tagNovels and NovellasNew Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 07

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 07


We slept. I think I recall some dreams with you in them, but I'm not sure. At 3 AM nature called, and I awoke to find us in the exact same position as when we fell asleep. I was still too tired for a shower, but I managed to clean myself up a little bit. When I opened the door you were standing there. Not touching, we gave each other a knowing grin as we passed in the doorway. I pulled a sheet up and waited for you in the darkness, listening as the water ran in the sink. You returned and slid under the sheet, sliding near me, almost touching. I felt your hands on my head, holding me as you kissed me very softly on the lips. "From now on, that's capital "Lover"," you said.


"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, hold me, Lover."

Arms and legs entwined, we drifted back to sleep. This time only an hour though. I felt you move against me, and woke to find your hands moving slowly over my body. I didn't move for a while, enjoying your touch, knowing you thought I was still asleep. But when I felt your hand sliding over my ass I shivered, and, knowing my cover was blown, I started to return the favor, hands sliding lightly over you. A satisfied sigh told me that was what you wanted.

The softness of your skin under my palms was wonderful, and your touch was slowly arousing me, in every way. I stroked your smooth ass with my fingertips, making sure they trailed down the crease between your cheeks. Your shiver in response told me I was having the same effects on you, and I slid my arms around you, pulling you closer to me. Bodies touching, lips found lips, a long and languorous kiss. My tongue slid along your lips, but did not offer to enter them.

Our lips ground together a little harder, our bodies ground together a little harder. I could feel myself swelling against your leg, knowing you could too. I felt your hand slide down and grasp me gently, squeezing lightly. Damn, that felt so good! Then you squeezed harder, and I jumped! "Baby, I'm a little sore too."

"Fair's fair," you whispered.

You pulled the sheet away, slipped out of my grasp, and knelt next to me in the darkness. You gently pushed me onto my back, and once again, took me lightly in your hand. I felt your soft lips slide over the tip, and you sucked softly as your tongue gently swirled around me. Your tongue slid lightly up and down my shaft, tickling, making me tingle, but not pressing hard. Your lips covered me again and slid slowly down my shaft, just touching. Heaven! Eyes closed, I savored every touch, every lick, every kiss you bestowed on me.

My cock was hard and erect, but not straining, as it would have been with total arousal. Your lips slid farther, but you never allowed my sensitive tip to enter your throat. You held me, your tongue softly massaging me deep in your mouth. One hand fondled my balls, gently rubbing and squeezing, making me shiver with every touch. Gradually I grew harder as your lips and tongue slowly stroked me. The sensitivity had lessened with the wetness of your mouth, and I loved it when you sucked hard on my tip, then slid your lips up and down my rigid shaft, pressing a little harder, moving a little faster.

Shivering under your touch I moaned, "Ooooooh baby, that's soooooooo damn good!"

In response I could feel your lips smiling around my cock and your mouth fucked me a little faster, squeezed a little harder. I could feel the pressure building now, my cock hard and ready. Involuntarily, my hips rolled and I squirmed under your touch. You ran a hand softly up and down between my thighs, then once again played with my balls, stroking and squeezing. I knew what you wanted, and I did too, but it felt so good I really didn't want it to end. Shuddering and bucking, I couldn't hold on any longer. I touched your head to hold you still, but instead, for the only time, you rammed your mouth down over my throbbing cock, my swollen head sliding into your throat. Instantly, my cum blasted deep into you as I spasmed and jerked, and I could feel you trying hard to swallow it all. I clenched my fists as the sensitivity returned, not painful, just extreme sensation.

You held still, not moving as my orgasm slowly died, your mouth sheltering my cock. At last you lifted off of me, lips and mouth open wide, only giving my tip a little kiss. I don't think I could have moved, but you slid up next to me and sprawled gently on my chest, softly kissing me, asking nothing. When I started to speak your lips shushed me with their touch. We slept.

When I awoke again, I smelled coffee. And food! You weren't with me but I had a pretty good idea where you were. I pulled on a pair of shorts and barefooted out to the kitchen, to find you at the stove, frying eggs and bacon in my biggest pan. You had on my big barbeque apron on, and very little else, only a pair of filmy panties. I know you knew I was there, but I snuck up behind you anyway and gave you a little pinch on your lightly covered behind, along with a kiss on the back of your neck. You turned with a big smile and stuck your tongue out at me. I would have responded, but you had a big pan of almost done food with some hot grease in it, so I figured I would behave. You had made a fresh pot of coffee and I poured a cup, thinking it was a good thing I actually had some food in the fridge. I opened a loaf of bread and dropped 4 slices in the toaster, while you were portioning out the food on 2 plates. I guessed that after our first day debacle, you weren't going to take a chance on going hungry again. You were going to serve it on the kitchen table, but it was half covered with my junk, and I suggested the living room coffee table and the overstuffed couch. I carried the plates in while you followed with the coffee cups. When I turned and sat down I realized you had shed the apron, and now wore only those filmy panties. When you saw me staring you stopped and did a little pirouette for me, an impish grin on your face.

At that moment I realized what a beautiful woman I had been with for the last two days. In fact, I realized it was really the first time I had seen you naked in broad daylight. Not a model's figure, but fuller and more mature, and not an extra pound that I could see, anywhere. Obviously you took great care of yourself, and must have worked out frequently. I was really glad I had forced myself to hit the gym at least once a week. Of course, your most outstanding feature was your absolutely gorgeous breasts, not so large that they sagged, but rounded and firm, proudly standing out.

I know I was sitting there with my mouth open, watching, and finally you came over and leaned down for a kiss before you sat down. My fingers absolutely ached to reach and touch those prizes, but for now, I knew they were mine, and a little patience would be rewarded very soon. Pretty obviously you had intended to show yourself off to me, and I wondered why. "Thank you," you said.

Puzzled, I replied, "For what?"

"For telling me what I wanted to know, you said with a big smirk on your face. I finally got up the courage to see what you really think of my body, but the bemused expression on your face settled that. Not that I think there's a problem, but every woman wants to know what her man really thinks of her. Right now, you're "My Man!"

Your Man! I would not deny that for a second, having thought of nothing but you for two days now, but I hadn't really considered that. I was too busy enjoying you and trying to give you pleasure in every way I could! I had a million things I could tell you and a lot I could ask you, but I thought I had better consider the concept for a while. I knew what one question was, though. "Does that mean you are My Woman?"

At that moment you broke the tension by settling down next to me, pressing your hip and leg against mine. "After all my work, we are going to eat this!" you stated and handed me my plate. There you sat, essentially naked, pressed against me, your gorgeous breasts inches away, eating bacon and eggs! I'm sure you knew my shorts contained a gigantic hard-on! I sensed our relationship was changing, for the better, certainly, but changing rapidly. Two days earlier, neither of us knew if the other had any interest, other than casual acquaintance. Now we were the closest of friends, to say the least, not afraid to be casually naked with each other, even though we knew it might be cause for arousal. In fact, that was probably the intention! Yes, I decided, I didn't need to ask, you were obviously "My Woman". You had given yourself to me physically in just about every way you could. The food was great, and we made fast work of it. Message to self - you have to plan on eating every day! We were hungry! It seemed so natural sitting there with you that I almost forgot our near-nakedness. Almost. When we were done you collected the dishes and hauled them to the kitchen. I wondered what the conversation might turn to when you came back. You found me relaxing on the big overstuffed cushions of the couch, but instead of settling down next to me, you sat on my lap. "I see there is something you didn't tell me," You stated.

I blinked. I felt a bit of anxiety, but I could not imagine what there was I hadn't told you that you would care about. Without my asking you said, "You have a pool!" I breathed a sigh of relief. I had never given it a thought. Of course, two days ago I didn't know that you would ever see it. And it was mid June, I had only recently had the pool guy come by and open it for me, and the water had been pretty cool. I was sure a couple of weeks of good warm weather had solved that problem, but I hadn't even been in it yet! "I'll tell you a secret," you giggled, "that's how I keep my girlish Figure. I swim a couple of times a week, along with a little work-out at the spa."

"Well I bet you can guess I'd love to swim with you any time, but do you have a suit?" I asked. "It's not quite that private around here." You considered that. "I'm sure I can find something," you bubbled, and gave me a wink. I remembered that you had made hotel reservations, and probably brought a suit for their pool. Their loss - and definitely, my gain, I thought smugly. With that you leaned over gave me a kiss, which I had been dying for. Much as I enjoyed our breakfast and conversation, it seemed I could never get enough of you! Since you were sitting on my lap, when you leaned over, your breasts swung free and came to rest against my chest, moving when you did. No longer able to resist, I caught them with both hands and gently fondled them. The effects were immediate. My cock became impossibly hard and pushed up in my shorts, under you, and you moaned, turned to straddle me and pressed me back into the cushions, you body on top of mine. Your tongue was rammed into my mouth and I listened to you whimper as our lips ground together and I sucked on the tip of your tongue.

I could feel you rolling your hips, grinding against the giant bulge in my shorts, the slippery material of your panties slipping back and forth on it. After a few moments, you came up for air, and demanded, "Why are you wearing those things?"

"Because I was around a woman with a hot pan of grease, and besides, I thought that perhaps a little decorum wouldn't hurt."

"Not on my account," you giggled, "My Man can do as he wants, any time, any place - well almost any!" We both laughed. There it was again. I realized there really was no doubt - you had me totally captivated. I was "Your Man".

You slipped off of me and attacked my shorts, yanking them down my legs. "Well at least you skipped the underwear," you said, and staring into my eyes, you wrapped your hand around my rigid cock.

"You didn't," I replied, pointing to your already-wet panties.

"Right," you said, "I thought I would leave a little to your imagination for a while, but I didn't realize having you watch me for an hour would make me so unbelievably horny!" You quickly stripped them off and tossed them away. Some ground rules had been established: unless there was a reason not to, we would stay naked with each other, pretty much all the time! You could see what it did to me, and you told me what it did to you. Something else too - if you were "My Woman", as was now clear, you had the same rights - you could expect to have anything you wanted, any time! I couldn't wait for you to ask!

I was still reclining in the big cushions where you had pushed me, and you straddled me and slid up until your pussy was pressing against my cock, which immediately became rock hard and erect. You leaned forward and wrapped your arms around my neck, your breasts crushed between us, and started nibbling on my lips. Instead of a hard deep kiss, you slid your lips over mine, kissing, nibbling and licking, and all the while, you rolled your hips, sliding your slippery wet pussy back and forth the length of my cock.

Our breathing soon became ragged, the fire raging between us. My fingers were pulling at your nipples, now so swollen they felt like marbles. You looked at me from three inches away, and, in a masterpiece of understatement said, "I think he's ready, got any good ideas what to do with him?"

Hmmm, my cock now had a persona - I liked that. "I've got several, want to try a few?" I replied. "Lover, I want to try everything you can think of, and then we can come up with a few more!" Carte blanche. I wondered. A last long kiss, your sopping pussy grinding on "him", and I slid you off of me, laying you on your back on the couch. I stared down at you for a minute, knowing now how much you liked my eyes on you, then ran my hands over you, pressing hard, from head to toe. You made it clear your body was my playground, and I intended to play!

I stood, stroking my cock, as you watched hungrily, as if I were considering, but I knew what I wanted. "Turn over and get on your knees," I said in a low voice. You smiled and quickly complied, putting your head down and ass up, wiggling a little for me. I knelt behind you, and, knowing you had wanted it for hours, skipped any preliminaries.

Holding my cock, I slipped the head up and down your soaking wet pussy, until you spread your legs just a bit more and she opened for me. The tip slid in easily, and I pushed until I felt your tightness, loving the groan of pleasure that escaped from you. You were already rocking back and forth, pressing against me, and I felt you take more with each thrust. Holding your hips, I pressed harder, and when you pushed back again I was buried in you. There is something about your pussy, so tight and yet so slippery. You wanted me to fuck you, but once again, I had to get used to the feeling first. I started to move, slowly sliding back, watching as my cock appeared from inside you, then disappeared again as I slid it back in. The pressure eased, and I started to fuck you with a nice rhythm, long strokes, not too fast. We moved together, your ass coming back to meet me and slapping against my legs.

Not wanting this to go too quickly, I rammed him in deep and leaned over you, first kissing your back and neck, then reaching under and finding your breasts. I kneaded for a moment, then took the tips in my fingers and played with them, pulling hard, twisting, squeezing, then stroking with my fingertips. Your heavy breathing and constant moans told me you liked it, and the throbbing of my cock buried deep in your sopping cunt told me that I did too. "Dammit, fuck me!"

Your first request! Well, command actually, but I was happy to oblige! Straightening up I ground against your ass for a moment, in that position, so beautifully rounded and firm. I couldn't resist, and my hand smacked one cheek and then the other - hard! You were so shocked you almost slid off my cock, but in the next second you rammed yourself back against me and in a low voice growled, "Do it again!"

You started rocking hard, slamming your ass against my legs, impaled on my shaft. Every few strokes I gave you another whack, and you rammed back even harder in response. Very quickly, your cheeks became bright red.

Your breathing had become ragged, and you were fucking yourself faster and faster on my cock, telling me you were almost there. I grabbed your hips and took over, ramming my cock into you harder and faster with every stroke. I could see your cheeks ripple as I slammed against them, and the couch was now rocking back and forth in time with my furious fucking. Your face was buried in the pillows, your pussy offered at the perfect angle for maximum penetration. I could feel you start to shake under my hands, your breath coming in sobs. I drove my cock into you, pulling at your hips, and ground against your cheeks. Quickly I pulled almost out of you, and then back again! The third time, you screamed, so loud I was shocked, your ass bucking against me. "LOVER, YESSSSSSSSS, YES YES YES YES YES yes yes yesyesyesyes...." Your voice trailed off. Of course my cock was throbbing beyond belief, but I gritted my teeth and held on. "He" had more work to do. I slipped slowly out of you and moved off the couch, allowing you to sprawl down on it. Kneeling on the floor next to you I leaned over and gave your red cheeks wet kisses and licks. Meanwhile one hand was massaging your back, the other sliding up and down the backs of your thighs. I was rewarded with sighs of contentment.

In a few minutes, though, you turned your face to me with a worried expression, "Lover, you didn't cum."

"Don't worry," I said, "we aren't done yet!" "I know," you whispered, with a devilish look in your eyes, and pushed me back o nthe floor, grabbing my still firm cock. You started licking him clean of your juices, kissing all over him, but when I knew you were about to inhale him I pulled away. "I have a better idea," I smiled. I ramped up some pillows by the arm of the couch and told you to lie back on them, so your head was hanging over the edge. You knew what I had in mind, and slid into just the right position. In that pose your back was arched, your breasts, flattened a little, but straining upward. I couldn't resist! I took a nipple in my fingers and squeezed it as I slipped my mouth down over the other one and caught it in my teeth, pulling up as my tongue ground down on it. Then I sucked your nipple deeper into my mouth, as my fingers twisted and pulled the other.

You stretched and moaned, but said hoarsely "Lover, it's your turn now."

"This is my turn," I replied. "Don't you know I like this as much as you do?"

I released you and stepped around to the end of the couch, where your mouth was open and waiting. I slid my tip over your waiting lips, and your tongue flicked out and stole the drop of pre-cum from it. I let the head slide through your lips, and you closed them around it. I could feel your tongue swirling and grinding on it, making me shudder. That felt wonderful, and I savored the moment, but then your hand reached out and grabbed my cock, pulling it to you.

There was no mistaking what you wanted, and I slid my shaft slowly through your lips. All the while your tongue was swirling and stroking against it, and I could feel you sucking me like a Tootsie Pop. I eased my way into your throat, and pressed my body against your lips. Your eyes were staring up at me, shining, and I knew that was just what you wanted. In that position I slid straight into your throat, and there wasn't much you could to do about it. I started moving slowly, stroking in and out of your throat, not pulling back too far, but allowing you to breath. The sensation of your lips clamped over my shaft was amazing, and I quickly swelled to the max, your mouth stuffed with my cock. Longer strokes now, faster and harder, your body shaking slightly when I bumped against your lips.

I leaned forward, pressing even deeper into you, and grabbed both your breasts, squeezing hard. I ground my palms against your nipples as my fingers kneaded you. You managed what passed for a long moan around my swollen cock, and as I started to thrust again, you spread your legs and reached for your pussy. As I fucked your mouth and manhandled your tits I watched you stroke yourself, first up and down your lips, then two fingers slipping inside. Soon you were writhing on the couch, ramming your fingers into yourself, even as I was ramming my inflamed cock into your throat, harder and faster with every stroke. The super-erotic scene quickly brought me past the point of no return, and I grabbed your shoulders and held you as I slammed myself against your face, legs shaking and cock lodged in your throat, about to burst.

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