tagSci-Fi & FantasyNew Magical Me Ch. 02

New Magical Me Ch. 02


Andy sat at his cubicle and sighed in frustration. Why couldn't he ever get a break? Why did his wife have to make all the money? The people here at work didn't respect him; they simply threw work at him on a regular basis. Today had been no exception. He couldn't wait to get out of there, but it wasn't hardly even lunch time yet. He pressed his glasses up on his face and stared back at the financial numbers on his computer screen. He thought about his lovely and extravagant wife. How had he ever landed her? He could be charming and he did anything she ever asked of him. Sometimes their marriage did feel more like a master/slave thing than a mutual engagement.

Just then, the front desk buzzed him. He picked up his phone quickly, and spoke up "Yes? Darlene, what is it?"

"Your wife is here. She brought lunch, do you want me to send her up?"

That was strange, she never did things like this. Well, it was certainly welcome, he hadn't brought lunch in today. "Oh yes, please send her up and give her a pre-emptive thanks for me."

"Yeah, whatever."

He hung up the phone and leaned back in his office chair, he locked his computer, and watched the opening of his cubicle for his wife. As she arrived, she threw a bag of Chinese food on the counter of his desk and quickly closed the sliding cubicle door. He rarely closed it since his cube was slightly out of the way near a corner.

"Hey honey!" his wife Claire said.

"Hey Claire. Thanks for bringing lunch. To what do I owe the honor of your company?"

"I thought you might be hungry..." as she leaned against the counter top, her leg slid up into his lap, he could see she had on some pink frilly panties that barely hid anything. "... for several things."

He looked along her legs first, stared at her panties for a long moment, and then his eyes moved up her torso. Her breasts looked slightly larger than normal and he could just barely see some of the pink material poking up over her top. As his eyes arrived at hers, she has a primal look in them. She was obviously horny. He looked at the Chinese food. He looked back at her. He was getting nervous by her hungry look. He didn't even move from his seat, but she was ready to act, dropping to her knees in front of him and pressing the chair fully around so that she was between his legs. His face went red and he looked around at the upper walls of his cube. Some of the taller coworkers could see into it if they happened to walk by.

"Claire, what are you doing? You're going to get me in trouble!"

"Shut up and let me enjoy." She started to rub his crotch with one hand, rhythmically back and forth. Her other hand massaged along one of his legs and quickly his erection grew against his wishes, but the friction felt good. "Do you like the way I look in this outfit? Doesn't it make you hungry Andy?"

"It does, Claire, it really does. I'm just nervous." He looked around at the top of his cube again as he heard voices from people walking down the hall. She got a slightly annoyed look on her face as she tried to keep the sexy act going. She kept rubbing up and down on his crotch and the outline of his cock was obvious. Her other hand moved to her breast and began to press it against the other roughly. One finger reached out to play with the nub that was clearly visible through the blouse and bra.

He moaned and looked at his hot wife, going out of control between his legs. He brushed aside some of her brown, highlighted hair so that he could watch her more closely. As he moaned again, she gave him a stern look and then moved the hand from her breasts up to her mouth and told him to be quiet with a simple gesture. Then the hand returned to its original position.

He moved his foot over just a little bit, with his leg staying mostly in the same position. His pointed shoe touched right along her obviously wet crotch. Now it was her turn to moan as his shoe rubbed along her special spot. She moved her hand down and quickly yanked off the shoe, pulling his foot back into her crotch and using her hand to control it's rubbing of her. Her other hand was still busy running along the middle of his pants. As his foot got a handle on things, she released it and moved her hand back to her blouse. This time she unbuttoned the blouse instead of just rubbing it.

He looked down and thought that must be one hell of a push up bra, Claire never had breasts that big. They looked just huge and the cleavage between them was mouth watering. He had always wished that she had larger tits. "How about you give me a gift?" She said. "You give me your essence. Will you give me your essence?" She now unzipped his pants and reached in, grabbing hold of his rock hard prick. She yanked it out roughly making him wince a little as the tip bent around the button and belt of his pants.

He spoke much quieter than her, so quietly that even she could barely hear him. "Yes, take it. Take my... cum."

Her hand that surrounded his prick began to massage it rapidly. Since his pre-cum had gotten it a little wet, it was making a familiar sound that any man would know. They both heard another voice, "who the hell is whacking off?" They could hear a few seats moving as a few people stood up to look around the cube farm. His face went white with fear. She smiled up at him, enjoying his fear.

"You are going to give me your thick white essence, all over my tits." She turned his cock down towards her bra clad boobies that she was still rubbing with her other hand. "Well. Don't take all day. Cum for me. We'll get caught if you don't hurry." She laughed quietly as the wet sound got louder. He closed his eyes and focused hard. This only caused him to get further from shooting his load instead of closer. It's then that they both heard a gasp. One of the gossipy girls in the office looked through the gap of his sliding door as he had just opened his eyes again. As their eyes met, both sets of eyes went wide.

Andy had always had the hots for this girl and the sight of her watching and actually seeming surprised and maybe even turned on finally was enough for him to blow his top. His wife, none the wiser, became excited as she quickly jacked him and finally the white substance she had so begged for began to fire out and nail her right on the tops of her tits. She gasped as the largest load Andy had ever shot plastered her breasts. Claire aimed his prick up just a little bit and a small blast hit her in the shoulder. A slight glow surrounded her hand on his prick and she smiled as a thicker than usual wad launched over her shoulder, past her hair, and splashed right on the face that was peaking through the small crease in the sliding door.

They both heard the girl gasp and inhale. Her head flew back for a moment in surprise but then returned. Andy was now white with terror. He couldn't believe he just fired cum so far and so accurate as to land on the girls face. Claire smiled again looking up at her husband and then following his gaze out to the woman who was watching. She continued to jack the last of his load out onto her cheek as her head was turned to the side and she smiled at the on looker.

When all was said and done, Claire buttoned up her blouse without cleaning the load off of it. She didn't even clean the droplets that were on the side of her face. She promptly stood up, saying goodbye to her husband and walked out of his cube and out of the building with his thick load sticking her blouse to the tops of her tits and some still glistening on the side of her face.

Andy felt absolutely drained and totally unproductive the rest of the day. The encounter with his wife had been hotter than any other with her. And he had loved that bra. Through the rest of the day, he just felt groggy and useless. If he was a zombie like this too many more times, he would probably just lose his job.


The woman known as Claire, who had just visited Andy's office walked into a nearby alley and smiled. If anyone could have viewed her at that moment, they would have seen a frightening sight of the woman changing appearances: Growing bat wings, fangs, and the clothes disappearing. The cum still covered her upper body, but even this was only briefly as it glowed and soaked into her flesh. "Use your gift well Mark." She smiled again and disappeared down the alley.


Mark was at work. He was still unsure of the events that had recently unfolded at his house. So it wasn't a dream. What was it? The woman, or thing, that he saw was just not realistic and wasn't even human. He decided to not worry about those details, but he would instead worry about figuring out what 'gifts' she had given him. She must have been real. Or did he get drugged up somehow? Well, he wanted to be an optimist. And there were several girls here in the office that he certainly would love to make his, erotically. So far, no one had treated him any differently since he had arrived.

As he sat in his office, getting his work day under way, he felt a sudden urge in his groin. Sure, he had had a mid day woody at work before, but this feeling was intense. His cock became rigid. His breath became short. The massive tent in his pants would be impossible to hide if anyone walked around the corner of his desk. His eyes went wide and his rod throbbed against his pants. The force at which it pushed up into his slacks was actually threatening to rip them. Then, just as he worried enough to unbutton his pants he heard the sound of fabric tearing. It wasn't that his cock was massive, it just seemed to have a strength all its own.

"Shit! I don't have spare pants at work!" He looked up from his computer monitor to the door, blushing slightly. "God damn it. Ummm... some gift, that the hell good is this supposed to do me?" As if things couldn't get any worse, pre-cum started to leak from the tip of his prick. A generous amount of it. Now, not only would have have a big rip along the front of them, they would also look soaking wet. They were tan so there was no hiding it. He tried his best then to stop the oozing substance from making much of a mess on his pants. First using his hands to catch the slow trickle and then grabbing some tissues from his desk drawer. After about a minute, it finally stopped.

He sighed in annoyance at this disaster. And it was still relatively early in the work day too. How was he going to use the bathroom or have lunch? He had to try to salvage this situation. He got up and got his pants together as best he could. He then waddled out towards the bathroom with his hands around his waist to conceal the embarrassing view. He reached for the handle to the hallway where the bathroom was as he saw one of the objects of his fantasies heading right to the same door, just slightly trailing him. He opened the door and walked through, not holding the door like a gentleman. As he let go and Jessica grabbed the handle, he realized his hand had the wet pre-cum all over it when he had grabbed the door handle.

He expected her to get a disgusted look on her face, but as she closed the door and followed him some more. She moved her hand up to her face and sniffed it. She got a smirk on her face and then looked up at Mark. "Interesting." She said as Mark was glancing over his shoulder at her and waddling towards the bathroom. He saw her lick the palm of her hand and she stumbled ever so slightly and gasped. Mark rushed into the men's bathroom and saw her out of the corner of his eye lean against the hall wall and catch her breath.


He had finally returned to his desk after cleaning up and salvaging his pants and making them sort of presentable. He had noticed that Jessica he had encountered earlier in the hallway had walked by his office several times more than usual that day and that she had stared in to his room each and ever time, slowing her pace as she did.

After observing this, throughout the day he began to formulate a plan. The real question was should he really test this out by pressing his luck or just go for something simple?


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