tagErotic HorrorNew Moon Pt. 04

New Moon Pt. 04


Ch. 8: Dark Night of the Tupperware, Part 2

I ran like hell right around the corner of the house, and nearly stumbled upon Mrs. Bickers and my Mom! At last I found her! I ducked down beneath some shrubs, holding my breath in tight, praying that I had not been heard. My lungs were threatening to burst through my skin, and sweat was pouring down my head. No sound from them as if I had been discovered, so I slowly exhaled and just as slowly peered over the bushes.

The two of them were sitting in some lawn chairs, enjoying the cool evening that wrapped the town in a comfortable blanket. Mom held a drink in her hand, casually sipping at it while she was listening to Mrs. Bickers talk about this and that. Most of it had to deal with her son being away at college, how much she missed him, and how irritated and lonely she was with her husband gone all the time. She actually sounded pathetic, a far cry from the domenatrix I had grown to know and lust after. Mother was listening sympathetically, nodding at the appropriate times, saying "I'm so sorry, Diana..."etc. She actually looked moved by our neighbor's situation.

"What about you, Danielle?" She was talking with my mom now. "I've noticed your guy's always off too. Actually, I don't think I have even met him. He's been gone since you guys moved here. You must know how I feel then, sleeping in an empty bed."

"Well, uh, I guess it does get lonely, but that's just the way things are. He makes most of the money, so we have to be away from each other sometimes to support the family. It gets lonely, but I've gotten used to it."

"No one should get used to being alone! I get sick and damn tired of lying alone at night and having no one to talk to, especially since my son has been off to college." She paused, seem to hesitate. "What do you do to...ummmm....make up for hubby's absence?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know, do you, um, well, do things to make up for him being away?"

"Do you mean what I think you mean?"


"No, of course not! I'm not a horndog! My hubby and I make love when he gets home and make love before he leaves. I never need to...do THAT!"

"Oh come on now! Don't tell me you haven't done it just once. Everyone has...when the urge just becomes unbearable. When the need for satiating your animal side becomes too much."

"Animal side?"

Animal side? I didn't like the direction this conversation was taking.

"Don't act so innocent, Danielle. Your animal side. People are nothing more than more fully evolved animals. It's basic grade school science. We may be higher up on the food chain, but we are still animals. Sooooo, that means we are still subject to basic biological instincts."

"I guess so, sort of. But still, there is a difference between basic biological instincts and sex with your partner."

"How do you figure? Why do people have sex? For pleasure - of course. But the main reason is for procreation. Why do women become hornier when they ovulate? Because their body is trying to convince them to breed - to propagate the species. So we obey the will of instinct with our husbands. This is what society demands. But what happens when our husbands - our mates - our not around to join with us in mating?"

As she was saying all these things, I noticed that she was slowly beginning to inch a little closer to my mother. My mother, listening to her intently, and I also think a little bit because of the alcohol, was not noticing Mrs. Bickers slowly scooting her chair closer to her.

"If our mates are not here to mate, then we must do something else. The urge becomes too powerful eventually. Instinct and primal urges take over."

"Diana, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that if one mate does not perform their job, then a woman in heat must take another. Another to mount her, to pleasure her, to make her scream in animal pleasure, to pound her with his tool of creation, to pour his seed in her willing body - to take her as his bitch."

The woman's green eyes, glowing in the dark like demonic lightning bugs, were boring into my mother's. Mother seemed to be frozen; frozen in confusion and fear. I think Mrs. Bickers was hypnotizing her, like she had done to me. Mother's drink dropped to the ground, but she did not move. She was lost in the glow of the eyes.

"Are...you...crazy? What's wrong...with you...Di...." Mother managed to mumble. Mesmerism and alcohol were smothering her senses. Diana Bickers was out of her chair now and was crouched on her knees in front of Mom - holding her in her devilish gaze.

"Nothing is wrong with me, Danielle. I'm just telling you what I have learned. My husband is always gone, so I have taken lovers, I have taken mates. I have been the garden for the seed of others. I am a fertility goddess, Danielle. Men love me, worship me. I pleasure them and join with them in the eternal dance of nature. I am their goddess. I am the mate of all the young men here, they are my worshipers. Even...even... my own son."

My mother managed a gasp, but could not move away from the eyes.

"Yes, it was unusual at first, and I was full of fear but he happened to be at home when the urge took me. He didn't want to mate with me when I first offered myself, but then he eventually learned to love me, to taste me, to move gently inside me until he gave me his own seed. Now I am both mother and goddess to him and he wants no other mate. So whenever he is home from school, we share his bed, reveling in our love and passion and nakedness, searching each other with our tongues. Then he mounts me, his goddess and creator, and as we look into each other's eyes, he desperately ruts into me, trying to recreate himself in my womb....There is no feeling that compares to the sheer mind-numbing ecstasy of the love and animal lust when I feel his essence pour into me as he nurses at my breasts....You should try it."

My mother was pale with fear, but still could not move. It looked as if she was struggling to move her feet but couldn't. Her eyes were wide and almost blank, held fast by that evil woman. But I was actually breaking a sweat listening to her almost whisper those evil words to my mom. I had to jump in and create a distraction or else something horrible I knew would happen to Mom.

"What are you doing, tiger?" a sultry voice whispered in my ear. I turned and my heart froze. There sitting next to me in the bushes was a very hairy and very naked old woman - the woman who I had just watched ravage her grandson!

Dark Night of the Tupperware, Part 3

"Are you spying, sweetheart?" the old woman purred. She crept toward me, slowly, like a cat. She curled up into me, her hair and skin rank with the smell of her mating. Long white hair covered her entire body, enveloping her tight and powerful muscles. Her enormous breasts pressed into my chest, her long row of extra nipples rubbed up and down me.

"You shouldn't spy on other people's conversations. You know, I smelled you just now beneath the window. I knew someone was watching me with my grandson. But I didn't know who. Did you enjoy the show? He certainly did. His mind didn't, but his body did." Her long nails began to trace along my chest. Her lips began petting kisses around my neck and face. I could smell her breath; I could feel the sharp points of elongated teeth.

" I couldn't help it, but he was so cute and strong and male, and I needed his essence. But he felt so bad after, I couldn't help it, I nipped him a bit too hard. Now...in a few days, he won't have any qualms about mounting me...from behind...he'll need it as much as I need it. He just needs a little help getting in touch with his..animal side. Ooops! My, my, are you getting excited, tiger?"

I am ashamed to say that I was. My breath was approaching a pant, and I was shaking. Her fingers, and long curved nails pressed against my crotch and began to rub gently.

"Mmmmmmm...looks like I've got some work to do", she breathed. "My new body has really turned into a blessing." She smiled like a devil and began licking around my face. "Let's have a looksy and see what you have for grandma." Her hand, with a strength I could not have imagined, ripped my pants open with one great pull and forced itself, hot and grasping into my boxers. It wrapped around my straining arousal and began to move back and forth. I tried to strangle my groans, almost forgetting my mom was just through the bushed.

Wait! My mom was going to be attacked by Mrs. Bickers! I jerked my head away from the lapping tongue and looked back towards the yard.

Mrs. Bickers was sitting in my mom's lap, holding her down with her weight, her face close to my mother's, looking intently into her eyes. Her long perfect fingers were slowly undoing the buttons of her own blouse while she had my mom's eyes locked in her horrible gaze. Then she tossed the piece of clothing off, revealing her perfect, muscular body and her perfect bosom, ferociously straining at a black bra. My manhood jumped at the site, and the voracious grandma took that as a sign of acceptance. Her mouth dove to my crotch and her tongue began lapping like a dog dying of thirst. I cried out in spite of myself, but Mrs. Bickers and my mom were in their own little world. Mrs. Bicker's world.

Mom made a feeble, barely audible protest. "Nooo..what are you doi...What's happening?" Diana made no answer, only reached behind her to undo the clasp of her bra. She slowly, slowly, let if fall from her body. Now her nipples stood hard and taunting in front her victim's gaze. She began to run her fingers, slow and soft through mom's hair. Her nails barely kissed the woman's long black hair. Mother's eyes began to swim with drowsiness, her lids began to gently flutter. The finger's ran through and through the sea of blackness, stroking her, soothing her, seducing her.

Diana began to speak now. "You're so beautiful Danielle. I've never met such a beautiful woman, so much potential. You're body is just aching, crying out for it's new form. You can free yourself of your sagging flesh, your wrinkles, the demons of age. You can change, transform into a goddess, like me. No more middle age, no more worrying whether your husband still hungers for your flesh. All men will hunger for you - all the young stallions will be fighting to be the first to stud you. Like they fight over me. You will be like me - the mother goddess."

The woman's tongue ran across her teeth. They were elongating now. She was changing. I could see hair beginning to sprout in the small of her back, running in a trail of blackness along her spine, and slowly widening across the flesh of her back.

I had to save Mom! I tried to pull myself up from where I was, but the old woman, with the strength of a beast, held me down. I struggled and pushed against her but it was no use. And all the while she continued to lap and suck at me. The pleasure was beginning to mount and it was harder and harder for me to continue the fight. I glanced in desperation back towards mom. Oh no.

Diana was still holding her head in her hands, but was now slowly pressing my mother's head closer and closer to her perfect breasts. My mother looked like she was trying to fight back, but she was hypnotized and drugged by the drink she had been drinking. There was no fight in her.

"Please, Diana, please, don't make me do this." she whispered.

"Hush, love. Hush. You will thank me for this, I promise you. Now, Danielle, drink from me. Drink. Drink and become a goddess."

She pressed my mother's mouth against her pointed nipple with one hand, and began to gently squeeze the breast with the other, milking it into my mother's mouth. Mom spat and sputtered when the milk hit her lips, but Diana held her breast with a grip of steel. There was no fighting her. Finally, after a few more gasps, my mother began to nurse.

"Oh, yes. That's it, Danielle. That's it. Drink, drink....it feels so good. Feel the warmth of my milk? My essence pouring into you...drink...it will make you like me. It joins you to me...drink it. Yes...yes...more..."

As she whispered these in my mother's ear, Diana Bickers was continuing to change. Her face was taking a hard look to it. The tips of her ears were stretching into points, her body was now covered entirely by long glossy hair, and her mouth...the mouth she as whispering from was beginning to stretch...into what could have been the muzzle of a wolf. Mother continued to nurse like a child, as a hairy hand and long claws ran through her hair.

"Enough of this!" the old woman in my lap growled. "You're more than ready now." She rose up and with the agility of a cat, positioned herself in front of me, on all fours. She arched her buttocks toward me. "I'm ready for the mating. Now, mount me!"

I should have ran. I should have burst through the bushes and saved my mother. I should have. But a strange scent assailed my nostrils. I could not really describe it - it was heady and musky and sweet and female. The woman was putting off a scent. Some phermone that knocked my senses into a spin. My hardness began to pound with blood, pumping at a faster rate. The blood strained against my skin. My heart hammered against my chest. Sweat began to ooze everywhere from me. I was more aroused than I had ever been - I could not control myself.

I yanked my boxers free, and walked on my knees to her invitation. I plunged into her heat with a groan. She yelped like a dog and began to thrust back at me. We pounded into each other with savage need and desperation - almost attacking each other. Her long white hair rubbed against my legs like a rug. But I didn't care. My mind had only one burning thought; a thought that had burned all else from my brain and memory....I must seed her. I must plant the seed in her. Before another male did. Right now, she was my bitch. And I would breed her...

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