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Never Volunteer


I sat in the waiting room with my wife, nervously trying to read a magazine. "Mrs. Anna Marsden!" the nurse called out, I looked up. Good morning Mrs Marsden, will you come with me please." I got up and followed, she showed us into a small office.

"It is OK for my husband to be with me?" my wife enquired.

"I suppose so, but only while we cover some questions and perform an ECG. NOT for the actual tests is that allright?"

"Oh yes that's fine with us" I said. She asked a lot of questions about whether there was any family history of heart problems and also our sex life. She declared herself satisfied.

"Now could you please read this carefully and would you both please sign it at the bottom." Anna signed it without reading it and passed it to me. I read it slowly.

The last paragraph was entitled "Disclaimer" in bold type and contained a lot of gobbledegook about consent, "what is this part here about no option to back out?" I enquired.

"Well once we start it just won't be possible for your wife to tell us to stop, it's for safety reasons" she said curtly. I signed and she took it and without looking up she said "Go into the next room and undress, ring the bell when you are ready."

The room was sparse and clinical with no windows. It was very warm. There were screens in one corner and a large upholstered couch in the centre surrounded by a lot of gadgetry. Anna disappeared behind a screen to undress. As I sat on a chair waiting my mind wandered back to three weeks ago and how I had gotten her into this –

My cousin had given me a leaflet and I took it home. It read "Volunteers required – the University of Ashton upon wotsit is carrying out research into the female orgasm and seeks women of 35 – 45 years of age to participate in monitored experiments in which female orgasms will be measured."

There was a lot of detail and an application form. At first she refused to even consider it. "it's OK, my cousin Gareth set it up, remember the chap we met at baby William's christening the other week? Anyway, they are expecting you at 9:30 in the morning, I have the day off so I will take you myself." Anyway, obviously I talker her round, so here we were. I was curious and excited about what might happen.

Anna emerged from behind the screen wearing one of those gowns that ties up at the back and pressed the button on the wall. I heard a bell ring, it sounded quite a way off. The nurse came back in and looked at me imperiously. "You will have to leave now Mr. Marsden."

"Oh please, can't he stay? Anna pleaded, "I am so nervous."

"mmm" said the nurse disapprovingly, "I will have to check with the doctor, wait there."

In a few minutes she returned and in a bit of a bad humour. "The doctor says it's OK, but you mustn't touch anything, actually having you here will mean I can go and catch up on some paperwork – you know where the bell is OK?"

"OK, absolutely, thank you nurse, we really appreciate it."

The nurse took Anna's hand and led her over to the couch, it looked like a birthing bed. She helped Anna up onto it, and had her lay flat on her back. She strapped her legs into the supports at the ankles and tied her knees with wide leather straps so she could not close her legs. A wide leather belt was passed around Anna's hips and her wrists were fastened with buckles into leather cuffs at the side of the couch. I asked if that was really necessary, the nurse forced a smile. "It's for safety reasons" she said in a sickly sweet tone. She then attached electrodes to Anna's chest and a heart rate monitor displayed a reading. I looked up at the clock, it was ten thirty. "Open wide please" she popped a large sugar lump into Anna's mouth. "This is only glucose to make sure you don't run out of energy" she explained as she leaned over to press the bell.

Some men came into the room pushing a trolley of strange looking equipment. The beamed at me "Good morning Mrs Marsden" one of them said brightly. A robotic arm extended from one end of the machine. They wheeled it up between my wife's splayed legs and busied themselves making adjustments. They folded back the gown exposing her vagina and attached some electrodes onto her pelvis. "this is to help the machine stay in the right position if you should move around" one of them explained. I couldn't see how she was going to move even an inch as she was strapped down far too securely to move hardly at all. I felt distinctly uncomfortable with two strange men a few feet away from my wife's exposed pussy, but we had both signed the consent form so there wasn't a lot I could do about it.

Eventually one of them pressed a button and the robot arm started to move in a series of pre-defined arcs and extensions. Satisfied, they opened a box and pulled out a six inch long vibrator. It was at least twice as big as the one we have at home. They explained it needed to be that wide to accommodate all the recording sensors that were embedded along its length.

Before they snapped it onto the end of the arm they inserted a fresh set of the batteries. Again they fiddled about lining their equipment up with Anna's opening. As it got closer I noticed the large offset bump on the top about 6 inches from the end.

The Doctor spoke, "I am going to recline you now Mrs Marsden, it will make penetration easier."

A motor whirred and the couch tilted so that the bottom end now pointed noticeably upwards. Anna squinted at the bright light. "Is that light bothering you?" the nurse asked.

"Yes can you turn it down a bit please?"

"There is no dimmer but I can get something to help," and with that she produced a small black blindfold and put it over Anna's eyes.

"OK Mrs Marsden, I am just going to check heart rate and blood pressure - Ok, that's all normal, OK to go to the next stage doctor."

"Nurse, would you please check the lubrication?." The nurse place her finger at the opening to Anna's vagina. It slipped in easily. "Yes Doctor, it appears to be satisfactory."

The equipment was pushed forward and stopped just where it brushed gently against her labia. The Doctor flipped a switch and the vibrator purred into life. "Looking good. I think we're ready for entry," one of them said. Another button clicked and the arm advanced. The motor strained as the vibrator pushed against her opening. I was transfixed. She squealed as it slowly entered her. The bump came to rest against her clitoris. "Contact!" the man said. Anna groaned out loud. They turned down the power, "Not yet Mrs Marsden, we still have some preparation to do, now please try to move a little to the left," Anna could only manage a slight movement but the vibrator tracked her perfectly, "to the right" the machine reacted in an instant. There would be no escape even for a second.

"Are you quite comfortable and ready to go ahead Mrs Marsden? The nurse enquired,

"Yes thanks, I'm fine" Anna replied.

"So you would like to ejoy some nice feelings then and don't want to change your mind?" she said with a laugh.

"No thanks" Anna giggled back,

"OK, I'll just note that you declined the final back out option - good, now just one final check – are these your own teeth?" Anna laughed and nodded. "Ok, we just have to make sure that you cannot hurt yourself by biting your tongue, could you open your mouth really ever so wide for me please," Anna did so and suddenly a large rubber gag was pushed into her mouth. She started to speak but the nurse pushed it firmly all the way in and fixed it in place with a Velcro strap behind her head. I saw the nurse squeezing a rubber ball and realised that it was inflating the gag

"All ready Mrs Marsden?" "mmm," The machine started up. "mmmm" Anna gave a small shudder and a groan at a small wave of pleasure and I saw her vagina start to twitch. "Have fun, we'll see you later," one of them said cheerily, and the whole team marched out and the door slammed shut.

I watched while Anna's breathing increase in speed. She wriggled and the vibrator moved even by the millimetre. Anna started to give out muffled squeaks and I could tell that her orgasm was approach fast. Suddenly she was there and gave out several what would have been loud grunts, if she had not been gagged so effectively. Slowly the grunts turned to whimpers and she started to go limp. This however, was just the beginning as the vibrator was still going at high speed. This was the moment I was looking forward to, all our lives Anna has always made me stop at her first orgasm, but now she was securely strapped down and there was no way she could reason with the machine, whatever happened now she would have to lay there and take it.

The squeals turned to grunts of consternation as she realised that she could not escape. Slowly but surely, the grunts turned to moans of pleasure and inexorably she started her second orgasm.

By now she was not making too much noise, partly due to the gag but more probably due to the fact that she had decided to lay there and not fight the feelings. I picked up a magazine and soon became absorbed in an interesting article about sexual behaviour of monkeys.

As I read the magazine I was aware of the alternating crescendo of squeals, followed by whimpers as the feelings subsided. When I looked up about twenty minutes later the counter had reached six and Anna had beads of perspiration on her face. I dabbed her considerately with a damp cloth.

* * * * *

Suddenly I was aware that the Doctor and nurse had come back. "Eleven thirty am, ten so far. Intensity increasing progressively, the last one was at seventy percent, heart rate normal, blood pressure normal." I couldn't think what the significance of it was, Anna's body was starting to jerk again as another orgasm approached.

* * * *

Some time later they came back again. "Twelve Fifteen pm, sixteen so far. Intensity now up to eighty eight percent and increasing progressively, heart rate normal, blood pressure normal." I craned my head to try and hear them better above the buzzing of the vibrator and the beeping of the heart monitor. "It's all right Mrs Marsden, we have just come in to put in the second set of batteries, we have to use three sets and average out the results," they said.

"Oh wow," I thought, "sixteen from one set, I wonder what will happen next and what happens at one hundred percent intensity?, looks like I will have to carry her to the car afterwards."

Note – this is not my original idea, but one that I thought it fun to rewrite from a male observers perspective. I must admit the idea of watching such an experiment is quite appealing.

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