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New Life


***** So this is my first go about. Positive feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have yet to find an editor, but if you think I should continue, I will look for one. Thank you*****

Chapter 1

Where is she, where is she. Oh there she is. I mean really, she's hard to miss with here huge bodyguard standing right behind her Anya thought.

"Luna, Luna." She yelled running across the quad. Even with their backs to her, she knew they could still hear her. That whole were super hearing and all.

"Whats up ma', how ya doing?" Then to be as polite as She could be, she look up to her bodyguard, "Hello Gibbs, how's it goin'?" She received the usual eye roll from Gregg the bodyguard. She knows he hates her nickname for him, but She just can't help it.

"So Luna, how's calculus going for you? Any trouble writing notes?"

"No, how about you Anya?"

Just what she wanted to hear.

"Well since you asked, sure I would love to compare notes. You know, just to make sure you have everything." She said with her most devilish smile ever.

"I mean really Anya. How you ever got past precalculus, our freshmen year, I will never know."

"I believe it would be the best friend who did most of her work that got her past precalculus." Came one of the deepest sexiest voices ever, that belong to Gregg. He really doesn't speak that much, when he's in "bodyguard mode". When he does though, wow is it nice.

Gregg is huge. Even for were, he had to be big even for were standards. He has to stand a good 6'7. A good 265, pure muscle. There's probably not an ounce of body fat on him. Nice olive tone skin, milk chocolatey brown hair, and hazel eyes. Fun to look at, even if he's the strong silent type.

"Oh Gregg, I most defiantly did not do her most of her work last year." Luna flashed Gregg one of her million dollar smiles, that always seemed to turn Gregg into mush. Luna was gorgeous. She stood 5'11, on a nice thick frame. Her raven colored dresses flowed down to the middle of her back. Her chocolate colored eyes were framed by the longest lashes ever.

Luna was the niece to some big time were guru. Who also happen to be the Mayor of the city that they went to college in. Although were, humans, and witches alike lived in so called harmony, there is always some threat of some were hate group out to prove a "were are dangerous" point. Hence the bodyguard.

"Please oh please Luna, can I borrow your notes? Mine I'm sure suck. You always do a better job than me. Please. With finals on Monday, I can use al the help I can get. Please Luna please." Any a begged.

"Calm down, calm down. Look I need my notes to study as well, but if you like we can study together."

"Well that sounds like a good ideal. Where you wanna study at?"

"We can either study at your house or mine." Luna said with that look like duh.

"My house is out the question, and are you sure the low likes of me is welcomed at that big mansion you live in?"

It's no secret that Anya is poor. She lived in a two bedroom apartment with her drug addict of a mom, and her under fed dog Lucien. The only reason She was able to go to collage is because her mom lucked up when she got knocked up with her. Her father was a big time Defense Attorney who decided to go slumming it when he bumped into her mom while she was waiting tables in some downtown dinner 20 years ago. Long story short, one night of passion, and here She was. College fully paid for, and child support checks to her mom as long as She lived with her and still went to school. As far as Mr. Money Bags himself, She never met him.

"Anya you have always been welcome in my home. It is you that has always been afraid to come over."

"Excuse me," She said just a little to pitchy. "I have never been 'afraid' to come over you house." Luna gave her that look that said yeah right.

"I haven't." Then in a real low voice she replied "More like ashamed."

Oh boy here comes the 'I am incredibly hurt' face. And before she can reply in that 'I'm hurt' voice, Anya said, "I mean you come from a lot of money, and everyone who lives in that huge mansion of yours comes from money. And although you have never done anything to make me feel inferior to you, I don't know know what your other were like buddies will think of the poor little human friend Luna brought to the crib."

"Anya Belle Tribb," uh oh, it's never good when she used her whole name, "We have been friends since high school. You should know enough about weres to know that just like humans, there are some good some bad. Some nice, and some mean. And yes, some down right snobbish. The members of my pack are no different. Our Alpha would never allow anyone to disrespect you in our home. Right Gregg."

"She is correct Anya. You will come to no harm physically or mentally in our home."

"Yeah like you would go against anything she says Gibbs." Anya said. "Ok, ok, your crib then. I have to check up on Lucien, so we'll have to stop by my place first, then we can head out to the millionaires palace."

Taking a deep breath Luna says, "It's called a compound or a den Anya."

With a big smile, "I know." Said Anya.

The whole ride to Anya's house her mind was in a whirl wind. 'Should I change, wear something a little less used? Should I do my hair a little bit more fancy, put make-up on? Ugh', she thought to herself maybe She was a little scared. It's not the house full of were thats driving her crazy, it's the house full of 'I got money' people that putting her on edge. Her and the I got money people never really got along. There all prim and proper, and she was all just came out the second hand shoppe.

"We are here Anya." Gregg says waking her up out of her daze.

"Ok, you guys wait here, and I'll be out in a few. I just need to check on my mom, and let the dog out. Then I'll be right down."

"Do you need any help?"

"No!" Realizing that she just almost freaked out she rectified herself, "I mean no thank you. If you come then Gibbs has to come, and he'll just freak out my mom. Sorry Gibbs but your huge. I don't even think you'll fit in the hallway to get to my apartment." She laughed as she got out of the car to head to her apartment on the third floor.

Knowing you ever know what's going on in her apartment, She stopped at the door and took a listen. When She didn't hear anything she proceed to walk in. Her apartment doesn't have much to it. To the left as soon as you walk is the small table and kitchen. To the right is the living room, and strait ahead is the hall way that leads to her mothers and her room. The first door on the right is her moms room. After taking a listen and not hearing anything, She knocked. After not getting getting a reply She knocked a little harder. After no reply she tried her luck and walked in slowly.

"Mom. Mom, are you here." Her room is a mess. She was no neat freak or anything, but She did like some kind of order. Her mother on the other hand is a slob. And she was not in her room.

In the middle between her room and her mothers, on the left was the O' So Tiny bathroom. Then straight to the back was her room. Opening her door, she was greeted by her ultra happy doggy Lucien.

"Hey buddy. Did you miss me. I missed you. Do you need to go out?" She was answered by loud barking on Lucien's part. "Well come on then." She headed to the window by her bed, and out to the fire escape. There's a large patch of grass straight down so all she had to do was walk down three flights on the fire escape. Lucien is the smartest dog she had ever met, and could get down the steps on his own. Sometimes If she had to work late She would leave her window cracked and he'd let himself in and out. "Alright Lu hurry up I got things I need to do." With a bark to let her know he's listening, he hurries and does his business and they head back up stairs.

She loved her dog. She spent a lot of time in her room growing up. Especially when her mom was entertaining some of her drug addict friends. For the past ten years Lucien has been her faithful room companion. She found Lucien rummaging through some trash six years ago while she was out on a morning run. As she continued home he followed her home. She didn't have the heart to shoo him away. So after begging her mom, telling her that he'd stay in her room, she let her keep him. Now she couldn't imagine coming home and him not being in her bedroom waiting on her. She felt bad sometimes keeping him in her room with him being so big and all but he doesn't seem to mind. She refilled his bowls with food and water.

"Alright buddy I'm off, I'll be back later tonight."

She head to the kitchen to leave her mom a note to tell her she was out studying, and that she would be back later tonight. Then she headed back out to the large black SUV waiting on her.

"I hope I didn't take to long."

Flashing a million dollar smile Luna says, "No not at all. How is Lucien."

"He's good. I wish I had some more space to let him run around in."

"You know one day you could bring him over to the compound and we could take him on a run. That way he can just run freely, without having to worry about leash laws. Ugh I couldn't imagine having to run with one of those things on."

"Luna you are not a dog, you are a werewolf. I've never seen you in your wolf form but I am sure you are way to big to put a leash on." Anya said.

"I'm not as big in my wolf form as the Alpha's mate. Now she is huge, but not as big as the Alpha."

Nervously she looked up at her and said, "Not helping."

The ride was way to short. The compound lies on the outskirts of town. Though this was her first time actually there, she had read about it in many of news papers. The papers didn't the place any justice. Huge, more like colossal. The house itself was the size of her whole apartment complex. In front were huge steps leading to massive double doors. A few people, I'm assuming were were, were walking around.

"Y'all sure do like things big around here don't y'all." She said in her awe voice.

"Yes we sure do." Luna gives her a little wink.

Gregg pulls up to the front of the house and puts the truck in park and gets out. Watching Gregg walk over to the other side of truck to open the door for Luna, she didn't notice someone walking over to her door and open it.

"Shit! You scared the crap out of me." She said. "Um, thank you." She grabbed her bag and hopped out of the truck. Mr. Truck Door Opener winks at her and then gets all in her personal space and sniffs her.

"Um Dude! Did you just sniff me."

Luna and Gregg are at her side in an instant. Luna grabs her hand and chuckles, while Gregg just smirks.

"Come on Anya let me show you to my room."

"Really Luna, he just got all up in my personal space and sniffed me. I mean I know that how weres identify things, but damn can I get a 'hello, how ya doin' first. I mean Damn." Anya was more than a little freaked about what just happened.

Luna continues to pull her up the massive stair case to the front door. One of the doors open to a tall willowy man. Though he looks a little older than most, he was still just as handsome as the rest of the were that She'd seen.

"Young Luna, Master Gregg."

"Hello Braxton. How's your day going." Luna ask as she gives him her sweater, and gestures for Anya to do the same.

"Um I'd like to keep my sweater if it's ok." Anya felt stupid.

"It's ok. Most humans find it quite cold in here. And what may I call you?"

Luna jumps in and says, "Braxton, this is Anya. She will be studying with me in my room for a while. Can we have some diet sodas and snacks brought to my room please?"

"Mrs. Anya is there anything you prefer?"

"Um no, anything will be fine thank you." Luna gives me that look before she turns to Braxton and says,

"Braxton, Anya doesn't drink drinks with sugar in them. Do we have anything besides diet cola that's sugar free?"

Anya stood there with shock on her face. She really didn't think anyone noticed. "I don't want to be any trouble. Diet cola will be just fine, thank you."

"Mrs. Anya it is no trouble at all. I'll see what I can do." With that, he turns on his heels and walked away.

Feeling just a little sheepish she said "Really I-"

"Oh hush Anya. Come on I'll show you to my room." was all the reply Luna gave before ushering her down a hallway.

Walking down the hall Anya tried to take in her surroundings. Aside from being huge, it had an old world charm. You wouldn't think looking from the outside that it wold look like a cottage inside. How is that even possible she thought. Most of the doors they pasted were closed, or just cracked a little. Luna explained that most of the visiting guest stay on the first floor near the front. They continue to walk and Anya could smell food coming from ahead.

"And to the left just up here is our kitchen. Those of us that live here eat here." Explained Luna, "When we have a large guest dining with us we use the other dining room over here on the right."

The kitchen was large enough to fit Anya's whole apartment in. As they continued walking to Luna's room, Anya got to see the people of the house busying about just like anywhere else. The only uncomfortable part of their walk to her room was everyone sniffing as she walked by. Though none as bold as Mr. Truck Door Opener guy.

At long last they make it to Luna's room on the first floor all the way in the back. "Hey Luna, why is your room on the first floor Guest Floor? Shouldn't it be on the second or third floor?" Anya asked.

"Well," Luna said, "when I first came to live here I was a guest. After it was decided that I would live here permanently, I was already comfortable here and I didn't want to move. So I stayed here."

Shrugging her shoulders as Luna opens the door to the largest room ever. Her canopy bed sat all the way back on the far wall. Two doors over to the right. You could tell that one of the doors was the bathroom, and the other was to her closet. A large Victorian desk sat up front near the door on the left. Her room was like a dream.

Breathlessly Anya said,"Wow. Your room is gorgeous. It's the size of my whole apartment."

Shrugging Luna says, "It's not as large as the rooms on the second and third floor, but I like it. Now let us get to you passing calculus shall we."

Luna pulls up another chair to the desk, and they start unloading their books and paper. Anya looked at her notes and started wondering if they were in the same class.

"How did you get all these notes Luna? I don't even think that I have half of what you got. We were in the same class weren't we?"

Settling down next to Anya she says, "I can remember a whole lot more than you, and concentrate on more than one thing, as well as comprehend everything at the same time. You my simple human, well just can't."

Balling up a piece of paper, Anya throws it at Luna's head. "Comprehend that."

As they both sit there laughing a knock comes at the door, and Braxton walks in with drinks and snacks. "Well it looks as if studying is going well." He puts the tray of snacks on the desk and hands Anya a soda and says, "Sugar free and calorie free soda for the lady."

Flashing her best half a million dollar smile, she took the soda with a "Thanks."

"You are welcome. Might I ask why you don't like sugar and calories? I thought at your age they would be most enjoyed."

"Um, well, I just don't." Quickly Anya returned to her note copying. After a long pause, he turns on his heels and walks out.

"Don't mind Braxton." Luna says, "He just likes to know about peoples likes and dislikes since he does all the cooking and such."

"It must be nice." is all Anya can get out before she returned to note copying.

They continued with their studying, snack eating, and small chit chat for an hour or so more before a knock at the door, and Gregg walking in.

"Luna I thought you and Anya could use a break. How about you give Anya a change of clothes and meet me down in the gym for a quick sparring session."

Sparring, now that is a word Anya loved to hear. Jumping up from the desk now full of energy she says, "You guys have a gym, here?"

"Yes we do." Luna says casually.

"And you, spar?"

"Yes, I do."


Laughing Luna walks Anya to a just as big as her room closet and says, "Yes I spar, most were are tought from birth to fight. Although I was not born were, I have been tought to fight since I came here. Now here are some shorts, and a shirt. The shorts might be a little big on you, but with your huge boobs, the shirt should fit just right."

Grabbing the clothes Anya notice the male half of her closet and make a mental note to ask about that later. Walking out towards the bathroom she looked at Luna and said, "Jealous much." before quickly running into the bathroom before Luna could hit her with a wayward sock. Excitedly Anya switch out of her usual jeans and t-shirt into the shorts and shirt Luna gave her. Looking into the mirror she frowned at the sight She saw. Although she had large breast, it sits on a 5'7 140Lbs frame. Once you get past her breast she thought there isn't much to look at. Light caramel complexion, hazel green eyes, and long lashes. Her hair is so black it shimmers blue in the light. Wavy, it comes pass her shoulders in an thick unruly fashion. Most of the time she wore it in a ponytail to keep it out of her way. With a huff, she walked out the bathroom with a "I'm ready."

They walked back down the long hall way to a set of stairs that they took town a flight or two, bend a corner, and bam! The hugest gym Anya had ever seen. Workout equipment of all types. Then off to the back was where everyone did there sparring. The most amazing sight she'd ever seen. Wolf, people going at it with fangs and claws swinging. Anya's jaw must of been on the floor when Luna got her attention.

"Gregg and I are gonna warm up. You can stretch over here, and after Gregg and I are done, me and you will give it a go. And by the way, stop staring it's rude. You think you've never seen a were in hybrid form before."

"I haven't."

"Oh, I didn't know that. I thought that, well I guess I really didn't think. You ok with all this?"

"It weird to look at at first, but yeah, I'm over it. Now go ahead and get your sparring on. I'll be over here."

Taking her spot over and out the way She got to stretching. Super siked for her turn to get a little sparring action. Anya held a part time job at a all human Dojo downtown. They pay her under the table to help out with taxes, and in turn the senesce allows her to join in on his classes. She was no Jet Li, but She was pretty good. I'm sure I can give Luna a run for her money, she thought looking over at Luna and Gregg, she decided to think again.

Damn she was fast. Every time Gregg would throw a punch she would block it or doge it. She looked like she kicked incredibly hard. They went back and forth, with fierceness Anya didn't know Luna was capable of. Thinking to herself that maybe she should hit the treadmill and call it a day.

"I seen you stretching, do you wanna spar with me?"

Turning around Anya looked up to see the most perfect Adonis she had ever seen in her life. He had to have stood 6'5, 240, 250 pounds all muscle. What is it with these were men, were the all body builders or something? She thought. Shirtless his mahogany tone skin shone with just a slight glisten of sweat that showed he had already been working out. She wondered if he was one of those hybrid were that She had saw sparring when she first walked in. With that in mind, she said, "Um I'm human. I don't think I would be any fun."

He had the most booming of of laughter. He had the lightest of brown eyes she had ever see. When he laughed they almost seem to disappear. His teeth were so white.

"I know you are human. Everyone in here can 'smell' that your human. Your Luna's friend Anna right?"

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