tagInterracial LoveNew College Buddies Ch. 01

New College Buddies Ch. 01


Before I had met my husband Randy, I'd read a piece of erotic fiction he had written before we knew each other. It was so well written, I thought it had been plagiarized from somewhere. I had so many orgasms reading it I eventually memorized the piece and imagined myself as the lead character in the story, a white wife who gives in to interracial urges and gets pregnant. Once Randy and I had met, I would never let on that I had read his story or that I fantasized about such a thing, but the fact that he had a vasectomy added way more fuel to the fire. Whenever we made love, all I was thinking of was getting inseminated by a black stud with a huge cock and big balls full of sperm. The wedding night gangbang fantasy was my favourite. I justified it all by convincing myself that it's just fantasy; I could never really do any of it, it was just too wild.

I decided to take a college course to advance my career, and took time off and enrolled. I was a little late for the first day, and classes were already in session.

Once I finally found the correct class, I spoke to the teacher and she said, "I prefer if everyone sits in groups of four. There are three boys in the booth at the back, it will have to do until I can figure something out."

I said I understood, but I obviously looked intimidated when I looked over at the three husky young black boys/men. I figured they were at least 19, probably 20, built like they earned the football jackets they were wearing. The reason I had looked so intimidated was that I was dripping. Mrs. Fintry took me over to the booth and introduced me to the boys, who seemed less disappointed than I expected.

Boisterous and gregarious, Leroy was actually grinning, and while overweight and kind of shy, Jason smiled sweetly and was very pleasant. Jamal stood up to offer me a seat while he went to gather another, and I almost fainted. I realized eventually that they were just being normal, polite college students, but Jamal's gesture had sent me into a sexual stupor, and I was quite a bit more nervous than I would have been normally. Once we were all seated, we had a few minutes to chat, and rather than the (I thought inevitable) awkward silence buzz kill, we had a friendly exchange, nothing sexual, but very relaxed and fun. By lunch we agreed to put up with each other for now. Throughout the first couple of days, we worked. It was tough stuff, and it took the whole class a while to get into it.

When I got home, I told Randy all about it, and he was hard as a rock hearing about my black studs, and while neither of us came out and said anything about it, we were both super horny. We got through the evening, then I told him I had to get to sleep, and that I had a hard day ahead, which was true. His disappointment was obvious, but he was careful to be supportive and gave me a light backrub and actually let me go to sleep. He kept getting up to go rub one out on the couch; once I got up and watched him. It took everything I had not to touch myself, trying to stay quiet. I bit my lip as he shot the first burst onto his shoulder, turning his head to miss his face. I have never been more turned on. I tip-toed back to bed and tried my hardest to get to sleep. I began to realize I needed a way to release sexual tension or I would pop. I could never actually date one of these guys, or let them all take turns inseminating me, which is what I couldn't stop fantasizing about. So what could I do?

The schoolwork took care of that for a few days, but during this time, we all got in the hang of it, and I felt like I was back in high school chemistry. The seating arrangement stayed as it was, and the subject of changing it never came up. Our little group became so accustomed to working together that we all dropped what little formality we had observed and before long the comments came out about the sexy white ass, big momma milf ass, etc. They all called me 'Honey,' etc. Then I made an off-hand comment that changed everything. One of the men had made a comment about my tits, and I revealed that they were so large because they had made milk for three babies. Without missing a beat, Leroy whispered that they looked ready to feed a few more, winking at me and setting off an explosion of desire inside me. I gave him the hungry stare and winked back, licking my lips teasingly. I replied softly that I agreed. Now I was teasing, but I couldn't stop myself—my desire took over.

After that, there was no end to the comments about babies, and me being pregnant. Leroy would occasionally tell me how hot I would look pregnant, and the others would wholeheartedly agree. At random, they would ask serious questions about my previous pregnancies, and ask if I thought it would be like that 'next time.' Once Leroy asked why my husband hadn't gotten me pregnant, and I let slip that he had had a vasectomy. The men were very consoling, like they thought I was sad about it. Remarks were made about volunteers for natural insemination, and we all had a good laugh, but the men were all hard, and I was self-conscious, thinking they could smell how wet I was.

The interracial gangbang impregnation fantasy was coming to life, consuming me. The fact that if I wasn't careful it could come true was making me wild with lust, making it ever harder to control, and if I didn't find a way to calm myself down, I began to worry that I might actually end up with a bi-racial baby growing inside me, a thought that I was beginning to fall in love with.

One release I found in my purse, and though it had the potential to add fuel to the desire (or perhaps because of that...), I pulled it out every few hours in the bathroom stall. My ovulation predictor. It was now out of date, but to distract myself I worked through it using assumptions about the regularity of my ovulation, my menstruation being like clockwork. Eventually I brought it up to date. Then the fateful realization that the reason I was having so many problems keeping my loins under control was that I would be ovulating that night. I could tell by the way I was behaving. It was baby making time. Hubby would get some tonight, for sure. I began to look forward to being filled with his semen, knowing I would be fantasizing about my black studs, imagining their potent sperm pumping deep into me, impregnating me. I began to feel better about myself, thinking maybe I could begin to work back into a normal sexual relationship with my Hubby, one step at a time. That would have been the end of it, but later for a split-second I lost my mind and my life truly exploded. Leroy said that Jason would like to ask me something. I swallowed; was he going to ask me out? I was married! I almost panicked, mostly because I knew I wanted it so much I wouldn't be able to say no to basically anything.

I looked at his sweet, gentle face as he struggled to look up at me. "Would you come out to Dino's for a drink after class today? Just one."

"We thought it would be nice to get to know you outside of class a bit," Jamal explained, charmingly.

I started to say I couldn't, then Leroy whispered sensuously in my ear, "We would all love to watch you dance, shaking that gorgeous white ass." Without being too aggressive, pawing or pinching or even squeezing me, he easily and casually gave my ass cheek a soft, seemingly genuinely loving caress. My arousal flowed. I could see sweet Jason look at me pleadingly, and I felt like as much as I wanted to avoid it and the potential for disaster, it would be better in the long run than trying to move forward in class having said no. I made myself promise I could keep it under control, then I said yes. I thought I could relax and have a bit of fun, then make up an excuse and cut it short. All three men were very excited by the prospect, and obviously very pleased.

In my car, I moved the passenger seat forward and looked under it and found a dress my Hubby had bought for me when we first met. He had tried to convince me to be more daring in my apparel, no panties, show some leg, show my tits more, etc. One of the outfits he bought was this dress, which I had hidden in the car so he wouldn't make me wear it. It was way too revealing for me, making me even more self-conscious about my weight. I figured it would give the boys a show, and I'd wear it just for fun. I had a wicked thought of wearing it home from my evening out with the black studs, leaving it on with no panties as I told Hubby about the black studs feeling me up.

I went back inside to the washroom, squeezed into the nasty little dress, did my hair a bit and put on a bit of makeup, then a bit more. When I thought I was irresistible, I went out to face the horny lions. Rather than a lot of gross catcalling and whistling, I got a lot of, "Oh, wow"s. The only physical contact was gentle and friend-ish. The only thing left in the way was The Phone Call. I called Randy and told him the guys wanted to take me out for a quick drink, I'll be home a bit later. He could barely talk, evidently very excited, but was very careful to let me know he was quite happy about it all. I knew he would be shooting delicious goo all over and rubbing himself raw, waiting for his dessert to come home.

Then before I could come to my senses and change my mind, we were off to the little hot spot. The hot spot turned out to be Leroy's friends place, kind of a small night club. The bartender knew them all, and I was introduced. They were all really friendly, but not aggressive at all. The only thing at all suggestive happened when I joked that they must not get many white women in there. They all grinned and Todd the bartender said, "Oh, we get lots of those."

Leroy asked me to dance first. He was gentle and considerate, not aggressive at all until he made a remark which caught me off guard. He asked me if I'd ever given a lap dance. I replied that I'd never done anything like that.

He said, "Damn. Lady, with a body like that, that's a shame. I bet you could make me cum in my pants."

He was so 'high school,' almost joking about it, but very warm and supportive at the same time, genuinely complimenting me; it was like he was sharing a secret with me rather than making suggestive remarks. Rather than feeling dirty, I felt very special after that, like we shared some kind of bond. I giggled like a school girl, and without thinking gave him a soft peck on the neck.

He wasn't liberal with his hands, although he did touch me a bit, gracefully as we danced. At one point, to guide me into a less crowded area, he put his huge hand on my hip and left it there, pulling me closer. He seemed to like the feel of my wide hips and soft, jiggling flesh. As we fought for space, we ended up grinding on each other a bit, and I felt his huge cock, obviously fairly hard, pressing against my stomach. I felt a rush run through me. I bit my lip and tried not to get too hot. I almost fainted when I realized there were two layers of clothing and a couple of inches of flesh separating millions of his sperm from hundreds of my eggs...

He pulled my head close to his mouth and said, "The only thing hotter than your gorgeous baby-feeding tits is your sexy, child-bearing hips and big round ass. I'm trying to be a gentleman here, but you are one damn fine sexy looking white woman. If you want to set this whole place on fire, slip your panties off. Everyone will notice, believe me. And if you change your mind about a lap dance it would be a thing to remember."

After the song was over I was flushed, and dripping wet. I went to the washroom to dry my face and debated whether to slip my panties off. I was in shock from what Leroy had said, but I was almost in heat, and had almost no control over myself. They were soaked anyway. I gave in to desire, convincing myself that it didn't really mean anything—that I was just getting more comfortable—and off they came. When I walked back to our table, my heart was pounding. Leroy had been correct: everyone noticed, though they all tried to be inconspicuous.

Next to dance with me was Jason. He led me by the hand, and we had a nice, almost formal dance. He was a true gentleman, and during the dance the only thing he said about my appearance was a very sincere compliment on my hair. When he escorted me very properly back to the table, he whispered in my ear that he really liked my dress, especially the way it showed no panty lines. He also got a nice little kiss on the neck, which he really seemed to appreciate. I thanked him and sat at the table for a few minutes joking around with the guys, trying to relax and get my desire under control before I did something stupid. I was having fun, but I knew there had to be a limit and I would eventually have to create my excuse to leave. Hubby was going to get the fuck of his life.

They kept making remarks about lap dances, and when someone bugged Jamal about dancing with me, he said he was waiting for me to loosen up enough to give him a lap dance. The guys laughed, but I almost fainted. Over the next few minutes the remark kept coming back and then—I thought—to ease the tension and take the heat off both of us, I leaned close to him and told him that he couldn't get one unless he pulled his pants down, or they'd get slimed. For some reason I thought he'd be embarrassed and want to drop it all. It was one of those half-drunken smart-ass remarks that reveals itself as a mistake as soon as you hear yourself say it. Before I knew it, he had his pants and underwear down to his knees and was pulling me over onto him. I struggled at first but then realized I would look like an idiot or some kind of cruel tease if I backed out now, and somehow gave myself permission to play along until I figured out a way out of it. My head was spinning as he firmly, capably maneuvered me into position. As soon as I was on his lap, Jamal was gently guiding me into position and whispering in my ear, "Wow. I never dreamed I'd get a cameltoe slide from such a gorgeous lady."

As soon as he said it, I figured out what a cameltoe slide was. I knew my pussy would be riding over his cock—and then I felt it. I was sliding back and forth on his cock. It felt amazing. I was soaked and there was no friction at all. I convinced myself that this was as far as it would go; a kind of mutual masturbation. I still hadn't seen it, but I could feel how big it was. Yes, it was very long, but it was sooo thick. Because I was facing him, I could feel his huge cockhead slide up against my clit and bounce against it deliciously. In the state I was in, it felt amazing and I couldn't stop. As badly as I had wanted to avoid this, I was in heaven, and wanted it to go on all night. I shuddered delightedly, giddy with erotic excitement at the realization that it might. Riding all three like this would get me hot as a furnace for Hubby.

I started to get more into it, sliding wildly, then a couple of times his head had pushed partway in as I slid back, then bounced back out as I went forward. I realized how close I was to disaster and leaned forward to whisper in his ear," Be careful not to put it in me. I get pregnant very easily." He groaned loudly. When I leaned forward I had put my weight on my clit against the underside of his cockhead, and we were both in heaven for a moment. As I began to slide backwards, he angled his hips upward and his cock slipped up into my open wetness. I couldn't help pushing down against him, taking nearly the whole thing inside me. We both held still, savoring the sensation. He was larger than my Hubby, and he was stretching me deliciously. I whispered in his ear again, "Jamal, I thought we talked about this."

"I misunderstood Ma'am, I thought you wanted me in you," he pleaded.

"Not really, that's why I asked you not to do it," I giggled.

"I can't pull out unless you move."

"I see, "I answered not moving.

"But you said yourself your tits could feed more babies..."

I almost passed out hearing that, the thought that sexy Jamal wanted fat little old me to have his baby bad enough to tell me about it. I felt so special, so beautiful right then. It made my head swim that he really wanted to get me pregnant. I wanted the sensation of his amazing cock to stay in me all night. I pretended to be stern with him, trying not to give away how badly I wanted him to cum deep inside me and make a baby in me, and gave him a menacing look.

"So what do we do?" He asked.

I told him we needed to be very still so we didn't get anything going that we couldn't stop. He immediately started to move his hips and I was powerless to stop myself from doing the same, taking him deeper and deeper. Then I heard myself say another stupid thing; something I couldn't believe I had said. I said that I was ovulating and his pre-cum might have already made me pregnant, so maybe he should go ahead and cum in me, and please make a baby inside me. Instantly, he sank himself in all the way, nudging his fat cockhead beautifully against my waiting, vibrating cervix, triggering a mini orgasm which flowed into another and another. I lost control of my body as he held himself deep in me, deeper than any man had been before. I felt his cockhead expand even larger, and suddenly I felt him pulsing inside me, shooting hot lava—his potent baby-making sperm—right into my womb. I love when a man cums in me, it feels magical. But this was different, way more intense. For one thing I could feel each hot blast shoot out, splashing against my cervix, pooling at the entrance to my inner sanctum, my core, my motherhood. I didn't just feel the rush of a guy getting off in me, my big body turning him on, but my big soft body being impregnated, a beautiful baby growing inside me, in my married womb. It was so obvious that he had inseminated me I almost felt my jiggling tummy starting to grow even bigger right then, and even in that instant resolved myself to happily, proudly spending the next nine months growing my black lover's baby. For another, Jamal wasn't trying to quickly get off on some bar slut, but was obviously trying to make a baby inside me, a baby he somehow knew I really wanted, and that he obviously genuinely wanted me to have. I felt that far from an act of animal lust—uncontrolled desire for the forbidden—we were committing an act of love, fulfilling nature's will, making a beautiful baby. We held each other and kissed passionately for what seemed like a few minutes, then all three men helped me to a back room. My head was swirling: satisfaction, excitement, a bit of fear of the unknown, a strong desire to continue this adventure, but no feeling of guilt. I was slowly beginning to realize that I might really be pregnant, and that I wanted to be so much that I would do anything. I knew I would eagerly let all my horny black studs mount me as many times as they wanted and flood my fertile, ovulating womb with their potent sperm.

The men got me set up on a couch converted to a bed; then all got their clothes off and began to caress and kiss me all over.

Then Leroy leaned his head against mine and whispered everything to me. They all had a fantasy about impregnating a married white woman, and worked together to get me in this position. They had paid attention to my answer when they asked about my period (which I had thought was odd but played along with), when it started and when it ended, and had calculated tonight would be my ovulation. They had kept after me about pregnancy, and watched my reactions, noting that deep down inside, I was obviously into it. Jamal's lap dance had been a 'Plan B.'

As this conversation turned my last bit of self-control into goo, the other men moved me onto my back and spread my legs sensuously. For the next hour or so, they took turns stretching me with their amazing cocks, shooting hot loads of cum deep inside me, into my intimate, inner depths.

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