New Moon Pt. 07


"Get away from him!" I yelled, bounding across the kitchen towards the couple. Diana reached up from where she was on the floor, and with one powerful shoved from her muscled arms, I was thrown back against the oven. Her flesh flowed with the strength of the beast. I lay there dazed, the room swirling around me and my cracked head.

"Watch as I pleasure your son now, Danielle. You'll be doing this soon, so take notes." Her pink tongue arched from her lips and began to lick and lap, slowly and mercilessly teasing his manhood beneath the thin fabric of his boxers. " 'bout we get rid of those." With a quick pull the shorts were down at his ankles and the enormous phallus of some pagan god sprung into the air - stretching as an offering towards Mrs. Bicker's open mouth. Without pausing to admire the youth's new equipment, her steaming mouth impaled itself upon the monster, plunging Jacob into an electric ecstasy of churning saliva and dancing tongue. He grasped the counter to hold himself up, his face contorted in the horrible agony of it. The woman's tongue danced and rolled and undulated over his shaft as her hand massaged his scrotum. She could feel the wealth of sperm swollen in his glands, begging for explosion. She mercilessly teased his pee hole with her tongue. Diana raised her mouth off his straining need, gently tugging a long strand of spit up from the swollen head of his penis. She looked into my mother's face. Mother was mesmerized, and I could see her nipples sprouted at full attention. Her face had that vacant look again.

"Won't the real Dani come out and play?" She pouted her lips and sucked the bridge of spit and precum into her mouth. Jacob hissed between his teeth. Diana grinned up at him and ran her tongue over her voluptuous mouth of fully sprouted animal teeth.

I watched in terrified wonder as the faint beginnings of a smile begin to play across the lips of my mother. Her nostrils were flaring and her eyes began to twinkle with a presence I had seen there before. "I can smell him," she whispered to herself. She began to slink across the kitchen in the their direction. She was gently manipulating her breasts, tweaking her own nipples as they rose in fierce arousal. Her breath came in short pants. I would have risen to stop her, but my head still swam with pain.

Diana smiled her savage smile, and plunged her horrible bestial mouth upon my brother's manhood. Her tongue churned and worshiped over its impossible length, and it still seemed to be stretching somehow in length, centimeter by centimeter attaining mind boggling proportions. He groaned hoarsely and closed his eyes. Mom at last had made it over to them and stared with magnetic fascination at her son's organ. "I can smell him, Diana," she whispered. "I've never smelled anything like it." She licked her lips, drool beginning to pour over the rim of her mouth.

Diana looked up from her oral masterpiece and nipped at the head. Jacob winced in pain. She laughed, deep and devilish. "You smell his need, Dani. He's sending out his musk for you, calling you to bed, for joining. It's a call as old as creation - the man calling his woman to become one and to take his seed into her body. A call for the goddess to create a new life from the offering of her devotee. Your body longs for that offering, doesn't it?"

"Yes, I need the....I need the seed......."

Mother's voice was deepening and taking on a harsh and metallic edge. The drool dripped like a water fall from her mouth and eyes took on a strange glow. The succubus was controlling her again. She dropped to her knees. Her eyes, burning with a strange yellow light, looked up at my brother. Her lips pouted, like a innocent baby. "Mommy needs it so bad, sweetheart. You don't understand it. I need it so bad, my body hurts. The pain in my empty's calling for you. Please, I need you to come back. Come back to where you came from. Back to where I grew you."

My brother, through a veil of bewildered tears, gasped, "Yes, yes, I'll do anything for you, Mom. Just make this feeling go away. I'm about to explode! I love you so much - I want to be your husband...."

"Not mommy's husband," corrected Mrs. Bickers, "but her mate. Her breeding stud. Her worshiper."

"Yes," Mother's face began to twist and contort into a mask of pure animal hunger and lust. "Breed your mother - Stud me." Then lowered her mouth with it's searing heat upon the head of her youngest child's penis, engulfing it in agonizing slow motion. There was a light smile written on her open mouth. My brother's body shook in a seizure of pleasurable torture, feeling her mouth bathe his manhood in saliva and begin to taste and lightly lick his straining need. She was teasing him with her skills, skills she had not used since college, coming back to her in a wave of absolute and indescribable freedom. It washed over her body, sending shivers over her own flesh. She licked the underside of his head with wild abandon, looking up into his face and giving him a wicked wink. She wanted him to cum, and flicked he tongue underneath his tool's head in an awful dance of flesh on flesh, coaxing his need to cum spewing forth. She pulled back suddenly from her son's tool, spit splattering across the floor, and threw her head back to let loose the snarl. It was an invitation.

His great tool of creation began to shoot its pent up seed, spewing like a burning geyser. It bathed my mother's face in a thick coat of sperm, covering every inch of her face in a hanging web of it. He yelled in his exultant relief, "Mom, Mom, it's all for you!" It continued to pump and pump onto her face and into her gaping mouth. A deep pool of seed swelled upon her tongue. "For you, mom. For you..." he moaned between gritted teeth. At last he finished ejaculating his sea of youthful sperm all over the upper torso of his goddess. She looked up at him through a mask of his essence and closed her voracious lips - slowly for all to see. She swallowed with a loud smack of delicious satisfaction. Then, a rapacious smile spread across that defiled face that had once belonged to my mother, and she let loose a howl of savage ecstasy - like a rabid animal that has just felt the sweet taste of fresh blood across its tongue.

And I knew I had just lost my mother - forever.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/30/17


It seems the original author is long gone. But I wish someone would take it up and finish this story. I’d love to read the ending.

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by Anonymous07/10/17

I agree with anon

Anyone know if this story continues elsewhere by another author?

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