New Assistant


Amber straightened her pencil skirt self-consciously as she looked warily into the mirror. Her blue pin-striped blouse fit well over her large bust, giving the appearance of sexy yet professional. Her black strapped high heels and black, sleek hair tied into a long ponytail completed the image. Amber had no problems over her long legs, tight butt, flat stomach or C-cup breasts. Usually she would be able to head to the office with her head up high and a sway in her step. But today was the start of a new job, and the butterflies in Amber's stomach caused her to check her appearance five times in the mirror before finally leaving and hailing a cab. She didn't realise just how appreciated her looks would be.

Amber was relieved to make it into the air conditioning of her new building, and smiled to those sharing a lift with her to the top floor.

A red-haired woman, slightly shorter then Amber, started up a conversation.

"You new here?" the woman asked with a wide smile. Amber just nodded, a too shy to do anything more. The woman was not phased.

"What's your position?"

"The manager's new assistant," replied Amber quietly, attempting to keep the excitement out of her voice. She had met Mr Reagan, the manager, in an interview. He was ruggedly handsome, so much so he had actually managed to make it into Amber's late night fantasies.

The elevator made a 'ding' noise and opened it's doors. With a wish of good luck, the red haired lady went off to the office's kitchen. Amber nodded again and went off down the corridor, keeping an eye out for Mr Reagan's office.

After 10 minutes of frantic searching and getting lost, Amber was finally knocking on Mr Reagan's door.

"Come in," called a deep voice that caused Amber's clit to tingle. She stepped hesitantly into Mr Reagan's large office, and there he was, sitting at his big wooden desk with a lazy smile on his face. "Good morning, Amber, have a bit of trouble finding the place?"

Amber apologised for being a little late, soaking in all of Mr Reagan's features. He had a wonderfully sculpted face, with a slightly square jaw, a straight nose and deep brown eyes that reminded her of dark chocolate. He had on a professional office shirt that, like Amber's, was great at showing the body underneath. Every muscle was visible, from his abs right up to his arms. Amber could feel her nipples start to go hard, and did her best to keep her mind out of her bedroom.

Mr Reagan had been giving Amber a few instructions as she took in his appearance, and realised she wasn't actually listening.

"Amber," he called, "earth to Amber."

Amber shook her head and did her best to come out of her daze. "I'm sorry Mr Reagan, what were you saying?"

Mr Reagan smiled a devilish smile. "You weren't listening, were you? Not a great start, I must say."

"Yes, I'm so sorry sir, it won't happen again."

Mr Reagan studied her for a minute as she shifted uncomfortable on her feet. Damn, he was sexy, but there was something about the way he was looking at her that made her uncomfortable. After a minute of silence, Mr Reagan got out of his chair and walked around the desk so he was right in Amber's face. She couldn't bring herself to step away. They stared at eaach other, Amber quite unsure of what was going on, when suddenly Mr Reagan grabbed both her hands in one of his. He held on tightly as he went over and locked the door, dragging Amber along as he went.

"M-mr Reagan?" Amber stammered, a little scared. His grip was very strong. He turned to face her, and, slipping his free hand around her waist to hold her tightly, his lips came down on hers hungrily. Amber pulled her head away, gasping.

"I'm sorry sir, I don't think this is -" She didn't get a chance to finish. He slammed her against the wall and help her hands high above her head as he pushed his body against his. "Wait, please sir, this isn't right," said Amber breathlessly. She had fantasized about this man, yes, but she had a boyfriend who was very loving. She couldn't do this to him.

But it seemed she didn't have much of a choice. His body was heavy against hers, and he wasn't letting go of her hands. "Look at you, you sexy little thing," whispered Mr Reagan, his breath falling on her neck. "I saw how hot and bothered you were getting when you were supposed to be listening to me. And just look at that outfit. Damn. It shows every curve you got. How's a man supposed to resist? Don't you think you should be punished for distracting me like this?" He started to kiss her neck, making sure to graze his teeth against her skin. His chest mashed her tits, bruising them. Amber protested weakly, unable to do anything against his strength. She struggled, trying to wriggle away, but this just turned him on more. Mr Reagan rubbed his crotch against her struggling one, his hard cock getting more and more excited as it made contact with his fresh new assistant. He continued to rub against Amber, who was panicking and started to yell for help. Before she could make any real noise, he kissed her again, this time forcing his tongue into her mouth. As Mr Reagan did this, his hand that wasn't still holding hers creeped up her leg and under her skirt. Before Amber could even think of how to stop him, he literally ripped her panties away. Finally breaking the kiss, he shoved the panties in Amber's mouth, muffling her yells. Mr Reagan then ripped open her tight blouse, made ever hungrier for her by her red lace bra.

"You little slut, what kind of a woman wears a push up bra to work hmm? Maybe you were trying to encourage me more then I realised." Amber would have liked to explain to him the bra was for her boyfriend who she was seeing after work, but could not say a word through her own underwear. Two of Mr Reagan's fingers started to work on Amber's clit, rubbing and pinching it mercilessly. His mouth went straight to her tits, pulling the bra out of the way and biting her nipples hard. Amber was feeling a mix of pain and pleasure, her confused body unsure how to react. Her arms were sore from him holding them so tightly, and her knees were beginning to go weak from the attention her clit was getting. After a few more minutes, Amber was beginning to gasp, the pleasure outweighing the pain. She was so disgusted to be turned on in this way, but her body continued to betray her. Mr Reagan licked his way back up to her mouth and over to her ear, nibbling her earlobe before speaking.

"You like this, huh slut? You're getting so wet, I can feel it. My fingers are drenched. He pulled his fingers up to her face to see, a small desperate moan escaping her lips. She had been so close to climax. "You want me to keep going? You really are a whore, then, aren't you?" He showed Amber his dripping fingers. She tried to look away, but Mr Reagan pulled the panties out of her mouth, and before she could do anything, he shoved his fingers in. "Yeah, taste your juices. Be a good little whore for me." He moved his fingers all around her mouth, her tongue brushing over them constantly. Amber was a sight, her hair dishevelled, her tits bruised, her bra pulled away. Her skirt was a rumpled mess on her hips and her legs were glistening wet. She drooled slightly down her chin as Mr Reagan finally pulled his fingers out of her mouth and moved away from her body. But he wasn't finished.

Amber was quite weak from the abuse she'd already taken. She wasn't able to even unlock the door before Mr Reagan had shoved everything off his desk and grabbed her by the hair. Dragging her over, he pushed her chest roughly against the desk so she was bending over it with her perky ass in the air. He began to slap her ass, hard, each stinging blow leaving a red mark on her cheeks.

"Oh, Mr Reagan!" Amber yelled out, though he wasn't too worried. His office was the only one in the hallway. They would be able to make some noise. "Mr Reagan, please!"

"Please what?" Growled the handsome man, yanking her hair so she was forced to look up to the ceiling.

Amber's eyes teared up as she said her next words. Her body had taken over her mind. "Please," she moaned, "fuck me. Just fuck me already."

This caused Mr Reagan to slap her harder then ever, making her cry out in pain. "I knew you liked it, you fucking slut. Alright, if you want it so bad, it's time to become my little fucktoy." Amber heard a zipper go down and felt something hard brush against her pussy lips. Without drawing it out, Mr Reagan shoved his large cock right into her, causing her to yell out in pain. He could hardly get it all in.

"My god," Mr Reagan whispered, "there's no way you could be so fucking tight." And with that, he started to fuck her hard, yanking her hair and slapping her ass all the while. Amber was crying from the pain, but she was also moaning and gasping in pleasure.

"Look at you, being pounded like a piece of meat," sneered Mr Reagan, slamming her against the table as he continually fucked her. "You're taking it like a blow up doll." He wrapped his hands around her throat for better leverage a he slammed into her, cutting off her circulation. She began to gasp for air, and this was the last straw for both of them. As one, they climaxed, reaching orgasms better then they'd ever felt before. Mr Reagan pulled out of her, a bit of excess cum coming with him. He pulled Amber off the desk and let her fall to the floor. Sitting in his chair, Mr Reagan was suddenly very business like.

"Right," he said smugly, "once you've cleaned up my desk you can start on the paper work I left on your desk."

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