, managed to say, "Yes, Sir."

"Good. Please me in this."

Riding crop in my mouth, I backed away from him and crawled on my hands and knees across the hard wood floor of the living room and through the opened sliding door into the bedroom. The window was floor-to-ceiling just as in the living room and it covered an entire wall. It was sparsely decorated, with a wooden trunk—almost like a treasure chest—on the side of the wall nearest the door, two small night stands on either side of the king bed and what looked to be an original canvas of some abstract artwork over the headboard. Another sliding door was cracked open on the same wall the bed was pushed against. I could vaguely make out tile, leading me to believe it was the master bath.

I crawled around the foot of the bed in full view of the window. If anyone had a telescope out they would be able to see me in all my naked glory. That thought was kind of exciting. The button was on the wall beside the window. It was low enough that I could stay on my knees to reach it. Once I hit it, a long cream-colored shade descended slowly down the glass.

I turned to crawl to the bed, which sat a little higher off the ground than a normal bed. The plush comforter rested on the softest mattress I had felt in a long time. I positioned myself in the center of it on my knees, legs apart, and waited.

Not long after, I saw the light in the living room switch off. Noah entered the room with my dress and shoes in his hand. He set them beside the trunk and slid the door closed, then approached the foot of the bed. With a cross between a smirk and a smolder, he tugged at his tie to loosen it. I wanted to take a picture of him then, because he had that look in his eye which said that he knew exactly what was going to happen even when I did not. It was the confident stature of a man with beautiful secrets; secrets that I desired to be entrusted with.

A mental image would have to suffice. I filed it away in the back of my mind to keep for later.

The tie slithered from around his neck as he said, "Come to me and return to your position with your hands behind your back."

I crawled a little closer so that he was able to reach me with ease, then rocked back into my kneeling state and placed my hands behind me. He straightened the tie out and wrapped it around my eyes. Darkness immediately encompassed my being. It was silk, I now felt, as he secured it tight at the back of my head. I heard his footsteps leading away from the bed. The soft clatter of the trunk beside the wall. The jangling of a small chain. His steps returning to the bed.

"The pain that you will be experiencing tonight is not punishment. It is pain for the pleasure of pain; both the giving and the receiving. Do you understand?"

I nodded and managed another, "Yes, Sir," through the riding crop between my teeth.

His hands were at my breasts. He kneaded the flesh and pinched and rolled my nipples between his fingers until they grew hard. Cold metal bit into my right nipple and I sucked in a breath. As it tightened, I sunk my teeth into the leather of the riding crop. The same sensations overtook my left breast then. When he was finished, I felt him tug on a chain connecting the clamps and it made me lean forward a bit.

"What a stunning sight it is to have such a willing whore in my bed ready to follow my every wish. How well does the whore respond to pain, I wonder?" His hand was around the riding crop then. "Drop it."

I opened my mouth so he could take it from me. In one swift motion it whistled through the air and smacked down on my right breast. I yelped, but did not have time to jump before it came down on my left.

He released the chain connecting to the nipple clamps and it swayed back and forth between my breasts. Another well-placed strike on my right breast, then one on my left made me whine out. Just as I was thinking I could not bear that he was ignoring my pussy, I felt his hand cup it and I seized up.

Oh fuck, am I really going to come with just one touch? I thought.

His fingers slid along the wetness and heat until one was inside me. The riding crop came down on the top of my ass and I squirmed. I felt myself tense around his fingers.

"Sir, I think I may come."

"No. Hold it," he hissed. He probed deeper, grinding his hand against me.

No, I must not orgasm. Not yet. Not yet.

"Who owns this cunt?"

"You do, Sir!"

"Do not come or I will beat you worse than I plan to."

I groaned through clenched teeth. I liked some pain, but not as much as I feared he may give me if I disobeyed. Though I was panting, I staved it off, and silently thanked all the powers that be.

"Good girl. I love a horny little slut that gets turned on by the crop. How much do you want it?"

My breathing was heavy as I struggled to control myself. "Very much, Sir. Please, I want to feel it again, Sir."

"Ass in the air."

Before he could finish the command I was already in motion. His fingers slid out of me as I launched my hips into the air. He laughed, presumable at how fast I moved.

I heard his lips smack and he said, "You taste divine." And then the riding crop slapped against my ass.

I gasped, "Thank you, Sir!"

His hand traced from my clit along my outer lips to my anus. "Tell me, my little pain slut, have you ever had a man enter you here?"

I swallowed hard and replied, "No, Sir." But so help me Lord, if he asked me to take him I would do so right then and there.

"Well, I will have to save that for another time, then. For now, however, you will hold this in you."

I felt the tip of something small prod against the opening of my ass. It was slick, so slick, and heavy. It was wider at the base than at the tip. It slowly filled me until I felt the opening seal tight around a sudden end of it. I had never had one in me, but judging by the shape it was certainly a butt plug. I groaned out, taking each inch in slowly. It felt like it would rip me apart.

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