tagRomanceNew Love Ch. 01

New Love Ch. 01


It is amazing what can happen in one night, isn’t it? When I left my apartment that evening I had no idea that my life was about to change forever. I was 23 years old and had just moved to town, leaving all my family and friends a thousand miles away. I was one month into graduate school, and temporarily forget that I had a life away from classes and books. So as a celebration for finishing our first term papers a group of us had planned a big night out on the town. Though it didn’t fit my style at all, we choose to hit up a popular country bar downtown because we heard the band playing was really good. Anyway, I was missing Denver, my hometown, and knew that some good country and a few guys in wranglers would at least remind me of family. The girls I was in school with were shocked by my selection, my trendy clothes and taste is “snow-boarder-type-bad-boys” didn’t really add up with my love for country music. The whole way downtown in the car I blared the local country station and made everyone laugh with my dead on knowledge of George Strait lyrics. I was sure by Monday word would be around the department and I would no longer be the hip, cool girl, but more like the trailer queen. Well, who cares what they think…that’s what I say!

Inside the bar I grabbed a bottle of Coors Light and planted myself in the middle of the scuffed wooden floor to watch the band. I had heard about the show on the radio and that these guys were really quite good, so I was hoping it was a good choice for the evening. When they came on stage and began playing I knew I was right, they were great. And for a bunch of country musicians, they were really cute too. But it was the lead singers who had me so mesmorized. I’ve never been one of those people who was fascinated by musical talent or singing, or any of that sort of thing. But his voice was beautiful, and unique. It had this sexy edge to it, and none of that stereotypical honky-tonk twang that many country singers still have. His hair was a dark blonde cut short on the sides and styled into spikes on top. His jeans were trendy and faded in just the right spots and hung off his body in the sexiest way, and were worn with a dark blue snap front shirt that brought out the deep blue of his eyes even in the poorly lit bar. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but lust at first sight…well, there is no denying that. However, I am cursed with being not only a bit self conscious, and am always surprised when a guy shows interest. So, I was content to spend the rest of my night enjoying the music and the view. At the end of the show I walked up to a small table off to the side of the stage intending to purchase a CD. At that exact moment, he of the wonderful voice and gorgeous blue eyes appeared. “You guys are great,” I said with a grin, holding up my newly purchased CD as proof of my opinion. “Well, thanks,” the minute he spoke I was gone. He had that soft southern accent, not the hick think kind, but the kind that made my knees weak and my mind conjure up all sorts of sweet nothings whispered in my ear. “I figure maybe I’ll be hearing you on the radio one day, wanted to get my advance copy,” again I was grinning like an idiot, but he seemed to be smiling back. “I’d like to think so. By the way, I’m Mark,” he held out his hand and I shook it, and I never wanted to let go. I was feeling rather lucky to get to chat with the object of my last few hours affections, but I was also not blind to the other women who kept planting themselves in Mark’s way, I was reassured in my good taste. We had begun to talk about our backgrounds, school, our recent moves (his to Nashville of course) and before I knew it close to an hour had passed. One of my girlfriends had grabbed me and pulled me aside to let me know that it was time to leave, and sorry for ruining my time. “Well, I have to get going,” I said reluctantly. “My friends are ready to go, and well, it’s probably about closing time anyways.” “I suppose you’re right,” he glanced at his watch. “So, uhh…” “Umm, yeah…” Then we both burst out laughing. “Well, that was awkward,” I mumbled. “Look,” Mark began, “I make it down to Atlanta a lot, and well, I’d like to maybe take you out to dinner or something if your interested. Or at least keep in touch for a bit.” “I’d love it.” We grabbed a cocktail napkin and slip of paper and exchanged numbers and email (hey, it’s a modern world).

It was well afternoon when I settled down at my desk to begin working and I logged onto the internet to check my email and respond to some of the students in the class I was a TA for. I was annoyed at having to answer so many questions about the exam on Monday, one they had known about since the term began. Then I noticed something in my new mail from a non university address, one I didn’t recognize. I would usually discard it as junk, but the subject line read “you’re keeping me up” and my interest was piqued.


Hi, it’s Mark for the bar last night. It’s about 4am and I’m sitting here in
My hotel room not able to sleep at all. I want to call you but I figure you
Wouldn’t appreciate being woken up at this hour. The thing is, all I can
Think about is your smile and your eyes, and how your eyes look when
You smile. Maybe you think I am a dork, or maybe you think I am some
Sort of crazy guy, but I am just hoping you felt the same connection that I
Did last night. I know it is short notice, but if you read this and you are
Interested call me, I want to take you to dinner tonight.


My stomach was doing cartwheels. I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t just me, there had been a connection there. I just hoped I was doing the right thing.

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