tagNonHumanNew Kingdom: American Court Ch. 04

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 04


Iona awoke late in the afternoon, feeling her energy rising as the sun was setting. Knowing that Edward was awake and watching her, she stretched dramatically while gently rolling her hips against his. After a month as a vampire, she was amazed at the high level of energy and desire for him she had when she woke every afternoon. Although she remembered nothing of her human life, she was confident that she had never been a morning person, so she was certainly suited for this life. Smiling to herself, she realized that any woman would choose to be the eternal mate of Edward King, over the mortal life which could be summed up with work, debt and death. Wondering how she ever survived as a human, she concluded that her sister must have carried most of the burden.

Anyone could tell that they were complete opposites but yet she loved the woman the minute she entered the mansion. Every day during the past month was full of new experiences, and while the hours were filled with luxury and passion, she had never felt at ease. When Alena walked through the front door, Iona knew that she was finally home. Her sister had been so confident, never afraid, and handled the situation like a pro -- just like Edward. More than once, Iona had reflected how Edward and Alena would have been more compatible but there had been no signs of attraction between the two. Well, there were no signs of interest on Alena's part. That woman was apparently consumed with Gabriel, and while she would admit that he was gorgeous, he looked even more dangerous.

When Alena had first entered their home, her appearance fit the profile of a middle aged spinster arriving in her employment as a new nanny. But when Gabriel had carried her into their suite last night, Iona had felt Edward's instant approval of whatever he was viewing. When the pressure of his hand against her back increased, Iona looked at Edward's eyes and saw them roaming over something in appreciation. Turning to get a look, she watched Alena slide down Gabriel's body as he set her on her feet. The massive robe she was wearing, obviously belonging to her host, was open and exposing a petit body with curves and pale, creamy flesh. Her hair, which had been hidden in that hideous knot earlier, was now a mahogany veil of curls wrapping down to her hips. Suddenly frustrated at Edward's admiration of another woman and his current silence, she pouted and sighed loudly.

"I was merely appreciating and understanding my best friend's attraction to your sister," Edward interrupted her thoughts, "My best friend," he added while twisting and pinning her beneath him, "that you consider gorgeous." His eyes slit into a mock glare.

Knowing that he was teasing her and consumed with her immediate need to feel in him inside her, she raised her hips up to him, teasing him with the moisture that signaled her desire, and then stopped to look him directly in the eye. The next move would be his.

"Sleep well, my love?" he asked in his slow, deliberate tone that revealed no indication of the perilous hold on his control.

"Oh yeah," she returned meeting his challenge by refusing to move.

Edward and Iona continued staring at each other, motionless, knowing that this playful torment would not last much longer. When she exhaled slowly, he raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"I haven't survived all of these centuries to lose to a newborn."

"But," she said, with a very small motion against his waiting body, "In all of those centuries, you've never wanted anyone, especially a newborn, as much as you want me."

"I don't just want you," he confessed, "I need you."

His confession flashed through her body as a fire searching for oxygen to continue burning. She began an erratic gyration, trying to give him access to her body.

Laughing he held her hips as he lowered he face to hers, "I told you that I wouldn't lose."

"Shut up," she growled between clinched teeth struggling to move her hips.

"I assume that you had no bad dreams."

"Edward," she groaned.

"Remind me to thank your sister."

"Do you have any idea how much I need you to fuck me and you want to talk about my sister?"

"She probably wouldn't appreciate it either," he agreed and with the speed and skill of his age, species and experience, Edward pressed her knees up to her chest and, with one thrust, sank into her depths rewarded with a scream of pleasure from his mate. Withdrawing slowly, he said, "Now, tell me how much you need me to fuck you."

In a separate wing of the mansion, Alena moaned in her sleep responding to the erotic vision playing in her dream. Although the couple starring in her X-rated feature was blurred and indistinct, their caresses and moans revealed their sweet intimacy. Through the haze of the dream, Alena realized that she was not watching them as a couple, but rather, she was looking through the eyes of the woman, pinned under the man, feeling his caresses and moaning in a plea for more. As indiscernible words were exchanged, the man moved with unnatural speed, positioned her knees to her chest, and looked her directly in the eye. Alena realized that she was staring into the face of Edward King.

Eyes snapping open, she quickly sat up in bed and screamed, "Oh God!"

"What the hell was that?" Gabriel demanded pulling away as though he had been shocked.

Staring at each other in confusion, Alena soon realized that Gabriel had been trespassing in her mind, watching her dream. Almost simultaneously, she started blushing and he began laughing. Pressing the heels of his palms to his eyes, he rolled away shaking in humor that was uncharacteristic of the Gabriel she knew. Because she loved the sound of his laughter, she moved past her shock and embarrassment to touch his shoulder and smile.

"Gabe, promise me you won't tell him."

"Tell him what?" he said catching his breath. "Tell him that his mate is a telepathic exhibitionist and her sister is the complimentary voyeur?"

Stuttering through a faulty defense, Alena settled for the childish reply, "Well, you were watching too."

"I was merely enjoying your reaction."

With a blush, she turned her head and mumbled, "I wasn't having a reaction."

Leaning toward her and slowly inhaling the scent of her arousal, he said, "Oh, I beg to differ."

Realizing what he was doing she snapped, "That's just rude. Besides, the only reaction I'm having now is hunger pains," and thankfully her stomach rumbled in proof. "Any chance of breakfast in bed?"

Pulling her into his arms, Gabriel playfully tugged her hair, bending her neck to one side and answered, "I have mine right here," and quickly pressed his lips to the pulse at her throat. "I could get use to this."

Relaxing in his hold, she leaned back into him and savored the feeling of his touch. Was it just yesterday that she had started the day as she had with the same routine as the previous three months? Reminding herself that her sister had been safely returned boost her mood more than she had thought possible. Ok, maybe the girl was a different species, but that was acceptable.

Feeling Gabe's arms protectively wrapped around her reminded her that being with him had been her impossible dream. Even at the peak of their relationship, they had never allowed themselves the privilege of crossing over into each other's normal lives. Alena could probably find her way around the mansion as well as any servant just from memory of Gabe's stories. Likewise, he had listened to her talk about her parents and siblings enough to have picked them out of a crowd. But their love had grown in the confines of his executive office at the hospital. They had never been seen together in public and had never sealed their relationship with more than a kiss.

That truth brought Alena back to the reality that she had spent the night with Gabe and was even now enjoying their playful affection in his bed. As he released her, she turned to him found his lips with hers. Partially aware of her scant sleepwear and his boxer shorts as the only clothing separating their bodies, she hesitantly leaned into him in search of his heated skin.

Gabriel's arousal soared at her acceptance of him and he pulled her even closer to him. She opened her mouth in response to the pressure from his tongue and tasted him as he delved into her mouth. With a moan, she pressed her breasts into him seeking something she could not define but knew that he could provide. Sensing her desire, he responded with a caress down her arm and across her hip. At the bottom of her camisole, he sought the soft skin hidden underneath and trailed his fingers up her spine. Slowly he moved up her back, pulling the shirt up her body. Moving his other arm around her back, he deepened the kiss, cradling her close to him. As she submitted to his movements, he moved his hand from her back around to her ribs tickling the groves and feeling her flesh shiver in response. Gently laying her on the bed, he held her body close as he cupped one breast in his palm.

Gasping in the kiss, she opened her eyes to see his black eyes staring into hers. His gaze held those same promises made eight years ago, and she withdrew, afraid to hope.

"Don't," he said cradling her face and staring into her eyes, "We've been given a second chance to be together forever."

"Gabe," she started, "I have a job."

"You're fired."

"Funny," she smiled at him, "I have bills and need a job to pay them."

"They are already paid."

"What about the hospital?" she hesitated, "I know everyone is expendable, but I really like my job."

"You can do your job from home. Here" He emphasized looking around the room. "Like I do."

"In bed?" she said mimicking his survey around the room.

"No," he said with a wink. "This is where you can repay me for your debts, with interest of course." As though considering his next words with care, he moved away from her to sit against the headboard. "Alena, only you and I are allowed in this bed, in person and in conversation. I've waited eight years for this. For us."

Crawling to him, Alena stroked her fingers down his jaw and replied, "No discussing the hospital?" she teased with her fingertips.


"We won't talk about vampire kingdoms?" moving down his throat.


"Or vampire kings?" she continued drifting her fingers down his chest.

"My love," He grabbed her hand bringing her fingers to his lips, "You were the one that brought him here this morning."

"Oh!" she exclaimed in instant embarrassment scooting away from him.

"Can you promise to leave your sister out of this room?" he asked pulling her into his lap.

"I promise," she vowed and sought his mouth once more.

When his cell phone rang, she pulled back and raised an eyebrow in a mock question of their very recent vows.

"Hey," he started his defense, "I haven't had time to inform everyone." And then added in a serious tone, "Sorry baby, this will be the only exception, but I do need to answer this call."

Alena enjoyed a secret pleasure watching Gabriel pace the room, quickly asking questions and processing the answers. After politely refusing his request to join him in the shower, she stretched back into the bed and contemplated her human life in this vampire world. Certainly a building this size would contain a fitness room or some sort of recreational facility. She would find an appropriate area for work and began mentally listing the items she would need from her office. When Gabe stepped out of the master bathroom wrapped in only towel, she postponed her thoughts of work in exchange for appreciating the current view.

"Have I ever told you how much I love your mind?" Gabe said interrupting her musings.

"Oh," she said dropping her face. "Sorry."

"Please stop doing that."


"Apologizing for everything."


He glared at her and said with a sigh, "Baby, I'll try to return as soon as possible but I will probably be gone for a few hours. Please remember to stay near my suites and don't leave unless you're with your sister."


"I'll have some clothes brought in for you and arrange a time for you to meet with a tailor to get a wardrobe put together."

"Gabe," she said stopping him at the bedroom door, "thanks."

After a long stare, he nodded to her and exited the suite. Alena sat up and weighed the options of spending the day in bed or taking a relaxing soak in the jetted tub. Not wanting to face the maid while wrapped up in the sheets on Gabriel's bed, she quickly opted for the bath and then trying to contact her sister.

An hour later, Alena, wrapped in towel, emerged from the bathroom amazed at the wealth and luxury that Gabe had acquired. While he currently resided in Alexander's home, Gabriel had told her of several residences that he owned on every continent. In the past, he had told her of the views from his various bedrooms facing oceans, mountains, desserts, and, her favorite, waterfalls.

Looking towards the bed, Alena noticed that the housekeepers had already straightened the suite. On the now neatly made bed there laid a simple sage green dress, necessary under garments, and a pair of matching pumps. Quickly removing the towel, she grabbed the panties and relished the feel of the silky material against her body. After she had finished clasping the hooks of the bra, she gently picked up the dress and realized that it deceivingly appeared simple. The tailored cut and shape signified an expensive garment made from fine material. Wondering how Gabriel would have had a garment tailored made for her, Alena pulled the dress over her head and slowly let it slide down her body. When she was fully clothed, she grabbed the towel, sat on the edge of the bed and began drying her hair. Returning her thoughts to her sister, she contemplated the appropriate process of contacting her.

As though summoned, Iona knocked quickly on the door to Gabriel's suite, and entered announcing her arrival, "Hello?"

"Hey," Alena answered walking out of the bedroom, "Give me a sec to get my shoes on."

When she returned to the living room, she noticed that Iona was still standing in the same position with a questioning look on her face.

"What's up, Ona?"

"Uh, which is you?" she started, "the nanny or the model?"


"How did you change so much in less than twenty-four hours?" she asked and then realizing her sister's confusion, grabbed her hand and walked her back into the bedroom to stand in front of the full length mirror.

Pointing to their reflections, Iona asked again, "How did you change into that?"

Stunned to the point of silence, Alena stared at her reflection in amazement. Even when Gabriel had declared her beautiful so many years ago, she knew that he was seeing her personality overshadowing her plain features. Now, her hazel eyes were bright and her hair was rich, dark brown with a shine that glowed as a halo over her curls. The dress she was wearing complimented her dark hair and pale, cream skin while hugging the curves of her body. The hem touched the top of her knee revealing the athletic legs with calves flexed in the matching pumps. The overall effect was stunning.

Tearing her gaze away from the reflection, Alena told her sister, "Maybe this place is magical. Of course, I don't look nearly as good as you."

"Yeah," Iona added with a wink, "You don't."

"Nice," Alena smirked, "So what have you been doing toda..."and then paused in memory of how she had witnessed Iona and Edward starting their day.

"What?" Iona asked at her sister's hesitation.

"Are you having a good day? So far? I mean, with whatever you do here..."

"Yeah," studying her older sister's blushing face. "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing," Alena answered quickly leading them out of the bedroom. "What's on schedule for the day?"

"I could show you around the house."

"Sounds good. And I could use some breakfast," Alena hinted.

"Me too," Iona responded, "If you'd change, then you could join me with a glass."

"A bagel would be fine."

"Fine," Iona agreed as they exited Gabriel's suite.

As they caught the elevator and traveled down several floors, Alena started resuming the questions from earlier that day, "So if Edward refused to feed and kill you, how did he manage to sire you."

"Well obviously, he didn't."

"He didn't?"

"No, draining the life blood is a vow of the New Kingdom but changing a human to an immortal requires permission. He didn't cave in on either."

"Then who changed you?"

"I don't know. I truly remember nothing before waking as a vampire," Iona answered with obvious frustration in her voice. "The first face I remember seeing is Edward's. He was holding me, with his wrist slashed and pressed against my mouth."

"So you were given to him, taken away, sired by another vampire but rescued by Edward?" Alena asked for clarification. "God, no wonder you've had it tough adjusting."

"The second face I saw was your boy, Gabriel," Iona continued. "He stood behind Edward, glaring at me like I was the biggest pain in the ass he'd ever had. And he's continued to treat me like that for a month."

"I can't imagine what he thought when he discovered that you were my sister," Alena mused to herself. "So, you've been a vampire for only a month?"

"Yes, why?"

"You've been missing for three months."

"According to Edward, I had needle marks on my arms when he first saw me. Whether those were self inflicted or not, I don't know. I appeared to have had a great amount of sex and drugs when I was thrown in the cell with him. I'm sorry to tell you that."

"No," Alena interjected, "I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you."

"Hey, I don't remember and we are both better off now, so let's not dwell on it."

"Agreed," Alena said then realizing they were exited the elevator, asked, "Where are we?"

"Killing two birds with one stone," her sister answered. "There's someone you need to meet and I can get breakfast at his place. Don't tell Edward, but Cassian's blood taste better."

"Uh," Alena hesitated in the hall, "You mean you're going to feed from him?"

"Hell no!" Iona laughed, "Edward would be angry to know that I'm drinking from another man's refrigerator. If he thought I was laying my lips on another's man neck, he would probably peel my skin off my body."

"Ok, then," Alena said slowly once again walking down the corridor. "Since you mentioned Edward getting angry, I would really like to stress something to you." Stopping to turn her sister towards her, she finished, "I cannot stress enough that you cannot fuck this up."

"Don't be silly," Iona laughed.


Turning on her sister and grabbing her neck, she yelled, "I'm not Lia, damn it!"

"I'm sorry," Alena said with fear in her eyes. "Old habit, it won't happen again."

Realizing that she was nearly holding the other woman off the floor, Iona quickly removed her hand but balanced her sister so she would not fall.

"No," she said, "I'm sorry. I can't explain it. Edward has never seen anything like this. I need to feed."

Silently they continued walking until Iona reached the door to their destination. Knocking loudly, she announced their arrival, "Cassian, it's Iona. I've brought someone that I'd like you to meet."

Almost immediately, the door was opened and the two women were greeted by a vampire that was obviously Cassian. On first glance at him, Alena stepped back in fear. She instantly did not like this man that had enraptured her sister. He was nowhere as tall as Gabriel and Edward. His small eyes were black and too close together giving him the appearance of looking down his crooked nose in disgust at his guests. Totally bald, his skin was so thin and pale that it seemed transparent and fragile. Matching the sickly, tone of his skin, his lips contained absolutely no color giving the impression that he had none. Finally, he was dressed entirely in black from his business suite, shirt, and tie to his polished shoes. His smile held no warmth but only revealed the yellowed, crooked teeth.

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