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New Neighbors


The neighborhood I lived in was fairly well established with older people occupying most of the homes. When they would leave or die, the houses would sell quickly and the people moving in would be an occasion that was interesting to the few younger residents. I was eighteen and hoping to make a new friend with each house sale. This was not the case most times, as the children were too young or the couples were childless.

Finally a house two doors from mine was sold and I saw a very cute girl about my age going into the house carrying boxes. I watched as she unloaded a small moving truck and noticed another car was in the driveway also. I could see that two other people were helping with the move, but couldn't get a good look at them.

Later in the week I saw the girl walking in front of my house, she's cute, and I thought it would be nice to welcome her to the neighborhood. I went outside and said, "Hello, my name is Jeff, I live here with my parents and wanted to welcome you to the area."

"Thanks, I'm Drew, my mom and I really like the house and the people seem very nice, quiet, but nice."

Drew and I hung out most of that day; I showed her some of the places we could to. We had a supermarket and drug store close by, and a small restaurant that made killer burgers. I treated Drew to a soda and burger, hoping to get more info. from her. I found out that the man that helped move them in was an uncle, and that her mom was in the process of getting divorced. Drew was also eighteen and was not dating at the moment. I had a chance to make that change, but I wanted to know her better before making any moves and scaring her off.

The next week Drew was cutting the grass when I walked up to her and said, "Let me do the lawn." She smiled and said thanks, leaving me to finish the task. It was a small lawn and I finished in less than an hour. Drew watched as I finished and invited me into the house for a cold drink.

"This is my mom, Nicole." Drew's mom was a knockout. She was about forty, but built like a teen. She was hotter than Drew, and I could barely talk. We exchanged hellos and Nicole sat down, stretching her long legs out for an inviting view. I could only stare at her and nodded my head as she spoke some unheard words to me.

"Jeff, are you alright?" It was Drew asking; I was coming back to reality, and realized that I had been quite obvious about my staring.

"Sorry, I just blanked out for a moment," I muttered.

"Mom has that effect sometimes. Men usually find mom to be attractive. It's alright if you think she's hot. We are close and don't keep too many secrets from each other," Drew said with a smile. Nicole just let out a little laugh.

Later that day I asked Drew if she would like to go to a local swimming pool with me. She was happy that I asked and asked when. I told her tomorrow morning, about 11:00, I would pick her up.

Drew was ready when I pulled into her driveway; she was carrying a small bag. At the pool I got a real good look at her firm body. Not bad, not bad at all, I thought. Drew was filled out in all the right places. Her breasts were slightly overflowing the top of her bikini, and her cunt slit was just barley visible thru the bottoms. A real turn-on for me. I felt a twitch in my shorts and got into the cold water trying to hide it. We left the pool and I took Drew home for dinner. Nicole invited me to stay and I jumped at the chance.

The next day I went to see Drew. Nicole answered the door. "Hi Jeff. Drew isn't here right now. She had an appointment at the dentist far a cleaning today. She should be backing soon, if you want to wait inside."

"Thanks Nicole, I would like that." I stepped thru the door and Nicole offered me a seat on the sofa. I sat down facing her. Nicole was wearing a pair of tight shorts and a thin blouse. Nicole was not wearing a bra, and I could easily see her breast when she sat back. I took little glances at first, but I got bolder as time went on. Finally I could take no more teasing.

"Nicole, I don't want say the wrong thing, but I'm going crazy with the way your dressed."

"Jeff, if this bothers you I can take it off." Nicole removed the blouse exposing a set of 36's that stuck out waiting to be sucked. She removed her bottoms and I saw a shaved mound, between a pair of hot legs. Nicole turned around and said, "Are you still going crazy? She joked.

I pulled Nicole down on the couch and kissed her hard on the mouth. I was going to fuck this cunt silly for teasing me so much. I stripped and Nicole stretched out on the couch. I sucked her tits till she begged me to fuck her. Driving my full eight inches into her hot little box, I pumped in and out, both of us in an erotic rhythm. Nicole was tight for her age, I thought, but it sure felt good.

When Nicole started to pick up the rhythm, I drove my prick in hard and faster, meeting her every thrust. Nicole started to swear and yelled she was cumming. I felt her juices flowing out and drove my cock as deep as I could, letting my sperm shoot into her like a fountain. Nicole milked me for all she could get. A hungry little cunt that would need my cock again, soon, I hoped.

Nicole said, "We better get dressed before Drew gets back."

I had a sweet little piece of ass, and I didn't want to screw it up, so I got dressed and left. I would go home, take a shower and cool off, take a little rest, then go back to see Drew later that evening.

When I knocked on Drew's door she answered and asked me in. Nicole was moving about and shot an, hello, to me, but didn't linger. Drew and I sat and talked for awhile before deciding to go to the restaurant for a soft drink. We asked Nicole if she wanted to join us, but she said, "Thanks no, you two have fun."

Drew asked if I was at her house earlier and I told her," yes. I had waited for a while, but had other things to do." Drew asked if I found her mother very attractive. "Yes, for an older woman, I thought she was very sexy."

Drew sat silent for a moment, and then said, "Nicole would be gone tomorrow to the lawyer's office for some paper work and such, would I like to come over and keep her company?" Oh yes, I would!

The next day I watched as Nicole drove away, and called on Drew. I was pretty sure we were going to have sex, so I brought a couple of condoms with me. Drew was waiting for me as I walked up the steps to her house.

She kissed me, as the door was swinging shut behind me. I liked the way she slipped her tongue into my mouth. With very few words, she led me to her bedroom. We quickly undressed and jumped into her large bed. Caressing each others bodies, we were getting very hot, and I wanted to compare mother and daughter fucks. I pulled out a condom.

"I'm on the pill, Jeff, we don't need that."

I entered her trimmed muff and worked my cock, till I was full in. We lay there, with her wriggling around under me for awhile, before we started to hump each other. Drew fucked different than Nicole. Drew wanted a slow pumping, while Nicole was a hard, fast drive. Drew had smaller tits, but they were fine for me. I wondered what the two foxes would be like together. Maybe later we could go into that, but for now I just had to screw the ass off this hottie. Drew did pick up the pace just before cumming. She was sweet, a real piece of prime tail. Like Nicole, Drew squeezed every drop of cum out of my cock before stopping.

We took a short shower together and got dressed. I was hoping to be there when Nicole came home, to see if she would be pleased or pissed, that I was in the house. Drew didn't seem to want me to leave, so I just made myself at home, and grabbed a sandwich. Drew and I sat watching some dumb show on T.V., until we heard Nicole's car in the drive.

"Hey kids, what's up?" Nicole asked.

"Nothing special." I answered. Nicole stopped and looked at us, then just smiled and said, "Right!" I looked at Drew and she had a smile on her face, no, it was more of a grin.

How was he? Nicole asked.

"He was great mom. He even brought a condom with him."

What's going on girls? I asked trying to act like I didn't know what they were talking about. The two of them giggled.

Drew said, "I told you we didn't have secrets between us. The first time mom saw you, she wanted to fuck you. We talked it over and I wanted mom to fuck you first. If you acted like an asshole, that would have been it, but mom said you were fine and I should get some of you too."

"Well ladies, I guess were all together on this. I don't have to hide anything from either one of you two. Anyone else getting horny? I asked.

That said, both ladies undressed and we went into Nicole's bedroom. I was living my dream. They were exploring the wild life after some pretty rough years with Nicole's husband. Drew told me the stories of how her father was a drunk, and treated her mom like shit. They had moved to get away from him while the divorce was going on. They got really close in the last year and found comfort with each other. I was something they both wanted, but were willing to share.

I was as happy as I could be. I moved out of my parent's house, supposedly to live with Drew and her mom. That is what I did, but we were a threesome in bed. I lost 25lbs. in the first two months. I have to eat ice cream and snacks to keep my weight up. Nicole and Drew only play together with each other for a few minutes, and then I'm up to bat. Nicole came up with a plan that would have her with me one day and Drew with me the next. I hope it helps me. I think their both part mink. Well, wish me luck.

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That would be heaven for sure...having both mother and daughter....and them sharing each other....totally HOT

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