tagIllustratedNever too Cold for Sex

Never too Cold for Sex


"You have got to be kidding!"

Rebecca had her hands on her hips as she glared at her boyfriend. She was trying to look angry and upset, but it wasn't working.

"I'm serious."

Jake put his hands on his hips as well, mimicking his girlfriend. She looked so cute when she tried to look mad. Her red hair was flowing down around her shoulders and she was dressed in a brown vest with green corduroys.

"It's freezing outside. I know it's only October but it's cold!"

Rebecca glanced down at his cock then back up to his face. He was wearing those worn jeans that made his butt look so sexy. He had on a gray wool sweater, which was worn and stretched in places. She still loved him.

"You think I'm going to have sex with you outdoors? It's freezing!'

Jake took three steps towards her and kissed her hard. He pressed his warm lips against hers and waited for a reaction. He felt her body relax as he slid his tongue gently against her lips. Jake moved his hands from his hips to hers, pulling her in gently. He was so gentle as he barely touched her.

"You're desperate."

Jake grinned. Her tone of voice was pleading with him to go further even though her words were trying to make him stop. He wasn't going to stop until they both got what they wanted. He kissed her again, this time harder. Slowly, he lowered her to the ground. They could barely hear the crackling of the dry leaves on the ground. It was like a blanket to protect them from the cold ground. Neither noticed the sound or the feel of the leaves. Both were moaning and whimpering so loudly.

"We're not having sex on the ground Jake!" Rebecca was trying to sound rational, but he had moved his mouth from her lips and was slowly nibbling along her jaw line. His rough stubble was brushing against her feminine skin, but it was driving her wild.

"Yes we are." Jake knelt by her feet and undid her pants. He didn't even wait for a response. He pulled them down along with her panties until they were around her knees. Her pussy was trimmed neatly and he couldn't help but grin. She was soaking wet. Her pussy lips were bright pink and swollen. Her clit was throbbing and poking out between her tight lips. He was in pure heaven.

She was shivering a bit, but he noticed that her clit was still throbbing and it was as if she was more aroused. He leaned down and sucked her clit gently into his mouth. He loved the reaction he got. She moaned.

"Fuck. God you drive me crazy. We are not having sex outdoors!"

Rebecca was too far-gone to think anymore. She had tried to emphasize the word not, but halfway through she had cried out in pleasure. Jake would suck gently on her clit and then pull back, letting the cold air hit her sensitive skin. He knew the exact moment that the cold air made it uncomfortable. He would then latch on to her sensitive part, sucking and warming it with his wet hot mouth.

Jake grinned as he watched his girlfriend. She was squirming around on the ground, trying to pinch her nipples. The layers of clothing were preventing her from touching her nipples, but she was persistent.

"Are you going to cum on my tongue or on my cock?"

Jake loved this scene so much. Rebecca had leaves in her beautiful red hair. She was so consumed with her impeding orgasm that she had totally forgotten her principle of not having sex outdoors.

"Cock. I need your cock now."

Jake sat up on his knees again and undid his jeans. His cock was desperate for release. He felt the cold air on his cock and winced. He pushed her legs over her head and pushed his cock deep into her pussy. He watched as she held onto her legs. Her pants and panties were still around her knees, which meant that her legs were together. This just made her already tight pussy feel even tighter. Each thrust made his cock feel ice cold and burning hot. Her pussy was hot and the air was cold. He gripped her hips and pounded her.

"God!" Rebecca screamed out profanities as she came so hard against his cock. She reached down and began to rub her clit. She was still cumming as her perfectly manicured nails pinched and pulled her clit.

"Again. Make me cum again." Rebecca was almost screaming those words. She got very demanding during sex and Jake knew that, in the end, she would cum a few more times. He loved this because the more she came, the wetter and hotter her pussy got. When he finally did cum, it would feel so good.

Jake pulled his cock out to flip her over. Both of them felt the cold air, but didn't care. The moment she was on her hands and knees he thrust back inside her. They both looked out at the beautiful fall scenery. They looked, but were not appreciating it at all. What they were paying attention to was the fact that Rebecca was so wet her thighs were soaking. Jake's cock was so hard that it was pushing against her insides. Each thrust brought him closer and closer to orgasm. Rebecca threw her head back and closed her eyes. The cold air was giving her goose bumps, but her pussy was so hot that it equaled out.

"Fuck me harder. Come on Jake. Fuck me!"

Jake grunted. She was holding back. He knew it. She was going to try to gush. It was something she had just recently figured out how to do, but that meant holding back an orgasm for a few minutes. His mind flashed to the image of her gushing all over the ground. He knew it was a naughty thought, but that turned him on even more.

Jake continued thrusting, but suddenly cried out. He was having such an intense orgasm that he almost fell over. He felt her cold hand grip his balls and tug. It was such an arousing feeling to have his balls tugged on, but the cold skin of her hand made him jump. He exploded inside her while leaning over and placing his hands on the ground by her hips. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths. Jake felt his cock expand as cum rushed from his balls to his cock.

The moment he was finished cumming and the world stopped spinning, he was about to pull out when he felt wetness splash against his balls. She was gushing. He reached under and felt a stream of her juices land on the ground. It was so naughty and so sexy at the same time.

His breathing was back to normal and he leaned back. His cock slid gently out of Rebecca's wet pussy. He began to do up his jeans while he watched Rebecca stand up and do the same.

"You're wild."

Jake laughed. He took a step towards her and gently picked a yellow leaf from her hair. She was trying so hard to look mature and in control. They both knew it wasn't working. She had given in and enjoyed every minute of it.

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