tagFirst TimeNew Escort Loses Her Virginity

New Escort Loses Her Virginity


This is the third instalment of an 18-year-old music student's new career in the sex industry. In the first instalment, she was hired by the husband and wife team of escort agency owners who discover she is still a virgin. In the second, she sets out in a limo to her first appointment to a man who has outbid other men for the privilege of taking her cherry. There is an erotic adventure in the limo. In this instalment she has arrived at her soon-to-be lover's penthouse.

"Celeste" was light-headed as she looked at the rich wood of the closed penthouse apartment door. This was her first appointment as an escort and she knew she would soon lose her virginity to the man on the other side of the door.

She felt a bit of apprehension but a much larger dose of primal urgency shouting from her throbbing pussy. Every one of her senses; smell, touch, taste, hearing seemed to be flooding her brain at a new and higher level as the door opened. The sensory overload made her a bit dizzy as she rushed toward the tall man who had stepped back, bowed slightly and directed her into the entranceway with a sweeping arm gesture. She could see and smell the old oak flooring and the rich crimson oriental carpets. She swayed a bit and needed to steady herself by holding the strong arm of her, soon-to-be lover. As they walked down the short hallway to the grand living room, she instinctively stroked the rich cloth of his sports jacket and drank in the pungent odor of his cologne. Paintings of a classic style adorned the walls.

As she entered the huge room, she saw three large leather sofas forming a U in the center of the room with a stool and a stand to hold sheeted music at the open side of the U. This was just like the equipment she practiced her cello with every day except there was one difference and it was placed behind her stool. A fine looking antique straight-back chair. She started to wonder what that was for when ...............................................

The gentleman at her side said in a firm tone and pointed, "Bradley, please place the young lady's cello over there."

The chauffer hustled and did what he was told. Again the firm tone, "That will be all, Bradley. I will call you when our beautiful musician's performance is completed." And the hired man was dismissed. Mr. R. looked down at the young lady and admired her fresh beauty. He finished walked all the way down and introduced himself to her all the while drinking in her innocence. My goodness, she looked too young but as a licensed escort she must be at least eighteen.

"Goodnight and welcome to my home, my dear. You can call me R. I am the person you will be entertaining tonight.'

He offered her his arm and proceeded to walk the short way to the setup for her cello. He loved the trusting way she clung to his arm as she drank in her new surroundings. He could smell the spring-like flowery scent of her perfume. Her complexion was alabaster white with a natural pink blush on her cheeks. Her glistening long straight auburn hair was tied in a bun that accentuated her long slender neck. Her eyes were demurely lowered and he could see her impossibly long dark eyelashes and the perfect natural arches of her eyebrows. He was mesmerized as he gazed at her beauty when she suddenly looked up with wide deep brown perfect eyes into his. It was like being hit with a thousand bolts of electricity and it took his breath away. He felt a deep sense of caring and slowly brought the back of his hand up and gently stroked her silken cheek as their eyes locked for several moments.

Celeste closed her eyes, smiled and leaned into his hand as he stroked her cheek. When she opened her eyes slightly, she could see the top buttons of his black silken shirt were discreetly undone exposing his manly defined chest with just the right amount of curly black hair.

From his vast experience, he could see that this young thing was in full sexual heat from the episode in the limo plus the undeniable truth that a girl's body of her maturity wants a needs a good fucking. Given the state of affairs, he decided to move things along a bit faster than he had planned.

"You are even lovelier that I even imagined. How would you like to play me a song on your cello? It is my favorite instrument."

She nodded and murmured, "Of course sir. It would be my pleasure."

Mr. R. smiled knowingly at this remark. He liked when she called him sir and he knew it would be HIS pleasure too. Celeste reluctantly lets go of his arm and takes her cello and bow from the case as well as a music book and sits on the stool prepared to play. He looks down at her;

"And what are you going to play for me, my dear?"

"Ravel's Bolero is one of my favorites and I hope you like It." came her reply.

"Wonder of wonders", he thought. "This is the sexiest classical piece ever composed." Some of his greatest fucks have happened while he listened to Bolero.

"I love it too my dear. Great choice. Let me rest in behind you to feel your energy as you play."

Without waiting for a reply, he sat in the chair behind her and pulled it closer. It was the exact right height so that his legs were spread while touching and encircling her hips and firm ass. He pulled down his zipper and pulled out his meaty seven inch cock and perfectly shaven balls. Then by shifting forward a bit he nestled his semi-hard cock in the crack between her young buns with only the cool soft silken dress between him and her satiny skin. As she tuned her cello, she was happy that he liked Bolero and it felt secure when he nestled in behind her. She could hear a zipper being pulled down behind her and then he moved closer as he placed his hands on his knees so that she had room to play her instrument.

The first part of Bolero is soft and playful. The acoustics of the room were wonderful with all the rich wood and deep carpets. Soon, Celeste was in her normal reverie as she fell into the spell of the music. Mr. R was also in a reverie as the sweet young musician moved her body to the strong rhythm of the symphony. As she rocked her torso back and forth and he could feel her ass cheeks rhythmically clenching around his manhood that was up against the crack of her ass. It was driving him mad. He reached around to the front of her blouse and cupped her breasts through the silken fabric. He was amazed that she barely skipped a beat in her playing. He rolled the hardening tips between his thumbs and forefingers. If he had been in front of her, he would have seen a crimson blush flash over her cheeks along with a sweet smile of pleasure cross her countenance.

Celeste thought, "My goodness, those strong hands on my breasts feel so wonderful. It reminds me of my handsome cello professor that caressed them like that."

She tried to concentrate on her music as she could feel him slowly unbuttoning her blouse. It seemed like it was taking forever to expose her heaving chest to his touch but thankfully when he was halfway down the buttons, he violently ripped the blouse apart sending the remaining buttons shooting across the floor. He had tried to linger but had failed as his instincts made him groan and rip open her clothing in a rush to get his hands on her bare globes. They were as soft as silk and perfect. Her tits had a womanly weight as he cupped them. He stroked the sides of her breast and gradually worked his hands down to the tips. He smiled as he found the nipples were now rock hard bullets as the young virgin was getting very aroused. He nestled his lips into the base of her neck below her ear and kissed the soft skin as he felt the strong throbbing of her artery beating below in time to the rhythms of Bolero that were singing exaltedly from the cello. Her breasts jiggled seductively with each stroke of the bow in her hands as she played.

He reached down to his rock hard penis that was now leaking precum from its tip and with his finger spread the silken lubricant over the sensitive head of his cock. This sent a shot of testosterone into the primal part of his brain that urged him onward.

Celeste could feel her girly parts were getting extremely wet and throbbing with a passion like nothing she had ever felt before. He had dropped one hand from her breast for a few moments but now it was coming back up and she thought, "Sweet mother, he is pulling up my skirt!"

She looked down between her exposed breasts and could see both of his hands lifting up her skirt and bunching it above her waist. She could even see her white panties that were now drenched around her camel-toe with her pussy juice. He then was forcefully pulling it from under her bum so that she could feel the coldness of the stool on the flesh of her ass and the warm hardness of his penis through the sheer fabric of her panties against the crack of her buttocks. Instincts took over at that moment and that manly weapon became the center of her focus even as other pleasures washed over her sense. Deep down, she instinctively knew she needed that part of him inside her. Her cello playing took on a stronger passionate tone that Ravel had certainly strived for.

Looking over her shoulder, he could see her beautiful full alabaster tits swaying as the student played on even as he was yanking her skirt from under her ass. "Fantastic," he thought when he looked between the breasts and below. "She has worn the white panties like I told her. Ahh, I see the wet patch at the V. She is truly mine."

Her knees were spread widely around the cello leaving an inviting open triangle between the instrument and her panty covered womanhood. He could smell the sweet scent of pussy juice wafting up to his nostrils. He smiled, licked his lips and dipped his hand into that glorious area. By habit he ran his thumbnail from the bottom of the wet panty along split of her cunt slowly from the bottom near her asshole to the top where the sensitive clitoris resides.

"Oh, YES!" The innocent young thing moaned out. The music stopped briefly and when she started back up she groaned in a deeper tone, "Oh sir that feels soooo good."

The girl's cries of pleasure were better music to his ears than any symphony he had ever heard. He reached down with his other hand and pulled the fabric over her virgin territory aside and ran his full hand over her hot womanhood. He could feel the wet curls of her soft unshaven bush. He even dipped his hand even deeper down and discovered her juices had moistened her sweet little asshole. So he swirled his middle finger around that sensitive spot. He could feel her catch her breath when he did this but no more. He liked his girls to know that ANY part of their bodies were not off limits to him.

Celeste was in a fog of lust as she continued to play the cello. She was shocked that he had touched her anus, the most secret and forbidden part of her body. Surprisingly to her, even that felt good in his experienced hands.

The next part of the Bolero was where she must strum the strings rather than use the bow. He knew the melody as well and she could feel him spread her pussy lips with the thumb and forefinger of his left hand and just when she started to strum on her cello, he started strumming his right forefinger between the opened slash and strummed on the engorged wet lips. "God,that is incredible." she thought. He started at the bottom of her womanhood and as she strummed faster and louder towards the climatic end of the concert, he strummed higher and higher towards her throbbing clit. The music ended and she came a split second after.

"Ahhh OHHHH. AHHHHH. Yes YESSSS. I'mmmm cumminngggg!!!"

Celeste screamed out in waves of ecstasy as she let the cello fall forward to the carpet and clutched her thighs around his hand. She gasped for air for several minutes and when she had a little composure back she reached down and clasped his hand and kissed it over and over.

He could not believe how horny and turned on this incredibly beautiful girl had become. His passion was boiling over. His cock was throbbing and as hard as mahogany. NOW was the time to make this virgin girl into a woman. Reaching under her, he lifted her light body in his arms and carried her down the short hallway into his bedroom. Looking down on her he could see her bare breasts as her white blouse was fully open and he could see her white panties with the crotch pushed aside to reveal red engorged pussy lips covered with a soft brown curly matted pubes. Every step towards his bed made him more determined to split this virgin's cunt and break her maidenhead forever. When he reached the bed, he dumped her on the silk red sheets of the bed.

"Get those fucking clothes off!!" He commanded.

She scrambled out of her blouse and skirt and threw them to the floor. Since his tone of voice she was not what she was accustomed to, she instinctively put her arm across her chest hiding her breasts modestly while still wearing her white panties. He had stripped and was nude and standing beside the bed looking down at her. His brain was on fire and he saw red and grabbed her ankle and spun her feet towards him and angrily said,

"I SAID. Get your fucking clothes off. That means ALL your fucking clothes."

With this, he reached down and literally ripped the white panties off the shocked girl. She covered her crotch with her other hand and looked up at him with a worried look in her eyes as she bit her bottom lip. There were a few red marks on her legs below her buttocks where panties had resisted most. He tossed the tattered remnants aside without a thought. His base instincts screamed rape but his training gradually quelled these urges. After a few minutes, looking down at his prize, his breathing slowed and he regained his composure.

"My dear, you shouldn't hide your body like that. Move your hands so I can see your tits and pretty pussy," He said gently, almost like a different person that been enraged a few minutes ago.

"Yes sir. Of course. I'm sorry." She said obediently and then she slowly brought her hands to her sides exposing the full glory of her perfect body.

Celeste looked up at him as her stood naked above her. He had scared her a few moments ago but now he seemed a gentleman again. She gladly dropped her hands to show him her body and even opened her legs a bit so he could see those womanly areas he had so recently satisfied. She realised that he had shaved off all his pubic hair and his penis was large and very proudly erect. "My goodness, how can that huge thing fit into my little vagina?" She thought.

But he was the source of her most ultimate pleasure and now she trusted him and would do anything he asked. Her mouth watered a bit as she recalled the salty, sweet taste of Jerome's black cock in her mouth when she interview for the escorting job. She wondered if her man would offer his beautiful staff to her the same way. But when she looked into his eyes, they were drilling lustily only into her unfucked pussy.

He looked down at the beautiful 18-year-old virgin music student who was willing and ready to be fucked for the first time. All he could think of was the sight and honey smell of that hot cunt just waiting for his cock. The urge to move forward on that mission was overwhelming. Another time might include kissing and cock sucking, pussy licking, whatever. But here and now his primal brain was screaming only HARD COCK - VIRGIN PUSSY -HARD COCK-VIRGIN PUSSY to the beat of his pounding heart.

"No more Mr. Nice Guy." he thought "It's time to rip through that hymen and teach this wench what a good fucking is all about."

He chuckled and crawled onto the bed over her. He placed one knee between her legs and gave her leg a shove to signal her to spread it. She got the message and spread that leg outward. He put his other knee between her legs and she spread that leg outward with no urging from him. He reached over and found a large firm silk covered pillow and signalled with his eyes for her to raise her butt. She did and when the pillow was under her buttocks, her womanhood was lifted a good foot off the bed. Mr. R. liked to have a virgin's pussy cock-high when he sat back on his haunches.

It was like a sex banquet table arrayed before him as he sat back and surveyed his shy teen. The girl's snow white thighs were spread wide, revealing her rose-like soft pink pussy lips. He began to stroke her soft inner thighs as he look over her pussy at her wondrous tits with their small puffy pink hard nipples. Her face above them was the picture of innocent beauty with a mixture of lust and worry flashing alternately across it. He began to massage her entire crotch gently but firmly with both hands. He could feel the soft pubic hair against his palms and the rising heat and moisture signalled the rising carnal lust building in the young student.

He stopped his hands on each side of her cunny slit and slowly opened her so that he could see everything from her small pink asshole to her deep red engorged clitoris. With both thumbs he spread her vagina as wide as possible to check that the hymen was still intact and he would definitely be her first. There it was, a gossamer bit of delicate skin blocking the entranceway to the womb with a small penny-size hole in the middle. He gave a satisfying grunt of approval.

Celeste lay on her back with her hips suspended high on a firm pillow as her man tantalized and teased her body. She had been on the edge of sexual hysteria for what seemed like forever and her body screamed out for fulfillment. Thankfully, he shifted forward while still on his haunches and pulled her hips toward his stiff weapon and brought its tip to rest on the crack of her throbbing wet cunt.

"Yes sir! Please! I need you to fuck me!!" She cried out,

As the desire to have him plunge his huge weapon into her trumped her fears of the pain she knew it would cause. Instead, he just rubbed the velvet-over-steel head of his manhood up and down her begging pussy. It was driving Celeste mad with desire. She reached up and grabbed a handful of his chest hair as her mouth contorted in lust on the edge of ecstasy as she yelled out,

"Please sir. Please!! Now!"

Mr. R. saw that his cock was well lubricated with the lass's love juice and her screams told him she was ready as he held his cock and slid it up and down her slippery womanhood . He hesitated on the next down-dip and nestled the head of love staff in the lower engorged cunt lips at the entrance of the girl's vagina. He looked down at his trophy and with primal male guttural sounds from his throat he began to force his thick cock into this tiny vagina. He felt her muscles tighten and nearly strangle the tip of his cock. After a couple seconds, they started to flex and give way under his assault. Every centimetre he pushed felt as if he had gone a mile in her velvety tight hot wet cannel. Soon he felt that thin fleshy barrier. He looked down at her and saw the pleasure and anticipation in her face. He took a deep breath and rammed his cock, balls deep into her tight pussy. He could feel his balls slap against her ass as she came. Her orgasm was sending waves of contractions in her love canal around his cock. A flood of triumph washed over his body and soul as he felt the head of his cock bump against the deepest end of her vagina. She screamed, a mixture of pain and total pleasure."

"Yes, YES." he growled as he basked in the pure glory of the moment. It was a grand slam homer, last second basket and hole in one to win the Masters all rolled into one.

Her screams and the delicious sensations of her spasming cunt almost brought him to an immediate orgasm as well. Her teen pussy was the tightest he had ever split. He kept very still inside her to let the feeling of urgency subside. He wasn't going to pay this much money for a ten second fuck. No, there was going to be a lot more fucking tonight.

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