tagErotic CouplingsNew Jersey Bound

New Jersey Bound

byDenim & Lace©

"Damn it" is all PJ could think. Delta flight 423 was going to be landing 2 hours late. Two more hours of wondering , thinking, going nuts waiting for Mike to show up. She absentmindedly reached and tossed her shoulder-length auburn curls to her back.

She began fidgeting again. Crossing her legs; first the left on top, then switching them, she folded her arms across her lap, then, dropped them , tapping her fingers on her faded jeans. Finally, after a sigh of contempt for the waiting, she reached out and grabbed the first magazine she saw. 'Vacationing in New Jersey'. That title brought a smile to her face. She had no desire to vacation in New Jersey. Way too many people there from what she had seen so far. She was more the camping type. More the type to run thru the woods, in tight denim cutoffs and a man's sleeveless ribbed t-shirt with no bra on. Just to feel the cook breeze on her skin and hear the crickets singing. She loved the outdoors, walking through the woods, fishing, and sleeping under the stars, all done nude if at all possible. Her love of the outdoors would shine in her eyes when she talked of her cabin at the lake in Ohio.

PJ flipped through the magazine and still somewhat agitated, tossed it back on the disarrayed stack on the table, where she found it. Crossing her legs and arms, she sat there, bouncing her leg nervously, her mind began to wonder again, back to how they met at this chat-site on the internet. Just chatting at first. Then somehow, they ended up talking on a chat program for hours on end. The topics varied from day to day, everything from furniture he made, marriages, trust, kids, music, to discussing jobs.

It was their game of Truth or Dare, while chatting, that seemed to keep them both on edge most of the time. The incessant teasing, and pushing the envelope, yet, never crossing that line and actually having cyber sex. That is what drove her crazy.

As she sat there thinking about all of the dares, she realized that she was becoming wet yet again, because of this man. "Damn it!" she thought. Looking at her watch, 4:15 p.m. another hour to wait for him. Another hour to wonder what he would think when they did finally meet. She reached up and held her auburn curls in both hand, pulling her hair back again. Glancing down at what she chose to wear, she thought, I had to wear this, this is all that I have ever worn when talking to him, except for the late night talks in my jammies. She brushed a spec of lint from her pale green satin top and it fell on her faded jeans. Again, she brushed it, to knock it off of her thigh.

As she brushed it off her jeans, her mind went back to when he came into the chat room and did a slow virtual strip tease for her in front of everyone. If he only knew how erotic he was that night. Hell, for that matter, every night they talked. The other women whispering to her about how excited his words even made them..

"Oh damn, girl, who is that Jackson Browne that is stripping in here for you?", came Angel's first comment. And how much they enjoyed watching him, and seeing her speechless. She replayed every line he sent her the black attire, slowly unzipping, turning from her and lifting his shirt off. God, how hot it had her that night.

She sat there for what seemed 5 minutes, in her trance, smiling out the window. The sound of a man's soft voice saying "PJ, aren't you even going to say hi?" brought her back to reality.

She looked up, and there in-front of her was this handsome man, dressed in all black, with his carry on bag, the strap slung over his tight shoulder. Those baby blue eyes sparked as he smiled from ear-to-ear, knowing he had caught her in an erotic day-dream.

She blushed as she stood up smiling back at him. Before she could speak, he put his free arm around her waist, leaned into her, and kissed her deeply. She could only put her arm around his neck and return the kiss.

"Hello Jackson," she managed to squeak out after he finally released her mouth.

Jokingly she said "I was expecting Mike to appear, with his white shirt, tie, and dress pants. Never expected to see Jackson Browne show up!"

"Well, when I travel, I like to be comfortable. I thought about other outfits, but, this one seemed the most appropriate for our meeting." He replied as he slipped his arm around her waist.

They walked together to retrieve his luggage making small talk of the trip each had to get to there.

"You were a million miles away when I came off of the plane. Truth or Dare." He nudged her as he spoke.

Smiling, she replied, "Truth."

"Where were you when I arrived. What were you thinking about?", he asked.

"Oh, just thinking about this dancer I met in the room." She said light-heartedly.

They arrived at her Toyota in the parking lot, loaded his luggage, and both climbed in. When she started the car, the CD in the player began with the horns, the very well know beat, 'You can leave your hat on'.

Mike reached over and squeezed her thigh as they pulled out of the lot.

The weather was great for having the car opened up, windows down, moon roof open….and the radio up loud. As they pulled onto the turn-pike, the traffic came to an instant stop…. One of those infernal traffic jams New Jersey is known for.

PJ put it in neutral, and turned the radio down a bit, so they could talk more. Mike yawned, and said he was a bit wrung out from not sleeping well the past few night, and being at the airport since 5 that morning. She reached over him and pulled the lever beside his seat and he fell back. Laughing, she said, " I am the one that drove for 8 hours to get here, and a little older than you, and here you are needing a nap"

He just smiled at her and told her, "I will make it up to you, besides, it's your fault I didn't sleep. I was thinking a thousand thought about us finally meeting." Then he closed his eyes, and almost instantly dozed off.

The traffic jam lasted about an hour. Inching forward every few minutes, she thought how glad she was they only needed to get to the next exit.

"Let's make a night to Remember" came on, and she turned to him and smiled, she couldn't stop her eyes from him pleasant look on his face, his goatee, then lower. His chest moved slowly as he slept. He stirred a bit, and she quickly turned her head forward. Hoping he didn't catch her watching him sleep.

After a couple of seconds she glanced back at him. His pleated pants, black….the leather black shoes. He sighed in his sleep, and she smiled a bit, and realized that he was completely out of it. She looked out the window and saw the sign finally for the exit they needed. And again traffic stopped. Damn, she thought.

She turned to see if the stopping had bothered her snoozing passenger. Chuckling to herself, she couldn't help but notice something was bothering him, but, NOT the stopped traffic. At some point in his sleep, he must have had a very nice dream. The pleats in his pants were stretched to their limit. He stirred gain, and again she turned her head to the front.

Mike breathed deep slow breathes again…….as he went back to that deep undisturbing sleep. She reached over and let her hand rest on his thigh. Lightly rubbing it, feeling the shape, the contours of his muscles.

As they sat there locked in a seas of cars, she took the liberty of touching his chest…..lightly, with her nails running softly over that black shirt. The feel of her fingers hitting the slopes and small valleys of his muscles makes her visualize that damn dance again. This time with more passion, being able to see his body better than ever.

The thought of this man next to her stripping aroused her. She felt her nipples tighten up as she drifted back to that dance.

Seeing him dance with nothing on but his pants half unzipped, no shirt, made her instantly wet. She adjusted in her seat a bit, to try and bring herself back to the real world. But, she couldn't stop seeing this man dancing …..swaying his hips, his hand on his own body, lightly touching his chest. She hadn't realized it but, her hand had slipped from his chest to his stomach, and was lightly tickling him with her nails, stroking his stomach from side to side, up to his chest, then back down to his belt.

She noticed the cars around her had shut their engines off as she came to. And asked the driver next to them what was going on. He replied, the was a small wreck ahead and we would all be there for quite some time. PJ shut the engine off and turned the key so the radio would continue playing. She let her seat lay back a bit and reached back over to Mike again and continued the soft touch to his chest and stomach, wondering if it helped him rest better. Leave your hat came on the player again transcended her to that dance, those hips, the pants lose at the top, seeing only a small portion of his briefs, his stomach, him sucking on her finger. Her hand began to roam once again, his chest, then his stomach, back to his chest. Her hand brushing harder at times, the times she thought of seeing his briefs, seeing the muscles in his back constrict as he moved his hips for her.

She let her hand graze over his stomach lower not realizing it. She heard a soft tinkling noise and assumed it was something outside blowing by the car on the passenger side, and didn't even open her eyes. Just instantly drifted back to his dance.

She felt him stir a bit, and just let her hand lay motionless on his stomach. Keeping his vision in her mind, she waited half there, for him to stop moving so she could again touch him. Tapping against the belt as she touched him was a nice barrier. An automatic return switch in her head.

She saw him in her mind, with her own finger in his mouth, slowly sucking it ….and then letting it softly slide back out. Then a flash of him in those briefs, aroused. Reaching for her hand, placing it on himself. God she thought, I wish he hadn't left the room as quickly as he had.

The feel of his hardness in her hand seemed so real right them. She wanted to grip him, touch all of him. She stirred in her seat once more. The seam in her jeans was saturated, she could tell as she moved one leg, and placed it behind the gear shift to open legs and be more comfortable there.

A soft moan came from Mike, and she looked over at him. There he lay, eyes open, smiling at her. His pull-over was off. How?? When??? She thought.

Then she saw her own hand, it had taken his hard cock and was slowly stroking, teasing him. His pants had been pushed to his ankles. His briefs there too. Startled at the sight, she started to remove her hand as her face turned crimson. Mike reached down and stopped her from leaving his body.

"Oh, such a nice way to be awakened PJ. You haven't heard a word I have said to you for the past 10 minutes girl!" he chuckled.

He reached over and undid her pants, and let his hand slip into her panties. His fingers slid between her lips with the first trip. She was swollen already. Her passion was deep, and her hips moved on their own to meet his hand's motion. They both lay there, the music soft and sensual in the back ground, and touched, caressed and felt each other for what seemed an eternity. The deeper he pushed his hand into her jeans, the harder she gripped him, and the faster she stroked. Then he would stop, not moving his fingers or hand at all, and wait to see how long it would take her hips to rise in need of his fingers in her deeper. Within seconds PJ would answer his mental question. He thrust his fingers into her deep. And she responded with her hand around him… her thumb slowly grazing over the very slick tip.

Mike reached down and held her hand still and told her she had to stop or he would explode right there. PJ lightened her touch on him but refused to stop. She pushed his hand deeper into her pants wanting release from these months of agony when she left his words. She had to have him make her cum.

The semi behind them blasted his horn. Jumping in her seat, she looked in the rear view mirror and out the windshield and realized the traffic was moving with out them.

Both were red faced and laughing as they both quickly fastened their pants and she put the car in first to pull forward. Within a few seconds they were grid locked again, only this time the car on Mike's side kept looking their way. He just smiled at them and laid back for a short nap again. "Think we better behave this time. We have company," he said as he smiled and pointed his thumb to the watching car.

Traffic broke up after yet another hour, and she slowly made her way to the hotel he was registered in. she thought it's a good thing he told me what hotel before we both left.

As they pulled into the hotel parking lot, she reached over and placed her hand on his thigh, softly shook him and said, "Hey, sleepy head, we are at your hotel."

He sat up like she had hit him with a stun gun. The first thing he said was "Owwwwww" as he reached to adjust his still tight pants. She laughed and told him he seemed deep in a dream and she didn't want to distract him from it.

Mike's face reddened a bit, and as he was climbing out of the car told her, "Yeah, well that was your fault too!"

He checked into his room at the desk, and they proceeded elevator to go to the 8th floor.

When the doors closed and we were alone again, he dropped both pieces of luggage, and took hers from her hand setting it on the floor also. Pinning her to the wall of the elevator, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her forcefully to him. Their lips met once again, and this time they both moaned softly as their tongues came together.


The elevator reached the eighth floor. The doors started to open and he hit the close door button. Looked deep into her eyes, and kissed her again. Her hands roamed over his taunt back and pulled him to her chest as tight s possible. She felt herself getting warmer by the second. And the first kiss had caused her nipples to harden, this one, Ohhhh god …….this kiss had cause her whole body to tremble somewhat. His hands on her back, lowered to her backside, he ran his hands over her behind firmly. Then kneading her cheeks, pulling her to his again excited groin.


Again the door opened and they both smiled and almost ran out of the elevator towards his room.

He pulled the plastic key from his pocket and slipped it in the slot. No green light. Again he tried it. again the red light. The key wouldn't work. He knocked on the door and an older man opened it. Shocked, they just stood there laughing.

The gentleman called the front desk for them. And with apologies from the manager they were bumped to a better room.

The bell boy brought the new key to a room on the 2nd floor. He asked the bell boy if it had been tried yet. He assured both that the room was in fact empty and the key had been checked.

As they reached the elevator, he held her arm and pulled PJ back. The bell boy held the door for both of them and Mike told him, "Go on, I left something in the other gentleman's room I think."

PJ knew we left nothing there, and wondered why he had told him that. Mike stepped to the second elevator and pushed the down button. " I didn't want to spend the next minute in a small room with you and have anyone else there," you said smiling.

The doors close and PJ's bag dropped to the floor, before he could get the shoulder strap off of his shoulder, she stepped to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and back, she began kissing softly on his neck, biting at it. PJ's head rose to his ear, with out cheeks softly rubbing together. Her warm breath crosses Mike's ear as she tenderly run her tongue over the lobe, drawing it into her mouth.


The doors open and she lowered her leg that was wrapped around his hip….smiled and exited with her bag.

The green light flashes on the lock, and they both heard the other exhale a soft sigh of relief. The door opens to a very nice room all in cream, teal and a soft peach.

The brass king sized bed is stacked with pillows of different shapes, colors and textures. The small table is adorned with a peach table cloth and a candle in the middle of it. On the cherry dresser sits an ice bucket with a small bottle of wine….and an note of apology from the Manager.

As I turn to the bubbling noise beside me, I see the hot tub has been filled and awaits one of our many excursions in it ~S~

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