tagBDSMNew Government Male Laws Ch. 02

New Government Male Laws Ch. 02


Friday evening Alicia Savo entered the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel and proceeded to the large meeting room. It was 7:30pm and the hall was packed with women. It was a victory party of sorts for the women of Femdom Now. Handing her coat to check girl, she entered and made her way to the speaker's area and hugged and kissed several of the ladies who welcomed her. She could feel the unbridled excitement and joy that enveloped the meeting room. As the crowd was urged to take their seats, the noise died down and soon everyone's attention was drawn to the speaker's platform. The doors to the hallways were closed and the lady at the microphone welcomed them and introduced the Femdom Now public relations director, Karen Sharp who received a standing ovation.

"Ladies and Ladies," she started with a wide smile that drew applause and laughter.

"Over 10 years ago, when we embarked on this mission to change the face of this country, there were several of us, who really did not believe it could be accomplished. I had my doubts as well, but I, like all of you, worked every day towards that common goal that we so wanted to be real. Today, we control the Progressive Party. There are more women in Congress than men, we have almost as many women in the Senate as men, and in two years there will be more women in the Senate than men."

Another standing ovation was given to Ms. Sharp before she could continue.

"Tomorrow will be a new day in the history of the United States. The world we knew, compliments of the males of this country, starting tomorrow IS NO MORE."

Another ovation interrupted her speech. Women on stage and those in the audience hugged and gave each other high fives.

"It is my great honour to introduce to you, your Femdom Now President, LYDIA FOX." More applause swept the meeting as Lydia Fox waved to the audience before stepping to the microphone and asked for quiet.

"Ladies, girls, friends, I am so proud to stand here before you at this new beginning for our great country. The males of this country are about to feel what it is like to be the weaker sex."

Applause erupted but stopped as Ms. Fox asked for quiet.

"I say weaker sex, because we women now have control of this country's laws and the laws of this country have given us control over the males of this country. In a few hours, at the stroke of midnight, you will be able to look a male in the eye and see the uncertain fear he is feeling. It will be up to you to determine how he should feel. We all know good and decent males who will not have a problem being subservient to us. As long as they continue to know their place, they will be treated fairly. Those males who attempt to fight the order of life, will have to suffer for their resistance. They must learn, and it will be your duty to teach them. You must rise to the occasion and not be afraid to discipline those who defy us." A cheer rose from the audience and Ms. Fox raised her hand for silence before continuing.

"I know there will be excesses. There are many of us women who have been abused by males. Deep seated psychological scars will come to the surface and there will be some of us who seek revenge and retribution. The laws have been tilted in our favour to allow for women to sort things out. Law enforcement has been made aware that the law must come down hard on the males of this country, and on the side of females. You've read the new laws, if a male looks at you wrong, or gropes you, or leers at you then call a policeman and he will be charged and punished. You may be allowed to administer the punishment to him. Your word will not be questioned. Males know this and I'm sure will they learn to become submissive. Some males will have to be sent to prison, depending upon their crime. Women everywhere will have to learn the extent of their power and will have to learn the fine art of arm twisting; some of us will use threats and lies to get a male to submit," there was complete silence in the hall as she continued.

"It is no secret that Femdom Now embraces lesbianism as an acceptable alternative to heterosexuality. Protection for lesbianism has been written into the laws. We now have three lesbians sitting on the Supreme Court. Gay males have also been afforded protection and we have enlisted them as allies to our cause. Securing their support for our cause was a no brainer due to the fact so many men cannot think further than the end of their penises. Gay males already understand that they must be subservient to all females and we will use them to further our ideology. While homosexuality has been legalized, it will still be looked upon with disdain and derision. Gay men will not be permitted to marry even though marriage between females will be legalized next month. I might add that a bill is being prepared which will allow married lesbian couples the right to bring a submissive male into their union as a subordinate to his mistresses. His rights will be minimal and at the discretion of those in authority over him. He may not leave the arrangement without their permission but he can be dismissed by proper writ." Ms. Fox smiled and clapped along with the throng of women standing and applauding even after being asked to hold their applause.

"President Palosi has established and funded nationwide county assistance for females who need help controlling their males. All females, young and old, may call or visit their county prosecutor to level charges or obtain help to punish any male, including husbands, who have offended them in some way. Your word is all that is needed for the charge to be valid. Try to understand that you as a female do not need witnesses or proof that a male has offended you. I now want to introduce you to this country's FIRST MALE CZAR, ALICIA SAVO."

After the audience stood and applauded for what seemed like 5 minutes and Alicia hugged and kissed those who stood on the platform with her, the crowd took their seats as she addressed them.

"Thank you so much for that tremendous welcome. My name is Alicia Savo. I am the U.S. Male Czar. It is my responsibility to enforce the male laws in this country. Tomorrow morning, you will see males like you have never seen them before. Single males will appear in public, naked for the entire world to see. They will be embarrassed, shy and humiliated. Females, young and old will laugh at them; clothed males will to some extent do the same. It is a fact that most of the single males have been frantically searching for a woman that will marry them quickly. They now know that women want something more than to be an excuse for them to wear clothes. We women still want to be courted and romanced and treated now, not as an equal, but as their superior. We not only want it, but we demand it. Husbands and prospective husbands must prove their worth to their wives and girlfriends. They can prove that, through their complete submission, their loyalty and hard work for their families."

The audience was going wild with celebration. Alicia waited for quiet.

"Every citizen has been issued the Male Obedience Handbook. It lists the laws designed to help you combat sexism in the workplace, the public and private areas. The harassment you've suffered in the past is over. Now, a male will know better than to whistle or make a lewd comment to you. Just the fact a naked male looks at you and is sporting an erection is now considered sexual harassment and you can either administer punishment yourself or refer it to the local county prosecutor."

Waiting for thunderous applause to die down, Alicia was awed by the enthusiasm of the women members of the group. She thought for a moment of the tsunami wave of feminine power that was being unleashed upon males. The courts would be busy establishing women's control over the males. She too would be busy with implementing the laws.

"Ladies, we have enforcement officers here tonight to answer your questions. We will break up into small groups. There are stations around the perimeter of the room where you may have your questions answered. Femdom Now needs your support. Our association exists for your benefit and needs your dollars to keep pushing our cause. All women should be members of Femdom Now and also voting members of the Progressive Party. Talk to your neighbours, family and friends and invite them to join. There is strength in numbers and together, we can make sure that males will never again be in control. Thank you."

The Femdom Now Rally was covered live by the mainstream media, and other cable outlets. Millions of Americans sat in front of their television sets. The average male could only accept what had been coming for months. They had no power and nowhere to go for help. The government had been taken over first by the liberals and then they had been absorbed by the Feminists in the government. Little by little, the different branches of the government had been infiltrated and taken over through 'Pie in the Sky' promises, voter fraud and bribery. The joining together of the leftist leaning liberals, feminists, African Americans, Hispanics, lesbians and homosexuals, joined by millions of average women and even clueless males, had swung the vote and elected the most radical administration in the history of the United States. Now, there was only hell to pay.

In the gay capital of the world, San Francisco, and in cities across the country, it was a different story. At midnight, thousands of single gay men shed their clothes and walked out into the streets singing 'Gay is Great, Gay is Great'. More than a few married men took their clothes off too and joined them. Sexual acts were being performed in public. The police were overwhelmed and turned a blind eye to the unfolding debauchery. Women, young and old came out to watch the parades of naked gay men. Other straight single men hid in their homes worried about tomorrow and the future.

In Wichita, Kansas, Donna Watkins and her girlfriend Debra, both 18, called the special phone number set up to report violations of the new male laws. Tom Wallace, 21, was working in the Quick Trip and would be on duty until 6am. He was a single boy, known to the two girls and had refused their order to strip off his clothes and conform to the law. In seconds, a city police officer pulled into the store parking lot.

Arguing that he was working, he was informed by the police officer that he would have to get naked or go to jail. Embarrassed, he took his clothes off and stood in front of the two girls, his hands in front of his genitals. Reluctantly he removed his hands uncovering his penis at the request of the girls and the officer, and he was informed that the girls could punish him immediately if they so desired. With pleading eyes, he begged them not to punish him. The girls just laughed saying they just wanted to test the law to see if it were really true.

"If I catch you wearing clothes at work again or even outside, I'll have to give you a spanking boy," she said, and both girls walked out of the door laughing.

"Take everything out of your pockets son. Because you violated the law, I'm required to confiscate all clothes you were wearing at the time of the violation," the officer said. "The next time you wear clothes outside your house you'll be spanked in public."

Glancing down at the young man's penis, the officer added, "You're getting semi hard now boy. You better watch it. If another woman comes in here and you're hard, she can report you too."

Wearing just tennis shoes, Tom handed his clothes over to the officer and hurried behind the counter, lamenting the fact that the counter was not high enough to conceal his genitals from the customers.

Tom watched in fear as another car pulled up in front of the shop. An older guy in a suit and tie entered the store. He smiled broadly as he saw the young naked boy at the register. He asked for $5.00 in lottery tickets and leered at the boy's semi hard cock. "You better hope a woman doesn't come in with your cock like that boy," he laughed. As the boy handed the tickets on to the counter, the man reached over and took hold of his cock, causing the boy to jump back and yell. "Get used to it kid, It's a new world out there now," he said, picking up his tickets and leaving.

Tom was now scared but somehow excited too. He was naked under bright lights and lots of windows through which people could see him. His cock was now more than semi hard and he was afraid that girls would be coming in. Making a quick decision, he bolted for the men's room and quickly began masturbating furiously. It took him no time at all before he shot his hot thick cum across the floor and his cock started to soften.

Feeling ready to be once more in public, he wiped the last drips of cum from his cock, walked back to the front of the store and began working again. He realized he would have to masturbate often to keep his cock from getting hard while he was working or in public.

All across the United States, the police were swamped with calls from women complaining that unmarried single males over 18 were violating the law by remaining clothed. Some males were at their workplace, others were at grocery stores, restaurants and bars. The police were forced to check each call out and enforce the new laws, much to the humiliation of males and to the joy of women. They knew the law was finally on their side and that no longer were men to be feared or even respected.

Most at risk men fled to their homes before the deadline and awaited the new day with dread. Married men suddenly became very helpful and loving to their wives. Women with husbands quickly noticed the fear in their husband's eyes and began using their new bargaining chip to their advantage. Most marriages seem be become more secure and those where there was an honest loving relationship saw no change, but the men knew that the balance of power had certainly changed hands and they were no longer the true head of their household.

Millions of women young and old were anxious for the weekend to arrive so they could see the boys who were over 18 and single with no clothes on. Teenage girls were the most excited. It would be fun times for them, they joked that if a boy liked you, it'd sure be easy to know now.

Alicia Savo, Lydia Fox and Karen Sharp entered the Sheraton lounge and were escorted to a table by a sweet young lad. Immediately, the Maitre D' arrived with menus and a complimentary bottle of the hotel's finest wine.

Lydia looked at the handsome middle aged Maitre D' and asked him pointedly, "Are you married Sir?"

"Yes Miss, happily for many years," he said with a jovial smile, flattered that the attractive woman had been so bold to ask.

"And what about the young boy who seated us?" she asked.

"No, he's single and just 22 years old Miss," he replied, uncomfortable at the middle aged woman asking.

"What school does he attend, If I may ask?" Lydia continued, looking absently at the menu.

"He doesn't go to school Miss, as far as I know. He works here full time," he added.

Laying the menu down, she looked directly into his eyes.

"As of almost an hour ago, The law directs that all single males over the age of 18, not going to school, must be naked at all times when they are out in the public eye. I believe my eyes told me he was wearing clothes."

Laying her cell phone upon the table, she said, "Please have the young man return to our table minus his clothes or should I just call the police and have them come here so I can prefer charges against both him and his employer? Are you aware of the fine the owner of this restaurant would be subject to?"

Sweating profusely, the Maitre D' excused himself, hurriedly disappeared into the kitchen area.

Lydia smiled and then winked at her dinner friends, "What's the use of having all this power over males if we don't use it."

After about 10 minutes, the young man wearing only a tiny pair of men's briefs emerged from the kitchen and came to their table. "I'm sorry for the delay ladies, may I take your order," he said with obvious embarrassment.

"My first order is take off those silly panties you're wearing and give them to me. You should know the law, you've been warned about it for weeks," Lydia said as she held out her hand waiting.

Looking around at the Maitre D' who was watching from a distance the young man slowly slipped the briefs down to the floor and stepped out of them. He bent down feeling very exposed as he did so, picked up the briefs and handed them to Lydia who dropped them on the table.

"Come closer boy," she said

The young man edged nervously closer, he was scared, and as Lydia reached out and grabbing his penis he let out a whimper. She pulled him next to her. "You have a soft cock, are you afraid boy?" she asked.

"Yyy yes Maam," the boy stuttered "Please let me go," he begged starting to tremble with fear.

"I'm not a Maam, I'm a Miss. You may call me Miss Lydia. Can you say Miss Lydia, boy?" Her hand moved down and cupped his balls which she rolled around with her fingers.

Alicia and Karen were enjoying the show and marvelled how the older woman had succeeded in intimidating the youngster. They were seeing another example of the new power a woman held over males. The boy doubtlessly knew his place in the new world in which he found himself, he was scared to death, but due to Lydia's gentle massaging, he was now sporting a decent 7" hard cock.

"What is your name boy?" Lydia asked

"William Miss, my name is William," he said.

"Well, William, when are you done working tonight?" she asked, looking into his eyes and gripping his balls slightly tighter.

"I'm off work in two hours Miss," William replied.

"Well William, when you get off work in two hours, I expect you to take the elevator up to the 7th floor and knock on room 715. If you want to continue working here, you will do as I instruct you. Do you understand me William when I remind you that you will still be naked?" Lydia said, smiling.

"Yes Miss Lydia, I will come to room 715 as soon as I am done working," William said, glancing at the other two women who were sitting there openly admiring his naked body.

"Good boy, now go fetch a bottle of your finest champagne," she said, giving his balls another gentle squeeze. The girls watched his cute little tight ass as he quickly headed for the kitchen.

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