tagGay MaleNew Conquest Ch. 01

New Conquest Ch. 01


Everything was going right. I had the life that everyone wanted and desired; I had it all. People usually call me Big M, but my real name is Morris Steel. During high school, I was the star and everyone wanted me. I was on the football team and wrestling team, so I really started to develop. I'd have to say I'm about 6'7'', tan-white, and very large muscles, and I do like to brag about them. The "smart people" always called me narcissistic, (I wasn't really sure what they meant) but I just thought they were jealous, which they probably were. My grades during high school were horrible, but no one seemed to care since I put the school on the map. I had girls left and right, all of them wanting me to fuck them. I easily indulged in this. I knew I was hot-headed, and pretty stupid, but It didn't seem to matter when you looked like me.

Now I am twenty-six years old, and am enjoying life. I didn't go to college, but life was just handed to me. A job to be a car-repair man was offered to me as soon as I got out of school. Of course I was offered several scholarships pertaining to football and wrestling, but I didn't want to have to deal with the "school" life anymore. Being single, I spend most of my time at the local gym in my home town of Saint Louis, Missouri. I easily pick up chicks there that want to do me. It seemed that I was content with my sex life, having bitches all over me.

The greatest thing about being as hot as me is that girls and even guys come up to me, asking if they want to go somewhere. I usually say no to the girls, and I just tell the guys to get the fuck away from me. But always after doing a few dozen reps and getting fatigued, I like to find a girl that will let me cum on her, or in her for all I care.

On a typical September day, I just headed to the gym as usual to do my standard strength workout. The gym was nothing special, but I have noticed that more people come when I get off work. It's kind of funny. Walking nonchalantly to the bench press, I begin my workout. I always have my shirt off while I workout, because it's fun to be looked at when I start to sweat. Not to mention, I always get a hard-on when working out, so it adds to the excitement. I finished with the bench press and headed to the dumb bells. (I never liked that named because the "smart people" called me that as well.) I picked up the usual one with the max weight, and started doing reps. The feeling of endorphins rushed through me, only making me harder below the belt. After working for a total of two hours, I was about to finish. Then I noticed something unbelievable. I was captivated by someone over in the cardio section of the gym. I have memorized all of the faces here, but this one was new. For some reason, I felt an urge to begin my "conquest", but I only felt this with hot new girls that walked in. The person I was staring at was a man, or not really a man, he looked more like a boy; an extremely hot boy. He had lengthy brown hair and skin that looked oh so soft. I tried to snap out of these feelings, but I knew it would be useless, especially when my cock started pointing at the one I wanted to conquer.

I swiftly rose up, as to show my manliness after such an intense work out. This caught the eye of the beautiful mystery boy, and I knew that he would start to check me out, just as all the other girls, (and guys) did. But he didn't, he just withdrew his eyes and continued his workout on a treadmill. Then I felt something in my heart, which was odd. This was a new feeling I have never felt before, but I guess I would have to describe it as rejection. It pained me so much, since I have never had to deal with this before. Then I became angry rapidly and stormed over to the cardio section of the gym. I rushed right up to the mystery boy, and was about to say something, but I was at a loss for words. All he did was stare at me, stare at me with big, puppy dog eyes. They were a dark shade of brown, like mine. I stood next to him with my finger in the air, about to say something with my mouth hanging wide open, but nothing came out. The only expression I could make out on his face was annoyance, but then he glided away. I had an extreme feeling of embarrassment, just standing there, so I quickly ran into the locker room.

I sat on the bench, wondering what just happened back there. First, I have been rejected by the only guy I have ever wanted, and second, he paralyzed me with just his stare! I felt anger boiling inside of me again, and I punched the locker in front of me with enough force that left a dent, a huge dent. The weird thing was, I didn't feel any pain, defiantly when I was steaming this badly. Then I gazed down at the hand that left basically a hole in the locker, and it was bleeding pretty badly. It still didn't hurt, but I should probably go get it checked out. I got up to head for the exit, when I noticed him again. He was fully changed from his workout clothes, wearing tan baggy pants and a light black shirt. My heart skipped a beat. How did he come in here without me noticing him come in? I just assumed he must be a very quiet person. I willed myself to approach him, and what was there to fear? I was what everyone wanted, and I'm sure I could get this twink to take my dick as well.

When I came close to him, he just stared at me. But it still felt like someone was stabbing my heart when he looked at me with those puppy dog eyes. At first I saw that same annoyance on his face, but also a deep feared. I instantly felt like apologizing to him, but then he grabbed his hand.

"Oh my gosh, your hand is bleeding profusely." He said in a wind chime voice. I was taken aback for a second to remember my hand, it still didn't hurt, so I did not think much of it.

"Yeah, I... uhhh..." I wasn't sure what to say, but it seemed like he figured it out. He quickly looked at the locker with the huge divot in it, and assumed I caused that. I could literally see him shaking now. I put my hands up in the air.

"No, don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you or anything." I exclaimed. He didn't seem to believe me, but he still rushed over to me, and he grabbed my hand. I felt butterflies take form in my stomach as he examined it. I was about to say something, but he interrupted my thoughts, which wasn't all too hard for him to do.

"Oh no, you have an abrasion on the dermis." He felt his own hand, as if he felt the pain, even though I didn't feel anything.

"No worries man, I heal up quickly." I said with much robustness.

"Don't be ridiculous!" He yelled, but not quite since he is so quiet. "Let me fix that up for you, you don't want it to get infected." He pulled me over to his locker, and he yanked out an unusually large medical kit.

"What's in there?" I said. He just shot a glance up at me which made me shut up. He started to fiddle around in his kit, and he pulled out something that looked like a bottle of lotion.

"This may sting." The mystery boy reported. He then applied a clear liquid to my injury, and oh god it did sting.

"Oww!" I said in a fit. The boy didn't let go though as he got out a small bandage-wrap and tied it around my wound. I instantly felt relief from his magic hands. I gazed at him as he was doing this, and his face was so close to my crotch. It started to stir and I knew what it wanted. My savior got up very quickly and was starting to put his stuff away. I knew of a few ways to smolder chicks with my looks, so I accessed one with a 100% success rate from my brain. As he started to float away, I "fell down" on the floor.

"Damn, I don't think I can get up..." I croaked. He spun around sharply, his hair flying calmly around his head. He started to come near me, and I had a full hard-on now. I so badly wanted to fill him with my cum that I could barely stand it. Then he was upon me.

"Hey kid, do you think you could help me out?" I winked, and he rolled his eyes. He reached his skinny arm down towards me, his hand extended. I raised my hand towards his, the uninjured one, and firmly grasped his. I defiantly saw a jolt of pain shoot across his face, but I didn't seem to care. With one easy tug, he was on top of my body, and I kissed him. He opened his eyes wide, and I think I felt resistance coming from him, but I wasn't sure since he didn't have much strength. So, I continued to kiss him, and slightly thrusting my pelvises at him, when I felt the slap. He mustard a lot of power, because I did feel some pain in that slap. I released my hooked arms from around him and he hopped up, with a look of dismay on his face, and tears forming in his eyes. I felt perplex for a second, and stood up in front of him. There was mostly now a look of pain on his face, but he didn't attempt to escape from me. (His fearfulness made it seem like he wanted to escape.)

I called upon my will to state, " Damnit, I so sorry little guy, I don't know what came over m..." With that, he bolted out the door with such a fast speed, I didn't even get a second look. Damn he was fast. As a football player, I was mostly a linebacker, so I could never really run fast. Then I left the locker room, feeling ashamed for making a little guy feel so afraid of me. I walked up to the front desk lady, and asked if she saw a small boy about 5'7'' run by. She said that she did see someone run out of here, and he looked like he was crying. I cussed under my breath and left, bringing a bad memory with me.

It seemed even more empty in my apartment. I had no family or no animals to care for. I've never felt so alone in my life. If I wanted, I could call up some of my buds and go get laid, but my mind kept returning to the beautiful boy with the puppy dog eyes. Thinking of him gave me another hard-on, and I remembered I hadn't cummed today. I rushed to my king-sized bed, and literally ripped off my shirt and yanked down my shorts. I tossed those to the side and gazed at my cock. The last time I measured it, it was 11'' long and as thick as a can of soda, but it seemed larger tonight after my encounter with the one that I wanted. I firmly grasped my meat and stroked it furiously. This made me start to spasm, making me lose all control. I have never had an orgasm this great, just from jacking off. I guess it was all related to the one that I wanted to fuck so hard. I shot several loads of cum onto the wall at first, but it then covered my bed, even though I was standing in front of it, a few feet away. I collapsed on the bed, feeling the residual spasms as I drifted off to one of the most peaceful night sleeps of my twenty-six year old life.

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