New Panties Ch. 03


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Part V

Cori stretched lazily on the couch enjoying the stupor preceding awakening. Slowly her senses started to return to her; the lace of her nightgown rubbing her sensitive nipples, the feel of silk on her skin, and a slight throb in her pussy. With a smile she opened her eyes to the soft orange glow of day filling his apartment.

Sitting up to shake out the tangles in her hair, Cori saw her new strap-on holding down a note on the coffee table. 'Thank you for last night. You are sooooo cute when you sleep! Call me and we'll set up another tutorial. 555-3593. Sakura.'

The morning flew by in a blur of homework as Cori struggled to focus on the essay in front of her. Finally to actually keep her fingers on the keyboard longer than a paragraph, Cori reluctantly returned to Cory. With more focus, paper was finished a few hours later leaving the afternoon free.

Deciding to clean his apartment in case she brought home anyone from the party, Cory made room for Cori's new clothes. By the time her purchases were put away, Cory had lost half of his dresser drawers, and a third of his closet to her. With images of Cori dancing in his head, he knew that soon his clothes would be in the minority. Girl' clothes were just too damn cute!

His organizational reverie was broken by the phone. Someone was downstairs again. Cory's heart skipped a beat as he was reminded of Sakura from the night before. Shaking her from his mind since he knew it couldn't be her, he picked up. "Hello!"

"Hey, it's Danielle!" It was his sister. At nineteen, she had just graduated high school and was taking a year off to work up money for college. Well that's at least what she told their parents. Cory knew she was broke despite her two jobs.

"Hi Dani, come on up." He cured hanging up the phone. He had wanted to relax and take his time getting ready for the party tonight, and now that was ruined.

A quick knock at the door sounded Danielle's arrival. "Hey!" She smiled hugging him tightly. For the first time in his life, Cory felt something different in the embrace. Danielle's large breast pressing against his chest and sweetly scented perfume brought his blood up.

Pulling away to avoid grazing his quickly stiffening cock against her thigh, he smiled back, just hoping he wasn't as red as he felt. These feeling where never there before and they were somewhat frightening.

Luckily Danielle didn't seem to notice. "Mom sent over a care package for her starving baby." She teased. "Wow, I've got to say, the place looks livable."

"Oh shit, sorry, let me show you around," he stuttered glad to be able to turn away.

"Welcome, to my hole." He joked. "A small kitchen and dinning cubicle here, and of course the living room, couch, TV all you really need you know. Down the hall is the bathroom, and last and least my bedroom, complete with bed."

"Ha! Nice. This place ain't half bad. And you really do seem to have learned how to pick up after yourself. Mom and I had a bet on how much floor I would be able to see. She one being closest at thirty five percent." She elbowed him hard, annoyed with his smile. "I lost ten bucks you bastard! How's the closet space?"

"Okay. No Don-" he yelled as Danielle opened his closet door. There blazing pinks, blues, and every color between, were Cori's clothes to convict him of his perversions.

"Oh my. Cory I never would have guessed."

All he could do was stumble over his words trying to find an explanation that wouldn't ostracize him from the family.

"You finally have a girlfriend! That's great!" She squealed hugging him again.

Again his senses assaulted him. Her soft, yet firm breasts and now erect nipples pressed hard against him. Her smell was intoxicating, so feminine and wonderful. His hands wrapped around her reciprocating the hug, but fell lower than before, ending on her hips, grazing her ass ever so slightly.

She pulled away leaving him blushing fire engine red. "Aw, I've embarrassed you! You're so cute in red!" she joked.

"No-I mean, I don't have a girlfriend. Ah, she just stays here from because she... ah, doesn't have anywhere else!" He said excitingly as the idea came out and sounded half plausible.

"Sure she is," Danielle continued to tease. "Anywho, I stole the blueberry jam from your care pack. I know you don't care for it, and it's too damn pricey for it to go to waste."

Cory smiled, returning a few shades closer to white.

"Well bro, I've got to get going, I've got to get ready for a party later on. You guys are so lucky you can just shower and throw on cleans clothes and your done. We women have to primp and pamper and tuck." She sighed. "Anywho, take care of yourself, and this mystery lady! Nice to see your digs!" And with that the she was gone, leaving Cory confused and now in a panic to get ready for her own party.

Changing back into Cori, she decided to try to relax with a nice shower. As the water warmed up, she scrutinized herself in the mirror. Pulling her gaze away from her chest she saw how different she looked today without the make-up. She was still hot on any scale, but the makeup did wonders in accentuating her features. She could only hope she could duplicate the results.

The warmth of the shower was inviting. It was quite strange how much cooler the apartment felt as a women. Slipping in Cori reveled in the pounding jets of the massage head. After lathering up, she pulled down the hose to rinse off the suds. Whether or not it was only a television stereotype that women used these to masturbate, Cori couldn't deny the effect the streaming jets of water were having on her.

Slowly she lowered the shower head down her stomach. The warm water flowed down to her pussy, stroking it with its currents. Teasing she twisted it side to side and lowered it closer until she began to pant. Unable to hold back any more, she lowered the head only inches in front of her clit.

The powerful jets knocked the wind from her lungs as it pounded her pussy. Panting heavily, she could only grip harder onto the shower head as she climaxed. Knuckles white, she lost her grip on the head while collapsing into the tub. The now free shower head spinning out of control splashed her intermittently.

"Chalk one up for TV," she said catching her breath.

Several minutes later, after shaving clean far more skin than she was ever use to, Cori stepped out of the shower. While toweling down, she wondered briefly if her sister ever masturbated with the shower head at home. Filing that question as too weird to think more on, especially with the noticeable effects it was having on her body, Cori slipped into his bedroom to get dressed for the night a head.

Donning a black g-string she pulled out the demon costume. The dark plastic bustier fit like a charm, and the matching pleated mini sat perfectly just passed her ass. Attaching the demon wings to the bustier, Cori ran back to the bathroom mirror. She squealed at her reflection. Her breast looked close to busting out of the shiny mico bustier and it all together dripped sex wickedly.

Her hair was easy. After all, the messy look worked perfectly with her costume. Her makeup however took more time, forcing her to keep it simple with a few pats of foundation, black eye liner and cherry red lipstick.

Happy with the result, she returned to the bedroom to slip on the dark hose. The silky material felt wonderful as it glided up her long legs. Ending half way up the thigh, they made Cori wet just staring at them. Next were the horns. Or they would have been if they were in the package.

"That bitch!" Cori swore. "She stole my fucking horns. What kind of demon am I without horns?"

Part VI

The party was in full swing when Cori arrived after dark. Throwing the door open her entrance was not missed by anyone near. Her raven hair, tangled and crimped hung loosely just above her ample cleavage, which stayed firmly within the bustier despite the prayers of the men in the entrance room.

Her knee high stiletto's clicked loudly as she strutted in, causing the miniskirt to bounce just enough to give a brief glance at her round ass. Despite the drooling beauty of these features, the thing that caught everyone's attention the most was her unique horn. In its eight inch glory, the strap on hung securely under her skirt, poking through the front in mock-erection.

Cori smiled at the attention of the men and women around her. A few cried out enthusiastic propositions to her, which she replied by requesting a few drinks first. The night progressed as men both from her fraternity and those she had never seen before, lined up to hit on her. As the drinks they brought to her began to give her a buzz, she began flirting more and more.

One, dressed as a school girl, was trying his best to impress her by lavishing on compliments. Flattered, Cori let him put his hand on her bare thigh, enjoying the feeling of his fingers drawing circles. Each circle growing closer to her skirt, sent stronger tingles deep into her pussy.

Feeling the need to move, Cori dragged the him onto the dance floor. Deciding to turn the tables on him, she pressed herself in close, rubbing her ass against his now erect cock. Enthralled in their game of tease, bouncing to the deep beat, she almost missed her suitor telling her he had to hit the washroom. She just smiled and waved him on and continued to dance.

She wasn't without a dance partner for long, as two sensuous arms wrapped around her from behind. Cori pressed herself back into the mystery person enjoying the friction on her ass. Glancing back she saw a girl dressed in a pin stripe female gangster outfit complete with an Uzi water pistol hanging around her shoulder.

"Your prop is so much better than mine!" the gangster yelled into Cori's ear.

"Thanks!" Cori winked continuing her grinding against the gangster. Spinning around she continued their grind over top of the plastic phallus.

"Can I suck it?"

Cori taken aback by the girls advance was at a loss of words. Was the girl joking? It was too hard to tell over the loud music. Deciding to be brave, Cori grabbed the gangsters ass tightly, "What kind of sex demon would I be if I didn't want you to?"

"I think I could use a breath of fresh air, how about you?"

The two made their way outside passed several couples engaged in varying forms of sex, before finally reaching the door. The cold night air sent a shiver down Cori's body, as they made their way away from the lighted porch and around the side of the building.

Cori could barely see the woman in front of her, so held on tightly to her hand. Half way down the building they stopped and the gangster kissed Cori deeply, desperately, pressing her firmly against the house. Groping hands flew up and down briefly, until the woman dropped to her knees.

"You have a beautiful cock miss demon."

As the woman took the cock into her mouth, Cori realized the full extent of pleasure that William, and Sakura had felt the day before. The warmth of the woman's mouth so close to her pelvis and the bouncing pressure of her bobbing head was incredible. She quickly started gasping as her blood rushed faster. Grabbing the woman's hair, Cori pulled her harder down on to her cock. Inch by inch, the woman's lips got closer to Cori's panti clad pussy. The distinct scent of pussy wafted through the air, pushing Cori closer to the brink.

"Oh, fuck," she breathed. "Suck my cock. That's so fucking good. Keep going!"

The gangster started moaning as her lips reached the base of the cock, pressing hard with each thrust into her mouth.

"I'm going to cum, Oh FUCK I'M CUMMING!!" Cori shuddered with release. Breathing heavily, she pulled the gangster up into a passionate kiss. Emboldened with a newfound sense of power, Cori, spun the woman around so she was now pressed into the wall. Reaching under her skirt, Cori slipped two fingers into her panties pinching the woman's clit hard.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Fuck me with your cock."

Pulling the sopping panties aside Cori slid the dildo into her tight hole, with little resistance. Kissing her hard, she pumped her pelvis furiously, slamming their bodies together franticly.

"Harder! There! Oh GOD YESSSSSSSS!!!" The woman went stiff in Cori's arms, then melted in a soft kiss. "Thank you," she whispered, sliding off the slick phallus. With a final kiss the two parted.

Cori returned to the party, and made her way to the bathroom to straighten herself up. Leaving the washroom, she bumped straight into the guy that had left her on the dance floor. He wasn't one of the fraternity members, but Cori remembered seeing him around. A friend or brother perhaps. "Hey you," she said poking him in the stomach.

She couldn't tell earlier, with his smaller frame and under his schoolgirl shirt, but he had rock hard abs. Looking him up and down again, she was reminded why she was flirting with him earlier. His outfit was very cute. The green and blue paid skirt, cut at the thigh, was just a smidgen higher than the stark white pantyhose which sat snugly on his shaven legs.. The shirt was conservative, but was padded generously.

"You look nice in a skirt," she said leaning against the wall, breathing in deeply to accentuate her breasts.

"Ah, a bit strange," he laughed.

"They do offer some interesting perks though."

"Oh?" he said playfully.

Grabbing him by the hand, she pulled him back into the bathroom. Still feeling high on power, she pushed him into wall, kissing him deeply. His hands immediately went to work, rubbing her bare ass, squeezing each cheek. Pulling away from his embrace, she gave him a coy smile, and knelt down.

Being shorter, it was easy for her to duck her head below his skirt. He had shaved all his leg hair off! Having fun, Cori began to lick up his leg right up to his white silk panties. Encouraged by his moans, she licked teasingly under the elastic leg holes, careful not to touch his hard cock which was now poking out the top of the panties.

When he was gasping significantly, she licked straight up his hard cock, twirling around the bare tip at the top. Scratching her nails down his shaft, she pulled his member out just enough to follow her hand with her mouth. Using a free hand to pinch and tease his balls, Cori, sucked hard, she bobbed her head deeper down his cock. Reaching the base, she slipped her free hand from his balls, backward to press the tip of her finger against his ass

By this point he could only make a type of shivering noise gasping for breath. When he went curiously quiet, Cori immediately found out why. Exploding with a guttural moan he came deep into her throat. Cori coughed as she felt it's sticky warmth slide down her throat.

"Oh, god, I'm sorry. It's just that- Fuck that was amazing!"

Somewhat pissed Cori starred him down. She was going to make him pay for that. "On your knees!"

Obediently, he dropped down, responding to her forceful tone. "I think in penance, you need to do a little cock sucking of your own."


"I said suck my cock. Now!!"

Startled out of his wits the schoolgirl leaned forward tentatively. "Open slut!" She yelled at him. When he finally opened his mouth a bit, she shoved the plastic cock into his mouth. "Now suck!"

He sucked slowly at first, then as he got the hang of it, started to bob with more force. Cori basked in her power of the man, stroking his face and pulling him deeper onto her cock. As the tip pressed into his throat, he began to choke on it. After several valiant attempts by the school girl, Cori gave up and slipped her cock away from his mouth. He looked up to her almost disappointed.

"It seems your not cock sucking material, so we'll have to find some other way for you to even things up."

Pushing him to the large sink counter she forced him to double over. "You liked sucking my cock didn't you?"

"Yes," he said shyly.

"Good for your honesty, I'm going to make this enjoyable for you too. I'm going to fuck you up that tight little ass of yours."

She smiled at the panicked look on his face as she pulled down his panties. "Relax, remember your blow job. You're going to love this."

With that, she slid the slick cock into his ass. Slowly he took each inch of the plastic cock in. Reaching around she slipped her had under the front of his skirt. "My, my, you are enjoying this aren't you?"

He moaned yes, as she gripped his penis hard. Holding tightly, she started pumping in and out, stroking his cock with each thrust. "Do you like being fucked like a little slut?" she whispered.

"Oh, fuck. Yes, Fuck me."

She picked up her pace nearing her own orgasm. Watching herself in the mirror fuck this man dressed as a schoolgirl was incredible. Breathing hard she pumped harder, slapping her pelvis against his ass. With her free hand she reached down to the base of the strap on to switch the vibrator on. With one last thrust, she ground her pussy into his ass, as the powerful vibrations rocked her body into orgasm.

Evidently unfinished, the schoolgirl continued to bounce between her cock and hand throughout Cori's orgasm until he exploded for a second time into her hand. He winced as she pulled out, than smiled at her.

"Now for us to be even," she said with a coy smile, lifting her soiled hand to his mouth. "Clean it off!"

He quickly went about licking his cum from her fingers regretting it immediately. "Now, you know," she said sternly. "Never do that to a girl again!"

Kicking him out of the bathroom, Cori went about cleaning up for the second time. The night was turning out to be much more than she had ever expected!

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