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New Neighbors


My wife Vicky is a little shy and naive, but if a fantasy takes seed in her mind she will probably lose herself in it. That is exactly what happened when our new neighbors wife got in her head. Our sex life was anything but boring. But this time it wasn't just a fantasy that stayed in our bedroom for in the weekend, this one changed everything. We had our share of fantasy but she had never show interest in other men, even though there were plenty of men interested in her. She didn't show herself off or make herself look available, ever.

I wasn't her first, but i was her first good experience. I'm talking about just the sex part of the relationships she had. She said she never had the best of luck. Being particularly tight she had not enjoyed big dicks being shoved inside her. It seemed i was the first to actually do some foreplay. And even with my not so big dick that made all the difference for her. She always said that she was happy that we fit so well together.

At one point we got new neighbors and my wife and the neighbors wife Stacy hit it off like they had been best friends all their lives. Shortly after they moved in my wife told me that Stacy wanted to get pregnant once they settled in. But Jack, her husband, was still a bit reluctant. After about four months, both Stacy and my wife decided to go off the pill together. Unfortunately, for me, that meant we wouldn't stop using condoms, as we were not trying to get pregnant just jet.

Vicky confessed to me on more than a few occasions how much of a hot stud she thought Jack was. It didn't take long for her to greet him with a hug and a kiss on the mouth whenever we got together. He would often cop a feel of her nice ass or her breasts. She would play with her beautiful long hair and playfully have a finger in her mouth, obviously flirting with him. Slowly she changed the way she dressed, short skirts, baring her shoulders, deep cleavage. Meanwhile the neighbors were so open and touchy that i just accepted it as the kind of people they were. And that Vicky liked them and wanted to be more like them. Stacy would even tell my wife all about their sex life and how huge Jack is. Those two had no secrets.

Like i said, Jack didn't want babies yet, but his wife really did. So our wives came up with a plan. They had a tight thin white shirt printed, that said: please Jack make me pregnant. The shirt was so thin and tight that she might as well have been naked. Even more so because she had decided that she would never wear a bra with that shirt, after all it was the intention to get Jack all worked up.

And it had an effect alright...

We 'the guys' were often just staring and drooling as she moved around in it. Jacks wife was a flirt and not just with Jack. She often asked me if i liked what i saw and sometimes even put my hand on her breasts. Tonight was no difference.

My wife was just giggling, she knew it was all a show. Jack would pull my wife on his lap and grab her tits to tease Stacy back.

"Not as much fun for me", he said. I'm just grabbing a bra here.

To which Jacks wife replied that she would give the shirt to Vicky once she was pregnant. Then us men could ravish her a bit instead.

"Because i think she is jealous of all the attention my sexy body is getting". Were her exact words.

We all laughed and had another drink.

Next time we met they explained that Jack wouldn't be having sex for a month before they would try to get pregnant. They wanted some build up in the sexual tension and to make it more special. Stacy also told us she read it was good for his seed but i found that hard to believe. Although there would probably be more of them.

I teased him the whole month about how the sex with my wife was and it wasn't just me teasing him...

One evening our wives came downstairs wearing high heels, matching blue panties and bras. I could see my wife was feeling a bit shy and was talked into doing this by Stacy. But when she saw the effect she was quickly having fun with it. I was laughing the whole time as they were dancing for Jack, rubbing his pants and letting him grab their asses. We were all just clowning around, but I could see my wife getting turned on. She was making a bit of a wet stain in her panties. They started to stick to her swollen lips as the evening continued. Jack had gotten a huge bulge in his pants that my wife couldn't keep her eyes off. When Stacy got off him Vicky quickly saw her chance to grind on it a little. Of course my wife didn't forget me afterwards. Letting me rub her panties in front of Jack. "Hmmm", she moaned. "Show him what he is missing".

The next days she kept going on and on about how it had turned her on. And when i had come home from work she would tell me all about how she had been tormenting Jack over at his place. Flashing her tits and her ass, making insinuating comments, ect. It was actually funny, because he was really going nuts.

On the morning of the last day, i got a text message from Vicky. "Is it ok if i make Jacks last day hell by showing him my wet shaved pussy? Stacy will be there too." I never in my life expected a text like that from her. I wasn't sure, but i figured she would just flash him and i said ok.

It didn't take them long till Stacy was pregnant, after that long month. The four of us had a celebration. Vicky gave Stacy a new white t-shirt and this one read, "I have Jack's Baby". Much to my surprise and enjoyment she pulled off her "Please Jack make me pregnant" t-shirt and put on the new one in front of all of us. Giving me a good view of her full and round breasts. She had a beautiful body and my wife caught me staring.

She gave me a good fake angry look and laughed: "You know what. You still get to do to Stacy what Jack did with me".

They shocked me when they told me. Apparently Jack had stuck his finger in my wife when she showed him her pussy. She had walked up to him that last day when Jack was sitting on the couch. She had stepped over his legs, spread eagle and slowly pulled up her skirt.

Jack said she was so wet, that a drop was hanging from her lips. She had just stood there without saying a thing, looking him in his eyes. My wife hadn't stopped him as he reached for her and had started to moan when he gently played with her sopping pussy.

After they had told the story they all asked me not to be mad. As it wasn't intended as cheating but as a way to get Jack on the absolute edge. So when Stacy offered her unprotected pussy he would not be able to stop himself. For which Stacy then thanked me over and over, and agreed that it was only fair that i would get a quick feel of her pussy as well.

After calming down from the chock and seeing their pleading faces (not to mention the other offer) i decided to laugh with them. I mean, it was hot, meant as fun and it felt good. So hey, yeah i got to feel Stacy up for a bit later that night. that was sexy! She sat on my lap later that evening and i did some exploring.

But let's get back to Stacy giving Vicky the 'Please Jack make me pregnant' t-shirt. Stacy made her put it on right there. In front of all of us.

"Go on, take it, " she said. You deserve to get the attention for a while now. She made my wife not only take off her shirt but her bra as well. Since Stacy felt that no one should ever wear a bra with that t-shirt or the new one. That would totally defeat the purpose. Stacy was very good at getting my wife to do 'crazy' things. She knew how to push her buttons.

My wife smiled at me and said, "why don't you stare at my tits for a bit instead". As she slowly gave a little show changing shirts.

That whole room was just filled with sexual energy. And i have to say, that shirt looked hot on her. It was thin, stretchy, tight, white, her perfectly flat tummy was exposed and it had a really low cleavage. With my wife's full breasts bigger than Stacy's, you could see all her curves.

Lets just say you could probably see her goosebumps through the shirt...

"What a night," i thought to myself, feeling how hard i was in my pants.

Next thing i know, Jack grabbed my wife, pulled her to his lap and began fondling her.

"Now i can finally feel these beautiful breasts without you wearing a bra," he said in a teasing tone.

She started squirming as he went under her shirt with his hands. At first I thought her squirming was an attempt to escape him as he felt her up. But then it dawned on me that she was really grinding her ass into his cock. Stacy, deprived of attention, quickly jumped on my lap and asked me if i could still be attracted to a pregnant woman. She tried to keep my attention on her but i could see my wife's panties getting damp as her skirt rose up to her waist. Stacy pushed her breasts against my face as i heard Jack whisper not too quietly, "If you keep wearing that shirt I will make it happen..."

I remember feeling my stomach turn hearing him say that. But i quickly convinced myself not to think anything of it. With the way the evening was going so far and all. I actually thought i was going to have to discuss swinging with our neighbors soon, and that Stacy was hot enough to consider it.

Vicky just giggled and squirmed on Jacks lap, finally pulling herself away from him she walked over to me.

"Oh", she said. You got excited i see. As she felt my hard-on through my pants. I admitted to them that you two beautiful ladies certainly hadn't left me cold.

Stacy said: "Maybe the shirt can even convince you that you should let your wife get pregnant".

If i think back about that comment now, i wonder if it was intentionally that she didn't say by who.

I thought Vicky would probably wear the shirt once or maybe under a sweater. Because she said it was nice to wear. But she ended up wearing it visibly and a little too often. She did look so sexy in it though and we had more sex than ever. Maybe it was going around without a bra, having her tits on display like that; making her feel sexy. Still, I had to talk to her because it was just a little upsetting that it had Jacks name on it... You know.

She got a bit angry when i brought it up. Saying that she didn't need a shirt with my name on it because this was the shirt Jacks wife got all the attention in. That this was the shirt Stacy gave her. And that this was the shirt that had the memories of a nice evening. This one stood for our little inside joke. And probably the sexiest night we ever had. Not some new shirt because i needed to have my name on her like a jealous asshole. She asked why i was acting this way when we were having so much fun and we had such a nice experience with them. She asked if i didn't agree that our sexlife was on fire. If i didn't like her slutty side. I agreed, sex was great and i did like her dressing slutty and all the crazy things she had been up to with Stacy.

Clearly i had picked the wrong time to bring it up... And she did have some points.

But then she confessed something. Jacks wife had been telling her about Jacks huge dick and how it felt to be stretched like that. And that she had confessed to Stacy at one point that she was a little curious.

Ok, here comes the swinging i thought...

She wanted to know if this was something we could talk about. She said it would be just to experience the feeling of getting her pussy stretched out like that. After having learned so much about better sex and with proper foreplay and such.. Just so she could try if she could stretch enough to completely take him inside her.

Turns out it had just been a naughty idea but it had grown to be a bit of a fantasy. She said:"I'm just asking if we can talk about it and Stacy would ask Jack the same thing".

"Pffff," i responded. "I don't know what to say. I'll think about if i want to discuss this". That's all i can promise.

I was puzzled, this seemed to be a request just for her. I asked if that was why she had been wearing those shirts.

"Well they are really nice too, and they make me feel in control and sexy. But i was scared to ask." I said: "You know you can ask me anything".

"I'm just scared to ask you big things like that, that i really want".

I asked her what she meant with things like that. But she said: "Isn't this enough for today, i really don't want to talk about it any more. I just told you about this big secret fantasy and i'm kind of embarrassed."

"Ok, we'll leave it alone," I said.

To myself i did think that if she really wanted this... She was my mate for life, should i be denying her such a big wish for her whole life? Or would it just pass?

Until another evening at Jacks house. My wife had taken a long time getting ready and finally came down wearing the white shirt. I didn't say anything but i felt we would be discussing that topic again. And once at their house, it was Jacks wife that brought up the subject while having a glass of wine during a card game.

She said: "Jack and I talked and we are ok with it". "The whole trying if your wife can take Jacks beautiful and huge dick all the way in her pussy".

Have you thought it over..?

I said:"I'm just not sure how i should be feeling about this. I want to give her everything she wants, but it's not nothing. I feel jealous already."

"Have you considered that with your wife's very tight pussy it might be an enormous stretch once she has to give birth?" Jacks wife asked me. "That in that respect it's also doing her a big favor?"

I hadn't thought about that... She would almost certainly tare if our baby had to come through that small opening.

My wife asked me, "please? You know i love you and it's not sex or something that will happen a lot".

"Only once i hope", i replied a bit agitated.

HAHAHA, Jack laughed, "i doubt she will get it all in the first time."

"But we thought of that, said Stacy". Jacks wife grabbed a plastic bag and took out a monster of a dildo with a huge smile on her face. I have never seen my wife blush like that.

"You can help her stretch her up at home," she said.

"Is that thing your size?" i asked.

"No but it's close," he answered while looking at my wife standing there holding that rubber monster with her mouth wide open. It's a cast of my dick, but both the mold and the cast shrink a bit when they dry.

We could all see how turned on she was getting. Her nipples were poking through the thin white fabric. She was still blushing and had goosebumps all over her body. I could only imagine how wet this was making her.

Suddenly Jack stood up and grabbed my wife under her skirt and asked in a joking tone, "are you getting wet already"?

My wife's jaw dropped even further and they just stood there for a minute.

"Yeah she is soaking alright," he said and turned to me.

"Sorry man, just breaking the ice. Having a joke, trying to embarrass her a bit, defusing the tension and all".

I'll admit to myself it felt nice not being the one that was getting pushed for a second.

After a glass more and a lot of jokes i said i really should take my wife home. Jack agreed that she looked like she really needed some, and laughed. Once home we started tearing each others clothes off but to my surprise she wasn't wearing any panties.

I said: "So wait, Jack had his...".

"Yes", she said looking down. "He even slid his finger all the way in me.


I wanted it to be your surprise for if you agreed to let me try with Jack. But i hope you are not mad at him for taking your reward from you, are you sweety?"

"Guess not, i'm getting it now aren't I?" i said.

"Yeah but he just acted like he can finger me whenever he likes... He didn't ask. He just acted like..."

"It's ok sweety, come in bed already."

Once in bed we had amazing sex. Trust me, she really made up for it. After i got rid of my used condom she asked me to try the dildo they gave us, but we never got any further then 3 fingers.

The days after that went by fast but she was asking me to stretch her every day. This girl was dedicated to stretching herself up for him. I had never actually formally agreed to the whole thing, but here i found myself working this big dildo into my wife. And then she had started naming the dildo: "Jacks dick".

Now that, became humiliating.

"You know what it's for", she said. "You agreed to this yourself. Don't ruin it..."

At one point we finally got the head in and she started having orgasm after orgasm without even moving the dildo. She was crying out: "Oh god, Jacks dick! I love the feeling of getting stretched by Jacks dick! I love it, i love it! I feel like such a slut".

Wow. I did not see that comming.

Luckily that feeling faded as we were having so much fun with that dildo in bed. We both got what we needed and more then ever. Then she started to ask me to stretch her up before we had sex. And she would ask me if i could get used to her having a pussy that would fit a real dick. She seemed to be enjoying the dirty talk as well as the humiliation on my face.

Then one night she stopped me during sex, and asked me if she could give me a blowjob instead. She said she couldn't feel me inside her after she just had 'Jacks dick'.

She did that on purpose, she couldn't keep herself from laughing. Though she did actually refuse to let me continue fucking her.

Some nights later when we were over at Jack and Stacy's again, my wife blurted out that she wanted to try the real thing. My heart was in my throat and i heard Jack mumble, "Sure get yourself ready".

She went through her bag and found the dildo. She had taken off her panties and asked me to come over to her on the couch. With my wife's pussy on display for the whole room she asked me to start licking her.

"Come prepare me for Jack's dick". Followed by a nice, "pleaaase?" And a way tooo happy smile.

I could see she must have shaved her pussy today with the evening already in mind. I went down on her while stretching with my fingers until the dildo could fit. When the head went in she almost came right there, just like the first time.

"Oh god i love being filled up completely. Big dicks feel wonderful once you know what you are doing and you are all soaking wet, exited, and sensitive inside. It's pushing against every sensitive area in my pussy at the same time. Everything feels so much more intense when i'm being stretched out like this", she moaned. So intense and full.

She gently pulled out the dildo and asked me to use my tongue a bit more. She joked: "Come on get some more spit on there, make it easier for Jack to get his dick in me".

Jack, who had now taken his pants off and sat in his big chair.

She told him she was ready, to which he replied that he wasn't, holding his soft dick. Noting that she probably should be on top. My wife walked over to jack and started working on getting him hard.

"Come on, I'm not 16 anymore, a handjob won't get me hard".

My wife looked over to Stacy who nodded her to go ahead. Without hesitation she started licking and sucking on the head of his dick.

She then looked at me and laughed, "I can't even give him a proper blowjob because i can't fit it in my mouth". Implying she thought she didn't have to ask me before taking this liberty. My wife was sitting on her knees sucking the neighbor. And I was just sitting there, with a hard on, leaking pre-cum from just having licked my wife. Watching the live sex show, that i didn't think it would be. I knew that if I would open my mouth i'd get three angry looks. I had no choice but to sit there, sick with jealousy, as Jack grinned.

Jacks wife joined me on the couch and she could see the stain forming in my pants. I noticed a little smirk. Then Jack turned my wife around and held her gaping pussy above his massive member.

"Hey hold on," i said. "What about a condom or something?"

"We don't have anything that big sweety," said my wife.

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