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New Girl Nextdoor


This past Summer a single woman in her mid-thirties moved in a couple of houses down the street. She had long brown hair, nice figure and large breast. I sat in my window and watched as they moved in what seemed to be very little furniture. After a couple of days several of the neighbors stopped by to welcome her to the neighborhood.

Her name was Ann and she was very pretty but one hell of a bitch. She was quick to tell us she was single and wanted it that way. She said she just wanted to be left alone and for all of us to know up front that there was nothing any of us could do or say to ever be anything more than just a neighbor. In fact she told us to leave and don't bother coming back.

Thinking she was just talking tough, we all had it in our mind that one of us would eventually get lucky with her, wrong! She wouldn't give any of the neighborhood guys the time of day. Soon, everyone just decided to leave the bitch alone. However, I couldn't get her off my mind.

I would sit and peep from behind my curtains and watch as she would come and go. Follow her around every time I would see her out in a store or in a restaurant. I became obsessed with her. Not only did she fill my dreams, I spent most of my time watching her house just hopping to get a glimpse of her.

After a few months my plan came to me in a dream. I was going to force her, degrade her and knowing I would only get one chance at her I had to make sure I took all of her that I would ever want. She was going to be mine for a night and I would make sure she never forgot our night either.

Knowing Ann's schedule better than my own, I waited until she left for work on a Friday morning. I picked the lock on her back door and spent the day going through her personal things. Looking at her photo albums, etc.. I sat in her bedroom and waited for the night I had been dreaming of for weeks. I hid the ropes, scarves under her bed. As the evening came near I got in the closet and waited for her to come home from work.

Just like clock work, Ann came home right on time. She came into the bedroom and began to undress. She opened the closet and stood before me completely nude. She had no idea I was standing just inches away. I was holding my breath and just looking at her naked body after all those weeks of anticipation I got weak and almost reacted too soon.

Once she picked out a housecoat and put it on she left the bedroom and went into the kitchen and began preparing some dinner. I could peek through the closet door and watch her as she sat at the table with her large firm breast over half exposed. I was getting so excited I just had to risk being heard as I slowly began jacking off. Just as I was about to get off, she got up and began cleaning the dishes.

She then went into the living room and I heard her click on a lamp and I could only imagine she was relaxing and reading one of her romantic novels that she kept laying around. I was starting to get impatient as it seemed like I had been in that damn closet for days. Just as I started to make a move my luck changed. Her phone rang, she came into the bedroom and laid across the bed talking to what sounded like a boyfriend.

They began talking dirty and soon she had her robe open and rubbing her swollen breast. Then she slowly began to insert a finger into her moist cunt. I thought, how much better could it get! I once again started rubbing my throbbing, swollen penis and got into the same rhythm she was in. She soon began to arch her back off the bed and started moaning. Then she did the unexpected. She dropped the phone, grabbed her left breast and pressed it to her lips and as she sucked her nipple into her mouth she crammed several fingers into her cunt and began to scream as her reached a huge orgasm.

I caught myself breathing so hard I almost passed out. She picked the phone back up and said goodnight to whom ever was on the other end. As she turned back the bed sheets and turned out the light I realized I was still standing there holding my deflated cum covered penis. I had cum all over my shirt, arm and my hand was covered. I became so weak I didn't know how much longer my knees would allow me to stand there.

My plan was to wait for her to go to sleep then make my move. Luckily, after her huge orgasm she went straight to sleep. I waited another hour and then at last made my move. I was thinking, I should just leave. I wasn't sure I could have a more stimulating experience than I had just received.

However, as I slowly slipped past her bed, the glowing beauty of her face seemed to pierce the darkness and I decided I just had to have her. I slowly reached under the bed and got the ropes and scarves that had been placed there, what now seemed like days ago. Placed one hand over her mouth and quickly grabbed her arms.

She was so shocked at first she just lay there and tried to see who the intruder was. I rolled her over and whispered in her ear, don't move and don't scream and I wouldn't hurt her. She began to say in a low soft voice, "I have no money, just take what you want, please don't hurt me!"

I almost began to laugh. I told her, I didn't want her money and that I had every intention of taking what I wanted. I was careful to alter my voice so that she wouldn't recognize me. I put a blindfold over her eyes and tied her arms and legs so that she would be helpless. Then I rolled her back over and sat her up in the bed.

When I turned the light on I couldn't help but just sit there and gaze upon her wonderful firm body. I told her to relax, I assured her that I had no intention of hurting her. I told her that I was going to make love to her. If she fought me then I would just fuck her and that she could decide how much pain she wanted. She decided to just lay there and make it as unpleasant as possible.

She wouldn't react to my kisses, caressing her breast or legs. So, I began to lick her breast and slowly moved down to her pussy that was still wet from her phone call. As I stuck my tongue into her pussy, a huge glob of her cum rolled out and on to my tongue. I sucked it into my mouth and climbed up to her blindfolded face and gave her a French kiss.

Once she realized what I had just deposited into her mouth she began to gag. Enough was enough, I had to have her! I told her that I wanted her to wash down her own cum with a mouth full of mine.

She began to beg me to not to cum in her mouth. The more she pleaded and begged, the more I began to visualize my cum filling her mouth and seeping down her chin. I tried at first to just put a couple of inched in Ann's mouth afraid that I might cum and she would swallow it robbing me of the thrill of watching it run down her chin and dripping on her firm tits.

However, the more she gagged and made some frothing sounds I began forcing it down her throat. I glanced across the room and caught a glimpse of us in the mirror. The angle was just right to watch Ann's bound, nude body sitting helpless as her face was distorted and crammed full of hard cock.

It was just as I had dreamed. Without notice, I snapped out of the dream as my cock began to explode in Ann's face. I grabbed her by her hair and forced as much cum to shoot straight down her throat as I could. When I pulled my still rock hard cock from her mouth I shot one last blast of cum on her lips and fulfilled one of my dreams.

Ann was starting to cry and beg me to just leave. She said, "I don't care who you are, I wont call the cops or tell a soul if you'll just leave now!" I wiped the tears from her cheek and began to tell her that it wasn't that simple. I told her that she had been given the opportunity to just have sex with me but she just had to be a bitch about it. So, I told her that now I had decided to make her mine and use her to make every dream I ever had about her come true.

I even started to get a little rough with her pulling her down into the bed by her hair. She yelled, "Don't pull my hair!"

I told her if she yelled at me one more time, I would cut all of her fucking hair off! I began rubbing my still hard cock between her tits and rubbed a few last drops of cum on her nipples. Then I grabbed her tits and forced her to suck each one of them. As she fought me I slapped her and started squeezing her tits until they turned purple.

Then I started to press my cock against her wet pussy lips. Ann just froze and began to beg me not to fuck her. She said if I would promise not to cum inside her, she would suck me off again only better this time. She even offered to be my cum slut and suck me off anytime I wanted her if I just wouldn't cum inside her.

When I asked what was the big deal, she said that she had sex with a lot of guys but no one had ever came in her. She had always wanted to save that honor for the man she married just so he could say he was the first and that she would be his forever. I said that was the final part of my fantasy, making her mine forever! I never dreamed that it would be this easy. I assured her that not only was I going to cum inside her, I was going to fill her pussy with my sperm even if I had to fuck her several times!

As I began forcing my penis into her, she kept crying an pleading with me not to take this dream from her! "Please don't cum in me and rob me of something I have looked forward to all my life!"

The more she cried the more I could feel the pressure of my cum begin to build. More, more, more, soon I raised up, looked at Ann's tear soaked blindfold, rock hard nipples and quivering body I new the time was near! Then with one last attempt to hold back, Ann cried out with one last hope of saving herself. When she yelled, "PLEASE NO!!"

I began to fill her with what felt like a gallon of hot, sticky sperm that was coating the inside of her pussy for the very first time!

I just stood there realizing what I had just done, I wanted this moment to last for ever, for Ann it would. As my deflating cock began to slid from her dripping, abused body I bent over and told her, "I own you! I live near here and from now on, for the rest of your life, every man you see, every man that says hello or waves at you passing by, you'll wonder, is that him? For the rest of your life, every time a man makes love to you, you'll remember this night and wonder. Who was it that first filled your pussy with his cum. Just remember, I own you now and if I ever want you again I'll come to you like a dream in the night."

Then I forced Ann to take one of the sleeping pills I'd found in her medicine cabinet and told her, "Tomorrow when you wake up it'll all be over, including your special little dream and you'll be all alone with only your sore cum filled pussy to keep you company."

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