tagErotic HorrorNew Moon Pt. 02

New Moon Pt. 02


Ch. 5: You Ain't Finished Yet

When I finally came to, the first sensations that I recognized were that of silk sheets moving beneath my skin and the scent of roses gently invading my nostrils. I opened my eyes and furtively looked around, still in a state of confusion, my mind still not working quite right. I was in an enormous bed, draped in luxuriant silk sheets, black as sin, and surrounded by a gauzy barricade of bed curtains that kept everything around me on the bed in shadows. But I could see enough to know that I was alone. Mrs. Bickers was nowhere in sight - and I sighed in relief. After my embarrassing fainting spell, I did not know if I could face her without nearly burning alive with shame. My first experience with a woman and I failed it so miserably! She was my neighbor too, which meant that I would see her all the time in passing, and be constantly reminded of my failings as a man.

As these thoughts were coursing through my head, I heard the door to the bedroom open, and then lithe footsteps sweep across the floor. It was her. I pressed myself back into the bed in nervous anxiety, and could not help but shake in anticipation - anticipation of what, I did not know. The bed curtains were drawn back by one of her perfect, long fingered hands, and her face peered down at me through the shadows. The room was fairly dark, but I could still make out the gleam of her green eyes, cutting through the dark like glimmering blades. It must have been the state of my nerves that deceived me, for I could honestly swear that they were glowing, actually glowing, like some feral animal in the night. Those glowing pinpoints of green focused on my own anxious eyes.

"Finally awake are we?" she cooed. She reached down and her perfectly manicured nails ran through my hair. "You gave me a little bit of a scare when your circuits overloaded!" She laughed softly.

I squirmed in my embarrassment. "I am so sorry Mrs. Bickers! I...I...don't know what happened to me...I've never done anything like that before...I just couldn't control...I'm SO SORRY!"

She placed a finger against my lips to hush me. "Shhhhh. It's okay. Don't worry about it, sweetheart. Believe me, it's not the first time that I have overwhelmed one of my pupils. That's one of the big reasons I find you young bucks so sexy..." She smiled and her sensuous lips parted over her gleaming teeth. Her tongue ran across them, licking them with a hunger. "But, you know what they say, lover, practice makes perfect. Now, are you up for the challenge?" Her laughter came from deep in her throat, low and wicked. She licked her lips again and with the nails of one perfect hand, began to trace along my chest in a slow descent south. "I have so much to teach you, pet."

Her hand finally reached my manhood, already swelling with desire. She gripped it softly, gripped it almost without touching it and began to slowly moved her hand back and forth along its length. Her hand was cold. "I told you we weren't finished yet. And you didn't believe me?" Her eyes looked into mine and held me transfixed. I couldn't even shake my head in reply, let alone let out a whimper of pleasure and fear. She gave my tool a hard squeeze, laughed, and lunged at it with her wet, sucking lips.

I jerked upward and my neck strained backwards almost out of its socket! I had never felt such electricity pumping through me. My legs tossed and turned in circles, my eyes rolled back into my head as her tongue and mouth licked and sucked around my penis. Her tongue traced figure eights along my shaft and then slowly tortured my pee hole with the tip. Her perfect fingers jerked at the shaft as she kissed along the path between the head and my balls. I gasped, my heart in my throat, as she sucked one into her mouth and began to roll it around...humming. I looked down at her, moans dying in my throat as I shivered in ecstasy. She would lap at my penis like a dog, then take a ball into her mouth and hum, hum, hum, and just as I reached the brink of explosion, her pink tongue darted back up to the swollen head and rolled around it, bathing it in her lust. Her green eyes, glowing in the darkness, looked into mine and held me in their gaze as she worked back and forth across my cock.

She smiled and nipped at it with her teeth. "Enjoying your first blowjob, tiger?" She winked and giggled and nipped and licked at it like a kitten at play. "That's just to get you warmed up. Now it's time for the main course." She gave me one final long lick and then rose up and straddled me with her perfect and still naked body.

I couldn't move; I was paralyzed. Her perfect hand grasped my cock again, wet with her saliva, and began guiding it to her...her...I couldn't believe this was happening! A warm, moist, tight cocoon enveloped me. A scream strangled in my mouth as she lunged at my face and impaled herself on me in the same plunge. Her tongue attacked mine with a vengeance. I feebly wrestled back. The steaming cocoon began to rock me within its loving grasp. Up and down, up and down, her buttocks began to bounce against me with rough and almost painful vigor. They struck me harder and harder and she began to move above faster and faster.

She rose up and moaned into the air above. Her hands thrust me harder into the bed and held me down tight, like I was her prey. The heat was steaming and the pressure squeezed again and again around my cock. I felt a familiar tingling in my balls. Not much longer. She still had her head rolled back, moaning into the air. Her ass pounded me into the bed. The bed springs screamed in protest over and over. Her moans became louder and...deeper. I was at my breaking point - her vagina milked me faster and faster. I managed to cry out "It's coming, Mz. Bickers! I'm so sorry, cum..."

A cry ripped out of my throat and into the air as I felt my seed rush up from my balls. I began to squirt into the warmth that surrounded me. "Yes, Yes!" She screamed in a deep and savage voice. "Give me the seed, stud! Plant the seed in your bitch!" She tossed her head and roared in something more than sexual passion. I opened my eyes, still squirting into her, and saw her face twisting in passion and her eyes glaring at me. Her mouth was open and her beautiful white teeth were...I can't believe it even now. They were growing. Splitting her gums and growing long and sharp! The saliva that had coated my cock dripped like a river down the ivory blades.

I stopped cumming, paralyzed with fear. I looked away to see where I could move, to get away, and my eyes glanced across her perfect breasts, topped by her jutting nipples. Her flat belly was moving. Not moving because of her rapid panting, but swelling, PULSING! Small round dots were forming before my very eyes, growing larger and larger. My eyes grew wider with them. Nipples! Nipples swelling and forming out of her flesh, right in front of me. In a perfect row, like a dog's...like a bitch's. I looked back at her eyes in horror. She was smiling at me. "What's wrong, sweetie? Don't know where to suck first? I bet our child won't have any problems suckling. Plenty of places to choose from." She giggled.

I screamed in horror and revulsion and, with all my power, shoved her off of me. My penis yanked out of her hole and I fell to the floor. I scrambled for footing while she did the same on the other side of the bed. I managed to make a beeline for the door and burst through stumbling down the stairway. I dashed through the back door, still naked, with her snarls chasing after me. " I DIDN'T SAY YOU COULD LEAVE! COME BACK HERE! BACK TO YOUR QUEEN! YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME! "

She snarled and panted after me, but I made it out the door and into the light before she could get me. I was safe - without clothes but safe. I ran back home through the backyards of my neighbors, hoping no one was home to see me and the state I was in. No one did. And so I tried to put my rape by the nympho neighbor behind me. Little did I know that she was far from done with me...and my family.

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