tagNovels and NovellasNew Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 01

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 01


I made the lunch reservation for 2 in the afternoon. A little late perhaps, but you had said your plane was landing at 11:30, and I figured that by the time you got your baggage and a cab, and made your way to my office we would be lucky to make that. I had odd feelings about this meeting, we had been online acquaintances, even friends, for years, but only casually. Somehow, when you mentioned you would be coming to the city, the idea of taking you to lunch just leapt to mind, and I had blurted out the invitation without thinking. I was somewhat stunned when you quickly accepted, and even more so when I got your IM asking for directions. It was the first time we had ever talked except in the chat room. At least, I thought, a luncheon was a benign date no matter how we reacted to each other in person, and truthfully, I was really looking forward to it.

Of course you had no way to know that I had been attracted to you for some time, since till only recently you had been heavily involved in a relationship. If I hadn't known that had ended I would never even have asked. I was glad you were coming today, since our office observes Casual Friday, and I would not have to greet you in a stuffy business suit.

I had scheduled all my meetings for this morning so I would have the afternoon clear. Since I didn't go to lunch I had ample time to sit and wonder how the afternoon would go. Alfred's is top shelf, so at least I knew the meal would be great. I was relieved when at about 1:10, the phone rang and the guard said I had a visitor. I asked my secretary to escort you up, and minute or two later, with a knock, the door opened and you were ushered in. As I stood to greet you I was somewhat taken aback by the stylish woman that faced me. The internet picture you had sent gave only a vague idea of what to expect. Your light summer dress stopped several inches short of your knees, and your long slim legs caught my eye immediately.

As I took your hand to say hello, broad smiles spontaneously lit both our faces. I wonder if you were as surprised as I by what happened next. Almost by instinct we gave each other a friendly hug, and I casually kissed your cheek. Normally I am far more reserved than that, but a handshake was out of the question, and it just seemed the natural thing to do. But what most surprised me was when your hand on my back pulled me close to you and held me for more than just a momentary squeeze. In fact, it was long enough that I was able to focus on the firm feel of your breasts pressing into my chest. A slight shiver went through my body.

With a little small talk about your flight, etc., I closed up my desk, and we headed out to the parking garage. When I helped you into the car I couldn't help but notice that your dress rode up very high on your thighs, and when I glanced at your face I could see that you were aware of what I had been looking at, but a broad smile told me that you didn't mind. As I drove the short way to Alfred's we carried on a light conversation about mutual online friends, your trip and other trivia. You had moved over near me, and you often touched my hand and arm for emphasis, sometimes allowing your fingers to linger on my bare skin for a moment or two. As I helped you from the car we spontaneously slipped an arm around each other, and walked several steps touching closely, before self-consciousness forced us apart. It occurred to me that this meeting seemed very natural, with hardly a trace of awkwardness. After all, we were really old friends.

Because of the odd hour, the restaurant was half empty and I asked if we could have a quiet corner table. The host obliged with a smile, leading us to the darkest corner of the dining room, and seated us in a round booth, several tables from the nearest diners. We slid in from opposite sides, but ended up sitting almost together at the back side of the table. When you agreed, I asked the waiter to bring us a bottle of a nice light rose'. When it arrived, I poured us both a glass, and I was intrigued by the way your hand steadied mine as I poured for you. I was sure you gave an extra squeeze as you released me, and there was a sparkle in your eye as you uttered your thanks. With a delicate "ting" we toasted our meeting.

Things went well until I opened the menu - I managed to knock my napkin from the table to the floor between our legs. As I reached for it, the back of my hand slid down the side of your firm calf and I was startled when you let out an unmistakable "Mmmmmm" at my touch. As I righted myself, I covered your hand with mine and said, "Sounds like you enjoyed that as much as I did."

You immediately closed your hand on mine and replied, "Perhaps more."

At that moment both of us had very wide grins. A line had obviously been crossed, and I found myself suddenly tingling with excitement. Until that moment it hadn't occurred to me that you were attracted to me also, but now the thought was inescapable. I lifted your hand to my mouth, kissed it, and said, "I'm very glad you came today."

In turn, you took your hand and rested it on my cheek and said, "I've been looking forward to this more than you can imagine."

No longer hesitant, we leaned to each other and kissed softly, but our lips lingered and refused to part. My hand went to your shoulder and your hand went to my waist as our lips pressed harder, and we let out simultaneous sighs of pleasure. As I pulled you to me your hand slid down to my thigh, sliding slowly up and down the top of it. I felt your leg press hard against mine. By now of course, I was having a very physical reaction, and as your hand moved, your arm brushed the bulge in my pants.

At last, our lips parted and we both gasped a quick breath as our eyes met each others at close range. The message was clear, and our lips were drawn together again like magnets. This time your lips were slightly open, and I didn't hesitate to let the tip of my wet tongue slip through my lips and onto yours. You pressed against me as my tongue slipped into your mouth, and found your tongue eagerly waiting. My other hand slid to your back and moved slowly up and down the silky dress you wore, savoring the feel of your body beneath it.

You were obviously pressing your breasts into my chest, and moving slowly as we kissed, so we could both enjoy the contact. I allowed my hand to slide down over your thigh to the hem of your short dress. As my hand slid under it I realized you were wearing thigh highs, and my fingers felt the smoothness of your bare skin. Even though locked in our kiss, you let out a gasp as I touched you, and I felt your legs spread slightly. Your hand moved from my leg to grasp me firmly through my pants. Both of us groaned aloud.

"Would you like to order now?" the waiter intoned.

Startled, we released each other instantly, and I looked at you. "Whatever you like," you said softly.

Without hesitation I told the waiter we had changed our mind about lunch, and asked for the check. To my surprise he had it ready and said knowingly, "Of course Sir." For his trouble I tripled the tip, thanked him, and we hurriedly departed for the car.

In the parking lot, we engaged in a long tight embrace, and then, feeling a little self-conscious, quickly jumped in the car. Another long kiss followed and could have led to most anything else, but I realized we could be a lot more comfortable, and forced myself to break away. I drove the 15 minutesto my house on the edge of suburbia in 10, as your hand languorously moved on my thigh, occasionally moving playfully to the bulge between my legs and eliciting groans through clenched teeth. We did not speak, but we both had thoughts whirling through our heads.

Once parked, another long embrace followed, but the small car was uncomfortable, and we both knew we could do better. I helped you from the car and practically dragged you to my door, fumbling for my key as we went. As the door clicked shut, I put my arms around you and locked my lips onto yours, pushing you back against the wall. My leg was between yours, and you pressed against my thigh as my tongue slipped deep into your mouth. Both of us whimpered and moaned quietly as our hands explored each other. I knew you could feel my rock hard cock pressing against your leg as I slowly gyrated my hips and felt you lift yours to me in response. One of my hands slipped between us and found one of your firm breasts. As I squeezed it you pressed yourself into my hand. and I could feel the firm nipple under my palm.

I felt your hand close over the bulge of my cock and begin to rhythmically squeeze it. My hand on the back of your dress found the zipper and slowly began to slide it down. You pulled away from the wall and leaned against me so I was able to do it freely. At the same time, I felt your fingers fumbling with my zipper, and you soon had it down. Your hand slid in the opening and rubbed against my hardness through the softness of my briefs. Our chests were heaving in unison, and at last we broke from our passionate kiss, gasping for breath.

"I never expected this."

"Neither did I."

Your eyes were smoldering with want, and I know mine were too. I pushed the straps from your shoulders and you freely let the dress slide from your body. As my eyes drank in the sight of you in sheer bra and bikini panties, my hands fumbled with my belt. You were unbuttoning my shirt, and I pulled it off my arms and let it drop. My t-shirt followed as you undid the button on my pants. When they slid to the floor I kicked them away. Immediately your eyes were staring at the bulge in my briefs, and your hand followed your eyes. With one motion you reached under the waist band and clutched my rock hard cock, pulling it free. I groaned loudly as your fingers squeezed me. I helped by slipping off that restraining underwear, standing naked as you used both hands to stroke and tease me. With a snarl I reached out and wrapped my arms around you, pulling you hard against me, and I almost tore off your bra as I struggled to undo the clasps. My lips were on your neck, kissing, licking, nipping your earlobe. You groaned as you felt my hot breath on your ear, and your hands renewed their efforts at making my throbbing cock swell even more. I left a bite mark on your shoulder before my mouth started slowly sliding downward, licking and kissing a trail towards one enticing mound. As I reached the swell of your breast my tongue flicked out and started circling. I kissed and licked down the deep crevice between your full breasts, moving slowly, progress marked by the soft sighs and moans you emitted. My tongue slipped into the crease under that heavy globe, and slowly slid along it. Your hand was stroking me harder as my mouth made smaller circles, kissing, nipping, teasing. Finally my lips slipped over your hard nipple and sucked it in, as my tongue pressed down against the hard swollen tip, flicking, circling, tasting. As my hand cupped your other breast your gave out a loud moan, your hands released my cock, and you clutched me to you, pressing your breast deeper into my hot, wet, eager mouth. My legs were shaking, and I could feel that it was the same for you.

My other hand slipped down between your legs. over the smooth bikini panties you wore, and as it reached the bottom I realized they were soaking wet. You moaned again as I ran my hand lightly over your soft, barely covered, mound. Your hips pushed your pussy into my hand. My lips released that hard throbbing nipple long enough for me to whisper, "Take it off."

Immediately you slid your tiny bikini over your hips and let it slide down till you could kick it away. Naked. Facing each other, not quite touching now. My eyes feasted on your body as you stared at my hard quivering cock. I slowly put my hands on your hips, and leaned forward to kiss deep between your full breasts, feeling them pressing on my cheeks. Very slowly I kissed down, licking, nibbling, circling your belly button with my tongue. As I continued down I dropped to my knees in front of you, and your hands were immediately in my hair. I moved to your left, kissing my way down over your hip, and on down the front of your thigh. I could feel you shaking. I stopped just above your knee and switched to the other leg. This time I kissed and nibbled my way up the inside of that smooth firm thigh. Now I could smell the delicious odor of your sex, and my mouth watered with anticipation. My nose brushed lightly against your already swollen lips, and you sounded almost in pain as you gave out a long moan. For a moment I opened my eyes and examined my prize, inches from me, then my tongue flicked out and lapped up the drops of moisture I found. As I savored your taste, I felt your hands pulling me to you.

Unable to resist any longer, I buried my face in you, my nose pressing deep inside your slit as my lips locked over the opening of your pussy. My tongue rammed deep inside of you, and your knees almost buckled as the tip circled and teased and gathered up that delicious nectar waiting for me. My hands had slipped to your ass and I pulled you even harder against my face as I ate that luscious cunt!

I started running my tongue slowly up and down your lips, lightly over your clit, then back down till it could slip inside you again. I let my lips slip over your clit and suck lightly as the tip of my tongue swirled round and round over the tender bud. Now your hips were moving, beginning to buck back and forth as I devoured you, my tongue now tasting you, now fucking you, now teasing up and down. I knew my hands on your ass were holding you up as you suddenly came on my face, providing me with more and more of your nectar as you groaned loudly and rammed your pussy against me.

I pumped my tongue deep inside you, and fucked you slowly with it, determined to let you enjoy your first cum with me to the fullest. When you were sated at last, I stood, kissed you long and deep, your taste still on my lips. Then I scooped you up in my arms, held you tightly to me, and carried you slowly to the bedroom, kissing you and telling you how delicious you are as we went.

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