tagSci-Fi & FantasyNew Horizons

New Horizons


Chapter 1.

"Maggie, you can't be serious! There's no way I'm going to ask your brother to do this."

"You won't have to. I'll ask him for you."

"That's not what I meant!"

"Really Amy, it'll be fine. David's a real sweetie-pie when it comes to helping people. I'm sure he'll agree."

"Maggie, that's not the point. I'm a guest in your house, and for God's sake, I just met your brother yesterday! Won't he be embarrassed?"

"Oh no.... Well, maybe a little... Actually, maybe more than a little. But my brother is so hopelessly shy when it comes to girls, this will probably do him some good anyway..."

"Maggie, look at my face carefully, closely study the smirk upon it..."

"I'm serious! Well, sort of. Getting into a sexy situation with a woman his age might really do him some good. Help him be more relaxed around females later."

"Maggie, this wouldn't be a sexual situation!"

"Oh, I know. From personal experience, I know. David let me practice on him before my own Practicum exam. It really helped my technique. I got top marks."

"You practiced on your own brother?" Amy whispered.

"Sure, why not? About half a dozen times too. He blushed a bit when I first asked him, but he agreed. Didn't ask for anything in return either. I told you, he's a real sweetie- pie."

"Oh, Maggie, I don't know... Wait a minute! What would your parents think if I catheterized your brother just for practice?"

"Well, I'll give you that. They'd probably be squeamish about it. But they'll never know! They'll be gone all afternoon. David's in the shower now, and I still have some unused tube kits and KY jelly. This really is a perfect opportunity... You practiced on the Life/form models, but never had a chance to insert into a real human penis, right?"

"Well, no..."

"And it would help you to get some real feedback, right?"

"Well... Yes it would."

"It's settled then. Why don't you wash your hands in the second bathroom, and we'll ask David when he comes out of his shower."

10 minutes later...

"David, my dear brother! Can you come in here?"

"Sure sis. Just let me just throw some clothes on, I'll be back in a minute."

"No, I mean come right now."

"Huh? Okay."

David walked into his sister's bedroom wearing a damp bathrobe. "Hi Amy! What's up Margaret?"

"David, I'll get right to the point. Remember how much you helped me prepare for my nursing qualifiers? Amy will be taking her own Practicum right after the Christmas break, in less than two weeks. Will you help her too?"

"What? Oh! Oh... Well, ah, yeah sure, okay... Err, the way you're smiling Maggie, do you mean like right now?"

"Yep! Here, lie down on my bed. Ditch the wet robe first. Remember to bend your knees..." Maggie walked over to the door. "I'll be downstairs. If you need me to call 911, just give a holler."

"What!? Oh... Very funny sis. You're not staying?"

"Do you really want your sister to chaperone this?"

"Uh, I guess not. Bye."

Maggie left the room and closed the door. David, still standing in his robe, looked shyly at Amy for a moment and then gave her a warm smile. "All joking with my sister aside, I'm really am very happy to help you Amy. It just took me a few moments to change gears."

"This was your sister's idea; I would never have had the nerve to suggest this myself. I am grateful though, this really will help me... Ah, if you're ready, why don't you get rid of the robe and lie down on your back? Maggie's right, remember to bend your knees. Close your eyes if you like, just get comfortable. I hope to be very gentle. Tell me at once if there's any pain."

David disrobed and lay down on the bed. Amy tore open the sterile seal on the kit and coated one end of the tube with KY jelly. She noticed that David's eyes were closed, and decided to give him a verbal description of what she was doing. "I'm right-handed. I'm holding your penis now with my left hand. I'll be inserting with my right... Just to be super cautious, I'm wiping down the penis head with a bit of alcohol... Okay, ready to begin. David, when was the last time you urinated?"

"Uh... When I woke up early this morning I guess."

"Excellent! I should get a good visual feedback on the tube then when I penetrate your bladder... I'm holding your penis at a right angle to your body. This will give me a nice straight path for the catheter..."

Amy gently squeezed the penis head until she popped open the urethra slit. She placed the lubricated tip into the opening, but instead of beginning the insertion, she sighed and just thought for a moment. She noticed that David's eyes were still closed, and as she looked as his naked body, it occurred to her that he was quite fit and pleasant to look at. She withdrew the catheter tip from his slit and rested the insertion bulb on the sterile inside of the kit. "David, your penis is fully erect. It would still be possible for me to catheterize you, but your urethra tract is now stretched tight. It would be uncomfortable for you to be penetrated now, for me to force my way through all your erectile tissue, and there's no medical need for me to do this to you. We should stop."

David blushed, still keeping his eyes closed. "Oh, I don't mind. I know my sister. She would never have suggested this if it wouldn't help you... I can try to rest for a minute, think dull thoughts, see what happens..."

"Are you sure? Really sure?" David kept nodding his head. "Well, okay. Thank you... Ha! Did this, ah, problem happen with you and your sister?"

"Gosh no! Well, maybe I got a little erect, especially the first time... But nothing like this... Maggie had cool hands... Your hand is nice and warm... But I think the real difference is that she's my sister. I don't know if she's told you much about me. As a teenager I was hopelessly shy around girls. I've been making an intense effort to be more social and gregarious recently, but my shyness is still here. Outside of my sister, I've never had anyone my age even give me a close hug, let alone have a beautiful girl hold my penis like this."

"Ha! You think I'm beautiful? We should stop."

"No. Give me a chance to think about something else... Tell me about yourself."

"You want to know about me? Okay... Actually... David, this is something I haven't done in years, but I know a sure-fire way of relaxing a male out of an erection. Let me pet your scrotum while I tell you about myself." Still holding his penis in her left hand, Amy's right hand cupped David's testes, and she began to stroke her fingers in the rear of his scrotum, lightly penetrating into the sac between the two testes. David gave a deep sigh of pleasure, shuddered and then relaxed.

"I was born and grew up in Wisconsin, in a small town in the way northern part, near the Apostle Islands National Park on Lake Superior. It's beautiful country, gorgeous. Pristine stretches of sand beaches, sea caves, lots of old-growth forests. I have two wonderful parents who love me dearly... This is working David; I can feel the blood starting to drain from your erectile tissue... As a young child, I had a group of four other girls just my age who played with me. We all lived within a couple of blocks of each other. We became very close friends. I'm an only child, but we five hung out together so often it was as if I had four sisters. I'm starting the insertion now... I'll just go in an inch and stop for a moment.... There! Good! That felt very smooth." Amy right hand returned to caressing the testes in his scrotal sac, her left hand quietly maintaining her hold on his softening penis.

"Later on in the fifth grade and then once again in high school another girl joined our group. All seven of us were on our high school soccer team. I think of all of them as my family, that I have six sisters. We don't often see each other now though; we went our separate ways after high school... I'm going to continue the insertion now... I was a little spoiled growing up. Nothing awful, just unprincipled. During my sophomore and junior years in high-school, I became quite promiscuous. I was so lucky not to suffer the consequences; no pregnancies, no diseases. My sisters, one in particular, her name was Laura, finally talked me out of my insane behavior. It's so amazing what caring love can do... David, I think I've penetrated down to the base of your penis now. I'm going to continue, it'll be another few inches, until I feel the resistance of hitting the release valve on your bladder."

"My senior year in high-school was pretty quiet, dating-wise. The few boys who did ask me out were just looking for an easy lay, and I had trashed my reputation so fully that the other boys didn't want to bother with me. I chose nursing as a profession, got accepted at a great school in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I starting rooming with your sister as a freshman, we've been together two and a half years now. It was so nice of her to invite me to be with you all for Christmas... David, did you feel that resistance? I'm positive I'm at your release valve now. I'm doing to push through. You might feel a bit of a pinch, but it should be no more than that. I expect to see urine in the tube as soon as I do. You won't be able to control it, just relax and let yourself flow. I'll be penetrating another 3 to 4 inches as soon as I get visual feedback on the tube, to make sure I've cleared the valve area and am fully inside your bladder. There... You've flowing nicely..."

"So, I've been studying nursing for two and a half years now. I'll get my RN degree in June, and then two more years for my Masters of Nursing degree. I'm very happy with the quality of my school, it's first rate, and I love my profession... You finished draining; I'm going to start withdrawing the tube. This shouldn't hurt at all, tell me if it does... And as for dating for me, it's still been pretty quiet. A few casual friends, but nothing serious. And that's okay with me. I'm taking my time, putting a lot of effort into my studies... I guess what I'm trying to say is don't be embarrassed by not dating yet David. Maggie and I are both 21, and you're 20 right? All three of us have our whole adult lives still ahead of us... There! All done. I'll get rid of the urine bag for you. Feeling okay?"

"Yeah. Ready for some honest feedback?"

"Oh yes! How did I do?"

"Amy, you were superb! And I'm not just saying that. Maggie was never as soft as you were, and I think Maggie is quite good at what she does. But you were so gentle, the process itself was rather pleasant, something I wasn't expecting at all. And Amy, I really... well, I'm really touched by how much you opened up to me. I understand how much you're trusting me. I'd like to do the same, tell you about me, return the trust... If you have the time..."

"Oh sure! I'd love to. Let me just dispose of this bag. You can put your robe on. I'll be right back."

"Hey folks!" shouted Maggie from downstairs. "You're not going to believe this, but my parents are back! Their car is pulling into the driveway. Are you finished?"

"Yo!" shouted David as he grabbed his robe and headed for his room. Amy ran and stopped him with a hand on his bare shoulder by the door. She reached up and kissed his cheek. "We'll find some quiet time to be together. I promise! I'd love to hear about you..." Amy stole a glance at David as he ran naked down the hallway.

Chapter 2.

"David, wake up. It's me, Amy."

"Uh? What?"

"Ssshh... Whisper!"

"Oh! Okay. Amy, what's wrong? What time is it?"

"Everything is fine. It's about 1 A.M. The house has been quiet for over an hour. I thought I could chance coming to you now."

"Coming to me? Aren't you cold standing there in just a nightgown?"

"Actually, I am. Could I jump under the covers with you?"

"Ah... Sure, okay. Wait! I'm not wearing anything."

"That's okay, I don't mind." David scooted to the far side of his bed as Amy pulled back the covers and climbed in. They lay facing each other, the full moonlight through the windows falling across their blankets, allowing them to see each other clearly. "Hi David."

"Hi... Amy, why did you come here?"

"I wanted to know if you still wanted to talk... Your family is so social! These last three days were packed with activities, and seeing the Broadway play was great! But tomorrow I fly back to Wisconsin for the rest of my Christmas break. We never had any quiet time..."

"Oh... I've been thinking about you too... About how you kissed me three days ago... You came to my bed to honor your promise? Wow..."

"Well... Someone I respect very much taught me how important it is to honor promises. But it's not just that. I wanted to come anyway. I've been having a battle these last three days with my old urges to be promiscuous, something I haven't had to fight in years. I think you're cute! But I won the battle. I didn't come here for sex; that would be grossly inappropriate. I came here for friendship... I must say though, it's nice to lie here like this... But we can't do anything that could get me pregnant, okay?"

"Huh? Oh no! Of course not! I promise! Ah... This feels so nice! I never realized lying next to someone would be so warm. This feels... delightful... I've been having so many thoughts about you Amy, and I keep meeting you in my dreams at night."

Amy did not reply. She just reached up and began petting the side of his head. David smiled and sighed, and a short time later turned and lay flat on his back. Amy scooted over and closed the distance between them, lightly pressing the length of her body against his. David gave a shudder of pleasure.

"Are you sure this isn't another one of my dreams?"

"Oh, I'm here David... You know, your sister might seem a little domineering when she's with you, but she's actually incredibly proud of you. I've been hearing how smart and kind you are for the last two and half years, and now I've finally got to meet you!"

"Yeah, I know... We're just a year apart, but I am definitely her little brother. She's very protective of me. It's a good thing too. There was a time in my life that I really needed her protection..." David was quiet for a while, collecting his thoughts and enjoying Amy's light caresses of his forehead, and then he began to speak.

"My sister and I were both born in Pennsylvania, but we moved to the Albany area north of here when I was still an infant. Right from the start I was off the charts for development. I think I learned to read before I could talk. Ha! Well, almost... But I was an avid reader before I hit kindergarten. Kindergarten was just playtime, but in first grade I was totally bored, I kept asking why we were spending time on such obvious stuff. The school already had me in their gifted program, but the teacher was kind enough to let me do my own reading after realizing how thoroughly I knew the class material. The school bumped me directly into third grade the following year. It helped a bit, but not much. For my birthday present that year, I asked my parents to sign me up for an adult evening course in speed-reading. I was the only 7-year old there..."

"The course was like a key unlocking the world for me. I could finally absorb information at a rate that would challenge me. I got up to reading over 5,000 words per minute, while still maintaining perfect scores on the comprehension tests. I even began to speed-read technical books and journals, not at 5,000 wpm of course, but still speed- reading... The other adults in the class really supported me, I became a celebrity. But when I got back to my school... Well, the other kids didn't like being blown away in the academics like that. I started being teased... and attacked..."

"For a few years it was manageable. There'd be good quiet months, separately by occasional incidents of being jumped after school. And then Maggie and I hit junior high together. The puberty hormones kicked in with my older classmates before me, and I just didn't understand the social situations. I started hiding out in secluded places in the school during breaks and lunch, to avoid being mocked. Maggie would often come and find me in the school basement and we would eat lunch together..."

"There was a really ugly incident in the seventh grade. There was a group of kids that were just plain mean, and with parents that just didn't seem to care. One of the kids followed Maggie and found out where we were eating lunch... They set us up the following day..."

David stopped for a while, trembling and not saying anything. Amy dropped her hand and petted his stomach. With her hand resting on his hip bone just to the side of his pubic fur, she leaned over and kissed his cheek, and then his ear, and whispered, "David, there's no need... I can just pet you if you'd like..."

David sighed and turned, hugging Amy and pressing her body against his. Amy could feel the tension leaving his body, being replaced by a different tension as his stiffening penis began to press into her abdomen. "Amy... Beautiful and good Amy... I... I want to tell you... I want to trust you..." Amy nodded her head, and then curled up and snuggled by David's side, petting the hand that he rested on her hip. She waited for him to continue.

"I forget the exact ruse, but two boys kept Maggie busy in the cafeteria while the main gang came down to the basement... They made a circle around me... There was no place to run... They just mocked me at first... I thought if I just stayed passive they would just go away... It was all so stupid! Senseless cruelty! The three girls in the gang jumped into the circle and started to beat me up. I didn't know if I would be beaten worse by striking back, or not resisting. I just collapsed to the floor. The girls started kicking me. One girl kept trying to kick me in the head... I was really frightened, and hurting, and I didn't know what to do... I started to vomit from a groin kick..."

"Maggie broke into the circle. There was a lot of screaming. A couple of the boys started to punch Maggie. And I didn't do anything! I was petrified. I just lay on the floor with my arms around my head, trying to protect myself from a head kick. I took a really nasty kick to my arm; it lifted half my body off the floor. And then the screams got really, really loud. I heard adult voices, and I finally opened my eyes. I saw Maggie's dress covered with blood."

"But it wasn't her blood. She couldn't win against her attackers; they were both too strong. But she was so furious with the girl who kept trying to kick my head that she grabbed her arm by the wrist and elbow, slamming the arm down while bringing her knee up and slamming it up into the center of the ulna, snapping the bone in two. The blood went everywhere, and it shocked the other kids into ending the fight..."

"Maggie's action went to court... Fortunately the full truth came out. The gang never could get all their lies straight, and all the evidence and testimony from the other school kids were on our side... All the evidence, my entire body was covered with bruises... Maggie had some damage to her face... The judge ruled Maggie's action as justified... Maggie is so amazing sometime. She calls me her sweetie-pie for being kind to her, as if she doesn't deserve kindness. I would lay down my life for her, I really would..."

David hugged Amy's body against his. "Oh Amy, you are so beautiful! All softness and warmth and so beautiful..." David and Amy kissed, their passion building as the silent moments flowed. David shuddered as he felt Amy's tongue offering to enter his mouth. He began to suckle her tongue into his mouth, and then gasped when he felt her hand close around his penis. Amy turned and laid her body on top of David's, straddling him and holding his penis tightly between them. David could feel Amy sliding his erection into her pubic fur, shifting her body, rotating and positioning her pelvis in a way he didn't understand. Amy reached over and gave a quick sharp nip to his earlobe, and as David gasped in surprise she returned her tongue to his mouth. Her nightgown had ridden up from David caressing her hips, and David suddenly realized he was caressing the naked flesh of her buttocks. He felt a slick, warm moisture starting to coat his penis head and shaft, with Amy's hand urgently pressing and guiding his erection. He broke their kiss and looked into Amy's eyes...

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