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New Recruit


"Mer-row!" the cry of a wildcat rang out in the near-darkness.

James jumped, Butch bowed.

"Boss," he smiled a wicked smile, "Got your delivery for ya."

"Excellent Butch," Giovanni's voice was deep, the darkness surrounding him amplified it. Was there any reason for his office to he that dark? He obviously couldn't see to do any work. "You're dismissed."

"Wha," Butch nearly fell straitening himself back up, "I um... I just leave?"

"I'll call if I need you," Giovanni assured him, his hands folded, his eyes shining over them like those of the unseen wildcat.

"Yes sir," Butch folded one arm and bowed again, angst and anger (and, was James wrong- jealousy?) concealed poorly behind his words.

James was left staring in the darkness as he heard the door clink shut behind Butch, and shuffled uneasily. Giovanni, his eyes accustomed to the darkness, watched his drunken squirming, enjoying the nervous tension, the energy the boy was giving off. He let this go on for a few minutes before James visibly jumped and lost his balance.

He made a strange, high-pitched sound, part fear, part confusion, as something brushed against him again, and growled. It was easily as tall as his knees at it's shortest point and reached nearly to his waist at the tallest. The growl was threatening- he was in the creature's territory.

"Persian," Giovanni finally spoke, "You're scaring our guest."

"Mer-rrow," The wildcat agreed, and James caught the golden gleam of it's eyes in the darkness.

"James," the boss smiled, "Are you afraid of the dark? Come closer."

Careful not to tread on the cat, James took those tentative steps, until he reached a chair- he fumbled, and sat down nervously.

"You can't be afraid of the dark in our organization, Jimmy." the boss peered at him, resting his hands on the desk before lighting another cigar. The brief fire lit his face, but the cherry gave him an eery glow, sharpened his features, and made him look as imposing as he should have been in the bar. James swallowed. Hard.

"From now on," the boss blew a stream of smoke in his new toy's face, "You are part of the darkness. You are the bad guy, waiting in the shadows- you are the worst thing in the dark alley."

"I...." James jumped as the Persian rubbed, purring against his legs, "I... am, sir?"

"You will be, eventually." Giovanni smiled, "Because I've decided to give you the job."

"You have?" James suddenly brightened, "Thank you, sir!" then, remembering what had happened in the car, "What... what will I be doing?"

"For now," Giovanni slid back in his expensive, posture perfecting chair, "Come closer."

James put a hand against the desk, to steady himself, and help keep him from stumbling in the low light, and traced the edge with it, until he found himself on the other side. His skin was burning and his head was swimming- the fear, the intimidation- he decided he wasn't going on his knees again unless he was asked. There was nothing on the desk- no computer, no paper-work- only a vase with what looked to be a single rose in it. A rose... bright red... like Jessica's hair... so he pushed himself up on it, steadier then he would have been on his feet and higher then he would have been on his knees.

Giovanni smiled, leaned forward ever so slightly, and ran a hand down either side of the youth to his waist, and slowly used the leverage to pull him into his lap.

"You're shaking," he held fiercely with one hand and pulled the youth's chin with the other, forcing eye contact until he had to use that hand to remove his cigar.

"I... I'm sorry," James hooked his legs through the arm rests, realized that he was completely pinned and hastily added, "Sir."

"You learn quickly," The boss took his cigar- obviously expensive, and placed it, still burning in the ash tray James had missed, dangerously close to where he had been sitting, and pulled Jimmy even closer so he could whisper in his ear"I'm going to help you, James. Right now, you're weak, pliable, you let the world decide your fate. By the time I'm finished with you, you won't be like that. You're... you're like a puppy, like a Growlie. I'm going to turn you into an Arcanine."

James swallowed nervously, desperately wishing for more alcohol.

"Butch drugged you?" Giovanni asked, James shook uncontrollably, but his boss ignored it, "I can smell the sweet scent on you. Mmm... That little bitch." James couldn't help himself, he laughed, "There you go- relax. Part of what you need, James, is to face your past, face your fears, and conquer them. So I'm going to be meeting with you, like this, and I'm going to help you, alright, James?"

It was weird that he kept calling him by his full name. Imposing. What was wrong with Jim? Jimmy? How did you take something like someone's name and use it to make them nervous? The silence was foreboding- his boss wanted an answer.

"Yes, sir." James replied, more confident this time, painfully aware, from his position that the boss was packing another present for him, his cock was hardening again, despite the blow-job in the car, and pushing against his pants- and the youth in his lap.

"So," Giovanni leaned back, his whisper rising only slightly, "Are you ready to talk about your girlfriend?"

"I always..." James faltered, "Thought that girlfriends were voluntary. She's my fiance. I don't have a girlfriend. Anymore."

"You were a child when you met?" When the boss leaned back, the chair went with him, pinning James's legs completely and forcing him forward, destroying his already weak balance.

"Yes," James blushed.

"Take your shirt off." The demand was simple, but James struggled with it. He took a deep breath, choked back tears, and pulled the overly ornate T-shirt over his head. Giovanni ran his hands along the smooth contours of the boy's chest, marveling at his dancer's body.

"You said during the ride that you knew more about sex slavery then you wanted," his boss continued, picked up his cigar and took another puff, "Because of this girl?"

"Y..." Jimmy sighed, swallowed, and tried again, "Yes, sir."

"Are you afraid?"

"Yes, sir."

"Why? Have I hurt you?"

"No, sir..." James blushed, "I'm just... nervous. And- that persian... I don't think she likes me."

One of Giovanni's hands fell to his side as James heard another long high-pitched meow drag from the unseen predator. The boss scratched her gently between the ears as James's shivers changed to downright tremors.

"Don't worry about her," Giovanni pulled the youth close, until the Persian was rubbing against his legs, "She's very," he paused, jutting his hips in a manner that couldn't quite be called thrusting- that made James hold back another squeal, "Well trained."

It was impossible to ignore the hard cock that rubbed against him, or the hands that played gently over his back- the most gentle touch he had felt in days- the youth involuntarily slumped forward, pressing himself into the man's chest as he spoke again in his calm, authoritarian voice.

"All of my... minions," May as well use the word now- no use pretending anymore, "Are well-trained. I have no use for those that are not. I demand obedience, but I reward handsomely."

James nodded, the voice was soothing- and it seemed to good to be true. There had to be a catch- this man wanted to protect him, from his overbearing parents, from the world that would destroy him- for his looks, his money, his perceived importance. Why would he do that?

"So," his boss continued, straitening his chair, "Why don't you tell me all about your finance?" he picked up the shirt that James had tossed on his desk and tied his arms behind his back with it- gently at first, then winding firmly until the boy felt his shoulders pull- then Giovanni stood, forcing the youth with him, on his back over his painfully crossed arms, as the sadistic tone found itself creeping back into his voice, "While I bend you over this desk and fuck you properly."

James started crying- not noticeably, but tears fell in two streams from the corners of his eyes.

"Please boss!" He begged, "Please, sir, not like this!"

"Have you ever been fucked by a man before, James?" The gangster continued, in his booming voice. James shook his head, "Relax. I'm not going to hurt you. Some of the others..." his grin was wicked, and for the first time since climbing into the backseat of a stranger's car, James felt his fear controlling him, fighting his rational mind, telling him that he had to at least struggle- but he knew that he couldn't. Even if he escaped, this was not a man he could just run from, and where would he run? Back to the maze crawling with this motherfucker's henchmen?

"She did this to me," James was trying not to sob, "You don't have to tie me up! Please..."

"Shhsss," his boss pressed against him, sliding a hand between the hard wood of the desk and the small of the teen's back, "It's ok. Cry if you have to- fight through it." He was undoing the youth's shoes- slid them off and moved to his pants.

James was trying to control his breathing, trying to tell himself that he could ignore it- that no matter what he did, he was already... well... fucked. He felt himself jerked violently as the boss dug his nails into his scalp, pulling a handful of hair forcing him sitting, spinning, down again. He was disoriented in the darkness, now facing down against the desk with one of the boss's hands around his makeshift cuffs pressing him violently to the surface while the other was pulling apart his legs, forcing one of them to the desk while he tried to maintain his balance on the other.

He lay across the boy, pushing against him, melding into him, until he could nibble the earlobe trying to hide in the cascading purple hair.

"Relax," was the only command he gave.

And that somehow made it impossible to relax. He tried, with all his might to relax, to focus on the warm connection, the heavy breathing, the sweet scent still floating around his brain, leaving a numb-edged glow on everything. But he still squirmed as he felt his boss pull him farther apart, felt the head of his cock slowly prod at an opening that was not prepared. Then he screamed. Giovanni laughed, and gently nibbled his ear. He thrust forward again, and half his cock disappeared into that young, virgin ass.

"Relax, James," he whispered, the authoritarian air in his voice mixing, again with concern, sympathy, "You don't want to get hurt."

James made a whimper that might have been an agreement. His boss took a side of his hip in either hand, leaned back, and buried himself the rest of the way with no further warning- the youth bucked uncontrollably, and screamed again. He was suddenly drenched in sweat; not being able to move forced him to focus on the searing pain as his ass was split in half- he convulsed, squirmed again, trying to get used to the feeling, the fullness.

Giovanni actually kissed the back of his head before he pulled out. He had cleared a path- it was easier the second time, but he still met with resistance. James convulsed every time he pumped into him, his screams slowly turned from inhuman utterances of pain to... something else. His boss looked down and slapped his firm ass just as he made such a sound.

"You're fine." he hissed, "You didn't rip much for your first time."

"Rip?" James asked, his hands balled into fists, logic and emotion replaced with a look that couldn't be placed, dreamy and numb at once, dull and far away- helpless.

"We did go in dry," Giovanni shrugged and pulled the youth back to him, impaling him, knocking his leg from the desk and planting himself between his spread thighs, forcing him onto his toes, and eliciting another helpless cry.

"Dry?" James repeated in a sob.

"You never told me," his boss wrapped a hand around the boy's throat and lifted him from the desk, still spread and half bent, his breath coming in shorter bursts as he realized much of his weight was leaning on his neck, "If this was your first time."

"Yes," James was crying- his voice was barely audible as he struggled for breath. He jerked violently as his boss used the position, perfect for riding him, unable to move as he felt the rock hard phallis pumping in and out of him, using him, "Sir," he added in a sob.

"Hmm..." Giovanni was thinking, his grip tightened, he seemed to consider something, almost threw the boy down, thought better of it, and just let him drop. James practically gulped the air, for lack of anything else to do, and began moaning again, in earnest, as his boss picked up speed.

He was moaning, not screaming now. Giovanni smiled.

"Good boy," he whispered, the evil creeping back to his voice, "Do you like this?"

There was a pause.


"Hm?" the boy moaned dreamily.

"Having," the boss paused, pumping hard with every word, "Fun?"

"God- yes!" James thrust back, arching on his toes, "Sir!"

Giovanni smiled- he had been right. He knew of course, from the moment he saw the boy, but he wanted to make sure, wanted the kid to sign his own warrant, as it were.

"Do you want more?" He paused with every question, delighted that James tried to keep pace, but couldn't, due to his compromised position.

There was another pause, then, "Yes! Yes sir!"

The boss rotated his hips, spinning, leaving just the head inside the youth's sphincter without going any deeper- James tried to thrust into him, but he held back. There was a whimper from the boy, and his boss laughed- before James had time to utter a protest- he slammed into the youth so hard it forced him back to the desk, knocked the wind out of him, and sent his mind reeling. In the same instant, he had reached under the boy, and clutched his penis with a death grip- the only thing that kept him from slamming his junk into the desk with the ferocity of his torso, and saving him a world of pain.

The boy thrust into his hand, back against his dick, grinding, sliding, making noises that couldn't have been human. Suddenly, the cries changed- he arched his back against his tormenter, screamed, tensed so hard his muscles shone against his drenched flesh as he shot; once, twice- three times coating the floor below the desk- he heard his boss curse- it had been to much for him. He had fully intended to pull out, to coat the boy in his cum- mark his territory as it were- but he couldn't. He lost control and exploded, digging into the youth's flesh and pumping while the boy convulsed- James screamed again, as the salty semen crept into the wounds he had gotten from ripping, as the swollen head of his new employer emptied against his prostate, forcing his muscles to jerk and twist him in a way he had never experienced.

He tried to breath- and couldn't. Giovanni was slumped over him, his spent cock still inside, their torsos pressed together so tightly James's lungs had no room to expand. They were both drenched in sweat now. Giovanni ruffled his head and, strangely, counted to three. In his post orgasm stupor, it took James a second to figure out why, as the older man pulled completely out of him in one fell swoop, leaving him feeling strangely empty in a way he had never noticed before.

He pulled James's shirt from his wrists, but the youth held his position, trying to catch his breath. His boss used the shirt to clean, first his cock, delicately, thoughrally, then the boy himself, before he pulled his pants up, and slapped him on the ass. James sat up on the desk, grimacing in discomfort as he tried to adjust his weight- he was sore, after all, and the gesture wasn't lost on his boss.

"Good boy," he said, taking the youth by the chin, and plunging his tongue, suddenly, into his mouth. James started, muffled a scream, then closed his eyes and lost himself. Why not? There was nothing he could have done. Giovanni held him there until he was ready to break away, biting hard on the boy's lower lip when he did. He kept his chin, forcibly held eye contact until tears swelled in James's, and he couldn't hold anymore.

"It will be alright." The older man assured him, leaning back in his chair and pulling the boy into his lap, in his arms, comforting him, "You're safe now, James. Welcome, to Rocketto Dan."

In the darkness, the wildcat's cry rang out, followed by the soothing sound of a loud purr.

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